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Hey there, kids! Its me, Ms. Booksy,

and its time for Chapter 2 of Snow White right here at Cool School!

At the end of Chapter 1,

the magic mirror had just told the evil queen that she actually wasnt the most awesome person in all the land...

and she did not like that. Lets see if the evil queen is still angry...

Yep, she looks pretty mad!

I will get rid of Snow White!!

BOOKSY: That sounds bad! Poor Snow White! She didnt do anything.

Yeah, I was just minding my own business!

BOOKSY: The evil queen tried all kinds of different ways to get rid of the princess.

She locked me out.

She tried to mail me to Alaska!

She even tried to send me away in a hot air balloon!

You might be wondering why my dad didnt step in and do anything.

Well, he was away on king business at the semiannual royalty symposium.

Thats where natural­-born kings and queens go to learn royal stuff,

like how to balance giant crowns on their heads and how to wave at a parade.

So, I was on my own.

BOOKSY: The queen was getting frustrated.

She couldnt get rid of Snow White!

She finally decided to go back to the witches of the Grimm forest.

Surely, they could get the job done!

Oh, its you again. Welcome back!

I need a curse to get rid of a princess.

Oh, goody! I just love those curses.

What do you need?

A hundred year sleep?

Make her lose her singing voice?

Oo, maybe we turn her into a frog!

I just want her to go away forever!

Oohhhh, I see.

A one way ticket.


My sisters a travel agent. We can send her to China!

I was thinking something a little more permanent?

Okay, okay. Well, how about a classic de­atomizer?

What is that?

I dont know. But it sounds cool, right?

Cant you just do something...

I don't know...witchy?

Oh sure, that's easy. Heres what youll need....

A bubbling cauldron...

A rose...


Watch out for the thorns...

The tooth of a shark...

A rotten egg..


A picture of Santa Claus...

Um... random.

And a lock of Snow Whites hair...

Aaand check!

Mix it all together and say these words:

BOOKSY: And just like that Snow White disappeared!

Didnt think it would work, did you?

Yeah, neither did I.

But heres the thing, boys and girls.

People dont really disappear.

They just appear somewhere else.

And thats what happened to Snow White...

she appeared in another fairy tale!

Whoa! Where am I?? This isnt our kingdom.

Hey, I think thats Cinderella!

...Howd I get into her storyline?

Maybe her fairy godmother can help me get home!

Did someone say fairy godmother?

I did!

Do you want to go to the ball, too?

I can let you go, but you cant win the heart of the prince.

I already promised that to my god­daughter, Cinderella.

Thats okay. I dont need a prince. I just wanna go home.

Oh! Gotcha.

BOOKSY: And with a wave of her wand,

Cinderellas fairy godmother sent Snow White back home!

And at the very same moment,

the evil queen was asking the magic mirror if she was the most amazing person in all the land.

Uhhh, no...its still Snow White.

What?? I got rid of her! It should be me!

This is awkward....

Oh, Ill get her,

and this time Ill make sure she never comes back!

Ive got a WICKED good plan!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

I think you have something in your teeth

Oh, be quiet.

Oh no! I wonder what the evil queen is going to do now??

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