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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TRYING WEIRD BEAUTY PRODUCTS! / AllAroundAudrey

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(upbeat music)

- Hi guys, it's Audrey and my sister.

- Jordan from JustJordan33!

- Today we're gonna be trying some products

that our parents picked up while in New York.

They visited China Town and they got these, like

strange products that we've never seen before, like this!

I am so excited to test these out.

I don't know what they're supposed to do

because I can't read them.

They're all in a different language but nonetheless

let's get trying some weird beauty products.

So these are color changing lipsticks

so mine starts off as green and turns pink.

- And mine starts off as light blue and it goes to pink.

- Yeah, I'm excited 'cause if these work

I will totally use this.

- Me too.

- 'Cause I have those flower lipsticks

and I use that all the time.

- It's really pretty, yes, where it's like clear

and it goes to pink. - Then turns to pink.

- This says it lasts 12 hours.

- Oh yeah right.

- It's a bit blue, like purple.

- Whoa, it's so shiny!

Okay, whoa this is like a crayon

it's like drawing on my face.

- Oh, yeah see it's like really dark pink on the inside

and then like, purpley on the outside.

Do you see that?

- Yeah it's really dark pink on the inside.



- I don't know if it's supposed to do that

or if it's just 'cause I have chapped lips.

- Yeah look you can see a big long line of pink.

- 'Cause my lips are pretty dry right now.

I don't know if it's 'cause they're dry.

- Mine does not even show up as green, like look.

When I put it on my hand to swatch it.

- Oh it changed!

- It's just pink on my hand.

- It changed.

It changed, it's pink on my hand now.

- Why is the bottom lip so much darker?

Hello there.

Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Moodmatcher.


Oh it's getting everywhere outside of my lips.

How's that happening?

- I guess it worked.

- Oh my God on the inside.

It's really dark on the inside.

- It's not blue.

- Okay yours is a different color than mine.

- Look, see it's lighter like purple

and then pink on the inside like.

- This is the end result.

What would you rate this on a scale of one to 10?

- I feel like it worked.

I'd give it a five out of 10 because--

- I'd agree.

- It still changed colors, it's just darker to light.

- I still might use this, it worked really well on my hand.

- Yeah, I liked it.

- This next one is blush which is paper cheek pink

so I guess you just put paper on your cheeks

and it gives you blush.

Wow it's really compact.

(Jordan gasps)

- Oh you ripped it!


Oh is it like paper?

Do you have to wet it?

I feel like you need to wet it.

Oh did you see that product?

That fall out when you ripped it out?

- Wait do you have to wet this?

Doesn't say.

- Okay I'm gonna fold it in half.

- Oh I already see the pink coming out. (laughs)

Just in case you need a little blush on the go.

(Audrey laughing)

In case you forgot to put some on this morning.


- What did you do?

- I just go like.

- I don't know.

- It's a very natural look.

(Jordan laughs)

- I don't know if you rub it.

- I fel like I'm rubbing toilet paper on my face.

- I feel like I got it right here but not right here.

I don't know.

- Maybe it's on the inside bit?

- It's like a lot down here but I think

that's also 'cause before.

- Oh, it's the inside!

- It's the inside?

- It's inside. (laughs)

- Okay so this is without, this is with.

I think there is a definite difference, like you can tell.

(Audrey laughing)

- What just happened to you?

- I went for the full glam.

- Wow.

(Audrey laughs)

- It definitely is blush.

- Ah!

I don't think this is practical.

- Okay guys, this is what happens if you use the outside

and this is what happens when you use the inside so.

If you want to go bold like you're on stage, use the inside.

If you wanna go natural, everyday, use the outside.

Except the outside is really hard to get any product off

so maybe just use the inside but just like.

- Lightly.

- Swipe.

- I'd say this one, it did it's duty.

- Yeah.

- Maybe not in the best way but it did.

- I feel like if you're on the go

and you're like oh my gosh, I need blush.

- Sunburn it on.

- Just like phew.


Let's see how much product it holds.

- I would rate this one probably a five too because--

- Really?

- Honestly I would never use this again

but I mean, it's on-the-go blush.

- I would give this an eight!


It did its duty, look at that!

Look how much product!

- But would you really use this?

- Look how much product is in one little paper!

- Okay this should really get the blackheads out

I feel like this one's gonna be a tug.

- Yes, I'm so excited!

- No this one I feel like it's gonna be like

ripping duct tape off your face.

- Oh it's gonna be like--

- That does not look, this does not look fun! (laughs)

- Oh I could get all the blush off.

- Okay wait, I don't know how to use this

and it doesn't tell me.

- I'm guessing it's a peel off 'cause she's peeling it off.

- Okay.

Okay, here we go with the cream.

- Cream! - Put it on the face.

- Oh my gosh.

- Looks like earwax.

- Does it go all over?

Like is it a full face mask or is it just a nose?

- That's what she was doing.

- Oh nose.

- Yeah it's an everywhere.

- Oh it is so thickly Audrey!

- Oh wow.

- This has me worried.

But I'm gonna grab more.


Smells like lemons?

- Oh that's refreshing.

- I'm coating my nose 'cause that's where blackheads are.

- Hey I'm having a lot of skin problems right now

so this should help.

- Yeah ripping duct tape off your face should help

if you have skin problems.

- Oh goodness.

We're gonna apply the rest of this

and we'll be back when we're ready to peel.

Time to peel it off.

I feel like a Barbie girl 'cause I'm like, so shiny

and add the blush and the lips, pose for the picture.

- [Jordan] Mine's pulling out hairs.

- I feel like a snake.

- [Jordan] Mine's pulling out hairs.

- Oh mine is deeply pulling.

- [Jordan] Yeah I can feel the hairs.

I'm kind of regretting putting it on the 'stache now.

(Audrey laughs)

I put it on the 'stache.

(Audrey laughs)

- Oh my little chin chin chin hairs are feeling it!

- I know I feel like I'm doing like a face fax treatment.

Oh man!

(Audrey mumbles)

- Slap yourself silly!

- Oh goodness.

Oh it's even worse on the chin, Audrey.

Audrey not on the chin I mean on the cheeks.

(Audrey yelps)


- That sounded like duct tape.

- I felt that deep within.

- Listen to this, this is what I'm hearing.

- I hope you could hear that.

Oh my eyes are a little watery!

- It removes the blush!

- [Audrey] It removed the blush?

- Oh my gosh.

I can't stop myself!

- Wait Jordan I'll rip yours and you rip mine

on the count of three!

- Oh it's making my eyes water!

- Okay we'll be back when we have this off our face

and give you the full review.

Guys, I took mine off.

Halfway through though, I had to take a make-up wipe

and take it off because it got to the point

where I just could no longer pull.

- It's so tough!

- But look at my skin!

It looks worse than before!

I look like, oh I look like I'm bruised everywhere!

- I feel the same, like my skin is so red

and it feels like its emitting heat.

- It's so hot and I found so many new pimples.

Everywhere is pimples, I'm gonna have to like

some acne treatment now

and I've never had to do that before!

- I feel like my cheeks are just like

oh my gosh, what just happened?

- By the way, the lipstick does not come off.

- Yeah we tried. - I scrubbed this

with the make-up wipe.

- So we may wake up tomorrow with some purple and pink lips!

- So what do you rate this product Jordan?

- This face mask, I feel like it really

I feel like it kind of worked.

- It did its job so I gave it a five but it is not fun.

- Five out of 10?

- Yeah five out of 10.

- I feel like the cheeks, it didn't really do much

for my cheeks, it just made them worse

and now it doesn't feel the best.

And the nose?

I didn't see any difference, which I'm disappointed 'cause.

- The nose was fine!

- The blackheads are mostly on your nose.

- It's because the nose has so many layers of blackheads

that it didn't affect it at all.

- But like, shouldn't it just like

I don't know, I give this a three out of 10.

- That was not a favorite.

- Just 'cause, yeah it was not a good experience.


- Next one.

Let's do this.

- This is facial cleaning foam

and it's called Mare's Milk Soap.

- Which is basically horse milk?

- Horse milk soap.

- Let's try it.

- I love horses, but I don't know how I feel about this.

- What?

- It comes with a spatula.

- Does it smell good?

- I don't know.

- Stick that finger in there.

Just ruined the packaging.

- Okay, can I use a spatula?

- Wait do you like, wash this off?

- I have no idea.

It says apply on face and massage gently

avoid contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly.

That's it. - Oh gotta rinse this.

Feels nice.

After all that.

- So much creamier than the peel-off face mask.

- It's very creamy.

- Oh that's a lot.

Yeah I do feel like I'm putting cream cheese on my face.

I mean, my skin is probably like what are you doing to me?

You've never given me this much treatment.

- I'm gonna try and get the lipstick off, I just ate some.

- Oh it does not smell good, put it underneath your nose.

- Oh underneath the nose is not good

but if you smell it from the package it wasn't that weird.

- Okay we're gonna go wash this off and we'll be right back.

- Yep.

- All right, my skin kind of feels rejuvenated.

- Yeah I feel like it actually worked.

Took off some of the lipstick

now it's just like a lovely rosy pink.

- Oh you put it on your lips?

- Yeah I kind of scrubbed a little bit with the lips

and it actually took it off, took off the remaining blush.

It does feel like moisturizing

I feel like it's semi-moisturizing

you still need to put on some moisturizer but yeah.

It actually felt really nice.

- I'll rate it like a seven.

- Yeah, that's what I would. - My nose is really shiny.

- That's what I would rate it too, seven, I like it.

- Let's put this thing on.

Last time I did like a soda mask, that was black

and that was like, the best!

- Audrey loved it, I was like huh, that's cool.

- I love this so much.

- But this, yes, this looks kinda cool.

There you go.

- Whoa.

Oh, I think it jus like, you just lay it on there.

- Oh and it's like three minutes.

- This one looks a lot nicer than the peel-off one.

- Okay, oh I have a bubble in my eye.

- I know, I do, I popped it.

(Jordan yelps)

I can pop bubbles too now!

Oh yes please.

My eyebrows are not on fleek anymore.

But that's okay.

(upbeat music)

I can do this.

- Yes!

We'll come back in a few minutes

when the bubbles start forming.

Okay guys, we are back.

(Jordan laughs)

And I don't know, it didn't really puff up

as much as the other one that we tried earlier

in a different video, check that video out.

- Yeah it's really weird, I don't know if it's just like

supposed to foam more in like problem areas

because like up here on my forehead

there's not that much but right here there's like a ton.

- Mine's just spaced out right here randomly.

- Yeah and it kind of looks like hives.

- And it doesn't fit the mouth and the nose

and the eye holes, for me at least, it's all the same shape.

- We should peel it off.

- Okay.

- Oh no, it's all up in my hair, guys.

- Wow, I feel like a bubbly mess.


Oh whoa, whoa. - Wow.

- It got my make-up off in the eye region.

- Oh me too!

- I would probably rate this one like a seven.

- I rate it a six.

- So this next product is a warming eye mask

which sounds so lovely at this point.

I am so ready for this.

- It's gonna like, our mascara, if it's warming and wet

it's just gonna go. - It's gonna be running.

(Jordan chuckles)

- Oh how do use this?

- There's like pads on the inside

that go straight on your eyeball.

- It is literally like a hot pocket.

- No it's literally like--

- Not a hot pocket, a hot pocket's--

- It's like these!

- Yeah, hot hands, that's what it is.

It looks like that!

- These things are inside

and they're gonna go right on our eye.

- I mean, it's cute but.

Then it goes on your ears.

- Warm my eyes.

Can I go to bed now?

- Yeah, you can go to bed for.

- I don't know what I look like.

Do I look normal?

(Jordan laughs)

- Not exactly but.

It feels nice, it feels like--

- It's like hardly any warmth.

- Feels like if you put cucumbers on your eyes

but instead of it being cold, it was warm.

Oh my gosh.

I didn't realize it was an eyelash crimper, oh no!

- Oh wait.

- Oh my gosh!

It's like, my eyebrows were going straight out

then all of a sudden.

- Oh my eyelashes are so bad!

Look at these eyelashes!

Jordan look at mine.

(Jordan chuckles)

- Look on this one, it goes like straight out.

- Oh no!

- It curls up, I think it's 'cause the heat made it curl up.

- Oh then they shrunk and they--

- Yeah!

They're like shrunken now.

Maybe you do this without mascara on.

Oh this is not a good look.

- This is not a good look.

Look at my eyelashes!


What do you rate this?

I rate this like a three.

- Yeah I rate it like, I rate it a four

'cause it does what it, whoa.

It does what it's supposed to do

but I just don't see myself ever using it again.

Last items!

- Jordan's gonna try the Happy Face Trainer.

- Sweet Smile.

- And I'm gonna try the chin lifter-upper.

Where it this supposed to go?

- [Mom] It goes on your chin, Audrey.

(Jordan laughs)

- I'm so lost.

- Wait try it again.

- Oh, hello.

Just going my daily exercise. (laughs)

My nose is gonna be reshaped, I don't want that!

- [Mom] It goes on your chin.

- How do you do this?

(Jordan gasps)

- I get it!

Up higher on your head.

Here I'll do it for you.

I got you girl.

- I can't.

- I got you sister.


(Jordan claps)

- Thanks sister.

This is gonna create lines on my face.

This is not a good look!

(Jordan yelps)

- Look it's creating lines on my face!

I'm getting wrinkly!


- Mine is real interesting.

- Really?

I can't move my mouth.

- Do you see it's like, don't you smile

but I'm gonna make you smile.

It was like, I feel like I was at the dentist

where he's like you enjoy the dentist, yes you do.

It was like trying to but it's like

trying to make you like something.


- I wanna see it again.

(Jordan laughs)

Is that what you're supposed to do?

- Mm-hmm.

Doesn't work to go back out, I don't get this.

- My chin, my jaw is so tired, it's just done.

- The thing is, it's supposed to lift it up right here

at the corners of your mouth but mine's like right here

so it's just gonna lift up my mouth like this.

- So I just took this off

and I would never put this on again.

First of all, this little region.

Oh my, I think it created the double chin.

- Oh you've got like plastic-y things all over.

- No not my skin, that's just fresh!

Okay, but seriously, it's not the nicest feeling right here.

I feel like stretching up and it's just very sore

and I just don't think it's made for my face shape

and that's why I would never use it again.

So this one's a one for me.

What about you? (chuckling)

(Jordan laughs)

- I don't like this.

- So that is it for today's video

we hope you guys enjoyed it.

If you did, give it a big thumbs up.

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- [All] Bye!

(upbeat music)

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