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I think many people know that all maternity hospitals in Russia

close to the so-called "Wash" once every six months.

This event is happening with a certain solemnity

new women in childbirth stop taking in the Nth

day already happy mommies discharged within 5 days

to no less happy daddies grandparents.


As one friend of mine says: “Walk, flaw - mother retired


The first three to four days all sing and walk, breaking

on groups by floors, periodically meeting in the smoking room.

Salads, champagne, sweets, tinctures, cakes,

loud music, perky laughter and in some places a dance ...

Walking everywhere, of course, in different ways, somewhere louder

somewhere quieter, it all depends from the head doctor of the hospital,

but the principle is practically same everywhere and pomp

partying can be compared only with celebration

New Year.

The first week everyone walks and cheat, but on the second

thewashitself is already beginning.

Nursing staff washes, scrapes and paints the walls,

floors, ceilings and all equipment, and the senior carefully monitors

over the course of work and no matter in no case there were any

partying, bonuses and KTU deprived mercilessly.

Usually overnight in the empty there were three maternity hospitals

person: security guard, Doctor and nurse or midwife.

That's about one of those nights and there will be a speech.

Lena went on duty, one of the midwives was on duty with her

Rod.Zala, Olga, and young WOHR employee who

repeatedly made explicit hints to Lena than much

annoyed her.

Annoyed Lenka climbed to the fourth

the floor in the staff room, changed clothes, drank tea, listened

to the ringing silence of the empty building.

He says its somehow not by oneself.

And I decided to go to another wing, in the family room to Olga,

to pass the evening.

Building in the form of the letter П, children's office where she worked

Lena, in one wing - four-story, Rod.Zal in another - two-story.

To get to the Rhodesal she had to either go down

by elevator to the first floor, walking past annoying

guard and then rise on the second, or walk on foot

through the entire maternity hospital from the fourth on the second, go past the compartment

intensive care and collapse in the family room.

It was scary to walk in the dark maternity hospital but meet

with a guard and listen his vulgar jokes

also did not want to.

Distracting yourself with different thoughts, Lena went.

Safely passing the fourth and the third floor, went to

second and accelerated the step in the corridor was dark, only

from the open doors of the chambers scattered bluish

light quartz lamps.

Somewhere halfway Lenka I heard soft singing, I thought

that Olga is working nearby, humming.

Went even faster.

The closer I came to the extreme the ward on the floor, the clearer

heard singing and made out the words.

In a low voice, stumbling a little, as if shaking a child

or walks, the woman sang T.'s famous song

Bulanova: “Byu - buy, sleep, my boy....".

The first thought was that someone was not discharged for inexplicable

reasons and they forgot to tell her but remembering that the last

mom was discharged as at least one and a half weeks

back, Lena was horrified.

And ran, praying faster run to rod.zala and catch

Olga there.

Running past the last chamber side vision girlfriend

caught some movement in the light of a quartz lamp.

The singing never stopped.

Having reached Olga, Lenka pulled her into the ward

but she said with a grin: “Dont go there,

Our redhead was heard, passed, means baptism of fire!

Calm down! ”

Some time later midwife told Lena

such a story: “Five years brought back to us a woman in labor

such a beautiful girl, red like fire.

A long braid almost to the toes, Maxim was on duty

Leonidovich, and he, according to the old superstition forced everyone

women in labor to dissolve and even some hairpins

especially naughty, selected although SanPin is forbidden.

Here we have a red braid and in the family room raised, childbirth

were swift, even not to conduct an episiotomy

managed to burst terribly, poor thing.

Died of a momentary blood loss of three liters,

son in intensive care immediately they took it, but they didnt pump it out,

although they tried their best forces.

Well, you know Maxim!

One to all with all my heart!

They took her on a gurney to inventory and left

before arrival morgue, nurse scythe

she braided and laid next along the body.

After some time, freed opera unit, and the nurse was called

wash it immediately before the next operation.

She went to the inventory (for each room

in medical institutions separate stock - bathrobe, rag,

bucket and mop), comes in and looks that the red braid

braided and hair spreads on the floor, she braided again

already put under the sheet and went to wash.

Returning, I saw again loose hair again

braided and went looking a pest that she specifically

harms, interferes with work.

Well, you know our orderlies, before them is even a general

stand in the rack!

The scream stood noble but no one not admitted work above

roofs, just once there was then a joke!

But she still doesnt let up went into inventory - hair

loose, braid and come out Comes right there - again is unblocked.

And so until they took the girl.

The nurse chief from work suspended for a month.

And since then we have our own personal ghost.

And they called the priest.

Look, do you see crosses in the corners?

We draw each wash.

And the point is zero!

As she walked, she walks sings.

Someone saw a silhouette above baby crib someone

in an empty room on the bed someone just heard singing

but she is only employees and never parturients

and pregnant.


No one knows.

It was rumored that someone of employees even with her husband

her contacted to magpie ordered her.

But all to no avail.

She is calm, our redhead, so dont be afraid! ”

Lena dumbfounded by this a story without closing my eyes

spent this night closed resident and more

night watch does not take.

But still periodically hears stories about new

meetings with Red and in the next times horrified.

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