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hello friends good morning welcome back to our Channel today we are going to

talk about peace lilly. One of the most popular plant peace lily. Nowadays it has

become very popular because it's an oxygen plant gives lots of oxygen and it

is a shade loving plant you can keep it indoors wherever you want just it

requires filtered sunlight

it's a very beautiful plant see the leaves are so green and very soothing to

your eyes and maintenance of this plant is also very easy beginners can start

keeping these plants peace lilly plant it's a lucky plant actually to keep

indoors it spreads lots of happiness and prosperity around it this

plants requirements are very less way it doesn't need much of your attention

you only have to water it once in a week

yeah no over watering over watering causes root rot in this plant

so just take care of the water no over watering and again re water it again

when the upper portion of the soil is little bit dry see this is the entree

this is moist so I can keep it I can water it after see two days two days if

there is more watering the of this plant what happens is the tips of the leaves

turn brown

so that is a sign that you have drowned your plant you have over water ed your

plant then you have to take care and not to water so much because that is a main

problem which destroys your plant over watering watering every now and

then water it only when the upper layer of the soil is dry you get beautiful

white flowers on this plant but now as it is winter you will not see any

flowers as the winter is getting over and summer starts then this plant starts

flowering you will get nice beautiful white flowers actually those are not

flowers those are brets and there will be flowers inside those brets so you

should keep it in some dark cozy corner where the climate is warm and moist so

usually it is better to keep it indoors it's an indoor plant

it does not need much of fertilizer don't fertilize it so much

oh you can fertilize it once in six months that will do if you over

fertilize it then your brets the the sign that you are over fertilizing your

plant is the brets will turn green like the leaf so just you can add little NPK

in once in six months dissolve it in water just half a spoon of

NPK dissolve it in one liter of water and fertilize it once in six

months that is all that's all see such a beautiful plant you need not worry

but how my plant will survive if I'm going out if I'm trying this plant you

can be for one we can go travel and come back and the plant will be lush green

only thing is before going on a travel just thoroughly water the

plant thoroughly so there's no water drains out completely and the whole soil

is wet so you can leave it for one week and more travel because I travel often

so I take care of these issues and when it comes to soil

it needs well drained soil well drained soil so to make this soil you can take little

bit of coco peat and organic compost this plant likes organic compost leaf

compost organic compost it thrives better in the organic compost so

soil should be well-drained soil so that water doesn't stop in the pot

if water stands in the pot then be sure your plant will have root rot problem so

take care of that issue and sunlight it needs filtered sunlight already I have

told watering I have told about fertilization very less fertilization so

friends sit back and bring some peace lilly and let it increase the oxygen

content of your Hall or you can keep it in hall bedroom TV table wherever you

like I have kept it near my window where there is filtered sunlight and in my

near my bedroom window so it is very cozy here I sit here and read my morning

newspapers and I like the company of this plant and friends when you're growing

plants just take care of one thing is spend some time with your plants they

are like seem like children they want to be cared for just spend some time in the

morning or evening or whenever you get some time spend some time with

these plants you will feel much much better and even your plants will grow

lush green so happy gardening and take care friends bye thank you

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