Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Satyam Shivam Sundaram | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Prosenjit, Indrani Haldar

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Have walked a lot Kopila.

My legs are aching.

Now rest a bit.

My mother kept my name Lakhi.

Do you know who is Lakhi?

Daughter of Shiv.

Are you seeing Ragul?

How the girl is talking to the cow?

Did you understand father.

Lakhi was about to be a cow.

Has become a girl by chance.

Exactly like you. - What?

Exactly like you.

You too were supposed to be a bull became Damodar Choudhury's son.

You will have that cow only.

Where am I getting?

You are just making me go around by telling that I will get.

I will get.

Come, come.

It's time for bhog's arati.


You know Kopila.

Damodar Choudhury thinks that I am very stupid.

That old man does not know my feelings.

Only you know about my feelings.

Father Shiv knows.

And he knows.

What is this Karta babu?

I am not able to see Kanchan.

He is your only son.

Often I see that is not present while taking..

..the blessing offering and flowers.

Yes that is.

That is. Kanchan.

Where did he go? I am not able to see.

Damodar. See a bit.

Yes I am seeing Karta Moshai. Come Ragul.

Karta babu I am seeing that he has no interest and trust towards god.

Thakur Moshai he is Ray's house's son.

Devotion is in his blood.

He takes the offering daily from his aunty.

Isn't it Subarno?

Yes I am mother.

But does not take from my hands. Takes from his aunty.

Let him come today home.

Arti happens twice a day.

What happens for him to stay at home during the arti?

No. Today my man of heart did not come.

How long I need to wait? God knows.


"Aah leave me."

"Will you ever run away?"

"No, no."

"Will you burn my heart?"

"No, no."

"Will you do such thing ever?"

"No, no."

"Leave me. Leave me."

"No, no."

"I will not burn you ever."

"No, no."

"Have you not understood me still now?"

"No, no."

"Will you ever run away?"

"No, no."

"Look here and there."

"Where am I?"

"Either in the crazy air or in the song of bird."

"When you will be caught?"

"You will understand the fun."

"You will have to bear the scolding of love with closed eyes."

"You have to be caught?"

"I am not concerned."

"You have to come near."

"I am not concerned."

"Have not still understood me?"

"No, no."

"Will you ever run away?"

"No, no."

"Will you burn my heart?"

"No, no."

"Sudden, sudden our play of hide and seek."

"Will not end ever but the day will pass by."

"If the day pass by then let this life pass by."

"When the new life will come we will meet each other."

"You have to come."

"I will come."

"Have to love me."

"Will love to again."

"Have not still understood me?"

"No, no."

"Will you ever run away?"

"No, no."

"Will you burn my heart?"

"No, no."

"Will you do such thing ever?"

"No, no."

"Leave me . Leave me."

"No, no."

"I will not burn you ever."

"No, no."

"Have you not understood me still now?"

"Have you not understood me still now?"

"Have you not understood me still now?"

"Have you not understood me still now?"

"Have you not understood me still now?"

"Have you not understood me still now?"

Naik Moshai.

What Lakhi its evening take your cow and go home?

Once there eating is over I will take them.

Don't worry about anything.

Your courage is increasing day by day.

You are taking on my face.

Your courage..

Leave her.

Those cows are only her friends.

She talks with them. Sing song with them.

Father sometime ago we heard there song. - Shut up.

You go dear. I am talking with Lakhi.

The way oil and water never mix same way sky will never come to ground.

Kanchan is Zamidar's son and is young.

Will never have a relation with Lakhi.

But since you are very young..

You are like my father. I respect you.

By telling bad things don't disrespect yourself.

You come.

In saying it's said that we should not do well to others.

Do not do good by our self.

Come Ragul.

No you go. - Means.

Let me stay a bit near Lakhi.

Have talk with her.


Coe is not concerned.

All problems are mine.

Understood. Your parents died.

Put you on me. Why ill fateful?

Why didn't they die taking you too?

Ooh aunty if I died.

What would have happened to your Nilu?

What would have happened? Would have stayed.

Nilu cannot stay without a sister a bit.

Don't you know that? - What will I do knowing this?

After marriage will Nilu go along with you.

If you agree.

Then I will take her along.


Will take him.

Which Zamidar's house will you stay?

That you only will see.

Don't talk so much.

Let me sleep.

That's good.

Let me sleep.


For god sake sleep and don't irritate me.

Listen you all.

If you all give me some gifts.

Then by telling Karta I will waive one year's tax.

Okay Naik Moshai. What will we give?

You all go to Nakul. Give the money to him.

How much we need to give that you say?

That Nakul will only say.

One year's tax whatever is.

You all give 25% of it.

What will we say Karta?

Whatever need to said that I will only say. Understood.

You all will only say. That its famine.

Please waive our tax Karta Moshai.

Then I will say no, no.

It is not possible to waive 3years tax.

One year's tax can be waived.


What is the matter Damodar?

Why have they come so early this morning?

They have one request Karta Moshai.

Hey say.

Huzur there have been famine last three years.

Yes that I know.

We were not able to give three years tax Karta.

Please waive that.

Will you be able to give from this year?

Yes that we can. - Three years.

How will Zamindari be there if we waive 3years tax.

Damodar. They are not able to.

One year. Waive one years tax.

So that only remains.

One years tax is waived.

Deposit other two years tax at accounts.

Did not do the right thing Damodar.

They do not have money to eat from where will they give tax.

You do not know then Huzur.

Didn't you see after hearing the waive off of one year they all ran away.

You are late.

Do you all have one cow?

Will feed all of them then I will come.

I feel very bad that my Lakhi has to take care of cows.

What else is the way say?

We are not rich like you?

In my house there is an old aunty.

Small Nilu is there.

Since I earn so they are able to eat.

Fell in thoughts. - Hmm.

No. Was thinking.

After marrying you.

All these problems will be sorted.

No. Will not be.


Even if you dream of making me your wife.

I am very afraid from within.

I stay in a small hut.

Work in your house and earn my living.

Your parents will never accept me.

You don't know my father.

Even I do not know still I can say.

Rich and poor's culture that is embedded in your father's heart.

This is your wrong thinking Lakhi.

My father is so kindhearted that you do not know.

I did not knew.

But I got to see the example while ago.


With the poor farmers your that Naik Damodar is..

..waiving off the tax of one year and the waived off money's 25% ..

..will put the money in his own locker.

What are you saying?

Kanchan if your father is so kind then he could have waived 3years tax.

Have you heard all this by your own hears?


The person who cannot waive off the mere tax of 3years.

He will accept the poor girl as there daughter in law.

No Kanchan.

I do not have any money or jewels.

That's why I am saying that this relation either happens in same status.

Not between poor and rich.

After so many days you have realized this.

Today too I might not have realized.

Until I heard the story of the poor farmers.

Have you heard Suborno?

What Kanchan is telling?

Damodar is filling his own pocket.

And the famers are thinking that brother..

.. is forcefully taking money from them.

I know all this from before.

Now when you have heard from Kanchan itself.

Then uncle and nephew together go to brother in law.

Do we have the courage to go to brother and say?

Then what is the use of thinking?

Let the goodwill if the family go.

Aunty you say to father. - Me.


Father is very affectionate to you.

But if he wants to know from whom I got to know then.

Say that you have heard regarding this from the farmers.


Okay. Will say.

Whoever have said this to you have lied you Huzur.

I have been nailing for so long.

Has anyone been ever say that I have misplaced a penny.

If not done that good.

I trust you.

I will be happy if you keep the honor of my trust.

Then why are you blaming him?

If crow fly of then do you need to take ear along with the crow?

Whoever has said she is one of my trustworthy person.

More trustworthy than your Naib.

Think that is .

Huzur then you leave me.

After doing nabbing for so long.

If there is more trustworthy person than me then appoint him only.

After two today who will become a king can I appoint him as a clerk?

What do you mean by that?

Who has told you?

Kanchan. - Yes.

But not by himself but through some one.

You come Damodar.

In future do work carefully.

Okay Huzur.

You know Nilu.

That Damodar Naib is a thief.

What has he stolen sister? - Money.

Zamidar's tax money.

If he has stolen. What is your concern?

By stealing or by any other means.

He is in his Nawabi walk.

That he is.

But I do not stay long at the thief's house.

What did you say?

Mother used to say that Lakhi is active.

People who respect and worship Lakhi there only Lakhi stays.

Ooh are you that Lakhi? - Yes have become.

When you are in good mood you say that I am born in the feet of Shiva.

You are daughter of Lord Shiva Lakhi.

What don't you say? - I go mad.

If you are lord Shiv's daughter then why is this condition of the house?

Can't you tell your father a bit?


Tomorrow morning I will go to Shiv temple and tell him.

What did your lord Shiva say? - Why will I say?

Aaha say.

See do not joke with Baba Bholanath.

Why will I make fun of?

Okay. Have you told him about us.


Oh, yes listen.

Telling aunty I have put the Damodar's matter to father's ears.

Ooh god.

Have you told my name? - Gone crazy.

If I tell your name then there will be hundred of question will arise.

Why did Lakhi tell you only when there were so many people?

How did Lakhi get to know?

Be very careful.

If my name Is highlighted then Lord Shiva will be angry on you.

Hey Baba Bholanath.

I have not told your daughter's name anywhere.


What did you say?

Lakhi has said all these to Kanchan.

Yes mother.

She earn her living by working in my cowshed.

How did she have so much of courage to tell all these?

And why does Kanchan listen to Lakhi?

If you give permission will I say one thing.

What will you say?

Kanchan babu is hypnotized by that girl.

What did you say? - Yes mother.

In the banks of the river they both were talking in ..

..such a way as if they are newlywed.

So far.

Have to make one arrangement. - No mother.

Without proof everyone will disagree.

For that do one thing.

Whatever need to be done that I will do.

You just by any means stop here coming to this house.

Father. - Yes dear.

I have heard your prayers.

You do not worry about anything.

I am there.

There is a big problem coming on your way dear.

You save me father. - Why dear?

You are the daughter of Lord Shiva.

You will resolve your problem by yourself.

I have given you that strength.

First give the exam that you have been able to be my daughter or not.


Om Namah Shivay.



What have you done all the work properly? - Yes Boro Maa.

I get irritated to see your attitude.

Servant of the house.

Why are you calling me Boro maa?

Why so Boro Maa?

You were friend of my mother.

Always have been calling you Boro Maa.

And more so you did not appoint me as a servant.

Suborno. Come this side once.

What happened sister?

Lakhi has started talking.

Telling me that since her mother was my friend so she calls me Boro Maa.

I did not appoint her as a servant. - Ill fateful.

Did I tell you that I will keep you as a queen?

Have I told you that?

I cannot accept myself as a servant Boro Maa.

Have you got a teacher? Who is educating you.

Who is the teacher?

You have become angry Boro Maa.

Do I have money to get education? - Remember your words.

Now go. Go from here.

Boro maa you said that you will give me two rupees.


Till now the monthly grocery is not done.

Go, go. There will be no money.

What happened Lakhi?

What will you do with two rupees?

I said Nilu that I will feed him Sandesh Khuri Maa.

He might we waiting for me.

Okay Khuri Maa. I do not have a father.

I am a sad soul.

But Nilu has a mother.

Why does he has so much of sadness?

Whatever he needs that he ask me.

If he does not get his face changes.

Your aunty too is old Lakhi.

You are there only support.

Whom other than you they will ask for say?

Come. Come along with me.

I am giving you money. Come.

What happened Nilu?

Why are you sitting with a dull face?

See Badal da.

Sister said that she will bring Sandesh.

Still she has not come.

Does there have Sandesh daily at this village?

Ask Moila.

Today also he has not made Sandesh.

Yesterday sister told Moila.

You all think me a fool.

Mother say Moira's shop is closed.

Sister says Sandesh is finished.

Why don't I every wish to have Sandesh?

Why won't you wish you have? Here you see.

I have brought Sandesh for you then I have come.

Open your mouth.

What dear? Are you happy now?

Yes sister.

Will I tell you one thing? - Why are you guilty?

Definitely say.

Lakhi are poor but she belongs from a good family.

Still thinking about the morning talks.


If we adopt Lakhi.

What are you saying?

Like this also Bouthan is angry on her.

And if she hears about adoption she will take her away from the village.

I can understand your pain Subarna.

Why are you falsely getting pain?

Why do I get the pain that you will not understand?

In front of my eyes I see that everyone ..

..with their kids are living with happiness.

And me.

Will never be able to hear the word mother.

God does not give all the happiness to everyone Suborno.

Why? Why don't they give say?

Good that if I adopt her she will call me mother.

Your courage is not less Chotto bou.

Why sister?

I told Lakhi that I will not give you money.

And you gave her.

Making a servant big insulted me.

why are you thinking this as insult Bouthan?

She asked for her brother.

She ask for brother or father.

I have told you that do not give them money now and then.

I will tell Lakhi tomorrow only ..

..that I will deduct two rupees from her salary.


Did you hear sister's talks?

Two rupees.

That she will deduct from her salary.

What will the girl think of me?

Lakhi knows Bouthan very well.

She will not misunderstand you.

What did you do?

Why? Gave you a gift.

Does this gift suit me? - Yes.

Jewellery suits at the Lakhi's neck only.

Now gave you a gold necklace.

Later will give you a garland.

That will not happen. - Why?

After so many days Boro maa made me remember...

.. that along with other servants there is no difference between me

Lakhi you know mother is very stubborn, proudly.

Don't mind mother words.

And more so mother does not know that after few days..

.. this Lakhi only will be her daughter in law.

The way you are taking things easily.

Life is not that easy.


If you take like easily then you will see ..

..that unhappiness will not come near to you.

And more you think about life.

You will see problems will increase.

Leave all those talks.

Where I will talk about dreams?

About new life I will say. You..

I talk about problem.


You say about your dreams.

First you say. I will listen.

No. You say.

I will listen.

"you say something."

"I say something."

"you say something."

"I say something."

"you say something."

"I say something."

"The night full of moonlight."

"Whatever we say in the moonlight."

"Moving the broken clouds apart."

"in the moonlight."

"Moving the broken clouds apart."

"in the moonlight."

"Away in the far of the sky."

"you say something."

"I say something."

"you say something."

"I say something."

"The night full of moonlight."

"Whatever we say in the moonlight."

"Moving the broken clouds apart."

"in the moonlight."

"Moving the broken clouds apart."

"in the moonlight."

"Away in the far of the sky."

"In the heart to heart there remains all the thoughts."

"In the eyes come all the plans."

"In the heart to heart there remains all the thoughts."

"In the eyes come all the plans."

"Whom we think about in heart."

"We get them only."

"you say something."

"I say something."

"you say something."

"I say something."

"The night full of moonlight."

"We will never forget about this night."

"We will never open the bonding ever."

"We will never forget about this night."

"We will never open the bonding ever."

"Will come and meet together."

"you say something."

"I say something."

"you say something."

"I say something."

"Whatever we say in the moonlight."

"Moving the broken clouds apart."

"in the moonlight."

"Away in the far of the sky."

"Away in the far of the sky."

"Away in the far of the sky."

"you say something."

"I say something."

"you say something."

"I say something."

"you say something."

"I say something."

"you say something."

"I say something."

What Sumon?

Didn't I tell you we will get them over here.

Hey what Kanchan?

You just recall about Lakhi only.

Don't remember about friends.

What Lakhi?

Will Kanchan be tied to your end of your saree.

Kanchan is not tied at Lakhi's end of saree.

Rather Lakhi is caught at Kanchan's love.

If so much is the love.

Then why do you make my sister work as a servant at your house?

No, no.

Why will they make me work as a servant?

I do all the things by myself.

Okay. So how are you all?

What news do we have?

If we get permission at Jaya's house.

Then four hands will come together.

But they are not agreeing.

Why Jaya?

Summon Da as a bridegroom is not bad.

Okay I will do the match making.

Say what gift will you give say?


Will give Kanchan to you. What are you happy?

Come. - Come.


How do you look?

What Nakul why on this way?

How do you look?

From far off thought who is talking.

That's why?

That's why you had come to listen t our talks?

What talks were happening dear?

All finished.

Again new talks will start then will inform you.

Come. - Come.

My son is moving around with Lakhi.

Only moving around to say so will be less.

He moves a bit more. hey say.

Often they are seen together at river side.

Like sparrow they fly around each other.

See how does it look?

Have you see by your own eyes? - Yes.

Seen by my these two eyes. - Hmm.

Do they be alone. - No no.

Summon, Badal Jaya all together.

Ooh they all are Kanchan's friends.

Friends and servants are not the same Huzur.

And more so Lakhi works at your house.

Why will she mix with him so much?

Let me recall one thing Damodar.

Lakhi's mother was your Ginni Maa's friend.

And Dayal.

Lakhi's father even though poor was my friend.

Lakhi is Dayal's daughter. - Yes was there.

But now she is no more.

And more so everyone knows that Lakhi works at your cow shed.

Good that you have informed me Damodar.

I will not allow to Kanchan have such destruction.

What did Karta say listing to this Naik?

Very much excited mother.

Now its better to take off along with the thorn.

I too am thinking the same.

But the problem is with brother in law and Suborno.

Why mother?

They have too much of weakness for Lakhi.

Always safeguarding her.

Boro maa. - What has happened Kamini?

Milkman is coming for few days telling ..

..that Kopila cow is not giving milk.

Why so?

Milk full of cow Kopila and she is not giving milk.

No mother.

Kopila is Lakhi's favourite cow. Boro maa.

See Lakhi is selling of the milk.

See with that milk only she is feeding Sandesh to her brother.

Call Lakhi. - Okay mother.

This is a good way to get Lakhi out.

But if I get her off I cannot make her out of village.

If you get her married then what is need to get her off from village?


If she is married to a different boy.

But from where will I get a different boy Naik.

If you give permission I will only make arrangements to get a boy mother.

Boro maa you called me.


Why Kopila is not giving milk for few days?

I do not know Boro Maa.

I don't milk her.

Even not in front may be done secretly.

And by selling that milk in the market you earn money.

No Boro maa. No.

By your blessing whatever I get.

I do not want anything more.

In good and bad days it goes on Boro maa.

Does people only earn money to eat and wear?

Does for other purpose too.

See people did not see a silver, brass necklace in your neck.

Today I see a golden necklace.

Where did to you get this gold necklace?

Who has given this necklace?

Give answer to my question.

My lord has given this to me.

Lord has given.

God has asked you to sell milk and make gold necklace.


Go away.

I should not see your face. - Boro Maa.

And listen one more thing.

You will not get a penny from me.

No Boro maa.

God knows from how long you have been stealing.

Boro maa. - Get out.

Get out.

Don't cry Lakhi.

Don't cry dear.

Aunty at the end they threw me out telling me thief.

They say that I steal the milk of Kopila.

Sell in the market. - No.

Due to situation at times to have to hear lot of cursed words dear.

Now what will happen aunty?

Mother used to say that I am daughter of Lord Shiva.

You say aunty being a father how did he listen such bad insult.

Not just listened dear.

Also saw it.

Then why didn't he do justice?

His daughter has to stay taking the insult of thief.

Listen dear.

Enough has happened.

Now no need to do the job of servant anymore.

Need to do.

Need not. Then how will the family run?

What will I put in the mouth of Nilu aunty?

Hey sister.

You don't cry.

The day nothing is cooked you see I will not be hungry.

Does mother eat on the ekadoshi day?

I too will think that day to be Ekadoshi and not have anything.


Are you listening aunty?

What my Nilu is saying?

You listen dear.

And make yourself strong.


I am taking a vow touching Nilu.

Father lord Shiva you too listen.

If you do not do justice of this.

Then I will never do the fast of Shivratri ever in my life.


What is the matter Damodar why is that cow shouting in that way?

Will not allow to milk Chhoto Babu.

Kopila is Lakhi 's loving cow.

That's why will not allow apart than Lakhi to milk her.

Damodar why Is Kopila shouting in such a way?

Damodar go and call the milkman once.

She will not give milk apart Lakhi.

Then ask Lakhi to milk her.

That milk will not enter the house Huzur.


Is Lakhi is untouchable?

No sir. - Then.

Lakhi use to take the milk and sell it outside Huzur.

What are you saying?

Lakhi has been given answer by Ginni maa.

Mother has given answer to Lakhi. - Yes.

But what is the fault of Lakhi?

Lakhi used to steal the milk of Kopila and used to sell it outside.

And you all trusted this.

We trust it or not.

Your mother has trusted. - Then.

Then why is mother giving punishment to Lakhi in such a way?

If I say for you.

For me.

Yes for you.

Sister has got to know that you love Lakhi a bit more.

More or less that I cannot say.

But I really love Lakhi.

Then I one way you only have made the destruction to the girl.

No aunty.

Rather you all have brought destruction to yourself.

Lakhi is my life partner.

And to give respect to her if I have to leave the house that I will do.

And one more thing.

Tell mother Lakhi is not a thief.

Thief or saint that will be proved in two three days.

And your father has stopped the milkman to take milk from Kopila.


Because lets see how long Kopila does not give milk and stay?

And how long Lakhi will manage to sustain her .. without selling milk?

Brother Lakhi is a thief that I am not ready to belief.

Hmm. I too am doubting.

But where is the milk going of Kopila?

Someone else might be stealing.

As if now no mistakes are proved.

Why have we become a sinful person .. snatching the earning of that sad girl?

Then call her only.

Brother they might be poor but the respect ..

..and shame they have is not less than us.

Huzur Kopila has run away tearing off the rope.

What are you saying? - Will run.

This is the teaching of Lakhi.

You said that you want to catch the thief.

Do you want the proof?

Will give you proof in hand.

Come along with me. Come.


Nilu garland the lord.

You will not sister.


You garland him.

Come Chhoto babu.

See standing at the right place.

Does this proof.

Lakhi had stolen the milk.

Yes will happen. It will be proved.

Ooh Lakhi that is Kopila's scream.

See there she is coming.

Will give milk right now.

Kopila why have you come to me?

Go. Go away from here.

I am a thief. I steal your milk and sell.

Have you not heard? Go get away from here.

Ill fateful coming to my home letting everyone know ..

..that I steal your milk.

Go. Go way from here.

Hey tie Kopila and take her to the cowshed. - Hmm.

Hey come.

come, come. Come.

Lakhi I can understand a false allegation has been put upon you.

Why are you not telling to brother by yourself that you are not a thief?

I have not stolen do you trust that kaka babu?

Yes I do. But who will make brother understand this.

Kopila understand that speech of human.

You will love her.

She herself will take you to the thief's house.

I have see this by my own eyes brother.

I cannot fly that off.

Who has asked you to fly that?

All nonsense.

See there Suman Badal and all have saved Lakhi from ..

..the allegation by her hand's magic.

What are you saying?

Those small kids will fool Shivendu.

And Kopila too will be in that group of nonsense.

How will I trust?

We pray to god day and night.

Whole village know about our worship to god.

Such devotion act never happened to us .

Why will lord Shiva give blessing to that small girl.

Does she worship Lord Shiva? - Yes she does Bouthan.

Definitely she does.

Then how will we see the blessing of god on Lakhi say?

Bullshit she does.

Is Shiva's worship is a small affair?

For that you need to have purity?

She stay in that hut.

How can she have that purity?

You have called me Huzur. - Yes.

You might have surely heard last night's affair.

Yes sir. Devotional matter Huzur.

Your Ginni maa do not want to believe it.

Is I don't want to. - Then do one thing Naik.

The place where Shiv Linga was seen there you dig well.

Bring that Shiv Linga I will worship it.

Okay Huzur.

People you will dig they should take bath and go in clean clothes.

What Bouthan didn't I say it correct?

But before that we need to tell the family priest.

Why what will the family priest do?

You need to worship Lord Shiva.

Ask for permission.

Then we can start the work of digging.

Okay you do that only.

You quickly bring the lord of all lords.

For now he will be kept in my temple ..

..then he will be kept in a new temple.

As much you all try still you all will not get.


As much you all try still you all will not get.

See at the end. My words will be true.

Have you all searched properly?

Sir almost 10 hands deep it was dug still we were unable to get anything.

Did you see the right place? - Saw the right place.

Still the stains of the milk are there In the soil.

So easily are you leaving the chance.

Search the whole forest.

Will never find in your whole life.

Earlier itself I said its all nonsense.

The girl wants to be a saint so she is doing all these.

Mohamaya alone girl cannot do all these devotional act.

You are looking alone.

You have not seen there group.

All wicked people.

If Lakhi is married or it sent out of the village..

.. then all the devotional act will be removed.

With Nakul you want to get Lakhi get married to. - Yes.


Don't you know the girl's devotional power?

To make that girl as a thief you made so many traps.

Could you do anything?

By the blessing of Lord Shiva girls respect was saved.

See Mahina.

Boro Karta's son is in deep love with Lakhi.

If Kanchan marries Lakhi.

Then the pride of the Zamidar house will increase.

And if I can bring Lakhi as my daughter in law.

Then with the devotional power of Lakhi by store will get filled ..

..with gems and jewels.

God knows dear.

The girl whom Kanchan has chosen..

.. that girl will not turn around towards Nakul ever.

Will turn will turn.

Will turn and see.

That arrangement I will make.

What did you say Chotto Bou?

Kanchan had given that necklace to Lakhi.

Yes sister. - Why?

Suddenly why did Kanchan went to give the necklace to Lakhi.

You know everything sister.

Kanchan is in love with Lakhi.

Which means you want to say that my only son ..

..will marry that cow dung picker girl as my daughter in law?

And I will quietly accept that.

If you cannot accept.

I will leave this house and go away.

Kanchan how did you have so much of courage?

Does not have any shame you are standing in front of .. and telling that you will marry that girl.

What did you get in her?

What does she have?

Does she have any introduction of her family?

She is a cow dung cake picker's girl.


Lakhi is poor but do not abuse them with there caste and creed.

And I want to tell one more thing.

Please forgive me for my disrespectful words.

What will you say? What will you say new?

You have insulted me to the limit. - No mother.

I have not insulted you.

Just want to remind you one thing.

You too were not a girl of any Zamidar house.

What did you say? - And telling about the family glory?

Lakhi's family glory is no less than ours.

Or else you would not have been friend with Lakhi's mother.

Aah Kanchan. - Let him say.

Let him say whatever he wants to say?

You too wanted that my son should insult me in such a way.

No mother. Aunty did not want anything.

Rather I said aunty that I love Lakhi.

Let's leave.

Please return that necklace to Lakhi as you did not give that to her.

I had given.

You insulted me from my son Chhoto bou.

Why will I get you insulted sister?

I just wanted that the misunderstanding between you both get sorted out.

And with that you also wanted one more thing Chotto Bou.

Due to insult I suicide myself.

And the family's keys get into your sari.


Okay. That will happen.

Get to know one thing.

I will not let that girl be the daughter in law of Rai house ever.


You do not get excited Maa Jononi.

Whatever need to be done that I will do.

What will you do?

I have a plan in the mind but there is a matter of expenses.

Do not worry about expenses.

Money and whatever required I will give you.

But I want that bad girl out of Kanchan's life.

That will happen.

From tomorrow I am starting my work Maa Jononi.

Now take this.

If required I will give you more.

What is the matter?

You. - Need to say somethings.

So will I say standing outside?

Come. Let me tell you before only.

Lakhi will not go to your Zamidar house to work anymore.

That will not go. Why will she go?

Does Lakhi do not have any respect?

Dayal babu was Karta Babu's friend once that they have forgotten.

Why have you come? - Telling telling.

Our Karta and Ginni maa has decided to take you off the village.

So easy.

Let them try.

Yes that's the word.

That's why I have come.

There should be an answer given on there face.

Let them try first to get us off the village first.

Then we will see.

Hey if they get you all off of the village then what will you see?

Rather they way you can stay in the village that arrangement you make.

Have you already made the arrangement and come.

Yes you can say so.

And to agree or not to that's upon you all.

So what is the idea?

You understand all the matter of Zamidar house.

If you get Lakhi married.

Then all the problems will get solved.


So where is the boy?

Why? Is my Nakul a bad boy Prabha?

To Nakul I will give my Lakhi. - Yes you will give.

Will give.

Whatever I am the Naib of the Zamidar House.

There soul is in my hands.

If Lakhi becomes my daughter in law then they will ..

..not ever think of getting Lakhi out of the village in there dreams.

You have suffered a lot.

Now by getting married your niece spent your rest of your life in peace.

Before that you have to spent a little money Damodar.

That I will do.

Say how much I need to spent say?

From the market you need to purchase a big pot and a big rope.


Will give Lakhi.

She will sink and die.

Before getting married to Nakul I will tell her to sink and die.

Did you get the answer?

Now you get lost.

Returning me you did not do the right thing Prabha.

Later you have to suffer.

Son you remove the dream of setting me in your house.

If you have thought to keep me in your house.

Then the tree under which I was seen there only you build..

.. with a pure heart a temple of mine.

After the construction is done.

On an auspicious day I will come out from ..

..the inner room of the temple by myself.

But I will stay in the womb of the inner room.

People who have trust they only can feel me.


Hey Mahakal. You came to me and went away.

God. - What has happened?

Why did you scream in such a way?

What has happened to you?

Mahadev came in my dreams Mahamaya.

What are you saying?

The tree under which he came out.

Under that tree he asked me to make a temple.

Will make a temple do so.

But Mahadev where came out there he was not found.

No that he was not found.

But after the temple construction is completed he will again come out.

And my dream is true that Baba Bishwanath will prove that.

That means you will construct a temple in the jungle.

Yes will do.

But once the temple is made. It will no more be a jungle anymore.

With that it will be a big road . Big road.

"My desire was not fulfilled.

My dreams did not come true.

Everyone.." Did you understand mother?

Temple work has started.

And money is getting in and in father's pocket.

Will happen.

Stealing money of the temple construction.

You will get the results.

Who will get to know?

Who? Who will get to know?

See how it feels.

Who will get to know?

Now take this. Keep the money in the locker.

You are stealing in such a way.

What answer will you give in next life can you say?

Now first spend this life in good way.

Then I will think of the latter life.

Still are you dreaming to bring Lakhi as your daughter in law?


Lakhi's father's temple is getting constructed.

From there I am getting money.

And if I bring that girl home then Mahadev will not get angry on me.

Father. Father.

Then we will be more rich than the Zamindars right father?


See how it feels.

In son's pot whatever brain is there.

I feel that much too you do not have.

I should not have that brain.

But I am telling you one thing.

I am seeing that you are planning something.

Whatever you do but do not do any harm to Lakhi?

Or else you will bring your own suffering yourself.

How strange.

I want to bring her as a daughter in law.

That's a good thing.

Where is the problem which you are seeing?

What Nakul?

Give the Tobacco.

See how it seems.


Did you understand sin.

Temple is made.

Where is Shiv Linga?

Karta babu said that Linga will appear by itself.

Bullshit it will happen.

In there sin Baba Thakur cannot come.

Why are you saying to us Naik Moshai?

Why? Why?

To a devil you all are thinking her as a daughter of lord Shiva.

Does Shiva's daughter ever be a devil?

Does she be a sinful?

Why will Lakhi be a devil Naib Moshai?

And why will I assume her to be a sinful?

Do not believe. Don't believe.

You all die.

You all have pox in the curse of the lord.

Will have paralysis.

Due to famine all the family will die.

Who went along with the cow Kopila to see the drama?

Many of us went to see Naib Moshai. - Hmm.

Went so what did you all see?

That you will not believe.

Baba Mahadev appeared from the soil.

From the tits of Kopila milk is flowing.

Does not finish. - Then you understand.

How much milk Kopila gives at one time?

Does that cow give tons of milk?

Shiv Linga appeared and again got lost too.

What drama is this?

Then what is this Naib Moshai? - Lakhi's play.

Understood. All are the play of Lakhi.

Bitch and devils all are in her hands.

They only have shown all these drama.

Now by destroying your family will show another drama.

Then you too are in problem Naib Moshai.

No. No.

That devil does not have the guts to touch my body.


Big Tantric has made a mantra around my house nothing will happen to me.

Can't there be a solution made to this Naib Moshai?

Can't there be a solution made to this Naib Moshai?

Yes can be.

Definitely can be done.

But will you all can do. - Yes will be.

Say what do we all need to do?

In the next coming 'amawasya' we need to take Lakhi to the cremation ground.

If we burn her alive then along with her ..

..all demons and devils will end together.

Aunty disaster has happened. - What has happened?

Naib has agitated all the people of the village.


Because of the sin of Lakhi the whole of the village will get destroyed.

Lakhi is a devil.

Sinful. - What did you say?

People of the village will not trust of few of us.


You all need not worry.

Whatever needs to be done.

That I will do.

What happened you have come suddenly to my house? Thinking what?

What am I listening?

Why are you agitating the people of the village?

I am a minor person.

What power do I have that I will agitate the whole villagers?

Whatever they have thought that only they are doing.

You could not make them understand.

What responsibility do I have to make them understand?

Do you want that in old age they think me as..

.. a person of devil burn me along with her?

I am begging life for that girl.

Please have mercy.

If you want you can save my Lakhi.

You should have thought this before only Prabha.

One day I had gone to you with a proposal but you did not agree.

Like cats and dogs you had shunned me.

That time I did not understand Naib.

That you will take such a disastrous revenge you will take.

Say what do you want?

I am ready with that. - But I might not be ready.

Like that day I can shun you.

'Pasa er dan' is in your hand Naib. You can.

You can shun me.

But that I am not doing.

That day you had insulted me but I am giving you respect.

But before that you say one thing. - What?

Lakhi loves Kanchan.

Do you know that?

I can doubt.

If Zamidar's son wants to marry your niece.

Then will your decision change?

Give answer. - No.

Remember my words.

Blind faith is what you do not have any idea.

If Lakhi takes shelter in that Zamidar house..

..then all the villagers will take out devil Lakhi and burn her alive.

Remember my words.

Then now. Now what will I do?

Be strong headed.

And I want to confirm the marriage of Nakul as soon as possible.

And by some Yagna I will bring out that devil out of Lakhi.

What is the matter?

Why have you called me so late at night?

Why? You do not know.

Where? No.

The whole village its announced and you do not know.

Trust me I do not know.

With uncle I went to Sardar due to some work.

I do not know anything of the village.

Then listen.

This is my last meeting with you.

Why Lakhi?

Aunty has fixed my marriage. - What are you saying?

Whatever once I had worked as a servant in your house.

You are not a servant Lakhi.

You are Dayal uncle's daughter.

That everyone has forgotten.

Today if my father was alive.

Damodar Naib could have agitated the villagers to burn me.

I am a devil.

Since me alive who has given you such a insult? Say.

What will you do Kanchan? - Will shut everyone's mouth.

Damodar has yet not known Kanchan Rai.

How many people's mouth will you shut?

Will you be able to shut the whole Pargana's peoples mouth?

I will speak to Damodar. - No no.

There is no need to speak to anyone.

Whatever was supposed to happen that has happened.

What has happened?

Aunty has fixed my marriage along with Nakul.

You have agreed to that.


Remembering aunty's face.

Remembering Nilu's face.

How helpless they will be if I am not there?

If they were not there.

I had no objection to get burnt and die.

Being Nakul's wife.

I will be here only.

Could take care of Nilu and aunty.

Apart from this I do not want anything Kanchan.

Nothing else.

"Oh wind."

"Open wind ooh sky blue sky."

"oh wind."

"Open wind ooh sky blue sky."

"You all make me understand why did my dream got lost?"

"Make me understand."

"oh wind."

"Open wind ooh sky blue sky."

"If moon staying so far can create waves in the sea."

"If moon staying so far can create waves in the sea."

"Being so did not understand me."

"My dream got broken."

"oh wind."

"Open wind ooh sky blue sky."

"You all make me understand why did my dream got lost?"

"Make me understand."

"I have got life from you."

"Have got love in this heart."

"I have got life from you."

"Have got love in this heart."

"Whom you have given."

"Do not take him away from me."

"I do not what mistake I have done."

"oh wind."

"Open wind ooh sky blue sky."

"oh wind."

"Open wind ooh sky blue sky."

"You all make me understand why did my dream got lost?"

"Make me understand."

"Make me understand."

"Make me understand."

"Make me understand."

"Make me understand."

"Make me understand."

"Make me understand."

What do you want?

You have fixed marriage of Nakul along with Lakhi. - Yes.

Why? - With whom will I fix my niece's marriage do I need to answer you?

Not answer aunty.

Please break this marriage.

Then. - Then I will marry Lakhi.


You did not say this so long.

Would have said.

But so fast you would have arranged.

I did not understand.

Do you need to say anything more?

I want to listen to your answer.

Listening to my answer only you have come running to me.

I have cool headedly thought and have fixed Lakhi's marriage.

In this Lakhi will not be happy.

Might not be happy at least she will live alive.

Agitating few people can Damodar make Lakhi Devil.

And more so aunty we all are beside her.

Still there will remain a bad name. Kanchan.

Damodar is our employee aunty.

He is bound to obey our orders.

Damodar still has not become your employee Kanchan.

He is your father's employee.

And your father is not involved in this plan can you say with guarantee.


You ask him to go away. Go away from here.

Before you.

I have already said whatever need to be.

Still why has he come to irritate me?

Ask him to go away from here.

Heard. Now you come.

Such a behavior I would have not done to him dear.

Again and again the face of Damodar was floating in my eyes.


Again and again the face of Damodar was floating in my eyes.


Again and again .

I have removed the thorn of your son's life Maa Thakuron.

But think to bring that girl in my house as a daughter in law is ..

..a troublesome matter and a expensive too.

I have given lot of money Damodar.

Why only money?

Have given you jewels too.

Yes that you have given.

But that has been spent to get her aunty only.

Have to run her family too.

If Lakhi is married then how will her family run?

My hands too are blank.

How much money do you want?

around 10,000 would be good enough.

I do not have so much of money Damodar.

Then what happened?

You give a letter that for personal work you need 10,000 rupees.

Showing that in the accounts I will get that.

In this the snake also is dead and the stick too is not broken.

I mean if the money is not received then I cannot give the marriage.


You wait. I am giving you hand written letter.


Construction of the temple has been completed.

Thinking to start the worship on the Shivratri day.

What do you say Mohamaya?

What else will I say? Your people are only saying.

What are they saying?

Temple has been constructed but Maeve will never come there.


For Lakhi.

She Is a devil.

Evil demon.

Due to her effect no god will come to this village.

Yes this rumour has come to my hear too.

But I do not have any believe in that.

You son too was hypnotized. - Kanchan?


Kanchan had said that apart from Lakhi he will not marry anyone else.

She the devil entered our house and destroyed everything of our family.

How did you think that I would have agreed to that?

Devil might have hypnotized you too.


I have arranged Lakhi's marriage.

After marriage her devil power will go off.

Then you create a Shiv Linga and worship him.


This marriage can never happen.

They can return Kanchan but cannot return me.

Uncle I had all the talks with Kanchan.

You just say that you will help us.

Will you help us uncle.

Okay. Tell me what I need to do say?

Right time we will inform you.

This means you have planned something.

Yes uncle.

First let me talk on the Gaye halud day.

Let me see if Lakhi is ready then ...

..we will rub ashes on the face of Damodar.

Then all the villagers will come to know what is the faith of Lord Shiva.

And really.

Really Lakhi is Shiv's daughter.

The marriage happens without any problem.

That I never thought.

I assumed there will be some or the other problem.

If it would have come then that would be good only.

I am ready.

One group outside and other group inside.

And the wood of the cremation ground is ready.

So why did you come inside the house?

Widow person should not see the garland exchange.

That's why.

Garlands are getting exchanged.

Come dear lets go to see.

Lord Shiva's daughter getting married to my son.

Come. Come, come.

Lord Lakhi is your daughter.

Your faith should be seen by Damodar Naib.


There should not be any problem to my Lakhi.

No problem to her Lord.

Let me see. Yes Purohit Moshai.

Do the garland exchange.

Shubho Dristi is done.

Then do the garland exchange.

Take dear but the garland to the boy.

Jai Baba Mahadev.

Ooh Baba who is this?

See who is this?

Hey scoundrel this is not a girl.

This is not a girl.

They have given a boy. Sumon.

This is not a marriage.

Catch the boy.

Hey Nakul tear the garland.

Ooh father.


I will take revenge.

I will catch Lakhi today either today..

.. I will marry her or you will burn her alive.

Come, come.

Damodar let Kanchan and Lakhi go unharmed.

Don't go for useless problem.

You move away Chotto babu.

I need that devil Lakhi.

You will disobey my orders.

Will listen in the office not over here.

Hey beat.

Hey Kanchan have not yet reached here?


You all better wait a little.

And I. Go and see a bit.

You go safely.

That Damodar is a very wicked person. - Okay.

Come. There they are waiting.


Listen you all run away by this boat right now.

This side I am managing.

Go quickly go. - Slowly.

Balaram. - Yes.

See There.


See they are not able to escape.

They will not be able to escape from my hands.

You don't worry anything.

Will kill Kanchan and bring Lakhi right now.

Come. Come..

Come near me.

Come. Hey leave.


Leave me.

Summon come quickly we need to inform Chhoto babu.

Yes come.

Lakhi you left me and went away.

You are crying. Karta.

Balaram. - Yes.

There see.

Lets run away.

Crocodile is eating Lakhi.

Let Kanchan too stay over here.

He too will go in the tummy of the crocodile.

See how it seems.

Hey quickly pick him up.

Take him home.

You quickly take the doctor home and bring Damodar ..

..and his son tied with the rope to Kachari.


What dear still the doctor did not arrive? - Coming.

I am just getting stunned that how did Damodar have so much of courage.

He did not have a guilt to touch by son's body.

He does not know that wicked.

What was the need of your son too?

To take that devil from Damodar's son's marriage.

You know in this brother in law was involved.

Even if Kanchan eloped with Lakhi.

He would not have the courage to take Lakhi and enter this house.

Kanchan very well know that I will not accept Lakhi.

Then before you do justice to Damodar.

Do justice to brother in law first.

Without brother in law and Chotto bou's influence ..

..this would not have happened to my son.

Brother doctor has come. Namaskar.

I need a clean cloth.

Need to tie on the wounded part. - Okay.

Which means Kanchan's wound seems to be critical?

Still if he has not been to consciousness..

.. then surely the wound is serious.

And more so he has got just beside the veins.

Brother there should be justice done to him. - Surely.

All the people who are involved in the plan justice should be done to all.

Huzur great problem has happened.

What has happened?

Damodar along with the whole family has left the village.

And Lakhi has died by sinking in the water.

Lakhi has died a problem has gone.

But Damodar ran away?

Was there any loss happened to you?

Will not happen?

Two-two times he took 50 bhari gold and so much of money.

At the end he took 1 lakh.

Chotto babu sent Shaka Moshai along with me.

I am giving the medicine.

Give four times a day.

And the moment he is conscious let me know.

Come. I am going along with you. - Okay come.

Whatever destruction your brother needed to do that he has done.

Now what is the need to act good?

Shivendar's justice I will do.

But what justice will I do to you Mohamaya?

What have I done?

Why have you given money and jewels to Damodar?

That to remove the devil.

Fate was good that's why Kanchan was saved.

Or else along with the devil he too have sunk.

Then what would you do Mohamaya?

Sister did not marry then why did Nakul take sister?

Your sister has not gone along with Nakul dear.

Then where did sister gone mother?

Lord Shiva has taken his Lakhi near him dear.

Does Lord Shiva don't know that for sister I feel sad.

Your lord is very unaffectionate dear.

Very unaffectionate.

Lord Shiva .

Please return my sister.

Return my sister.

Disaster has happened aunty.

What has happened? - Due to the sin of Lakhi the whole villagers will die.

Lakhi is a devil. Bad omen.

Where am I? - In my house dear.

Who are you?

I am.

Suppose I am your mother.

Tell me truly.

How did I come over here?



You have come. Come, come.

Now you only say.

How did she come to my house?

You were lying beside the river.

May be while swimming due to tiredness got unconscious to our banks.

Then our people carried you over here.

What is your name dear? - My name.

My name is unfaithful.

My body burns to see all these nonsense.

There is no statue but prayers are going on in the temple.

What are you saying sister?

Temple was constructed and kept elder brother in law .. the orders to worship.

Still will sit quietly.

Over here in the house son is still unconscious.

Only Mahadev.

What has Mahadev done?

Sister do not say bad to god.

If you satisfy him then you will do good to him.

Could there be a more big problem to Kanchan.

In that in less only the danger got over.

Once Kanchan would get cured then only he could have done.

What was the need to make a joke in front of people?

Don't take a mistake sister.

Joke has been made by you and not by elder brother in law.

What did you say?

Boro Maa dadababu has come to consciousness.

He is moving around.

Lakhi. - Kanchan.

What has happened dear? What has happened? - Mother.

Nakul has run away with Lakhi.

I need to go right now over there.

To save her.

Lakhi has not gone anywhere Kanchan.

She is here only. You get well a bit.

Then we will call her.

Aunty I am completely well ..

..but why have you all kept the house in dark?

Light the room.

Why are you taking like a crazy person dear?

Why will there be darkness in your room?

There is light all over.

Aunty why did Lord Shiva give such a punishment?

I am not able to see aunty.

I have lost my sight aunty.

I am not able to see anything. - Kanchan.

Aunty your Kanchan has become blind aunty.

Mother are you in the room?

Mother now you be relaxed that no one..

.. will take the responsibility of this blind boy.

No one will take.

Not even Lakhi.

Not even Lakhi.

What is the matter Prabha?

Why have you brought a pot?

Our Lakhi is gone in the river.

What will happen to me and Nilu brother?

If you give the permission.

Then mother and son will beg in front of the temple.

This was the will of the Bholanath brother.

Want to take exam.

Let me see how much of exam he will take?

Brother will you give the permission? - No.


If Dayal's sister begs outside.

Bholanath will not forgive us.


Then how will we survive brother?

If I was alone I would have not thought.

Thinking of the son..


I need people to take care of the temple. - Yes brother.

So from today give that responsibility to Prabha.

Mother and son will take care of the temple. - Okay.

Karta. Dadababu has got his senses.

Bholanath. Cure Kanchan.

Aunty you tell me truly and say.

I know you will not lie me.

What do you want to know? - Has Nakul married Lakhi.

No. - Then why is she not coming to see me?

But what would have happened if she would have come?

I would not be able to see her.

I would have said her to forget me and marry Nakul.

Will you be able to say this? - Yes will be.

Will you be able to forget her for forever? - Yes I will be aunty.

Will be.

Will not want to talk to Lakhi ever? - No.

I am giving you a word. Never.

Then listen.

That night.

Lakhi died by sinking in the water.

Who has seen that her body was taken by a crocodile?

For me Lakhi had to be lost.

Lord never forgive me.

Lord never forgive me ever.

Want to say something. - Yes.

Say. - Aunty is sitting with the breakfast for you.

Why? She could have sent along with you.

I am new.

Aunty really does not know from which family I belong to.

That's why aunty?

What is your family that I need not know?

But you are truthful that I have come to know.

Unfaithful you went to die in the water. - Yes.

Then think that there has been a death.

We have given a new life to you.

And we have all the rights on that life.

And your introduction will be as a daughter of this house.

Will you remember?

Kanchan what are you thinking? - Who?

Who are you? - I am Lakhi.


Lakhi you are alive.

But everyone tells that you are dead.

Lakhi you speak.

I now go.

Lakhi you don't go.

Don't leave me alone and go Lakhi.


"I am coming."


"I am coming."

"In the broken leaves listen the noise."

"I am coming."

"In the broken leaves listen the noise."

"I am coming."

"In the lonely day listen to the cry I am coming."

"In the broken leaves listen the noise."

"I am coming."

"In the broken leaves listen the noise."

"I am coming."

"In the lonely day listen to the cry I am coming."


"I am coming."

"In the shadow of the moonlight you see I am coming."

"The dark night see that I am coming."

"In the shadow of the moonlight you see I am coming."

"The dark night see that I am coming."

"See the shadow I am coming."


"I am coming."

"In the stoned dream see that I am coming."

"In the desire unfulfilled language you see I am coming."

"In the stoned dream see that I am coming."

"In the desire unfulfilled language you see I am coming."

"In the pain of the heart see I am coming."


"I am coming."


"I am coming."

"In the broken leaves listen the noise."

"I am coming."

"In the broken leaves listen the noise."

"I am coming."

"In the lonely day listen to the cry I am coming."

"In the broken leaves listen the noise."

"I am coming."

"In the broken leaves listen the noise."

"I am coming."

"In the lonely day listen to the cry I am coming."


"I am coming."

Hey dear are you listening?

Kanchan is not home. - What?

Not at home means. Can't see.

Where did he go?

Come, come.

Hey Kanchan.

How did you come to the garden?

Lakhi called me uncle. - She is dead dear.

How can she come? - She had come.

She had come.

She came in my dreams.

She used to love me.

If she loved you she would do such a work.

If any accident would have occurred.

Good only that would have happened.

I would have again meet Lakhi.

Then I would not be blind anymore.

Don't talk like a mad.

Come from today I have to keep a watch in your room.


Kopila you are having lot of pain?

Sister is not there no one loves you.

We too are having lot of problem.

You know I always remember of sister.

How is sister right?

She left us and went away.

Don't cry.

You understand everything.

Say did sister really die by sinking in the water?

Really you are saying that sister did not die.

I cannot think only that in the fate of Lakhi this was there.

Falsely she used to take the pride and used .. say that she was Lord Shiva's daughter.

Summon da, Jaya Di. - Who?

What has happened Nilu? - Sister is alive Jaya di.

Who told you? - Kopila told me.

Summon da you all search a bit.

If you get my sister.

Kopila will not lie.

Sister surely


All day long I see you work only.

When do you take rest?

Why? At night.

Okay unfaithful will you say one thing? - Say.

Is there no one as your own people?

Yes. There is.

My father is there.

Your father?

Where does he stay? - Kailash.

Lord Shiva is my father.

Then I am seeing that I am not able to say about my feelings. - No.

Prakash. What unfaithful?

your food is kept covered.

Go eat and go to sleep. - Okay.

Prakash. - What mother?

An unknown girl you have given shelter that you have ..

..done correct but for god sake do not exceed your limit.

Why will I exceed my limit?

You only know why you are picking her up?

But if you exceed too much then I will not bear.

Okay mother if we give her a place in our house.

That we have given.

Servant can be given place but not power.

Remember my word.

Or else I will be bound to get unfaithful out of the house.



Ooh mother will I chew the plate and eat.

Give me rice.

If sister would be there then surely she would give me rice.

Wherever she could.

However she could. She would have given rice to me.

Your sister is no more Nilu.

I know mother. I know everything mother.

What do you know?

Sister has been burnt alive telling her as a devil.

Now they will starve us to death.

We will die mother.

We will starve and die.

No dear.

Tomorrow only we will go away from here.

That only should be true aunty.

That should be true.

What are you not liking the rice? - Why aunty?

Then whose meditation are you doing sitting .. front of the plate full of rice?


And one more thing.

From tomorrow you will not go to Prakash's room.

Other servants will go.

You will only do the kitchen work.

Remember my words.

I will not eat.

I will not eat anything.

Kanchan if you do not eat anything you will become weak.

Let me be weak.

Why are you bothered?

You all wanted that only.

No, no Kanchan you are misunderstanding us.


In every page whose name was written.

You have removed her from me.

Is that my mistake?

In every breath who was beside me.

You have planed and moved her away.

Is that my mistake?

Making a plan along with Naib. Which hell you have sent.

Is that too my mistake?

Who has said all these to you dear?

Whoever has said.

But tell me is any of my words false?

Whatever I have done I have though good ..

..for you so I have done that Kanchan.


The goodness which has darkened my world.

The goodness which has taken off my all peace and happiness.

I do not want that goodness mother.

Please let me stay the way I want to mother.

If you eat properly.

Your eyes will get cured that doctor has said.

Told you a lie.

I have heard by my ears that I will never get back my eye sight ever.

Except if god have mercy.

From where will god do mercy?

You have sent him for retirement.

All god and goddess are there but the lord is not there.

What is this sister? Who threw the food?

Who else? Kanchan has thrown.

He will not eat and live.

You say how will he survive without eating.

Kanchan. - I am not feeling to eat aunty.

I am not feeling good of anything.

If you say so. Will that do.

Come. Come to my room.

I will feed by my own hands.

Mother unfaithful has gone away.

Where will she go?

Is there any place for her to go?


For few days I am not able to see her.

Other servants are coming and serving the food.

Arranging the bed.

Good then you give the permission.

I will bring a good girl for you.

You want me to get married? - From when I am saying.

You are not agreeing.

Girl whom I will choose.

Will you get me married to her?

Why won't I give?

Her family if matches then surely I will.

Then why to uselessly look for a different girl mother.

Prakash. - I will marry unfaithful.

I like her only. - What?

What did you say?

Hey unfaithful.

I had asked you not go to Prakash's room.

I do not go to his room aunty.

Don't go.

Then when do meet Prakash.

Trust me.

After you have ordered me I never go to his room.

I do not even go in front of him.

Is that? With what did you hypnotize my son?


Say With what did you hypnotize my son?

No, no. - Why do Prakash want to marry you when there are so many girls?

No. no.

He has misunderstood me. - Wrong.


You are giver of my shelter.

I will not do any harm to you.

I will break this mistake of your son.

He will never dream to marry me.

Never will he see.

Shiv temple has been inaugurated.

Worship arrangements too have been made.

But in that what goodness happened.

Can you say?

Always you should not worship thinking that he will gift you something.

Can't you do this as a responsibility?

No cannot be done.

Is there no responsibility of the Lord.

All responsibility is of ours.

What do you want from Lord?

He has not given me a dream so there is no value of my desire too.

Have you seen the face of your son.

Yes have seen.

But for that why are you making my lord responsible?

For that who are responsible. Don't you know that?

If you think I am responsible then sent me to my maternal house.

Kanchan's is in such a situation.

Will you be able to stay without him?

Will be. - Mohamaya.

How long does my son stay with me?

He does not eat the food I serve him.

Whatever needs to be done that aunty does.

Whereas if then did not give him the leverage.

My son would not be in such a bad condition.

What exactly you want?

What I want.

Will you agree?

Will try.

Then you separate your brother.

Mohamaya. - Yes.

Divide the property.

They will stay separate.

You could say such a big thing.

One day you choose Chhoto Bou maa and brought home Mohamaya.

Yes had brought.

But that bou has changed.

Since she did not have any child due.. jealously she made such a disaster to me.

After separation if Kanchan wants to go to their side.

If want to go then will go.

When he will realize his mistake.

He will return back.

Love for mother cannot be less than love for aunty.

Tell this to brother in law.

If required I will do so also.

But you cannot bring a bit of crack in my faith.

Take. - Who?

Aunty. - Drink the milk dear.

I am not feeling good anymore aunty.

You should not say so dear.

What will happen if I am alive can you say?

Faith on god as if it's going back.

Lakhi is not there so you loosing the faith on god dear.

Faith is so brittle. I am saying.

Lakhi's work will not go useless.

You see with the blessing of Lord Shiva all will be good.

But Lakhi will not return aunty.

Different Lakhi will come.

Will love you like Lakhi.

Will take care of you.

You will feel that Lakhi has come in a different body.

No Aunty. No.

As faith is not brittle similarly love too is not brittle.

One's love cannot be given to another.

Cannot be given to another.

Listen Shivendra.

I do not want daily problems in the family.

Daily problems.

Why brother?

Your Bouthakrun.

Is blaming you for the blindness of Kanchan.


The relation between Lakhi and Kanchan was known..

.. to you and supported by you and Chhoto Bou maa.

That cannot be disapproved.

That is not about giving support.

If we did not give support they could not be stopped.

Could be.

For that arrangement was made.

If Lakhi's marriage would have been done..

.. then Kanchan would not have to bear the pain of blindness all his life.


I am decided so far whatever was going on till now.

Now we need to separate.

In one house two family.

People will laugh at us brother.

No. Not in one house.

You rather stay in the Sardar's house.

If you stay there you can take care of the business properly ..

..and during the property Is divided then I will call you.

Without any mistake you separated me brother.




Aunty. - Kanchan.

What have you done?

So many times I have said that you do not get alone from the house.

If you had called me. I would have come dear.

Aunty I heard that you are going to the Sardar's house.

Yes. - Take me along with you aunty.

Good. You have nicely hypnotized Chhoto bou.

Want to stay with aunty and not with his mother.

Mother trust me I am getting suffocated staying in this house.

In that house I am getting breathless.

So if you stay with aunty where else will you roam about.

Kanchan you don't be stubborn anymore.

Apart from your own house which house will stay in peace say.

Ooh so this is my own house.

Only mine.

And yours is other house. - Yes that is.

You and your brother are getting separated Kanchan.

Is getting separated?

Which means all our property getting divided?

So you all too listen my one thing.

If aunty does not take me along.

Then you all will see my death face.

Kanchan. - Will see my death face. - Kanchan.

Sister you stop him.

Then what more Chhoto Bou.

Seeing the death face of the son is better than ..

..that you all take him along with you.

Sister I am giving you a word..

.. that I will return your son to your hands healthy.


Lakhi you are alive.


They all know that I have no one of my own.

Good that you have not gone there back.

Aunty will burn you telling you as a devil.

Unfaithful. - And Kanchan?

Jai Shiv Oh Shambhu. - Unfaithful.

Jai Shiv Shambhu.

Jai Shiv Shambhu.

Kanchan why are you awake dear?

So late at night its been. Go to sleep.

Yes. I will sleep now aunty.

Okay aunty why did Lakhi was not able to keep the trust on me?

Why are you making yourself feel sad thinking about the past dear?

No that aunty.

I always think that due to the fear to get burnt .. she would have agreed to get married to Nakul.

Okay could I not be able to save her?

She did not have a bit of trust.

All is fate dear.

Or else will this accident would have occurred.

This was written in the fate of Lakhi.


You are laughing.

I am blind that you are feeling guilty to say right aunty.

One way it's good this has happened.

Or else I would have been as a problem on the shoulder of Lakhi.

One day or the other she would have felt unbearable.


Your uncle was saying that he will get you married..

.. to a more pretty girl than Lakhi to you.

No, no. Aunty.

You stop uncle.

Uncle is my elder person but you are like my mother.

So what I can say you.

That cannot be said to uncle.

Say uncle that in my heart the face of Lakhi is drawn.

There no other face will get a place there.

What have you all thought?

That I will honor Lakhi and bring home.

If you meet Lakhi the next time then tell her that she..

..should not return back to the village again.

Mother did you see.

I told you that sister is alive. - Quiet.

Do not say this to anyone of the villager.


Or else they will bring your sister and burn her to death.


Where ever she is she should stay their only.

No need to come to the village.

And more so. We are good only.

But summon da.

This house's shelter will not be there.

Why? - That person wants to marry me.

What? - Yes.

Summon da will you inform Kanchan about it.

Will give.

But let me tell you one thing.

In that incident Kanchan has become blind.



Kanchan cannot see.


And aunty has given a very difficult promise.. even I have a wish I cannot take you to Kanchan.

And if you return to the village.

That aunty will only burn you to death.

How long is this going on? - What all?

You said that you are unfaithful.

You have no one.

Who is that boy?

What relation do you have with him?

No, no. He is like my brother.

Like brother.


Good that I did not give my permission for the marriage with Prakash.

Listen tonight I do not want you to get you off the house.

But tomorrow early in the morning itself you will go away from this house.

Be aware Prakash should not come to know about it by any chance.

Obhagi has gone from the house and you do not know anything.

Why will I not know? Have not told you.

Why didn't you say?

What will happen telling?

Girl's character was not good what was the use of telling.

How did you know that her behavior and character was not good?

Every day one boy used to come and secretly used to talk to her

Often used to come and often you used to see.


Why didn't you say when you saw for the first time?

So I need to take permission in regards to servants too.

You can do anything regarding servants.

But you need to tell me about Obhagi.

Yes I am telling you.

Telling you now her habits, behavior, character was not good..

.. so I have thrown her out of the house.

Yes I have thrown her.

But I will find her out mother.

She has betrayed with the life giver.

She has to get the result of it.

Obhagi you shut your mouth and keep on working.

Why don't you speak?

I speak. - Is that speaking?

Aunty was telling me to make Obhagi as my friend.

What do you say?

Can I ever be your friend?

Why can't you be?

You are Obhagi and I am Obhaga.

We both are friends.

Obhagi don't you have anyone. - Yes I have.


Why don't you inform him?

Even if I inform him.

He will not come.


They say I am I unfaithful.

That's why even though my marriage was fixed it broke.

You did not meet him. - Yes.

He did not recognize me.

Though he used to love me so much.

Very cruel person he is.

You know if my Lakhi was alive surely she would come running to me.

May be that your Lakhi do not know about you.

Now is out of reach of anyone.

That's why I told you.

Unfaithful where ever goes that side the sea get dry up.

I am coming dadababu.



Obhagi. - Kanchan.


So much of proud towards mother.

You do not remember about mother a bit also.

Who said that I do not remember you?

I everyday ask about you to aunty.

Come. Will you return back to Chandanpur?

Please forgive me mother.

If I return back I will be reminded of the past.

Go Kanchan.

Mother herself has come to take you along.

Aunty. - No Chotto.

Leave him. Let him stay along with you.

Let him be happy and in peace.

I have lost to you ooh Chhoto Bou.

I have lost.

When yourself you have understood that you have lost.

Then why do you think to get separated.

Will I tell Shivendu to come along with son?

No. Not now dear.

Still it's not time for them to bring.

When it will be time.

I will myself bring them.

Very good.

Lord Mahadev should bring that day very soon.

Before that will you not give me a lesson a bit?

So much of insult towards god.

So pessimist.

Did you tell anything about Lakhi?


That's all is a guilt to you right?

Yes there is a obstacle.

For that girl only this is the condition of Kanchan.

Whatever atleast by not saying her as a devil you said her a girl.

This is the fate of Lakhi.

Still the fate is not confirmed.

The day she will return she will understand what is fate?

Lakhi is Shiv's daughter.

She is not that Goddess Lakhi.

Or else would Lord Shiva sit quietly.

Your intelligent son has brought us to the street.

Small coal business in that too loss.

Ooh now my intelligent son.

When you were getting him married.

He was you son.

Let him come today.

Either it will be his or mine.

This business if you would have done then also there would have been loss.

What do you understand about the business?

I might not understand business but surely do understand religion.

Can anyone earn profit with the sinful money?

Don't you remember how you brought these money?

Why will I bring?

Borromini gave me.

Now go to Borogini.

Get you arrested.

Sinful act will get punished by the winds. Understood.






Why are you screaming like a bull? What has happened?

Amazing news is there.

Shivendu Rai is living in the Sardar.

Look how it seems..

How did you feel?

How did you come to know? - I saw by my eyes.

Entering the house of Sardar.

See how it seems. Did you get any more news? - Yes.

Kanchan now does not stay at Chandanpur anymore.

Where does he stay?

At Shivendu Babu's place.

One servant is there.

And you know father these days Kanchan has become blind.

See how it seems? - Ooh god.

You could say such a news smiling Nakul.

Now how will he say?

See how it seems?

See now I return your words.

Which words?

That religious work moves the wind.

Its waving.

Waving very strongly.

Now I will throw then in that only.

Hey Obhagi?

Will you only clean Kanchan's room/

And will take care of him.

Is there no more work in this house?

No, no aunty.

Obhagi have lot of talk with me.

You know aunty. Obhagi is sod like me.

She too was getting married and then it broke.

Whom she loved.

He does not recognize her.

What Obhagi?

Go hold the hands of and roam near the river side.

Will you go Dadababu? - What will happen if we go?

For me the riverside and the dark room both are same.

Obhagi will tell you.

You listen and get to know.

What dear? Will you go?

Okay will go. - Come.

"Ooh Radhe."

"Ooh Radhe."

"How much water will you roll from the two eyes?"

"How much water will you roll from the two eyes?"

"How much will you get crazy?"

"How much will you get crazy?"

"Calling Shanti."

"Ooh Radhe."

"Ooh Radhe."

"From the tears you can see the mirror image."

"That image can be kept all the life."

"Ooh Radhe."

"Ooh Radhe."

"How much water will you roll from the two eyes?"

"How much will you get crazy?"

"Calling Shanti."

"How much will you get crazy?"

"Calling Shanti."

"Let the light of evening settle in the house."

"Your oar has broken do not go to the Yamuna."

"Let the light of evening settle in the house."

"Your oar has broken do not go to the Yamuna."

"Ooh Radhe."

"Ooh Radhe."

"How much water will you roll from the two eyes?"

"How much will you get crazy?"

"Calling Shanti."

"How much will you get crazy?"

"Calling Shanti."

Hey what kind of person you are? Can't you look and walk?

So where were you all too looking?

Was looking who were going.

Okay. Who are they sir?

Chandanpur's Zamindar's son Kanchan.

Should not tell everything to unknown person.


You might have mistaken by any chance Prakash Babu.

No one stay by the name of Lakhi in this house.

Does anyone stay by the name of?

If stays. What is your requirement?

Will know the requirement when Lakhi comes.

I want to talk to her.

Prakash babu you are talking to Chandanpur's Chotto Taraf.

Remember that.

Remembering the word I have come here.

Chandanpur's previous Naib.

Damodar. I heard everything from him and have come here.


Where is he?

Why? - Damodar is a criminal.

Whom we are looking for many days.

Then change your hands.

Give me Lakhi to my hands.

In return you will get Damodar.

Do you have anything else?

Without your answer what will I say?

Lakhi will not be given to your hands.

Reason.. - Reason.

Lakhi was saved by me.

If you save her do your get all the authority on her life?

Go. Go away.

I am going.

But remember one word.

For this you have to give more value to it.

For that we are ready.


It seems like me you too are borrowed her life.

Prakash babu.

Prakash babu girls are mother.

Girl too. Just does not be a eatable.

Take this teaching. Go.

Okay. - Audacity.


After this my introduction will not remain secret.

What will I do?

I am not understanding. - Its better. I go away aunty.

You are seeing problems are not leaving my back.

Lakhi you still believe.

That you are Lord Shiva's daughter.

Yes is trust aunty.

I know this too that father is testing me.

Then you go to him only.

You pray to him.

If he relives you.

I am not thinking about my relief aunty.

Last calculation I will do with father.

After that if Chandanpur's people burn me .. death still I will not have any sorrow.

Lord should just cure Kanchan.

Aunty this is the voice of my Lakhi.

Which means is my Lakhi?


Lakhi. - Whom are you calling dear?

Aunty will Lakhi not answer me.

Lakhi has gone Kanchan.

She has gone for your goodness dear.

To take care of me came.

And for my goodness my Lakhi left me.


Aunty you too were not able to stop her.

Kanchan I have told her.

That she should not return back.

Tell uncle that I will return to Chandanpur tomorrow morning.

Kanchan. - Yes aunty.

My desire to stay with you all have finished.

If I have to die.

Then will die in my home.

I will go aunty.

I will go away.

Fate is not in anyone's hands.

Understood Shivendra.

No one has any one's hand above fate.

Just call lord that nothing else happen to Kanchan anymore.

Will you not make arrangements to catch Damodar brother?

Where is the proof to catch him?

Lakhi went away and Kanchan cannot see.

Why? Badal is there brother.

In court it will not suffice.

Rather we should leave everything to him .

Last judge he is.

Then we leave brother.

When once you have returned back to Chandanpur..

.. then why is the question of returning back arising?

To reach Kanchan..


Kanchan only separated you all.

And he only has returned you all.

Now do not bring the word to return to Sardar to your mouth.

I was breathless alone Shivendra.

I was breathless.


Chhoto uncle returned to Chandanpur along with Kanchan and Lakhi.

Now what will happen?

Your head will happen.

You do not have anything in your brains.

With thorn will pick the thorn. Nakul.

How will you pick father?

Prakash babu has got slapped from Chhoto Babu. - Yes

See now what will happen?

Nothing will happen.

Prakash babu wants to marry Lakhi.

And me too want the same. - What?

Father you want to Lakhi..

Hey no, no. Prakash babu will beat Kanchan.

And you will go and marry Lakhi.

See what happens?

But father.

Will you be able to join the broken marriage father.

Yes will be. Will be golden moon.

Let me first meet Zamidar Ginni. - See what happens?

But if Kanchan's matter she believes.

Still Lakhi will be your wife.

My wife. - Hmm.

See what happens?



Sumon you. - Yes.

What has happened dear?

Lakhi is crying a lot. - Why?

For you Kanchan.

But she has vowed everyone that no one should come to you.


I was not able to resist myself.

That's why forcefully came to you. - Forcefully.

Why? - Did not keep the vow of Lakhi and came to you.