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So, you want to prepare potatoes.

Today I will share with you a recipe of Potatoes in oven.

" Hasselback Potatoes".

They are easy to make and very delicious.

Perfect to pair with any kind of Meat.

So, let's see the recipe.

Stay with me.

First, put pan to heat at low temperature.

Then, add 3 Tablespoon of Butter.

3 Tablespoon of Olive oil.

You can also find ingredients down, in description box.

Continuing with the recipe,add 3 Garlic Cloves. Slightly crushed with a knife.

3 Sprigs of Thyme.

Fresh or Dry.

Leave at low temperature.

Flipp the garlic from time to time.

When the edges of garlic start to be slightly browned,

turn off the stove, remove and let to cool slightly, to transfer to a bowl.

Now we will cut potatoes.

Using 2 Wooden spatulas.

Put potato in the middle.

Cut in slices of about 3 to 5 mm.

As you can see, two wooden spoons helps to not cut potato all the way.

Put them in baking tray.

Brush them with the oil mixture.

Carefully brush between each slice.

Add Salt and Pepper to taste.

A good amount of salt. Potatoes need salt, especially when you put them in oven.

Rub the potatoes to coat them well with salt and pepper.

Take to oven that at this moment should be at 180 C (356 F)

After 30 minutes, remove potatoes from oven.

Put a bit more Oil.

And spices them up.

Here I am using Chili powder. You can also use Red Paprika powder.

Thyme. Fresh or dry.

Bread Crumbs.

And Parmesan Cheese.

You can use spices that you like the most.

I like to use Thyme, Parmesan and Chili powder.

A bit more of our Oil Mixture.

And, take to oven for 30 minutes more...

...or until they look slightly browned around the edges.

Check using a fork. Time in oven will depend of potatoes size...

...and thickness of the slices.

I am cutting some chives to decorate. You can also use Parsley.

As simple as that, Hasselback potatoes are ready.

Perfect to pair with any kind of meat.

Many thanks for watching the video.

I hope You like how I prepare these Hasselback Potatoes.

Also known as Accordion potatoes. They looks like a small accordion.

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