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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Awesome Video Games - Episode 19 - Haunted Video Games #2

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"Haunted Video Games"

"Video games are haunted"

"Haunted Video Games"

"Video games are haunted"

"Haunted Video Games"

-"Video Games are Haunted" -Ooh! Hey ghouls and ghostettes,

Welcome to Awesome Video Games.

I'm your horrific host,

the harbinger of horribly hellish video games, Chet.

And I'm the Ace of Christmas past!

"Video games are haunted"

What could be scarier than the kidnapping

of an entire city, by an alien UFO?

Count Chocula.

Well Ace, you might change your mind

after playing Fester's Quest by Sunsoft.

Ahh... My bed sheets beg to differ.

"Video games are haunted"

The quest begins.

For starters, take on slime-replicators, skeeters,

globules and giant scorpions!

Ace: "Your health is at stake,"

"not to mention your life."

Will you whip the alien bosses?

Or will they whip you?

-In trouble? -Just ring for Lurch.

He'll give those aliens trouble with a capital 'L'.

The fate of the city is in your hands,

in the most fearfully frightening Fester's Quest.

"Video games are haunted"

You're up Ace. Which NES charts challenge

chills your bones?

The Hunt for Red October!

OK, Ace.

Well what scared your about playing this game?

Oh I haven't played it...

"Video games are haunted"

The name of this game, is Ghosts and Goblins.

That's not just a name,

this game's got both ghosts 'and' goblins.

-Not to mention zombies, -ravens,

-green monsters, -red devils,

-flying knights, -forest ghosts,

-unicorns, -blue demons,

-petite goblins, -big men,

-bats, -tower monsters,

-dragons -and skeletons.

And if you can get past all those bodacious baddies,

you have to face not only Satan, but the Devil too.

"Video games are haunted"

Dare I ask, Ace? What's your next Halloween challenge?


And I thought Jason only played hockey.

He's really talented Ace.

"Video games are haunted"

Why is there a chainsaw in the kitchen?

And a nuclear reactor in the basement?

And why are there tentacles hopping around?

Find out in Maniac Mansion,

a comedy adventure from Jaleco.


Chet: "And if you like to think as hard as"

"you laugh, then get into Maniac Mansion."

And try, just try to get out.

"Video games are haunted"

All right Ace, we've got time for one more

awesome Halloween adventure.

Whaddaya got for me?

Ace! What could you possibly find scary

about Ernie's Magical Shapes?

I don't want to talk about it!

Well there you have it. Ernie's Magic Shapes,

ages 3 to 6.

"Video games are haunted"

Well there you have it ghouls and ghostettes,

Ace and Chet's horrific Halloween picks.

-That's it for this week, I'm Ace! -Boys. Boys!


What do you get when you combine,

a Jack-o-lantern, last year's Halloween candy

and a 3 month old casserole from the fridge?

-No idea, Dad. -What do you get?

Well I don't know either,

but we're about to find out!

-Whoa, whoa, whoa! -*screams*

This has been another, Awesome Video Games.

"Haunted Video Games"

"Video games are haunted"

Captions by: Alex Grace

Ahh... My bed sheets beg to differ.


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