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Hey guys, its been a while since I reviewed a film on this channel, so I thought Id

tackle a film that youve all been requesting for a long time. Thats right, the 2018

film Hate Story 4. Now I got a lot of issues with Hate Story 4 but lets start with what

I liked. Firstly, the acting is sensational. Milap Zaveri did a great job on writing the

dialogue and the dialogue only, the manner he switches from English to what I presume

is hindu seamlessly, is expert. And overall Hate Story 4 stays trues to the hate story

franchise, its the racy and heart warming erotic thriller weve come to expect and

love from from vishal pandaya.

Just kidding. This is a toy story four review. Could you imagine if I did a hate story four

review? Talk about no viewsprobably lose all my subs as well. ‘’Theyd’’

probably organise a coordinated attack on me, those other film reviewers, theyd all

come at me like they came for nostalgia critic. `no ones safe man.

So yeah what did we all think of Toy story four? Cos I felt it went over like soft Jam.

Everyone was excited about it, not as excited as toy story three, but yeah we all went to

see it, gave Disney buckets of money, handfuls of the stuff, and for the most part people

came outpretty happy. You might have cried a bit when woody left, Duck and bunny were

funny, forky wasgoofy.

But this might just be me, I might be alone in saying this, but toy story 4 felt dissatisfying,

and since I am considered the foremost voice on Disney films by

the BBC. (Montage) I felt it was worth analysing whether this sense

of emptiness within me was the result of a disappointing sequel, or if my breakup with

Caroline was getting to me, and what I found out was that it was definitely the films fault.


1: The

Year Was Wrong

Now I think Toy Story 4 makes a basic mistake from the get-go. And thats the year of

its release. 2019. Now this may seem like a petty criticism and it is but hear me out.

The toy story franchise has always maintained its continuity over its sequels. In Toy Story

1, Andy is 8 years old and the toys are mostly concerned about being replaced by newer toys.

Toy Story 2 is set a couple of years later, and now the toys are realising that Andys

getting older with each passing day and there will soon be a time when Andy will no longer

need toys. We see Andys younger sister Molly taking her first steps, as Woody and

Buzz talk about their bleak future.

Toy Story 3 came out 11 years later. In that time, the original Toy Story stans had grown

from adorable little scamps to cynical teenagers. But the writers cleverly used the established

continuity to set the film a decade or so after Toy Story 2.

Andy is now about to go to college and many of the toys from the original films have disappeared.

The toys that are left have been discarded in a trunk.

We see Andy packing his things for college, he picks up Woody and Buzz and contemplates

which toy to bring with him. This is essentially the entire conflict of the first film, but

the decision is made almost emotionless, without any sentimentality. Because Andy doesnt

care about toys anymore. Its time to get a job. Get over Caroline and stop making blimming

YouTube videos... Andy

The Toys end up in a new bedroom, with a new child and some new toys. It essentially brings

the trilogy to a full circle. The toys have returned to having a young child play with

them and they have returned to a safe environment where they are once again valued.

The time span in between these three films made the narrative grander and it felt like

the films were growing up along with you. It was a subtle and unique way to reach out

to people as individuals.

Its not necessarily a huge thing but, and on a base level, with Toy Story 4, that unique

story telling feature has been done away with. Because despite the 9 year gap between 3 and

4, the 4th film seems to set a year later at most.

And with that, the film moves a little further away from having that human touch, almost

as if it was made by faceless Disney suits, who hunger for nothing but money.

2: Bo Peeps personality crisis

Bo Peep is back for Toy Story 4, thats right, they listened to the millions of fans

who all screamed outWhere was Bo Peep in Toy Story 3?” “Bring back bo peep she

was a faaaav, she was my absolute faaaaav”. She was sadly redacted from Toy Story 3 because

unlike the other toys, shes made of porcelain, which shatters under high temperatures. She

would have shattered into pieces during that final act and it probably wouldnt have

been appropriate for a family friendly animated romp.

So Bo peeps in Toy Story 4 because there isnt any huge incinerators in this one

(Thank God!). But she seems to have had a complete personality shift, In the first two

films shes a ‘’Homity Sheep Maiden’’ and now in this one shes all ‘’Action

Ready Hunk McGroove’’. So what happened? Where did this compete personality shift come

from? Well, I personally think her transformation happened at the end of Toy Story 2. We see

the toys return home from their mission to their women in waiting. All the toys are celebrating

but Bo Peep seems stiff, its clear that even with Woodys arm around her, something

feels off.

It was a few weeks later when Buzz told Bo the whole truth about what happened at Als

Toy barn. Woody almost left for good. He almost went to Japan to be in a museum. Had he ever

thought about Bo? Considered her in this momentous decision? Of course not. She was just a homity

sheep woman whod wait for him no matter what. She wasnt decisive. She wasnt

assertive. She wasnt athletic.

In Toy Story 1 when Woody was crying out for help from Sids room, she didnt run to

his rescue. She stayed in the back and prayed for the best. In Toy Story 2 she wasnt

part of the rescue team. Shes made of porcelain. Shes modelled off an old-fashioned sheep

maiden. Thats her character. And it was after reflecting on all these aspects of her

personality and after analysing every facet of her identity, that Bo Peep understood that

her character wasnt economically viable for a 2019 audience. So she changed it. She

changed everything. Where she was once porcelain, she is now a much higher strength porcelain,

where she was once meek and mild, she is now confident and assertive, inactivity has turned

to activity, and a dress has turned into a jumpsuit. Now I dont really care because

the character has always been crap, but there is way more of Bo Peep in this film than any

other one, and shes for sure my least favourite character in this whole franchise, even with

her new 2019 personality. Shes just not particularly funny or interesting. She plays

more of an aggressive voice of reason, dragging Woody around from set piece to set piece.

Im not really sure what her motivation or goals are throughout the film. She doesnt

introduce conflict to the narrative and the only real decision she makes is going back

for Woodybut thats essentially pointless because

by the time she gets back to him hes already had his voice box forcibly transplanted and

theres nothing to save him from.

Weak for a Toy Story film, but pretty inoffensive and standard for an animated kids film, so

none of this bothers me. But what does urk me about Bo Peep is that Disney flipping gaslighted


Bo Peeps character change is strange to me mostly because the writers pretend that

there isnt a character change at all. They tell us that Bo Peep has always been this

way and that were just remembering it wrong. Toy Story 4 opens with a flashback to sometime

between the events of Toy Story 2 and 3. In this scene Bo Peep and Woody work together

to save RC. This scene depicts Bo Peep as a calm calculating strategist, ordering the

other toys in Mollys room like shes a general or something. Woody and Bo peep

turn to each other and say this. Wow they have so much trademark chemistry, they both

knew to do operation pull chord at the same time. Maybe when Bo Peep moved into Mollys

room she took over as the role of leader, but its strange that Woody and Bo Peeps

relationship seems stronger than its ever been.

What I dont get is why they didnt introduce her as the original character we know and

love and then have that character change happen sometime off screen. Because it makes sense

for her to change into a proactive, decisive and action ready character when shes been

living this nomadic, thrill seeking lost toy life for years. Imagine if the film opened

with a scared and timid Bo Peep on the verge of tears being boxed up and taken away from

the other toys. Then when Woody reunites with her years later, he would have been all freaked

out because shes changed so much. Shes independent for the first time in her life

and this time she doesnt need Woodys approval. I think that would have added some

meat to this soft jam of a film. It would have been relatable, because weve all had

exes that changed over time and weve all felt a little worthless when we see how theyve

moved on without us. But maybe Im just thinking about Caroline too much and Id

rather the film mirrored my own life instead of mirroring whatever the hell this is.

But this flashback just goes to show, that Bo Peeps personality change isnt something

thats been informed by the world of the film at all. But is simply just a lazy way

to capitalise on a character that could potentially quell our insatiable craving for nostalgia


3: Why is woody weak?

Woody is somehow a more trash character than Bo Peep in this film to be fair, whereas before

Woody felt like a slightly neurotic but considerate boss, now he feels like a senile old man whos

always talking about his dead best friend.

Only a year has passed at most between Toy Story 3 and 4, yet for some reason Bonnie

has gone from loving woody to leaving him in the closet. In less than a year, after

Andy put special emphasis on how important he was, it seemed like Bonnie was really excited

about Woody in the last film. Especially since she like found him in a tree and bought him

back and then snatched him off Andy. But I guess thats just five year olds for you,

you cant trust the brats not even for a blimmin instant.

So yeah, Bonnie doesnt really care or seem to really notice Woody anymore. After all

the work and effort he put in to find a new home, hes wound up in the same place he

was at the start of the third one. But Woody isnt even fazed by this, whereas before

something like Bonnie giving Jesse his sheriff badge would have really bothered him, hes

just so old and tired now. Dolly has now taken charge of Bonnies room, doing all the announcements

and making all the decisions, essentially doing Woodys old job. I always thought

Woody did this in the first one because he was Andys favourite toy, it kinda made

sense. But yeah I dont know if Woody just gave her that job or if the toys have an election.

Yeah I dunno.

While at school Bonnie puts some googly eyes on a plastic spork and calls it Forky, its

now her favourite toy and she loves it and its alive. Any time Forky is missing she

starts crying and frantically searches for her homemade spork toy. Bit weird but okay.

Woody sees it as his obligation, his mission, his duty to prevent Forky from killing himself,

because if she loses him or if she wakes up and hes not by her side, shell explode

or somehow not be able to deal with school.

This situation is made more tenuous when Bonnies family decide to go on a roadtrip. Because

thats American Families doapparently. God I wish us British kids could have gone

on road trips, instead we just have legolandor crap camping holidays. Woody spends the

whole trip trying to stop Forky from running away while all the other toys just watch because

I guess Woody is the only toy that really cares about this. One night, Woody keeps watch

on Forky, but hes struggling to stay awake. This is the first time theyve ever shown

toys sleeping, because why would they need to? They dont have organs or brains so

why would they go to sleep? In Toy Story 1 while Sid is sleeping Woody and Buzz are wide

awake and then in Toy Story 3, when Buzz is reset he spends all night watching the toys

without sleep.

Anyway, Buzz sees that Woody is struggling and offers to take over his shift to let Woody

get some toy sleep. But Woody declines the offer, saying that this something he needs

to do alone. While theyre talking, Forky jumps out the window and Woody rushes after

him, even though a few minutes ago he was barely able to stay awake. Woody doesnt

go back to sleep for the entire rest of the film, so I guess the toys only need to sleep

when its convenient for the plot. Anyway, why dis Woody decline buzzes help? Why does

he need to look after Forky on his own?

Well, its later revealed that Woody is obsessing over Forky because its the only

thing he has left to do, its the only thing left that gives him value. Throughout the

whole film Woody is constantly repeating the same thing over and over. That he needs to

get Forky back to Bonnie. There is never a moment when that changes, its juts that

single character motivation thats weakly holding the whole film flimsily together.

But thats fine because this is a film for tiny tiny babies and to expect anything more

of this film would be unfair. Right? Well, It might shock you to hear that Woodys

character in the original Toy Story film, a film that came out 24 years ago went through

character arcs and had motivations that dynamically shifted from scene to scene.

He starts off as Andys favourite toy, hes like the big man on campus, hes got respect,

yknow what I mean? Then when Buzz comes in hes filled with bitterness, jealousy

and rage. Theres conflict and that builds up to Woody attempting to murder Buzz.

Then later on Woodys conflict shifts to Sid, it becomes a survival horror film with

Woody trying to make it back to the warmth and comfort of Andys room. Woody and Buzz

now share the same conflict, Sid. So they naturally become allies and return to Andys

room with a sincere and genuine friendship that is earnt.

The issue with Toy Story 4 is that the main conflict is always centred around Forky and

as the other Toys dont really care about Forky and as Bonnie has already showed signs

of being a fickle psychopath picking up and dropping toys at a whim, it has the weakest

stakes compared to the previous three films.

Furthermore, Woody doesnt come up with the plan to rescue Forky, Bo Peep does. Hes

never in a place of conflict or stress, as all the environments, even the antique shop

are inoffensive and welcoming to Woody. He never really does anything stand out or exceptional

to make us like him or root for him and thats a shame considering its the guys last film

in the franchise. Yeah thats right, Woody leaves at the end of this film so lets

talk about that.

4. Woody voted leave

Theres no doubt over here in my corner that Woody leaving wasnt a touching scene,

how could you not cry? Its woody! OUR woody. And hes leaving, for ever! But the question

Im asking is, ‘Why Is Toy Story 4 Touching Us?’ Is it because the film has taken us

on a journey and this is our well earnt catharsis? Or is it because this is a character thats

had three films for us to get attached to? My argument is that its the latter.

Because within the context of Toy Story 4Woodys decision to leave Bonnie and be a lost toy

doesnt add up to me. Ive been crunching the numbers and I dont really get it. I

mean maybe you guys can help me out.

In the first two Toy Story films, its constantly asserted that life is only worth living if

youre being loved by a kid. The relationship the toys have with Andy is one of unconditional

love and thats any kind of love. You can interpret it as a romantic love, religious

love or even parental love. The relationship toys have with their kids is a special and

intimate one. Being played with is the only way that their kids can directly express that

love, which is why these toys are so obsessed with being played with. Its everything

to them.

Even at Sunnyside day care, the kids that play with them form strong bonds with the

toys. Lotso says that they stay with the kids until they grow up and then they get new ones.

Yeah yeah I just said this….

But in Toy Story 4, were introduced to a whole new way of life for a toy and thats

being aLost Toy’. Lost Toys dont have a special or intimate relationship with

a kid, theyre kidless and move from place to place. This is how Bo Peep and her friend

Giggle McDimples live. Oh and her sheep, who now have names for some reason. I wonder why

£20? SOLD OUT?

Anyway, straight off the bat this way of life contradicts with every single thing Woody

has said, done and believed for the last 20 years. Woody thinks that being played with

and loved by a kid is the only thing that matters to a toy, whereas Bo thinks toys should

be free and should explore the world. They have complete different ideologies, surely

they cant both be right? Youd think this would produce some debate or arguments

or conflict between the two. Youd think that Woody would need to be convinced into

leaving Bonnie and becoming a lost toy. I guess you could argue that Woody sees Bos

lifestyle and convinces himself that its right for him.

But Im not even sure what the life of a lost toy really entails. When we are first

reunited with Bo, she and some other toys are in this park so that the kids can pick

them up and play with them. So, I think thats what lost toys do, they look for kids and

then wait for them to play with them and thats why Bos arm has broken off. What if a kid

like Sid picks them up and takes them home? How is driving around in a skunkmobile looking

for toyless kids a more exciting way of living? Why would Woody want this? Hes a very insecure

and anxious character, it seems like these lost toys are in constant danger and stress.

Okay so maybe Woody didnt think it through, maybe the real reason he leaves Bonnie is

so that he can be with Bo Peep, the love of his life.

But surprisingly, Bo Peep and Woody originally had better chemistry than what we see in Toy

Story 4. Bo used to be quiet, soft and sweet. This worked well with Woodys neurotic anxiety,

as she could reassure him and make him felt better about himself.

Woody was proactive and he was passionate, he gave Bo Peep something to get excited about.

He added some much needed action in her dull and dreary life. I mean shes clearly aroused by him.

In Toy Story 4 all of that has gone. He now likes her because shes like a beefed-up

version of woody with all the heroism but without flaws and Im sorry but that feels

contrived and fake.

Even though they never directly show that Woody is dissatisfied with his life in Bonnies

room, I think the real reason that Woody leaves at the end is because Bonnie doesnt play

with him anymore and his ego cant handle that.

This shark toy in Andys room was never played with, he was left in the trunk, but

you dont see him whining about having no purpose. When Andy grew up and stopped playing

with his toys, none of them even considered or thought about leaving because being there

for Andy was more important. Toy Story 2 ends with Woody saying to Buzz that the future

might be bleak but at least theyre be together. Then in Toy Story 3, Buzz describes the rest

of the toys from Andys room as a family. Woody could have gone to college with Andy

but instead he chooses to stay with his friends.

I guess all that stuff about sticking together through thick and thin, all those years of

friendship and hardship gets thrown out the window when your owner doesnt… ‘play

with you enough. That and meeting a thick ass hot ass porcelain babe is your queue to

dip according to Toy Story.

All those arduous experiences and lessons that the characters went through, seem to

have been forgotten and the cast replaced with dumber simpler versions of what were

quite multifaceted characters. Take Buzz for example.

In Toy Story 2 Buzz used his space academy training as a tool for detective work and

to organise a rescue mission with planning and strategy. Now hes running around on

his own with no clear set purpose because he thinks his voice box is his inner consciousness,

how could Buzz be aware hes a toy but still misinterpret his voice box to be his inner

consciousness? AT MOVIE FOUR!

When Woody doesnt come back with Forky, the toys weirdly turn to Buzz for advice on

what to do next. But theyve already established that Dolly is the new leader of the toys and

shes right there, doing nothing! So, the films even inconsistent with things that

are set up in itself!

These things dont bother me that much, I mean they're only small details. But its

exemplary of what my issue is with Toy Story 4. Its the imagery without the substance.

And I guess thats why to me, Toy Story 4 was justMehit looks like Toy Story,

in fact its legit the best-looking Toy Story weve had, I mean it does look beautiful.

But under the surface, the film doesnt offer a whole lot. The effectiveness of the

film relies entirely on our attachment towards what weve had before, but it is still effective,

we still have an emotional response and we are still invested. However, this response

doesnt match what is achieved when time, effort and passion is put into saying something


Either that orthis is all really just about CarolineIve sent her two emails,

justexplaining everything Im feeling and stuff, about our relationship. The other

one was about Toy Story 4and sheshes not answered to any of them. Either way comment

down below and let me know in the comment section

and subscribe as well.

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