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Hello all Welcome to Garasi Drift

3 years ago we posted this photo on our Instagram

and now, finally, we have found the best Evo

the Evo 8 Time Attack

first, thank you very much to the owner of this car for allowing us to review the car

and this time we review it a little bit differently, we usually in the garage

now we are in Aesthetic Garage, so there's a fresh and new background

and this is the Lancer Evo 8 MR

which has been modified become a Time Attack car

starting from the body kit, interior, and even the engine

we'll see one by one from the body kit first

In my opinion, this front bumper is the coolest bumper to install on Evo

This is the Voltex bumper

but not just the bumper, the lips, and the splitter also uses the carbon Voltex

so if we look at this, there are actually several pieces

the bumper itself, the carbon lips, then the carbon splitter

it's also integrated with Voltex carbon canard as well

and this is really cool, this makes it like the Grid Life Time Attack and Tsukuba Time Attack cars

it has fins on the splitter so I think the car is really cool

and if we look at the front bumper, there's a difference with the Evo 8 stock bumper

there's a triangle part in the grill for the stock bumper

but this Voltex is like Evo 9

it's plain

but I like it, it's really cool

and the Mitsubishi logo on the grill mesh

and if we look a bit down there is a hole

it's so aggressive

what I really like is the size of the intercooler is fits perfectly with the existing holes in the bumper

so it's like the composition is just right and certainly functional

the whole hole is really used for cooling the intercooler

for this part of the headlight, this is the stock EVO 8 MR headlight

Bimo used to have an Evo 8 GSR

the headlight was not as cool as this, that's some kind of chrome part

if this is really mated color so it looks really aggressive and very frightening

Then if we look at the top there is a very cool one

which is the Voltex engine hood

This Voltex engine hood has a lot of holes

This is not without purpose

the purpose is that most time attack cars aerodynamics are very calculated

So usually in the underneath is given a kind of plate that covers the engine

so there is no path for air to come out of the hood

so there are a lot of holes on the Voltex's hood

but also the whole from the front of this Voltex has been tested in a wind tunnel in Japan

so this is definitely maximum for the downforce and the aerodynamics to be used in the race track

then let's continue to the fender section

there is a little different in the fender because actually, this is a wide body

The only thing I like is that the wide body is very natural, it's not too excessive

So it looks like it's not a wide body at a glance

This fender brand is Do-Luck and this is actually full carbon

and it's partially painted, but the carbon is left in a little

it's same with the engine hood, full carbon, it's painted but left in some carbon parts

continue to the side skirts

this side skirts have the extension with Rex Speed brand

this is carbon part as well

and on the side door here there are sticker parts used in this car

there's Voltex, Do-Luck, Volk, and Cosworth

what part is Cosworth? We will review it later

then continue to the rear fender

This rear fender is the same as the front fender

it's a wide body which is very natural

this is also using Do-Luck brand

this is really aggressive

but that's cool, it doesn't look widebody, it's like the curve of the Evo's body is still maintained

and for the rear wide body is planted, so it does not use bolts anymore, it is putty so that it's very neat

it's like on my S15, but the difference is it reaches the back door

on S15 there is no back door

continue to the rear, this is the Voltex Type 5 wing

and what I like is that it's adjustable, so this is pretty much adjustable from the wing itself

and there's an additional plate for adjusting angle of the wing

so this can be adjusted as needed

and on the roof spoiler, there is a shark fin, this is quite popular among Evo

it's really cool, a carbon part also

it's like on the front, the taillights are black matte

the inside part is really cool

It is true that MR is really different

This is like the Evo 9

then the rear bumper is stock

but there is an additional diffuser from Rex Speed

this is really cool it's from the side to the middle, and there is also to that side

so it's like a single unit that makes the bumper become aggressive

this muffler made from Titanium

the color is really cool

and the overall rear view, starting from the bumper and the wide body too

the diffuser and the exhaust make it look so aggressive

and what makes it even more frightening is the license plate

The license plate number is B STI LOL

please don't take personal for the STI owner This car is really cool

now let's continue to see the wheels

The wheels use white Volk Rays CE28 with red trim, which makes it really cool

the width is 9.5 and this is the ring 18 wheels

it's wrapped with Advan Neova AD08 tires that make the composition really fits, so it's really racing look

furthermore, it's so integrated with the body kit

then behind it, there is the Cosworth big brake kit

and if you look, the rotor looks like it's reversed

it's just like Ziko's car

yesterday there are many comments, it seemed that the rotor was reversed in Ziko's car

it's actually not, this is the right one

so there is a fan like inside

and that should be facing forward, not the slot that facing forward

the slot can face just anywhere

behind it again that we can't see, there is an MCA coilover and a Whiteline adjustable arm behind it

we usually lift the car, but we can't do that in the Aesthetic Garage

let's continue to the rear wheels

the rear wheels are the same as the front wheels

because for AWD cars, the width of the tires and wheels must be the same

what makes it different is the brakes

the front brake is 6 pot, but the rear brake is only 2 pot

because indeed the rear brake is not significant for a car that is destined for a race track

now let's continue to see the interiors

this is the interior of the Evo 8, this reminds me of the very first Bimo's Evo 8, which I often borrow that car

for the interior, there have been a lot of things that have been replaced

This steering wheel uses Momo made from a suede material, it's really comfortable to hold it

and especially in the electronics section

there are a lot of electronic parts that have been replaced like a turbo timer

then there's the HKS EVC boost controller

in my opinion, there's one part that's really cool, which is this gauge from Greddy Sirius

and there is a hologram on this

let's try to turn it on

this is really cool

because the boost meter is behind it

then we can adjust this front section, whether it's water temp or something else according to our wishes

but it's a hologram, so we can still see both gauges

for you who want this gauge, which is really cool, this hologram gauge or other parts from Greddy or HKS

you can find it on Instagram account

There you can find all the parts you need

and this seat uses Bride Euro which the shape is really cool

and this is really good support too

but this is a reclining seat

it's not a full bucket seat so it can still be adjusted

There is a roll bar for the rear made by XS automotive

and the rear is also stripped off, the seat has been removed

even we can see up to the trunk there is a strut bar and others behind

and finally the most special in the interior

there is a sequential gearbox

Let's test it, but the car has to start

this is neutral


if we want to shift up the gear ...

this is 1st gear

2nd gear

3rd gear

4th gear

to shift to the neutral again, you have to press it

the sequential is like that

the sound is also really good

we'll see what the engine looks like

This is a 4G63 engine that already has been stroked up using a Cosworth stroker kit

Then the head also uses Cosworth part

for the head, it also uses cam from Tomei 280 degrees

the cam gear is also adjustable made by Tomei

for the turbo, this use Owen GT35X with equal length header from the Full-Race

the twin waste gate is from Tial

then for this turbo piping already using pie cut

I really like it now, that pie cut seems sexier

and what's really cool is the intake

this intake is made from carbon

but unfortunately, it's placed behind, so it's not very visible

but this is really cool

then the injectors also use Dynamics injectors

and what I like from the whole modification is that every hose is braided

the radiator hose is using braided

the radiator hose to the reservoir also using braided

and for this strut bar use carbing

and in my opinion, this overall engine that was really crazy built

it's not just the engine, but the gearbox too

everything is so crazy

and for this engine, overall modification produces 580 horsepower in a 4-cylinder engine

and if counted, one cylinder is almost 150 horsepower

Imagine, 150 horsepower is only on one cylinder

and for the spec list, you can see it, because there are so many, we may not be able to mention it one by one

according to me and Ziko, overall this is the best Evo in town

because it's really synchronous from all aspects of modification

from the body, exterior, interior, and engine that really has a concept

because a fast engine must be balanced with a good suspension system and of course a good downforce too

and sorry we can't drive the car

actually, we don't dare to drive it

because as you see, this car is very low and so many carbon parts

if at that time we borrowed RWB and we drive the car

the bottom part was rubber, so there is still more tolerance

and the rubber part can be repaired also

but if carbon part, once it hits, because it's not flexible, it will be damaged and can't be repaired anymore, we must buy a new part

so maybe next time I will drive it

maybe if I try in a race track it's safer

I think that's enough

see you in the next video

keep driving safe and goodbye

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