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I'm gonna tell you how posture can save your life

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today I'm going to talk about posture and a lot of kids learn growing up their

mom said oh stand up straight and don't slouch and all that but what does that

really have to do with anything we do know that people who feel bad cannot

look like this and people to feel good look more like this well it does it

reflect on how well the brain is working also so one of the functions of the

brain is to control the body so we can see how stress manifests in the body and

here is what we would call a normal posture so my arms are hanging straight

my shoulders are square and my palms are facing in toward my body in a relaxed

normal posture if we look at it from the side then you see that my head zone

straight and my ear is approximately straight over the shoulder joint that's

in normal posture when the neck is positioned like that it can signal

properly to the brain but what you will see more often than not today is you'll

see people's shoulders doing this and you see people's hand almost always

facing more or less backwards and this is actually a sign of a weakened frontal

lobe because the job of the frontal lobe is to inhibit a stress response and to

inhibit internal rotation and flexion so when we have stress when if we were in a

fight if we have a bear coming after Earth or if we're attacked then our body

goes into a state of stress and the first thing that your brain is going to

do is to protect you so you pull your shoulders up you pull your shoulders

forward you bend your arms a little bit and you activate your flexors and your

internal rotators so when you see people walking around like this it's a sign of

chronic stress it's a form of stress their brain is not working as well as it

should their frontal lobe is a little bit depressed if you will the properly

when the brain works better then it can inhibit these things and we get back

into a full posture if you think about an infant an infant is born in a curled

up fetal position that's why it's called fetal position and it's because their

brain hasn't developed yet to inhibit this primary flexion and the same thing

happens to Grandpa when they start going senile that when the brain gets more and

more and more degenerated now you start seeing that the posture goes more like

this again if someone has a stroke then we get what's called in decorticate

posture where whatever part of the brain doesn't work to inhibit that we get an

extreme flexion and in and internal rotation so all of these are little

clues for you that you can look for look at yourself in the mirror don't cheat

just kind of get in the front of the mirror and relax and see what your hands

are doing if one hand is turned in and the other one is not chances are that

you have one side of your brain it's a little better one side is a little

stronger than the other one and by working on your posture and by doing

simple exercises like you can check out my video on the three winged friends

which are postural exercises you can actually do exercises to stimulate the

signals that restore the posture that restore

the signaling and actually start building up that that frontal lobe again

and in doing that it's not that just that you get better posture but when

your brain starts working better when your frontal lobe get some more

activation you can also start finding better balance between stress and

relaxation most people are in a state of chronic stress they have what's called

sympathetic dominance sympathetic is a stress response but in all cases of

health we want balance so by doing postural exercises and by doing

relaxation exercises like breathing you help your body find balance and in doing

that you improve the immune system you improve digestion you improve sleep and

on and on and on that's what holism is when you improve one thing you improve

they have done studies that show that for every inch of anterior head carriage

we increase the strain and there's a direct correlation between anterior head

carriage and disease between anterior head carriage and mortality so keep that

in mind when you think about what we call refer to as a Twitter neck that

today when they examine the next the cervical spine and the curves of

children there is virtually no normal spines anymore even kids below five

years old have started developing Twitter necks and when we see just look

around look around that in the stores in public

anywhere you go you will see people looking like this and it is devastating

it is not just a nuisance it's not just that they get socially isolated that

they don't develop any skills except this it is truly devastating to their

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