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JACQUES: Sad music has a time and place but if youre in that mood, artists like Rod Wave

Ali Gatie...

And Kid Cudis somber hums are there to lift you up.

JACQUES: But why do we listen to sad songs when were down?

DR. LIILA TARUFFI: They are allowed to express their own emotions so they experience a sort

of catharsis or venting of the negative emotional experience through music.

JACQUES: Thats Dr. Liila Taruffi, a music researcher at Durham University in the UK.

She is the co-author of a 2014 study, "The Paradox of Music-Evoked Sadness: An Online

Survey," where she found that quote.

JACQUES: Dr. Taruffis research showed that

people seek out sad music for obvious situations.

DR. LIILA TARUFFI: For most of the people they tend to seek sad music when they are feeling

some sort of emotional distress.

When theyre going through a break up, loss of a person as well as the death of a

person as well as stress at work.

JACQUES: And it can make us feel happier.

DR. LIILA TARUFFI: People get a sort of comfort from the music as if it were a surrogate from

an emphatic friend.

People feel like theyre sharing their negative emotional experience with someone else.

JACQUES: But I wanted a real world take on this so I pinged a few colleagues to see what

they thought.


*Laugh* MIKEY: * “Sir!

BRIANA: Do I look at the camera or look at you?

JACQUES: Look at me BRIANA: Hey!

JACQUES: When do you listen to sad music?

MATT: I listen to sad music all the time.

BRIANA: When Im in my feels Im feeling sad. In a way, yeah, it does sorta make me feel better.

MIKEY: On gloomy days the first thing Im putting on is like quote unquote sad music.

DELISA: It makes me feel seen and like Im not alone.

JACQUES: Dr. Taruffi says feelingseenis calledemotional communion.’

DR. TARUFFI: When a person feels they can share their emotional experience with an author

of a song and this idea that somebody else in the world is having the same life circumstances

or emotional experience seems to be a great source of comfort.

JACQUES: And my colleagues agreed.

BRI: I feel better because Im connecting with whoever is singing the sad song and Im

like, ‘Man, were just sad together.’

MATT: My friends have always been like if youre sad, why do you listen to sad music?

Im like its an experience you just gotta go through it.

DELISA: A song when Im going through any type of break up. ‘Nobody

by Mitski is probably like top 2 and its not 2.

BRI: Lately when Im feeling down, I just

want to relish that feeling lately Ive been listening toCellophaneby FKA Twigs.

MATT: “Real Loveby Beach House.

MATT: When I was going through some love problems back in college,

I always go back to that one.

JACQUES: But Dr. Taruffi says one person's sad song can be another's happy song.

DR. TARUFFI: What you made of that song, what that song represented for you in your life,

that counts more at the end of the day.

JACQUES: But apparently listening to a song after a break up is not always the best idea.

GUY WINCH: If youre trying to get over someone, do you want to evoke all those feelings

and associations or not is a question you should be asking yourself.

JACQUES: Thats Guy Winch, author ofHow To Fix A Broken Heart.”

He told us that a tough break up affects us in the brain.

GUY: The withdrawals of romantic love is the same as the withdrawal of opioids for an addict.

You are jonesing for a fix, nothing matters to you more than getting a fix of that person.

JACQUES: With that context, its easy to understand why so many lyrics about heartbreak

deal with a feeling of being near death - like Ali GatiesLosing You.”

And Kanye WestsHeartless.”

JACQUES: And why people could grow callous

towards love - as explained on Rod Waves 2016 cutHeartbreak Hotel.”

JACQUES: Guy believes music after a break up

could be either good thing...

GUY: Youre using it as a way to say goodbye to the person separating and really coming

to terms with the fact that its over it can be useful.

JACQUES: Or a bad thing...

GUY: But if youre listening to that song a month later and youre still associating it with

the person who broke your heart,

itsgoing to be painful and it's really going to set you back.

JACQUES: But all in all, time heals all wounds - best explained by Lil Uzi Vert.

Im Jacques Morel with Genius News,

bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.


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