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- Today we're at Duffys Forest, up on the northern beaches.

We've got a beautiful day beginning.

We've got sun on the panels.

We've got 40 of them up there

and this system's a lovely 12.8 kilowatt solar system.

Scott, the owner's put in a Tesla Powerwall as well.

He's got a Tesla car

and we're putting in a couple a car chargers as well.

So this system has got him pretty much off the grid.

He's not actually buying any energy from the grid.

He's in fact putting more in than he's taking out.

So it's been a real successful install,

and as you can see,

quite a beautiful looking install as well.

- The end goal for the system for us was to add a battery.

By doing that it was able to pretty much take us off-grid,

which was a great attraction.

The reason we didn't go with a cheap system

was because we were after quality.

We were after something that'd last the distance.

It was a no-brainer for us.

I see long term value

as being something that's going to last the distance,

it's going to not be,

there doesn't have to be a conversation

about doing a replacement because it's a cheap and nasty.

It's something that's going to outlast me.

Solarpro, with Dave, I was looking for an offering

that had quality, experience,

and these guys have been around for a long time

and they know exactly what they're doing

and there was a lot of comfort in that for us.

- Yeah, well as you can see from the panels behind me

he's put on an all black panel,

and we've pretty much filled up the roof space.

It was really important for Scott

to have the panels looking symmetrically perfect

and looking, matching the roof,

which is what we've achieved.

And the size of the system has been perfect for him.

He's now charging his cars with a car charger

that we've installed as well,

that can make sure he's only using the solar electricity

off the roof, so he's not drawing any power off the grid

for a slow charge.

We're also installing his Tesla car charger,

which will allow him to draw at about 22 kilowatts,

so it's a really fast charge

if he wants to charge his car up quickly.

- More than happy, absolutely ecstatic with it.

Completely off-grid, which is from a bill perspective,

fantastic environment, fantastic.

We've then gone to the next step.

We've done the electric car scenario.

We've jumped into Zappi charger,

which punches the extra kilowatts off the roof

that aren't going into the battery,

once the battery's full, into the car,

so it's just a win-win.

It's been really, really good, great experience.

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