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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Season 3, Episode 10, When Stars Fall

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Previously on Star...

-One photo, and ICE could grab you. -I'm here.

CARLOTTA: Do you remember those, um,

car rides that Daddy used to take me on?

He used to do things to me when we were alone.

I may have Alzheimer's.

See ya.

-(electricity crackling) -STAR: Jackson,

I didn't know.

JACKSON: I'm not mad at you.

I just thought he was gonna be my son.

And I think I should move out.

CARLOTTA: The festival is riding on the closing act.

Put me on the main stage.

Okay? I'm ready.

-(passing horn honks) -XANDER: You don't want

-to do this, Cassie. -Oh, I'm doing it.

I'm not your baby no more.

XANDER: You took something that belongs to me,

-so I took something from you. -(gasping)

(Mary J. Blige's "Family Affair" playing)


Eh, eh

Let's get it crunk, we gon' have fun

Up on up in this dancerie

We've got ya open, now ya floatin' ♪

So you gots to dance for me

Don't need no hateration, holleration

In this dancerie

Let's get it percolatin' while you're waiting

-♪ So just dance for me ♪ -♪ Oh

Come on, everybody, get on up

♪ 'Cause you know we gots to get it crunk

It's your girl in the spot tonight

And I'm-a make it feel all right

Come on, baby, just party with me

Let loose and set your body free

Leave your situations at the door

When you step inside, jump on the floor

Let's get it crunk, we gon' have fun

Up on up in this dancerie

We've got ya open, now you're floatin' ♪

So you gots to dance for me

Don't need no hateration, holleration

In the dancerie

Let's get it percolatin' while you're waiting

So just dance for me

It's only gonna be about a matter of time

Before you get loose and start to lose your mind

Cop you a drink, go 'head and rock your ice

♪ 'Cause we're celebrating no more drama in our life

With a great track pumpin', everybody's jumpin' ♪

Go ahead and twist your back and get your body bumpin' ♪

I told you leave your situations at the door

So grab somebody and get your ass on the dance floor

We just want y'all have a good time

No more drama in your life

Work real hard to make a dime

If you got beef, your problem, not mine

Leave all that BS outside

We're gonna celebrate all night

Let's have fun tonight, no fights

-♪ Turn that great track ♪ -Jayden? Where is he?

-♪ Way up high... ♪ -(music fades)

(muffled): Where's Jayden?

Jayden? Jayden!

Jayden! Jay...


You good?

Cotton, I'm gonna get your baby.

If he touched one hair on my son's head...

As long as I give Xander that evidence and keep his dirt low,

he not gonna do nothing to Jayden or me.

This is why I told your mama I need to handle this by myself.

What? No. I'm coming.

-Cott, I don't know... -That's my son!

I'm coming. You-you... you can't stop me.

We gonna get Jayden, niecey. I promise you.

Come. Come on, let's go.

(heart beating)

(steam hissing)

-Noah? -(Noah groaning)

(scoffs) Noah?!

Oh. Noah.

-I thought that was your car. -(groans)

Okay, okay, just-just relax.

Are-are you all right?

(groans) My back.

Okay, okay, don't move. Don't move.

Where's-where's my s... where's my son?

Just... I'm gonna get you some help.

My son. I was-I was trying to get to the hospital.

911. Yes, yes. I got a accident. I need some help.

-(groaning) -It's a car accident.

-(phone chimes) -Uh,

we're on the side of the road,

and it's a mile out from Gravity Records.

NOAH: I need my family.

STEPHEN: Yo, chill, little man.

We ain't gonna hurt you.

This is just business, a'ight?


It is so good to see you, babe.

-(quietly): Baby... -XANDER: Ah!


COTTON: It's okay, Jay-Jay.

We'll be out of here soon.

XANDER: You will?

Where's my hard drive?

Right here.

Now, how do I know that you didn't

download the evidence on that drive, hmm?

It's encrypted.


-On three. -Yeah.

-One. -Two.


Our business is done. Period.

You're right.

I am done with you... and your club.

I'm pulling my money from Karma.

Well, until you come crawling back, which you will.

-(laughing) -(gunshot)

(grunts) Oh!

-(Stephen groans) -Bitch.


(groaning, crying)

-Bummer. -Let me tell you something.

Me and my club is gonna be good.

You didn't make me, and you damn sure ain't gonna break me.

-Got it? -(Stephen groaning)

Go, Cott.

(Stephen groaning)

I bring me

Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard

Looking for another like me

Boy, stop

I bring me

Whose love is the tightest? ♪

Whose kiss is the nicest? ♪


Whose touch is the rightest? ♪


I bring me

I bring, I bring me. ♪

I can't wait for you to meet your... your grandson.

Hey, look, Pop, uh, doc just walked in.

Talk to you later.

-Mr. Brooks. -What's up, Doc?

Well, that fracture you suffered

in your back is gonna be a problem.

I recommend a few more days in the hospital,

and then we'll put you on some pain management.

-Pain management? Like pills? -Two OxyContin...

No, Doc, I-I can't. Um, I'm an addict.

So, uh, I can manage the pain myself.

DOCTOR: Understood. Well, I suggest you rest your body.

-NURSE: Here you go. -DOCTOR: All right.

I'll check back on my afternoon rounds.

Thank you.

WOMAN (over P.A.): Dr. Sanders to Hematology.

Paging Dr. Sanders...

He's up.

(soft cooing)

My oxygen levels are up,

so they're gonna let us go home tomorrow.

Oh, so little man's all right. He's good to go.

Yeah, he's got to learn to latch on,

but other than that, he's strong like his mama.

Like his pop.

What? I'm still trying to get used to that.

Me too. (chuckles)

WOMAN (over P.A.): Nurse practitioner,

call Admitting, 2773.

Look, I know we didn't plan for him,

but he's here now,

and I love him more than anything in the world.

But I want him to have the life he deserves.

So, if you're not ready, I want you to...

Mm, I love him, too.

I... (sighs)

I'm just trying to wrap my head around all of this.

Well, wrap your head around it fast,

'cause we're his parents.

We're all he's got.

Yeah... (grunts)

I know you don't want to be like your mom. (sighs)

I have the same thing with my pops.

Just know that I'm here for Davis.

Even though you named him without asking me.

-I'm sorry. Have we met? -(laughs)

'Cause you should be thanking me for giving him your last name.

NOAH: Well, it worked out.

My grandpa's name was Davis.

STAR: Well, that was meant to be, huh?

NOAH: Yeah.

It's a new year, so I think everybody deserves a new start.

Figure I'd start with a new car, right?

-You got your settlement money. -A little bit.

-Might as well spend some of it. -(both laugh)

Do you see anything you like, Ms. Crane and...?

Derek. My name is Derek.

Yeah, we're actually here for him. Thanks.

So... vanilla or chocolate?

Excuse me?

Did Star pick Noah or Jackson?

Noah's hot as hell,

but Jackson can have my panties and my vows.

Wow. I'm not answering that.

We're gonna go look around ourselves.

All right.

I'll be around.

What is wrong with people?

Forget about Take 3 for a minute, okay?

I want you to find what's next for you.

It's always about me.

What do you want?

Just to get back to my community work.

And you will.

What's up?

Take a seat, bro.

So, the festival was a success.

I just saw the streaming numbers for Take 3's album.

The album's getting some great reviews.

Plus, Alex's single just hit the Top 100.

That's amazing.

I'm sure Carlotta has a plan to capitalize on the buzz.

Yeah, well, I got something better.

-I just helped GiGi release her new album. -("Bossy" playing)

A little surprise for the fans.

She's trending on every platform.

Run it up, body cold, frosty... ♪

You dropped an album on Gravity Records

without telling Carlotta?

I needed you to take note.

Plus, I wanted to prove to you

that I deserve a more permanent position here at Gravity.

And with the right distribution deal,

I can bring my indie label, Karma,

and Noah Brooks to Gravity Records.

-(song stops) -Man.


I appreciate the effort.

This is Carlotta's label. You want the job, talk to her.

-Hey. -Hey.

How's my grandson holding up?

He didn't go to school again today.

I can't believe I caused all of this.

Jayden'll be all right.

Xander's out of our lives.

Yeah, for now.

You cannot allow someone

to have that much power over you.

-Take it back. -(knocking)


What you doing here with him?

Your daddy and I were worried.

I'd like to meet my grandson.

He needs family now.

-Not on my watch. -Or mine, either.

You know, I-I'm tired of you disrespecting me, okay?

This is my house.

What did I do to you?

-What did you do to me? -What?

You come in my house asking me what you did to me?

Yes, I'm asking you.

You raped me.

What you talking about, girl?

Look, I-I promise you, Chrissy, I-I didn't touch this child.

-Mama, he is lying. -CHRISTINE: He's your father.

-CARLOTTA: Stepfather. -Stop this right now.

Your daddy's sick,

and what he needs will be his children

and his grandchildren to all come together.

And we need to fix this damn family.

(scoffs softly) Fix this damn family?

Mama. He raped me.

Oh, my God.

JAYDEN: Who's down there?

I'm scared.

Everything is okay, Jayden.

Cotton, take him upstairs.

It's all right.

Um, come on, let's go back in bed. Come on.

You know what? You a liar, Lottie.

Come on, Calvin.

(door closes)

(quietly): She don't believe me.

I do.

-Hey. So, look, so this the plan. -No, no, no...

Carlotta's gonna stay with Star for this final checkup,

so we need to get to work now.

What are we getting started on?

GiGi's drop killed all the buzz on y'all album,

so we got to get people talking about Take 3 again.

But people are talking about Take 3.

-(sighs) -No, they're talking about all the nasty sex Star had

on the Turn Up tour.

Anyway, look, we got to get to work,

'cause the last thing we need is

for y'all to lose steam before the ASAs.

-Wait, what? -The ASAs?

We're being considered for the ASAs?

No, I'm just talking to exercise my jaws,

as if they need more exercising.

(chuckles) Yeah.

Something me and Carlotta been working on for a while.

Okay, you guys do realize we'd have to campaign as a group?

-Yeah. -I just started gaining traction as a solo artist.

Come on.

Okay, we have been talking about getting an ASA since we met.

So, what's the plan?

MISS BRUCE: Thank you. We got to get

attention off of GiGi and back on y'all.

So, with this feature in the Billboard ASA issue,

we can really, really impress Houston Connelly,

the Anna Wintour of music.

So, Gravity has a performance slot at the Billboard's

magazine party for the who's who of the ASAs,

and we got to get Take 3 on that stage.

A push for the ASAs.

Star ain't gon' believe this.

Well, ain't nothing more surprising than that cocoa baby

that came out of her. But, look,

I need y'all to get to work on this.

You just don't have no babies,

and you definitely don't have no babies.

And don't record it if you do.

-(scoffs) -(door opens, closes)

-(both laugh) -(phone vibrating)

Can't wait to tell her.

It's Angel.



MATEO: Yeah, I got it.

You had no right to move Angel.

Let me call you back, man.


Simone, ICE was sniffing around.

Somebody thought they saw him at the festival.

But he's fine. He's safe as long as he's in a city

where they passed temporary sanctuary stay for immigrants.

I moved him to Gainesville.

-Florida? -Yeah.

Sometimes good things actually happen there.

(scoffs softly)

It's up to U.S. cities to push back on ICE

to protect low-priority, nonviolent immigrants

from deportation.

That's why I'm working on my connections.

I believe, with the right push, maybe Atlanta's city council

will make Atlanta a sanctuary city.

How long will that take?

Six months, maybe more.

Where exactly is he?

It's best you don't know all the details.

So I just got him back and you sent him away.

What if something happens to him and I'm not there?

-I can't do anything about it. -You got to trust me.

Why should I trust your ass? Nina didn't.


MAURICE: Yo, yo.

How you holding up, playa?

Getting better every day.

Hey. (sighs) Look...

I never thanked you for helping me.

Man, I saw that car on the side of the road, and I thought...

That I was high and crashed, huh?

I thought your demons finally won.

Nah, I'll never let that happen.

(grunting softly)

So, I hear you making big moves over at Gravity.

You got GiGi album coming out, right?

I'm aiming for the head of A&R.

Well, make sure you remember your number-one artist.

All right? I need to put this album out before the ASAs.

I've been out the game since the rehab,

and I missed the festival, and now... (sighs)

Man, I-I got Davis to think about.

-Baby changes everything, man. -I wish I had more time

to prepare to be someone's father.

Even if you had time,

-you can't prepare for a baby coming. -(chuckles softly)

Megan and I, we had to learn on the fly.

Hey, Maurice, man, I'm-I'm sorry. I didn't...

-I didn't mean to... -It's all right.

Does Megan know about the baby?

She needs time to process.

She's away on business, and I'm here handling mine.

So, what you got for me?

Well, Gravity's got a performance

at the Billboard ASA party.

What'd the doctor say about you performing?

Oh, man. (scoffs) He said I'm good.

You know? Give me that spot. Let's do it.

-Done deal. -Done deal.


Might want to get yourself some rest, man.


SIMONE (over phone): Well, speaking of good guys, you talk to Jackson?

Nah, he won't return my calls.

He just needs time.

I mean, he said he had you for a lifetime.

-(chuckles) That was before a lifetime included Noah. -(door opens)

One second.

All right, I got to go.

This nurse is gonna teach me how to get him latched on

-before I get released tomorrow. -See you tomorrow.

Here I come.

Tell me what I got to do.

Who are you?

Get away from my son.

(whispering): Shh. He's so cute.

Like a little Hershey's Kiss.

(normal voice): Who knew someone like you

could have such a perfect, sweet, little baby?

I said step back.

So, you have everything now, don't you?

A whole family.

But, you see, I lost my family because of you.

Hunter, my nephew, is gone.

Arlene, my sister, is dead.

-I had nothing to do with it. -No, you didn't.

But your little short daddy did.

He told me he killed my sister when he died.

So I thought I'd even the score.

I looked him right into the eye...

and I took his life.

The goodbye phone call at the end to you?

(laughs): Well, that was just the damn cherry on top.


Like I said, such a sweet, sweet baby.

(both grunting)

-(Davis crying) -WOMAN: Somebody stop her!



-Bitch! -Hey! Hey!

-Get off of me! -Come on.

This crazy bitch attacked me!

-Get off of me! Get off of me! -Call the police!

-I want her in jail! -Get off of me!

(crying): Oh, my God.

(Davis continues crying)

-What is going on? -Noah. Calm down.

-(knock on door) -WOMAN: I'm Courtney.

I'm the CPS worker handling your case.

-My case? -We had to take custody of the child.

-Wait, why? -Because of your addiction issues

-and the mother's recent charges. -Wait, I...

Unfortunately, Mr. Brooks, your blood work

from the night of your accident came back inconclusive.

Well, then you got the wrong test results, all right?

Uh, 'cause I haven't done nothing in months.

Miss C, I promise. You got to believe me.

-I... -Run the tests again.

We are. We'll be in touch.

Until then, our priority is Davis' safety.

He'll remain with us.

Well, why can't he remain with me?

You can't take this baby.

We will fix this.


(Miss Bruce sighs)

Mm. What's going on, babe?

CPS won't give Davis to Noah.

-Something about his tox report. -(sighs)

I can't tell Star that her son's gonna get put in the system.

You know, we been through that, and that would kill her.

Look, we going to that courthouse

and we gonna post bail, and that baby coming home.



I mean...

she'll get bail, right?

Girl. (chuckles softly)

This is still America, and she is still a white woman.

Listen, Star is strong, and she's smart.

She can handle this.

Yeah. You know, she gonna make bail,

and then, by this time next week,

she gonna have Davis, and then we're gonna kill

that Billboard party.

So, Billboard don't want the performance from Take 3.

They said the arrest is too recent.

(scoffs softly)

Yeah, so Star's got... nothing, then?

Listen, come here.

Star got a gang of people that love her.


We just got to fix one problem at a time.

(reporters clamoring)

How do you feel about Star Davis not making bail?

-(cameras clicking) -Happy.

I just wanted to visit her,

and she viciously attacked me without provocation.

I'll be able to sleep better at night

-knowing that she's locked up behind... -You're a liar!

My sister's locked up because of your lies!

-You know what you did! -No more questions.

(reporters clamoring, cameras clicking)

So, what's going on with Noah and Jackson?

You're the guy from the sex tape.

-What's it like being Mr. Crane? -Excuse me.

Why weren't you in there?

Star needs everybody that loves her by her side right now.

What happened in there?

No bail. Charlene's family's got connections,

and now Davis is with CPS.

What? What are you talking about?

-What about Noah? -They're running some tests.

There's something about his tox report.

Look, we're gonna get Davis back.

-I know that you're worried, but... -I have to go.

Hey, don't stay away, okay?

Star can't handle losing someone else.

Sometimes blood ain't got nothing to do with family.

(engine starts)

(tires screeching)

How's Star?

A hot mess.

They won't give her bail. Sh-She's still in custody.


Thank you for watching Jayden.

Oh, yeah, that's the least I can do.

-Let me help you out. -Yeah.

So much is going on.

It's crazy.

Hunter family keep popping up like a bad rash.

Ain't nothing worse than to think you done with something

only for it to beat your ass when you ain't looking.

-Yeah. -Damn, look at your mama.

I'm so hurt that she had to carry that all on her own.

And then for Nana not to believe her.

See, your nana, she always been blinded by him.

I keep thinking about that summer when...

Daddy was gonna take Carlotta to Jacksonville.

And I tried to get in the car,

'cause you know I needed my daddy time, too.

-Yeah. -This bitch drags

my dumb ass out of the backseat of that car

and was gonna beat me up till I bled.

I guess that was her way of making sure I didn't go.

-I'm so sorry, Ti. -Yeah.

See, that's why we got to stop being mad

and just be there for her.

Nuh-uh. I'm mad.

I'm a whole lot of mad.

Please don't do nothing crazy.

I ain't gonna kill him.


Ain't none of this my fault, all right?

Your sister popped off and now she's in jail,

and Davis ain't with us.

Well, this ain't Star's fault.

Okay, Davis would be here if your tox report wasn't dirty.

When we get him back,

we need to figure out where he's gonna go.

A-Ain't nothing to talk about.

All right? My son will be with me.

You can visit, but he lives with me.

Look... (grunts)

Simone, you can't let your issues with me affect Davis.

All right?

He's most important.

I know.

Mr. Brooks, the tox report came back clean.

Like I told you.

We're not trying to keep you from your son.

Sorry for the delay.

We just wanted to make sure Davis was safe.

(Davis cooing softly)


My son will always be safe with me.

You can go.

(Davis fusses)


Why don't we both stay at Star's and look after him?

SIMONE: You couldn't keep me away.

-(Davis crying) -NOAH: Daddy's here.

You'll always be safe with me.

(thunder rumbling, rain falling)

(door closes)


-Dad. -(thunder rumbling)

Hey, baby.

Come on in.

Sit on down. Talk to your daddy.

Sit on down.

Talk to me.

(clears throat)

What happened to Lottie

when you took her on those fishing trips?

We'd fish.

I love trout.

You love trout?

-Your mama love when I fry up some fish... -Focus, fool!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Don't you raise your voice at me.

This here my house.

You and that evil inside you better calm on down.

You gonna get yourself in trouble.

Now, where's my brother Alvin?

You know, Alvin loves when I cook up some fish.

Alvin's been dead, Dad.


What did you do to my sister?

You working yourself up for an ass whipping right now.

(laughs): Dead.

You hurt my sister.

And you made me hate her for most of my life.

Say you did it.

-Did-did what? Did what? -Say you did it.

Say it or I'm gonna blow your brains out all over this house.

(shudders): Say it.


You never felt on me.

But I feel just as dirty as Carlotta did

with your blood running through my veins.

(quietly): I...

(shudders) You turned me into a monster, just like you,

(crying): and I hate you for...

I hate you for that.

Baby, b-baby.

Baby, w-wait a minute.

Please sit down.

Don't-don't... don't go.

Please, please!

-C-Cassie! -(door opens)

(door closes)

-(Davis crying) -Damn, you got some lungs on you.

When you get older, I'll show you how to use 'em, all right?

-'Sup? -Huh?

What's up?

-(shushing) -Nothing.

I just, uh, came by to check on him.

We good. Just trying to tell him

I got to get ready for this performance,

but he ain't trying to hear it. Huh?

So, I heard CPS had some questions for you.

You need to be very careful of what you about to ask me.

I spent the past six months

preparing to be the man that Star needed...

...and the father that Davis deserves.

So I'm asking...

are you clean?

I got you. Shh.

Look, I know you're having a hard time with all this.

You feel like you lost something.

-That's 'cause I did. -But you didn't.

This is my son. My blood.

-I love him, and I love Star. -I ain't trying to get in the way of what you got with Star.

But what I'm not about to do

is keep apologizing for Davis being mine.

-I love my son. -(Davis fussing)

All right.

("Move Bitch" by Ludacris playing)

Move, bitch, get out the way

Get out the way, bitch, get out the way

Move, bitch, get out the way

Get out the way, bitch, get out the way

Move, bitch... ♪

This is one of the coolest industry parties I've been to.

-You got it. -Really? -Yeah.

You know how to skate?

No, girl. I was in foster care.

So, Houston Connelly should be in VIP.

Now, I don't know where that is, but...

That's cool. We need to let her know

it's mad disrespectful that she didn't let us perform.

And that we deserve to be in that Billboard issue.

I hear you. I just don't think

it's best to run up on her like that.

Alex, we got to.

I can't let the ball drop now that Star's locked up, you know?

By this time next year, we're gonna have an ASA,

and we're gonna be on that Billboard cover.

-Here you go. -Mark my words.

-Thank you. -Okay.


SIMONE: Oh, there she is.

Okay, go, go, go.

Is there a bumper on your ...? ♪

No, ..., I'm doing 100 on the highway

So if you do the speed limit, get the ... out of my way... ♪

Hello, Houston Connelly.

Uh, my name's Simone Davis.

This is Alex Crane, and we're from Take 3...

Alex, a pleasure.

Loved your performance at Rhythm & Bells.

Thank you. We're actually here for Take 3 though.

We just dropped our Scarlet Impala album, and...

And when is your solo album dropping?

(chuckles) I'm not sure yet.

But Take 3's album, between the numbers and the love

that the critics have been showing us,

Take 3 is perfect for your Billboard ASA issue.

For most people, Take 3 is a lucky girls group

that won a local competition.

We want to put real artists on the cover.

Real artists?

Not talent show winners. No disrespect.

We get real love from our fans.

They love your stunts--

the fighting, the running after your illegal husband,

and now this mess with Star.

I'm sorry.

Take 3 is not right for the issue.

Mm, I understand that.

You know, we're not perfect.

We make mistakes, pick ourselves up, put it in the music.

You know, and sometimes it gets into the blogs

or whatever, but if you base your decision off of that,

then obviously you don't know what it's like

to have a real artist in front of your face.

And the last thing I want to say is

keep my sister's name out your damn mouth,

along with my husband,

or else there's gonna be a fist in it.

Have a wonderful night.

I'm sorry.

♪ ♪

MAN: Hey, watch out.

♪ ♪

How you holding up?

Thank you.

Bobby send you?

He did, but we were both concerned.

Your whole life changed on a dime.

I know I lost it when that baby came out like a Tootsie Roll.

So I know you going through it.

I don't think I can do it.

I'm just getting sober.

My career's crazy.

My back is jacked.

Star's in jail.

And he needs so much.

I don't want to fail him.

That's not gonna happen.

You been the comeback kid since I met you.

I ain't no father, but I got

something I had to fight like hell to protect,

even when I ain't know if I was strong enough.

Running around in a tutu

when I was a young'un, I made a promise

to that little boy in me

that I moved hell or high water to keep.

Do that for Davis.

Make that your North Star...

and you'll be all right.

ANNOUNCER: Billboard hopes everyone

is having a ball tonight.

Get ready for a performance by the one and only

-Noah Brooks. -(cheering and applause)

Yo, I know everybody's been asking about my son

and how it feels to be a father now.

(scattered cheers)

Well, all I got to say is this.

It's currently 6:00, I woke up at 5:00

I been here before, man, they call me coffee

I never get tired, you dealing with three

I'm talking the sun

Myself and me, been on the rise

That's what I'm left to, nothing till I'm just the one

-♪ This for the culture, this for the culture ♪ -(cheering)

This for the culture, this for the culture

This for the culture, I'm finna coach you

I finesse when lanes close, kick it out to my teammate

Watch him bust a deuce in your face, we Medusas leaving

Your frames froze, I could even hoop in plain clothes

I'm applying pressure, we eating these cookies

Robberies stole, I'm so Reggie Miller with the shot

Shaquille when I'm on the block, Dominique 'em

With the jam, I'm the player with the yams

Crossing people with the sham, rock

Married to the game, 21, my hustle still the same

Flexing muscle, trash-talking, MJ and Skywalkin' ♪

Streets be calling big rangs, man, I just started

Every day and night, I'm working hard

Learning my lesson, turnovers turn into blessings

I'm finna turn them to points, I'm gonna challenge whoever

♪ 'Cause ballin' is life, no other choice

Remember who told you, this for the who? ♪

This for the culture, this for the culture

This for the culture, this for the culture

This for the culture, I'm finna coach your boy, whoo

It's currently 6:00, I woke up at 5:00

I been here before, man, they call me coffee

I never get tired, you dealing with three

I'm talking the sun, myself and me

Been on the rise, that's what I'm left to

Nothing till I'm just the one

This for the culture. ♪

(song ends, crowd cheering)

ANNOUNCER: Let's give it up for Noah Brooks!

(cheering continues)

♪ ♪

(dog barking in distance, Davis cooing)

Hey, fatherhood looks good on you. (laughs)

-Congratulations. -Man, it's been a hell of a week.

I ain't expect for this to happen so soon.

Not like this.

I'm sure he keeps you up all night.

Oh, man, two tours, 48 cities,

and I-I still didn't know I could be this tired.

You know, my dad always told me,

-"Do what's hard while it's easy," you know? -Yeah.

Word. You know what I mean? We young, healthy.

We can afford to stay up late, get up early,

face our fears and start all over again.

We decide what kind of men we want to be.

(quietly): I got you.

That's real. I like that.

Hey, look, man, I got to... I got to go feed him, so...

-You got duties, man. (laughs) -Yeah.

-Hey, stay up. (grunts) -Take care, bro.

Look, if we're not gonna do this Billboard issue,

then we need to do something else

-to impress Houston Connelly. -(R&B track playing)

Like what, Simone?

Maybe we should remix a top hit. Like Madonna.

Recut the music video.

We need to give her everything she needs

so she can see what's right in front of her.

-You sound like your sister. -(door opens)

-Good. -(music stops)

(door closes)

I was told I'd find you in here.

-Hi. -Hi.


Hello, Miss Connelly.

I would like to apologize for the other night.

You know, I was really upset about my sister, and...

I still stand by what I said about the music.

And I stand by what I said, too.

It would take a lot for Take 3 to win an ASA.

But Alex Crane is a different story.

We'd like to put you in the issue.

Wait. W-Why not Take 3?

You have the name, the story of surviving.

You're the one with a real shot at winning this year,

not Take 3.

You'll be part of our "One's To Watch" piece.

We're shooting a class photo of the artists for the cover.

I'll need an answer... soon.

-Simone. -(door opens)

(door closes)

(sighs) I don't have no time for no mess, Cas.

I've been juggling things with Star's lawyer

and I cannot drop the ball on this last push

for the ASAs for the girls.

Look, you gave that to me when you didn't think you needed it.

I can't have you walking around unprotected, Carlotta,

not with Xander out there,

and not with Daddy showing up to see Jayden.

I don't need no piece to handle Calvin.

He don't scare me no more.

You know, I went to see his lying ass.

And I put the nose of my gun down his damn mouth,

and I swear to God... I wanted to kill him.

It's like I needed him to admit what he had done.

And Mama-- she needs to know.


Mama knows, Cas.

She has to.

I wish I had proof.

I have proof.

I got pregnant when I was 14.

Mama thought it was Jimmy's from down the block.

But Jimmy ain't never touch me.

It was Calvin's.

Wait. So you had a-a baby?

It died shortly after it was born.

Calvin took me down

to Aunt Minnie's in Jacksonville to have it.

Mama knew.

But she won't admit it, 'cause then she might

have to deal with too much pain.

What about your pain?

Every day, I make a choice

to put one foot in front of the other.

And it's hard, but I make it.

So you can take that out of here with you.

I'll let you know if I need it.

(gun scrapes on counter)

I love you, sis.

We could have been

We could have been... ♪

Alex, I just wanted to say I'm sorry

for storming out like that.

You don't have to say sorry.

You have a lot going on-- Star and Angel.

Everybody I love needs help, and I...

I just feel like I can't fix nothing.

You fix things all the time, Simone.

Look, don't do what anyone else would do.

Do what Simone would do.

And you're doing that Billboard issue.

I'm just gonna miss us, that's all.

("Imagination" by Take 3 playing over radio)

-(turns up volume) -♪ Late night

We could meet up late night

Bet we'd do some things you thought you'd never do

If it feels right

-♪ I bet you wonder what it feels like ♪ -♪ Feels like

-♪ To see me dancing ♪ -(both singing along)

Take it all off just for you

You like to lay your body down

Next to me

You know I like to play around

Such a tease

-♪ Maybe one day it can go down ♪ -Oh!

-♪ How we think ♪ -Ay, ay, ay.

Don't lose your concentration

Use your imagination

You can use your. ♪

(door opens)

Good to see you back where you belong.


A free woman.

Thank you, Derek.

You know, Karma was supposed to be about me going legit,

but a bitch got distracted

by all the labels they was putting on me.

Yeah, I know about that.

Also know about you running drugs out the club.

How the hell you know that?

Been doing some work with the cops.

-So you the snitch? -Hey, look, nothing like that.

I just made a deal with the cops because...

one of the Bankhead Crew boys attacked my grandma.


I had to do something.

I wasn't just gonna stand by.

I'm sick of standing by.

Look, Karma is the hottest club in the A.

I just came up on some stack from my settlement,

and I'm looking to invest.

So you're trying to go into business with me?

Knowing what you know?

I want to get back to my roots, invest in my community.

Use the platform to actually reach people in different ways.

I decide the kind of man I want to be.

You down?

I'm open to it.

But, yo, I got to give you mad props

for keeping it all the way real with me,

'cause you know I stay strapped.

Well, I ain't no punk.

Miss Ruby raised me right.

All right.

You said you'd help with Angel, not take over.



I am helping.

Okay, well, I think that I should put out a song.

Get people talking about it, and hopefully

the buzz will get the vote passed faster.

Well, I think making a big PR stunt could backfire.

Oh, so we're just supposed to work in the shadows?

Listen to me.

Growing up in Cuba, my family didn't agree

with everything the new regime was doing.

So my father did everything he could to get me

and my siblings out of Cuba safely,

and you know how he did it?

Behind closed doors.

Everything done in the dark isn't always about being shady.

It's about keeping your loved ones safe.

So I'm just supposed to sit here

and wait for you to do something?

I'm afraid you don't have any other choice.

(grunts softly)

-Dr. Henderson. -Noah.

-Thanks for coming by. -Good to see you.

(Noah grunts)

You're not looking so good.

You think? (grunts)

Is this what you're using for the pain?

That's like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.

What happened to what I prescribed you?

I didn't think I needed them,

but I got my son full-time and I had a show.

Ah. You didn't tell me you were performing again.

I know, I know, I know.

Well, your performance likely caused the back to spasm,

but, uh, these painkillers will take care of that.

Uh, Doc, I told you, I'm not taking those.

I'm still in recovery.

I'll leave these here in case the spasms get worse.

But really, you need to take it easy.

I-I'll see myself out.

Thanks for coming by, Doc. Uh, I'll make sure

my manager wires you the check.

You take care of yourself, Noah.


(door opens, closes)

STAR: ♪ Time on my hands

Since you've been away, boy

I ain't got no plans

No, no, no

(security lock buzzes in distance)

And the sound of the rain

Against my window pane

Is slowly

Slowly driving me insane

Boy, I'm going down

I'm going down

♪ 'Cause you ain't around

My baby

My whole world's

Upside down. ♪

(indistinct chatter in distance)

(cell door slams nearby)

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The Description of Season 3, Episode 10, When Stars Fall