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- [Allen] High school,

the only time in my life where I thought I was invincible.

Where I thought life would only go up.

I loved my friends more than anything in the world,

even my own family most of the time.

I trusted them with every secret,

be it embarrassing or not.

I knew they'd have my back til the end.

I trusted them with my life.

Ignorance was bliss, and the hardest thing

was just waking up for class.

- You know Allen, you didn't have to

embarrass me in front of the whole class like that right?

- What?

Come on, Lauren seemed to like it.

- You know I don't like surprises.

What if I would've said no?


- To be honest, I wasn't too concerned.

I'm sorry, I just wanted to make you feel special.

- Aw, that's okay.

Now all I can think about is prom.

What to wear, where to take pictures, the limo...

- I'm sorry.

- Oh my god, Allen, the video was amazing. Thank you.

- Thank you!

I'm glad someone appreciated it.

- Allen and I are so studly.

Say it.

- You guys are such studs, Ben.

- Oh my gosh, you guys, this is gonna be so much fun.

Kristen we have to figure out what colors we're gonna wear

and the shoes. - Shoes.

- Yes, oh my god. - Nah.

Nah, nah.

- What?

- We're gonna do things a little differently this year.

- How so?

- Your idea, proceed.

- We're not doing colors.

We're not even gonna match colors.

Our main goal is just to look fly as fuck.


- Oh, I can't wait to hear this.

Please, enlighten us on what you two will be wearing.

- [Allen] First, slicked back hair.

- [Kristen] Please no.

Allen I love you, but

you look dreadful with slicked back hair.

You should try spiking it up a bit.

I like it when it's spiked up.

- May I continue?

- Please.

- [Allen] Next, black bow ties

on black tuxes like James Bond.

- Do you two even know how to tie one of those?

- As a matter of fact we do.

- And last, but certainly not least.

- Certainly.

- Fresh kicks, kicks so fresh they'll make you swoon.


- So fresh.

- [Allen] So what do you think?


- Not a chance.

- Nope.


(door creaks open)

(pill bottle rattling)

- Bro, are you ready?

Hey I look good, huh?

- Alright, alright, come on.

(light mid tempo music)

- Sup, losers?

(distant chatter)

- Hey, Makenna, how are you?

- Hey.

(light mid tempo music)


- You guys look great, smile for the camera.

- Hey guys, can we get some group pictures?

- Yeah. - Yeah.

- Okay.

- [Mom] Oh you look adorable.

- Mom!

- [Mom] What? I can't say my daughter looks beautiful?


- Alright, can we get some girl pictures?

- Yeah. (laughs)

- Bro? You thinking what I'm thinking?

- What? That we're totally getting an in tonight?


- I told you.

- I know. (distant chatter)

- Kristen your dress is so beautiful.

- Oh, thanks I just got it yesterday.

- Have you and Allen talked about plans for college yet?

- I mean, I want to stay together I really do, but,

I mean, we're going to different schools.

I mean, don't get me wrong, Lauren,

Allen's always been there for me and I love him but,

honestly, sometimes I wish he was more like Ben.

- Yeah, but...


- You ready to go?

- Let's do this.

- We'll see you there.

- I still can't believe all the limos were booked.

- Don't worry about it, I got the next best thing.

- You got us a black car bro?

- No, bro, I called us an Uber.

I ordered that shit while they were taking pictures.

- Bold.

(light piano)

All my days have a purpose

Many lives come and go

Tomorrow is accounted

So when we may kiss

Let it know

What is it like to be a stranger

How does it feel to be loved

This emptiness grow bigger

Why do you give us away

Give us away for love

Love is fiction

Love is truth

Love is feeling like the world consists of two

Someone special comes along

Makes rattle everything that's wrong

What is like to be a stranger

How does it feel to be alone

Oh this emptiness is growing bigger

Why do you give us away

Give us away

Well don't look back at a bullet

The past can't touch today

But love for all the bones and dreams

That come out of better place

So just don't don't give up on love

Tomorrow's just a kiss away

(mid tempo piano)

- [Allen] Can't sleep either?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

I know the feeling.

Everything just seems to be moving so fast, you know.

It just seems like yesterday we were

all dozing off in Mr Rowans humanities class freshman year.

- (laughs) Oh my gosh, I totally remember that.

I don't even know if I'm ready to go to college.

I mean, I'm excited and all,

I just don't want to say goodbye.

Have you thought about it too, like with you and Kristen?

- What do you mean?

- Are you guys gonna stay together?

I know she's going upstate and your staying down here.

It's not technically long distance but still.

- Yeah, we've talked about it.

I mean...

We're gonna give it a shot and see what happens.

You know, it's gonna be hard but we want to make it work.

What about you and Ben?

- What about us?

- What's the plan?

- Well I mean it's gonna be a little easier

since we're both going to the same school and all.

- Yeah, but do you think that will last?

- Yeah, I think so.

- No, you don't.

- Yes I do.

- Then why'd you have to think about it?

- Why did you have to think about it?


- Seriously though?

- I think we'll be fine.

He's a great guy and I don't think he'll be anything but.

- Listen, you're a great girl Lauren Shaffer.

You and Ben are gonna do amazing things up there, I know it.

- You as well, Allen Andersen.

You hold the fort down while we're away, okay?

- You know I will.

- Oh god, did you see Zack's dancing tonight?

- Oh come on, I taught him those moves.

- Oh please tell me you're lying.

That was terrible.

You smell like it again.

- What are you talking about, I don't smell anything.

- Well I do, and you reek of it.

I don't want my boyfriend smelling like a skunk.

- Ah, I thought I put enough cologne on.

- We've talked about this already.

When are you going to tone it down?

- Babe, it's Friday.

Classes are done for the week.

Why don't we go out for a nice dinner tonight?

- Please don't play games with me.

- I'm not.

I know we haven't done anything special in a while so,

why not be spontaneous?

Wear something nice.

- Don't I always?

- (laughs) Be at my place at 7.

I'll make the reservations.

- Fine.

Don't disappoint me.

- So Zack talks to this chick from class, right,

and he uses one of those dumb pickup lines from Tinder

like something about America and her being free or some shit

and she straight up stares at him.

Doesn't even say a word.

- Sounds like typical Zack.

- Right? I swear though he cracks me up sometimes.

- Yeah?

- What are you doing?

- Getting ready for a party at Angel's place.

- You still hang out with her?

God, she is such a bitch.

- I've heard worse things from her about you, don't worry.

- Like what?

I swear to God, I'll...

- You'll what Allen?

- I don't know, she just pisses me off.

- You don't like her, she doesn't like you.

Get over it.

- What's wrong with you?

- Nothing.

- You seem busy, so I guess I'll let you go.

You know I miss you right?

- I miss you, too.

Be good okay?

- You be good.


(phone ringing)

- Hey you.

- [Allen] Lauren Shaffer.

- Haven't heard from you in a while.

I thought you died on me or something.

- Well I'd hope you know if I died.

- You didn't die though, right?

- No, not yet.

- [Lauren] How's it been down there?

- Same old, same old.

Powering through, the usual.

Missing you guys.

You treating Big Ben with some TLC?

- Of course.

We're actually about to go out to dinner right now.

- Oh.

Well, don't let me keep you.

I was just missing you and wanted to check in.

- That's sweet, Allen.

I miss you, too.

Hey, don't be a stranger, okay?

And don't die on me.

- Sounds like a plan.

Have a good night.

- You, too.

Oh, damn it.

(soft music)

(water bubbling)

- Babe, I'm so...

(choking and coughing)


I'm so sorry.

- It's 7:15 and I'm actually late.

Is there a specific reason why you're not ready?

- I completely forgot.

I'm so sorry.

Time flew by.

I'll go get ready.

It will only take a second.

(water bubbling)

- You want a hit?

- No. No, thank you.

- Are you sure?

This shit's fire.

We've been smoking it for hours.

- I'm fine, thank you.

- Ready to go?

- Yes, please.

- You kids have (coughs) fun.

(coughs) Fun.

(people chattering)

- [Hostess] Hi, how many?

- Two, for Ben Farrow.

- I'm sorry, I don't see two for Farrow on here.

(phone rings)

Sorry, give me a minute.

Mia Francisco.

- I thought you made the reservation.

- I could've sworn I did.

- Save it.

- Yeah, thank you. Alright. Bye bye.

It's your lucky day, a party of two just canceled.

Follow me.

(distant chatter)

You two enjoy.

- Thanks.

- Forgive me now?

- I haven't decided yet.

- This pasta was amazing.

Not as amazing as you look tonight. Damn.

- Shut up.

Thank you.

- What's wrong?

- Is something wrong?

- I know you, Lauren.

- Yeah. There's something wrong.

There's something wrong with you, Ben.

You're not yourself.

You've been smoking way too much lately

and it's effecting everything

and everyone around you, especially me.

- Hold on.

Is there somewhere more private we can talk about this?

- Fine.

Are you kidding me?

- I forgot it.

- Babe, wait.

- Don't babe me.

- Let me explain.

- Explain what, Ben?

I show up to your apartment late

and you were smoking like you

had nothing better to do tonight.

- I'm sorry.

We were doing homework, we decided to get blazed.

What do you want me to say?

- Is that all you ever do anymore?

Tell me, how much do you smoke every day?

Tell me!


- [Ben] Three times a day.

Sometimes four.

- Who are you, Ben?

Who are you?

What happened to you?

What happened to the Ben who was

willing to humiliate himself in front of

the whole school just to ask me to prom?

Just to make me feel special?

- Lauren, I--

- I loved that Ben.

I miss that Ben. Where is he?

- I don't know.

- Well you better find him.

- Lauren, you can't walk home alone.

- [Lauren] Yes I can, just leave me alone.

Silly me, I never thanked you for the dinner.

Oh, wait.


- Guys, I think I'm literally addicted to weed.


- Shut the fuck up, man.

Seriously though, it's probably all in your head.

It's not like you smoke weed all day.

- But I do smoke weed all day.

Lauren's been getting more distant with me

and I know it's because I do it too much.

- Well then, how hard is it for you to just stop?

I mean, if you love her like you say you do,

then just stop.

- Yeah, dude, you gotta get your priorities in order.

What do you love more, getting stoned

off your ass or being with her?

- Of course I love being with Lauren.

- Well there you go. What else is there to discuss?

(water bubbling)

- Hey, if you guys do end up splitting,

mind if I get her number?

- Yo, Ben man, there's always a middle ground.

Take Amber and I for example.

She knows I love getting high with you bros

but I always keep it in moderation,

and if she wants to hang out, god knows

I'm not gonna smoke beforehand.

- Yeah, the only difference is,

you're totally whipped.

- Fuck you, Zack, what do you

know about relationships anyway?

The closest thing you've ever had to an actual

girlfriend was that one Mormon chick you fucked after prom,

and we all know what happened with that,

after you took her virginity, she went all

born again Christian on you like Steven Baldwin

and her parents almost took you to court.

- Or maybe Zack's just that bad at sex.


- Really funny, guys.

Like I had any control over MaKenna's suddenly

realizing she wasn't supposed to be having premarital sex.

For real though Ben, just stop.

- It's not that simple.

I seriously cannot stop.

Every time I'm bored, I smoke.

Every time I go to class, I smoke.

Every time I come home and visit you guys,

I fucking smoke!

It's a never ending cycle and I can't stop.

Look at this.

- Then fill your time with other things, bro.

If you're life has degraded to the point

where you are completely dependent on getting high

all the time, just to survive,

then you have to realize something needs to change.

- I know, man.

That's why I want to try and go on a tolerance break.

I just need to get my shit in order.

I can't lose her.

- And I totally agree with you, but,

I think we should give this the royal send off.

- Is that fucking cold?

- I was gonna suggest that we smoke it earlier

but you had to get all philosophical on us.

- Why're you such a skeeze bro?

- Whoo, caught me.

- God damn it, Zack.

As obnoxious as you are sometimes, at the end of the day,

you're my bro and I agree with you.

Let's take it to the car though, I want some food.

- Don't we all?

(TV in distance)

- Amber?


- Sorry, sorry what were you saying?

- I need your relationship advice.

- Oh jeez, what's going on now?

- Well, we're growing apart.

I miss the old Ben, he had goals and aspirations.

Everything about him now is so predictable

and I don't know how much longer I can take it.

- Lauren, stop, it can't be that bad.

- But it is that bad.

All he ever does is sit around and smoke weed.

I mean, who are we to judge,

everyone of us smoke every once in a while, but,

can't you take a day off, at least?

Even when we're together, he reeks of it.

- I feel like we have this conversation every day.

What are you gonna do?

- I don't know.

Part of me wants to give him a chance to change,

but then, I feel like I've given

him a million of those already.

- I know you love him, and I know you care about him,

but he haven't stopped after the first time you asked,

clearly his priorities are in other places.

- You think?

- When I asked Scott to stop smoking

as much as he was, he stopped.

Call him.


- Oh my god, this is so good.

(talking with food in mouth)


And you guys are trying to make me stop?

- Wait.

Why'd we let you drive?

- Because I drive better when I'm high.

- What about that one time you were driving us to Tahoe

and we almost crashed like five times?

- I wasn't high when I drove to Tahoe.

Was I?


(phone ringing)


Hey babe.

- [Lauren] Hey, what are you up to?

- Just eating some food right now, what's up?

- [Lauren] I'm just sitting and thinking.


I've been wanting to talk to you, about us.

- What about us?

- I've just been concerned about you.

You haven't been yourself lately.

You've become kind of lazy and unmotivated.

Even when we have sex you can't last longer than 30 seconds.


- [Ben] You know I have a history of performance issues.

- I know, I know.

But you seriously need to stop smoking Ben,

or at least tone it down.

- Tone what down babe?

- Tone done the...

Wait, are you fucking high right now?


- No, I'm not. (laughs)

- Yes, you are.

- Alright, maybe a little bit.

- Ben, I can't do this anymore.

- What do you mean?

- Us. I can't do us anymore.

I am tired of this shit, we are finished.

- Babe, I can change, I promise.

- You've said that so many times before

and I can't stand to listen to that anymore.

We're done.

- Lauren, hold on a second,

let's talk about this.

- I'm sorry, Ben.

- Lauren...


- Hey.

You did the right thing.

- Dude.

What just happened?

- Drop us all off?

(radio playing)

(phone vibrating)

(radio playing rock song)

- Gentlemen.

- Later.

- Peace dude.

- Hey, Ben.

Don't think about it too much, alright.

(car engine starts)


(phone ringing)

(phone vibrating)

- Hey.

- Hey.

I still can't believe what happened last night.

- I know she called me crying about the whole thing.

I can't believe he could be so selfish.

How hard is it to just tone it down?

- Oh come on, Kristen, give the guy a break.

There's nothing wrong with the fact

that he enjoys partaking in the greenery,

be it a bit excessive.

You know, I think she overreacted,

especially the way she just

broke up with him over the phone.

- He was stoned when she called him.

He's always stoned.

Of course she's gonna be tired of his shit.

- I understand that babe, however,

I think Lauren should have been an adult

about the whole fiasco and not have done it over the phone.

- You can be so stubborn sometimes.

Why do always have to side with your friends

even when you know that they're blatantly wrong?

- Because they're my friends, Kristen.

Wouldn't you do the same for yours?

I mean, they're all I've got besides you.

I mean, I've known Ben most of my life,

you can't expect me just to throw our

friendship away and believe whatever

over dramatic bullshit Lauren is shouting.

The guys and I were thinking of going up Friday to see him.

- Actually, Angel and I are stopping by

on our way to San Francisco to see Lauren.

- You're going to San Fran?

When were you gonna tell me?

I thought we were spending this break together.

- I told you two months ago

that I was going to San Francisco.

You never listen.

- I'm sorry,

it must have slipped my mind.

You guys still gonna be there Friday night?

- No, we're only gonna stay there through Friday morning.

You got the check right?

- You could at least say please.

So seven tomorrow right?

- I'm surprised you remembered.

- Hey!

So it's kind of cold outside.

- Turn your heater on Allen.

(car engine turns over)

(lighter flicks)

(water bubbling)


(pill bottle rattles)


(groaning softly)

(keys jingle)

(car door slams)

- [Angel] Way to show up 15 minutes late.

- Suck a dick, Angel.

- You wish.

- [Kristen] Trouble waking up this morning, babe?

- Babe, I'm sorry, I slept through my alarm.

- Yeah, I don't doubt that.

- Well, you guys at least drive safely alright?

- As opposed to what, unsafely?

- Yes, as opposed to unsafely you fucking fucker.

I seriously despise you.

- (scoffs) Likewise.

- Seriously? I promise I'll drive safe.

- Okay, babe, have a good time.

- Thanks, you too.

(car engine starts)

- Seriously, he just called me a fucking fucker?

- Yeah, yeah he did.

- Well then.

(slow tempo guitar)


- Yo, Zack, is this a bad time?

- [Zack] Go away, I'm practicing.

- Dude, it's Allen.

- [Zack] Oh, what do you want?

- Just open the door.


- [Zack] Crawl, bitch!


- Whoa, bro, it is smoky in here.

- Sup?

- Can we have real talk for a second?

- Come on, really, I'm about to blaze, man.

- Dude, you've been smoking all day apparently.

- Yeah. So what did you want to talk about?

- I don't know man.

I've just been really, really anxious lately and--

- Come on, man.

What's the point of having an oxy prescription

if it doesn't do anything for you?

I'm telling you, you should just smoke more of this, man.

This shit actually works.

Now some say it's an aphrodisiac.

Chicks can smell the pheromones.

- You should read more popular science and less High Times.

- You know I'm more of a visual learner.


- Thanks, man.

I really needed to laugh.

I'll see you tomorrow morning?

- Wait, what's tomorrow?

- We're going to see Ben.

- Oh yeah.

- [Allen] Don't forget.

(garage door motor)


- Hold on real quick, someone's at the door.

Hey! About time!

- Blame Kristen.

She drives slower than my mom.

- Whatever, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I'm just happy you guys are here.

- Hey! I missed you guys!

Are you ready for a crazy night?

- So what are the plans?

- Go get ready.


(mid tempo dance music)

- Come on, come dance with me.

- I don't feel like it.

- Come on.

Suit yourself.

- Kristen, hey!

How have you been?

You look great by the way.

- I am alright.

The real question is how are you?

- I'm, I've been better.

Were you leaving?

- Yeah.

- You can't leave now that I'm here.

- Aright, let's go take some shots.

(dance music)

- Lauren would kill her if she saw this.

- Should we tell her?

- I'm gonna run to the bathroom.

I'll be right back.

(bowl clanking)

(dance music)

(TV playing)


(dance music)

(water bubbling)

(blows smoke)





(water turns on)

(slow light music)

- Bro, are you even packed?

- Packed for what?

- We're supposed to be leaving to see Ben in 10 minutes.

- Oh shit.

I just packed this bowl.

- Yo, are you guys ready to go?

- Uh, yeah.

I just packed this bowl.

- Oh my god.

- Yo, you guys wouldn't judge me if I tried

to get with the newly single Lauren this weekend, right?

- Dude, Ben's our bro.

That's a shitty thing to do to him.

Especially behind his back.

- I mean, it's his own damn fault for losing her.

Why should I have to suffer?

- Shut up Zack, why don't you go fuck some Mormon chick,

isn't that more your style anyway?

- I can't believe Ben fucked that up.

Like how, how?

- Dude, he's just not in the right mindset.

We'll all been some place like that.

- Look who's talking.

- You want me to come back - Hey! Hey!

- And shove that hose up your ass.

- Guys calm down, we still have four more hours

in here with each other, so why don't you pass

me the hookah, and if one of you (mumbling).

- Alright. I'll drive,

but that's just cause I care so much.

- Dude, is there weed in this.


(reggae music)

(reggae music)


- Yo.

- How was the drive?

- Brutal.

- I had fun.

- I see nothing's changed.

- Ben, maybe you should start going a

little easier on that stuff, man.

- Nah, don't worry man, it's cool.

- Yo, how have you been feeling

about the whole Lauren thing?

- It's not a walk in the park.

Getting through it though.

- You okay bro?

- Oh yeah, sorry.

I'm just high as shit, you know?


- We're just glad you're still alive, man.

- Hey, I don't mean to be rude guys,

but I really want to fuck my girlfriend, so,

so bye.

- Yo, I'll roll with.

We've been cooped up in that car all day.

I need some fresh air.

- I'll be here.

Dude, what's up?

- Nothing.

Stop asking if I'm okay. I'm fine.

- I know you better than most people do,

so stop with the bullshit.

What's wrong with you?

- Bro, I--

I fucked up.


- God, I am so burnt.

- Man, who's fault is that?

- Zack's.

- Yeah.


- What's up, Shaffer?

- Hey!

How are you guys?

- [Allen] Good.

- Nice to see you again.

- So is Amber in there?

- Yeah, she's waiting for you.

- So bye.

- So, uh, what are you doing out here all alone?

- I think I got stood up.

- I'm sorry.

- No worries, he's probably an asshole anyway, right?

- Right.


Don't think that shit, Lauren.

You're better than that.

- Thanks.

- You want to go for a walk?

- Yeah.

I have no desire to listen to Scott

and Amber's bedroom acrobatics.

Where are we going?

- [Allen] Wherever the wind takes us.

- How's Ben?

- Why don't you ask him yourself?

His apartment's 10 minutes away from yours.

- No, thank you.

I'm trying to stay as far away from

that train wreck as humanly possible.

- Well, the first thing he did after showing us

inside his pad was take a huge bong rip so,

take that for what it's worth.

- On a more positive note, how are you and Kristen doing?

- Not so positive.

What'd you and the girls end up doing last night?

- Oh um, we went to this house party.

I don't actually remember seeing Kristen too much,

partly because I myself was pretty hammered

from all the beer pong games I played.

You know, sort of a pro.

Then they left early the next morning

to make it back to San Francisco at a reasonable time.

- Did you get lucky last night?

- Why so curious?

- I'm just kidding.

Thanks again for the walk.

It was great catching up.

- Of course.

Are you guys gonna be at the party tomorrow night?

- Yeah, that's the plan.

I mean, I hope it's not gonna be awkward

with you and Ben in the same place.

- Well, if we're hanging out with a group of people

it shouldn't be that bad.

- It's only awkward if you make it awkward right?

- Yeah, you're right.

- Well.

- Hey, just to answer your question,

I didn't hook up with anyone the other night.

- I know.

I'll see you tomorrow night, Lauren Shaffer.

- You know you don't have to be so cocky.


(light guitar)

(light guitar)

(light guitar)

- [Kristen] Allen?

- Kristen?

(chiming music)

(breathing heavy)

(phone vibrates)


(phone vibrates)


- Yo bro, where are you? I called you three times.

- I know, I know.

I'm out at the reserve, I fell asleep.

- What the fuck is going on out there?

You okay?

- [Allen] I'm good.

- Okay, just making sure.

Get back here so we can pregame.

The party's starting soon.

- Yeah, I'll be there.

- He good?

- I don't know.

- Yo, where the fuck were you?

- I went for a walk, don't worry about it.

- For six hours?

- I was out at the reserve, I fell asleep, alright?


It's Kristen, man, it's just...

I don't even want to talk about it.

- What is it now?

Why don't you just dump that skank already?

- She's not a skank.

- Okay, Ben, she's not a skank,

but something has to be done.

- It's gonna be a little rough, but we're working it out.

That's what adults do, Zack.

- Fuck you.

- Let's just go to this party.

- Yeah, let's leave.

I'm starting to get stir crazy.

We're supposed to meet Scott there in 20.

- Yo, what about this bowl?

- [Ben] Oh shit.


(mid tempo music)

(dance music)

- [Lauren] Hey, Allen.

- What's up, Shaffer?

- Just wondering why you're alone at a party?

Why aren't you with the boys?

- I've just been sitting here, zoning out for a few minutes.

- Oh yeah?

What's going through that crazy mind of yours right now?

- Oh trust me, it's very complicated.


- And men say women are complicated.

- Oh you guys are definitely complicated,

don't mistake that.

- Hey, come dance with me and

get your mind off things, okay?

- Okay.

(phone rings)

Lauren, it's Kristen, rain check on that dance?

- [Lauren] Oh, no problem.

Tell her I said hi, okay?

- Hey babe.

- Hey you.

- I can't hear you.

Hold on a second.

That's better.

How's the trip going?

- It's going great.

Angel and I are having a blast.

We just watched the most beautiful sunset.

I wish you could've been here.


- I'm sorry, I just miss you.

- I miss you, too.

Can't wait to get back home and see you.

Part of me wishes I never even took this trip.

- Me, too, babe, me too.

Is that fucking Ben?

- Wait, what?

- Kristen, hold on a second, something's wrong with Ben.

Hey, buddy, what's wrong?

- [Ben] Oh fuck.

- Oh fuck what?

- Don't worry about it bro.

- Dude, you're in the front yard of a party crying.

- Oh my god.

- [Allen] Kristen hold on a second.

- I fucked up, man.

- Oh my god, Ben no!

- [Allen] Dude, come on.

You always say that and every time--

- I fucked her.

I fucked Kristen.

- Allen.

- Are you serious?

- Babe, I'm so sorry.

- Are you fucking kidding me?

I thought you were my brother!

- I am your brother.

- Were my brother.

- [Lauren] Hey! What's going on?

- We were just discussing how he fucked my girlfriend.

Sorry, ex girlfriend.

- Is this true?



- Oh shit. - Who are you?

Who are you?

- Stop. Seriously just stop.

- [Man] Oh my god.

- Oh god, Lauren. No.

- Fuck.


I'll fucking kill you.

- [Lauren] Stop!

- I'll kill you!

Get off me!

Fuck you!

- Hey!

Hey! What the hell is going on?

- Nothing, just a brotherly discussion.

What the fuck does it look like?

- Calm the fuck down bro.

- Fuck you, Scott.


- Are you okay?

Allen, just take her home.


You okay, bro?

- He knows now.

- Everybody pays the price when they fuck up.

Can't say you weren't surprised,

that's a toll you have to pay.

- Fuck you, Scott.

- Oh here we go.

Can't say we didn't warn you.

Just take him home, Zack.

Check in soon.

- [Ben] Don't bother.

- See you soon, buddy.

Feel better.

- Allen, I'm so sorry.

- There's nothing to be sorry about.

- Hey.

- Don't touch me.

- I'm just trying to help.

- You've helped enough for tonight.

- What the fuck is wrong with me, man?

- [Zack] Dude!

- Lauren's right, who am I?

I'm so ashamed, I can't believe it.

- Look, shit happens man, people fizzle out.

You didn't honestly expect it to

last between them did you?

- It's not even about them any more, it's just him.

How could I do this to him?

We were best friends, brothers.

I screwed up.

I can't imagine going through this life without him.

You know what the worst part is?

What makes me so ashamed?

Is after all of that,

I still have feelings for her.

- For Lauren?

That's heavy, bro.

- What do I do?

- Well, I know I'm not the most sentimental person,

but I'll try to be as straight forward as I possibly can.

I say go for it.

Follow your heart.

Look, we were put on this earth for two reasons.

To love, and to smoke lots and lots of green.


If it's meant to be, it'll happen.

(slow guitar strumming)

(talking in distance)

(pill bottle rattling)

(water running)

- Good morning.

- Hey.

- Hey, um, thanks so much for last night.

I was a goner.

- Anytime. Crazy night, right?

- Yeah.

Grab these and let's eat.

(silverware clanking)

I can't believe he did that.

I'm so sorry.

You deserve so much better.

- So do you.

I can't believe you stuck around for as long as you did.

I mean, who knows if there were others.

- Let's not talk about him.

- I'm sorry.

- No, don't be.

This isn't about me.

What happened last night,

it was wrong.

- I mean, we weren't gonna last anyway, right?

I mean, at least that's what everyone seemed to tell me,

and it sure started to seem that way.

You know, I thought everything was gonna be perfect.

My friends, girlfriend.

Just me and her and the whole world at our fingertips.

You know, I thought I was gonna go to college

and just blink my eyes and wake up with a good job

and a family and just...

Blink my eyes and wake up next to Kristen.

I thought things were gonna be so simple.

- Sometimes the simplest things in life are

truly the hardest things.

Can I tell you something?

I never thought she was good enough for you.



(guitar strumming)


- Sup?

- No, you didn't.

- Yup.

- Tell me what happened.

- I'll tell you on the road.

- Alright, we'll dip out in 30.

- You got it. - Good job.

(door shuts)

- What?

- (shushing) Don't ruin this beautiful moment.


- Aw, you guys are so cute.

- I'll miss you too, Amber.

- See you later babe.

Bro, you gotta tell me what happened.

- I don't kiss and tell.

- That's cute.

(waves rolling)

- I still can't believe it.

- Believe what?

- I mean, think back to a year ago.

Could you imagine us being here right now in a year?

- Honestly no.

- Same here.

- But just because we couldn't imagine it then,

doesn't mean it's not the right thing now.

- Oh it's definitely the right thing.


- The perfect thing.

God, but seriously, we need to find someone for Zack.

- Yeah, um.


Yo, Lauren just texted me, they're pulling up.

- Cool story bro, tell it again.

- Why are so mad bro?

Just because me and Allen are getting laid on a

consistent basis doesn't mean you gotta be so jelly.

- Fuck off, Scott.

I thought ex's were supposed to be off limits,

what makes Allen so special?

- Maybe if you stopped objectifying women

and being such a misogynistic asshole

chicks wouldn't mind being penetrated by you.

- Say that again.

- What you don't like hearing the truth?

- Yo, both of you, chill the fuck out.

And Zack, bro, you gotta jerk off more, dude,

you're way too tense.

- What did we miss?

- Finally, the cavalry has arrived.

- Nice to see you, too, Zack.

- Thanks for inviting us.

- No worries.

As a means of saying thank you,

would one of you ladies be a darling and grab me a beer?

- This is why you don't get laid.


(soft pop song)

- Nice laser there. A little bit off though.

- Oh! - Oh!

- Yeah! - Nice!

- Okay. - Alright, I got this.

(shouting in distance)

- Okay, um.

- Hey guys.

- What's up, dude?

- [Ben] Thanks for having us.

- Hi.

- Yo, Zack, outside.

- It's okay. It's okay.

- I'm good, alright?

I'm good.

What the fuck? You didn't tell me Kristen was gonna be here.

- Look, I didn't even think Ben was gonna show,

let alone bring Kristen.

Be a man and deal with your fucking problems.

- Shit.

- You know, Lauren, the objective is

to actually make it in the cup.

- I know, I'm sorry,

I'm just off my game tonight.

(ball tapping on table)

- Drink up, I made the last few.

- I told you I'm the designated driver.

- Going down.

- [Kristen] Hey, Allen, can we talk?

- There's not really much to say now is there?

- [Kristen] Please?

- Fine. Backyard.

- Look, I just wanted to clear things up between us.

- Oh, you made it pretty clear that

you're a real shitty human being, Kristen.

- You know what Allen, stop with the self deprecation.

You knew what we had wasn't going to last.

At least I made the effort to put up with you.

Poor Lauren, probably doesn't even know about

half the shit that has you fucked up.

I bet you're still popping those oxys

just like you always have.

Everyone knows that your anxiety is bullshit.

- Don't drag Lauren into this.

She's twice the person you'll ever be.

- Yeah, and somehow you'll still find

a way to fuck things up again.

- Oh don't turn this on me Kristen.

You know what you did was wrong.

And I don't blame Ben as much because

he was vulnerable, but you?

You fucking make me sick.

- Fuck you.

- Yeah, okay, in the pool?

- Can you believe Allen's pissed at me

just because Kristen's here?

Ungrateful piece of shit.

- Oh come on Zack, don't be so hard on him.

- I don't know how you put up with him, Lauren.

I mean with all the skeletons in his closet.

He makes Ben look like a saint.

- What are you talking about?


- Typical.

Always keeping everything to himself

until finally it blows up in his stupid face.

- Okay, Zack, maybe you've had a

bit too much to drink tonight.

- No, no, no, listen to me, Lauren.

Maybe, just maybe, Allen isn't the knight in

shining armor he's all cracked up to be.

- Stop it, Zack.

You're really scaring me.

- Go find him.

Tell him to empty his pockets.

You'll thank me later.

(ball bouncing in distance)

- Fuck you.

- Come on, Kristen.

- What? - Come on.

What are we doing? Alright--

- Hey. Sorry to interrupt but...

- Hey, hey, no worries, we were just catching up.

- I'll be quick, Allen.

It's just um, Zack was really creeping me out in there.

- What'd he do this time?

- It's nothing, um.

I'll see you inside okay.

- No, babe.

What is it? You can tell me.

- Could you empty your back pocket for me?

- Yeah, sure,

it's just my wallet.

- What about the other one?

- It's empty.

I don't keep anything in that pocket,

what's this about?

- Just prove it to me, Allen.

Just show me that there's nothing there.

- Lauren I can explain, it's...

- There's nothing to explain.

- Thanks, Kristen.

Fuck you, Zack, you couldn't be happy for me just once.

- She was gonna find out sooner or later.


- [Ben] Let me help you bro.

- Fuck off, Ben, not now.

- Look, I just want to apologize--

- Save it.

You fucking betrayed me, and I won't forget it.

- So you're just gonna hold this grudge forever?

- As long as I'm breathing.

- Fuck you, Allen.

You always bottle everything up.

You think you're so strong, I know you,

and you'll always be miserable.

- Fuck.

- Come on man, come on.

What are you doing?


- Fuck.

- I warned you.

I told you this wouldn't end well.

- Why the fuck would they do that to me?

- What am I doing?

He needs my help.

- Lauren, you can't drive.

- After all I've fucking done for them.

- Don't go to Allen's he's just gonna bring you down.


Please, come on.

(car revs)



- Come on, Allen, pick up.

Pick up.

(phone vibrating)

(phone vibrating)

Please pick up the phone, Allen.

Pick up the fucking phone, Allen.

Just don't do anything stupid.

(phone vibrating)


(horn blares)


- [Scott] Allen.

Allen. - Allen!

Open up.

- [Scott] Allen!

- I'm coming, I'm coming.

Calm down.

It's fucking early.

- What the hell man, we've been

trying to reach you all night.

- What's so important that couldn't wait til later?

- It's your girlfriend, dumb ass.

- It's Lauren, man.

She drove off chasing after you last night,

post melt down and got in a car accident.

Drunk driver.

- Fuck.


That could've been me.

What if it was me?

I'm such a fucking idiot.

What are we doing?

We gotta go see her.

Take me to her now.

Where is she?

- Down in 996 but listen...

- Mrs. Shaffer?

- Allen.

She's gonna be okay.

- Where's Mr Shaffer?

- He went to grab some things for her.

- Mrs Shaffer, I...

- What's wrong?

- I'm sorry, it's all my fault.

- It's not your fault.

She was hit by a drunk driver.

- But she was coming to see me.

- To make sure you were okay.

She said you guys were at Zack's house

and you weren't feeling well so you left,

and so she was gonna check on you.

- She was awake?

- Yes, of course.

She has a bump on the head and some bruising,

well, a large bump on the head,

but she's gonna walk out of here

and that's all that matters.

It's not your fault, don't you dare put this on yourself.

She's gonna be okay, I promise.

- Is it alright if I have a moment alone with her?

- Definitely.

I'm gonna go to the cafeteria and grab a snack,

do you want anything?

- I'm alright, thanks. - Okay.

- I'm so sorry, babe.

I never meant for any of this to happen.

How could I have been so selfish?

You know,

I remember the first time I saw you in Mr Rowans class.

You were so beautiful.

Just as beautiful as you are now.

And I remember when Ben asked you out.

And I remember how jealous I was of him

and how angry I was at myself for not

having the courage to do it sooner.

I remembered every time you smiled at me.

Every time you put your hand on my shoulder

and told me it was gonna be okay.

You know,

after you and Ben split deep down I thought

if I was ever lucky enough

to have you in my life,

I'd spend every waking moment of every day

trying to make you feel special.

Not just cause you're worth it,

but because you deserve it.

I'm sorry I ever lied to you.

I'm sorry I ever hurt you.

But I promise you this,

I will be that better person you saw in me.

I will clean up.

And I'll make you proud.

And if you ever find it in your heart to forgive me,

I'll be waiting.

(slow uplifting music)

- How's it going man?

- Same old, same old.

Waking up every morning for meetings.

Reliving the past.

- Isn't the whole point of all of this to move forward?

- That's why I asked you to come.

- Bro first, let me just--

- Let me get something off my chest, alright?

You were right, we were brothers.

I know how you felt, man.

Almost trapped, no where to go.

Hit turns into habit.

Habit into ritual, next thing you know

you're so far down the rabbit hole,

you can't remember what normal was.

I'll never forget what you and Kristen did to me.

I couldn't have been more pissed at you.

I wanted to kill you in front of everyone

but at the same time, right now,

the hardest thing is to look you in the eye

and say thank you.

Thank you for setting me free.

- I know I can never turn back time

and change the way things happened between us,

but I hope some day, we can be

together again like old times.

- Some day.

- Oh, sorry, I can come back.

- No, it's okay.

You look nice.

- I've missed you.

- You too.

I'm proud of you, Allen, I really am.

- I appreciate that, babe.

You know these past few months have really helped me.

I feel like I have a whole new perspective on everything,

on us.

- I like the sound of that.

- The sound of what?

- Us.

- You know they have me doing yoga

and breathing exercises every morning at six?

- Oh is that so?

- Oh you'd be surprised how flexible I am these days.


- Well, I'll believe it when I see it.

- No, really.

- Wow, impressive.

So, I was thinking, after you finish up here next week,

how about the two of us take a mini vacation

so you and I can get some us time?

- Sounds like a wonderful idea.

- Anywhere you'd like to go?

- Surprise me.

Hey, um,

I really want to thank you for

everything you've done for me.

I never thought in my wildest dreams

I'd have someone so inspiring and wonderful in my life.

No, seriously.

You know when I was in rehab,

the first thing they taught us was to hope

and not just hope for the future but

surround yourself with people that give you hope

and you give me hope, Lauren.

And for that, I can't thank you enough.

(soft guitar strumming)

(romantic song plays)

Look at her.

How did I ever get so lucky?

I thought I'd have it all figured out by now,

that everything would fall into place

in this maze we call life.

How easy it is to take one step forward and two steps back.

(romantic song continues)

I knew I could never truly love her

until I learned to love myself.

Life, I learned, has a sadistic way

of throwing you curve balls.

The hardest thing used to be waking up for class but now,

the hardest thing is...

(uplifting music)

First thing I think about when you are here is

Me and you together for a thousand years and

We can stay together all alone through the dark and

Nothing really matters as long as I'm on top of you

I'm on top of you

I'm on top of you

I'm on top of you

Where do we go

Woo hoo

Where do we go

Woo hoo

Where do we go

Woo hoo

Where do we go

Woo hoo

Nowhere but here

You and me

You and me will find the place

Where we can live there in happiness and grace

And you and me will find a place

Where we can lay our heads down

And you and I will make a sound

Yeah you and I will make a merry go round

Lots of gun shells and tank array

Where do we go

Woo hoo

Where do we go

Woo hoo

Where do we go

Woo hoo

Where do we go

Woo hoo

Where do we go

Woo hoo

Where do we go

Woo hoo

Where do we go

Woo hoo

Where do we go

Woo hoo

No where but here

(soft guitar)

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