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G: Hi, I'm Gabriel. Nice to meet you all.

G: Right now I am living and working in Busan. Its great to meet you all.

M: How long have you been here in Korea?

G: Um, Ive been here, basically, about nine years.

M: Wow! Jean, youve been here for…?

J: About the same. Altogether, about nine years.

M: Jean, do you remember that day we visited Gabriels house in Daejeon?

J: I do remember, actually, when we first met.

M: It was a long time ago. At that time, Gabriel didnt have the third *child*, his son.

M: There were the two princesses.

Now hes got five family members in his family.

G: Yeh, thats a...Im building a whole country.

M: So, you really enjoy living in Busan.

G: I love Busan! Its got basically everything I need: natural beauty, the ocean.

Anyone who loves to eat raw fish, it is the best place.

M: Do you eat raw fish?

G: Uh, no.

J: I dont really like it.

M: I love that!

M: What brought you *here* to Korea?

G: Well, Im originally from South Africa,

so back home I had many Korean friends in college.

So, when they graduated, when they came back, they invited me to come and experience Korea.

So, the first time I came here was because I was invited to come and experience Korea.

M: What did they tell *you* about Korea?

Did they tell you about North Korea problems or anything bad as well?

G: Well, I knew about the whole North Korean thing before I came here.

One thing they told me was that, you know, was that I could experience Korean culture and because I love history.

M: What was your first Korean food, then?

G: My very first Korean food ever was, um, it was Shin Ramyeon with kimchi.

M: Thats even so spicy for some Koreans!

G: It was a contest between myself and my friend to see who could handle the spiciness.

G: So, they brought out Shin Ramyeon, plus kimchi, plus little chili *peppers*. So, yeh, I won!

M: Actually, Gabriels wife is one of my best friends, Jieun. See the picture here?

M: How did you meet each other?

G: Actually, it was quite interesting. We met through a mutual friend.

She just came back to help, I think they had a project basically for building a new hospital

in a country called Malawi in Africa. So, she was there as a volunteer.

When she came back, my friend kind of said: “Youre from Africa. She just came back from Africa, so talk.”

M: What a coincidence!

G: So true! So, basically that how it started. First, became friends and then the rest is history.

M: What do you think?

J: Im just listening! Its really cool.

J: But, Ive met your wife and Ive seen your wife, so I understand why you got together.

Because, youre a smart guy!

M: A lucky guy, as well.

J: Indeed!

M: What do you do in Busan?

G: Im a professor at Goshin University. A professor of English.

M: It seems very interesting and fun to teach.

M: It seems very interesting and fun to teach.

G: Well, yeh. The good thing is that I get to teach students from different majors;

so, from social welfare, to nursing, and everybody.

So, you learn a lot about the world and the studies and everything.

J: Sure. And you dont get bored!

M: Actually, Gabriel is very popular in Busan.

Because he was *already* on TV. 이웃집찰스, RIGHT?

and there are many people who notice you.

G: Early this year, Yonhap News TV also made another 4-part series. So, its been fun.

M: So, its an honor to have you here as a guest!

M: Jean, do you have any questions about Gabriel?

J: What do you enjoy most about teaching?

G: What I really enjoy is when you see how students slowly progress.

Because you do find students who just simply dont apply themselves, are very lazy.

G: But, I think when you do have students who actually focus, who do try their best

Like, for example, I met a student who when she first came as a freshman student, really the English level was so terrible.

Right now, shes in her third year now and speaking almost perfect English.

G: You know, and in a short span of time.

G: And then its very encouraging because she also served as an assistant and as an interpreter and everything else.

Next year, shell be a senior, and so just to see that progression in many students.

J: What creates a change like that for students?

G: I think the first thing will be motivation.

J: Sure.

G: Ah, because I students, when they feel theres a need for learning English, they will tend to apply themselves more.

G: Second, I think will be self-confidence as well.

J: Yeh! I agree, definitely!

G: So, if a person slowly builds their self-confidence in speaking and everything else,

then theyll have a natural, sort of, umm, inclination to push themselves harder.

*They will* read more, get more vocabulary, and learn how to use what theyre learning.

G: So, motivation and also comfort.

J: Yeh, I agree. In my experience,

I have students whoThey tell themselves all the time,

English is so hard. I cant. I cant. I cant.” That builds a wall, right?

J: You tell yourself you cant and then it *really* hard to do it.

G: So true! G: I basically try to make the learning experience fun.

J: And useful. G: Yeh, very useful in the real world.

G: Some homework assignment that I do is a video assignment. Where they actually take and use English outside the classroom:

interact with people, interview people, make skits and situations, and things that really apply to them in their real world.

G: Yeh, its quite fun. M: Yeh!

M: I saw some videos about your teaching a class. You were so funny!

J: Im not that funny.

M: You guys are, you know, a little bit different personalities. Were you originally that funny?

G: I think one thing I learned is that, like back home, I had a very good language teacher.

He was so energetic, so lively. Every time he read a poem, you used to basically act it out and you know.

So, when I saw that as a young student, I thoughtWow! If I ever get to teach, I want to be like that!”

G: Because, I wasnt a very good student, initially. But, because it was interesting, then I, basically, my grades went up.

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