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I will discuss with you the combat situation: the wrist grab and how to

deal with that in order to maintain your health

When someone has grabbed me by the wrist,

bear in mind that this will not be a situation it will occur a lot in real-life combat situations.

It is however a good situation in order to practice the systema principles and the physics principles that you can use.

For example the lever, the spiral, the wedge, anything of that principle system.

When someone has grabbed me in this situation,

I want to break free from this hold and the reason being is that if I want to do something,

he can move accordingly to make his own situation better and he feels

everything that I'm about to do.

Notice that because we are connected to each other we are also one system. We have a new center of Mass,

we have a new base of support, and

everything that happens to my structure it will also affect his structure. I

Want to break free from this situation and I want to use physics,

principles with it and the reason for that is twofold

First thing, I do not want to make any large movements to free myself

Like this, because if I would, I would immediately alert my opponent that I'm about to do something to better my situation

He would notice this and he would move accordingly to not make my situation better. For instance, if I want to make.. he would


change the situation to make my situation

less advantageous for me.

Also, I do not want to use my own body strength to break free from his hold. reason for that, is when he is stronger

than me and he would notice, he would produce more force than I could and

therefore, I would not be able to break free and then my situation is not any better.

So here, I want to use the lever and a few other principles

But I want to concentrate on the lever to break free in this situation. I

Want to direct the Force produced from the lever

towards the fingers because here his

grip is less strong than it would be on the other side

Also, if you would release me.

when you look at the wrist as an object, you see that the object is oval. That means that it has a broader side and

If you would grab it, you would have a lot of grip on it. It also has a narrower side

And if you would grab it there you would have less grip.

So within this situation that I'm going to create

I want to rotate my forearm so that he would have grip on the narrower side, so he would have less grip

he has grabbed me and


rotating my

forearm, so we would have less grip, and bear in mind from the previous video about the lever,

I have a turning point. which is here,

I have the arm or the rigid body, that is also my arm in this situation

And I have the resistance that is coming from the grip of his fingers and I want to use the lever in this


I can move the lever alongside the vertical plane, during the rotation, and I can also

put it on the horizontal plane.

And notice that I'm not using my body strength to make the lever. Rather,

I'm using my body weight and my movement to break free from his grip

That is specified to the situation breaking free. What I can also do, is add more

principles, like we've discussed, like the cross principle, like the step by step, to make my situation

towards my opponent in a more advantageous way. From this position, I can do a lot of things to better my situation

And in that case also the more principles you use at the same time in one situation, the more efficient your work will become.

Thank you very much.

I hope you'll find this information

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