Practice English Speaking&Listening with: IMARA: a CSAIL outreach project

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"Imara," the word means power in Swahili.

It is also the name of an outreach effort that

has begun at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

CSAIL is an interdepartmental laboratory

that includes faculty from electrical engineering

and computer science, mechanical engineering, mathematics, brain

and cognitive science, aeronautics and astronautics,

the Biological Engineering division, and the Harvard MIT

division of Health Sciences and Technology.

CSAIL is also the home of the Worldwide Web Consortium.

Our goal is to find innovative ways

to enable domestic and international communities

through a combination of education and technology,

resources to which these communities might not otherwise

have access.

Technology by itself is only a tool, a means to an end.

But as history has shown, access to the proper tools

can vastly improve the quality of life.

Imara looks for opportunities to provide communities

with the tools of computation and communication

and to enrich these with education.

MIT and CSAIL provide the technical expertise, logistics,

and educational resources behind Imara.

Our corporate and philanthropic partners

provide funding and equipment to help

meet each community's needs.

Together with our partners, we find innovative ways

to overcome the myriad challenges

of remote and underserved populations.

We believe in solving problems that the community prioritizes,

not pushing Western ideals and values.

To this end, we work closely with local experts

in each community to understand their needs and values.

The underlying philosophy of Imara

is to enable, not to just hand out computers to the poor,

but to teach them how to use technology

to improve their lives and then in turn give

the gift of knowledge to other neighboring communities.

We help keep this self-sufficient cycle in motion

through longitudinal outcome studies

and learn from our successes and our failures

so we can continuously improve our efforts.

Since Imara is a volunteer organization,

we are in constant need of computing and network equipment

as well as funding for administration and travel.

Your organization can play a role in Imara

by contacting our outreach coordinator

at the email address or phone number shown on your screen.

Thank you.

The Description of IMARA: a CSAIL outreach project