Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Chàng Trai Chăn Bò Hát Đếm Số Tiếng Anh Dễ Vậy Mà Ít Ai Hát Được ??? | Thánh đếm số Ytiet

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Hello everybody!

It's me again

Are you doing well? Probably well yeah?

Today I wear a hat

a few of you had been asking me

to try to sing a number song

so today I will sing for you

it's quite easy. why do I see you guys having trouble singing it?

pretty simple. I am now going to try to sing for you

Overall, pretty straight forward

Nothing difficult. Just read it

some ask me why don't I sing

couple more number songs

that I usually sang in Tik Tok

so today I am going to demonstrate for you

whoever wants to sing can sing together with me so it's more fun

again, it's pretty simple and straight forward, nothing crazy

think of it as reading number

now watch

Imma sing it to you haha

since I'm by myself, I can do whatever

no one can hear me

it's because right now it's late evening, I just finished herding the cattle back

then I come near a creek to chill

and see if I feel too bored, I can even go deeper into the forest for fun


everything is normal

these past few days it has been raining here and there

weather was quite cool

there's an embankment near-by which was recently built by the government

today I was able to find some free time

It's so fun guys!

since I'm by myself, and talking to you on camera,

it's as if I'm talking to you for real

well, indeed, I'm talking to you

so today I got a bit of free time

so I'm going to sing for you

so are you ready to hear me sing the English number song?

very simple. not difficult at all

sometimes I listen to you guys from other countries singing it, quite funny!

not making fun of it, it's funny because your voice sounds different from me

I hope that as I'm singing this song

you guys will sing together with me

ok let me gather some strength

so hilarious haha

cuz' I'm by myself, so Imma talk as much as I want

no one around to listen in

so now Imma sing from one to ten

let's hear it

the other day I was herding the cows

herding cows...

we were playing a fun game "ash face paint"

I kept on losing so my face got painted with ash

my whole face was covered in ash

that's the video you guys saw on tik tok

I was at home and didn't have anything better to do

so I took out my phone and record for fun

but then my face was covered in ash

I uploaded on Tik Tok and then many foreigners saw and comment

so funny haha

it was a bit new for me

a few of you asked "why don't I sing couple English number songs"

and post onto Youtube

so I guess I'll just do it today

give me a moment to gather my strength


there's no water around here

there's a spring up there but then lots of people do laundry there as well

makes me not want to drink from there

OK now I'm going to give it a try

are you ready?

ready yet? let me put my hat on, so I look nice

I bought this hat for 70k VND (~$3.50 USD)

today I am wearing a new shirt haha

I really like blue

I usually wear silver

I'm usually sick. So adult says that

wearing silver helps prevent you from getting sick

even on my wrist, I have silver bracelet

I have lots of silver items in my house

I put them in a box

OK let's get ready to sing

you guys requested it

one sec...

let me re-gather my confidence

can't laugh....

oh tough



four five six seven eight nine...

ten eleeeeven... twelve thirteen

fourteen...fiften sixteen seventeeeen

eighteeeen...nineteen, twenty twenty one....

twenty two...twenty three

twenty four....

*cough* oh no I'm coughing

can't sing anymore...

it's quite easy. you all should give it a try

so hilarious... hurts my throat a bit

I talked too much earlier

ok so you guys take over yea?

thank you so much for watching my videos!

good bye and see you again!

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