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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The RAP Song - ANAYSA BEHIND The SCENES | #Beauty #Fashion #Makeup #DIML #Fun #ShrutiArjunAnand

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Anaysa's Behind The Scenes video gonna to be awesome...

so lets move on towards Shruti first

got lot of complaints about these girls from a days long

so we hide a Camera today

something happened like normally that sweet n sour gossiping goes on in the office

so we're recording it in camera from 2-3 days

so lets check what we found

so this is the first time ever you'll get to know about what actually goes on Behind the Camera

that how we manage and handle all these things

Bharti is coming...

why you pushed me... I am doing Makeup here

something happened there

I am noticing you quite a few days..

behave well with me otherwise no need to talk with me ok

why you pushed me... even I ain't willing to talk with you

that got happened by mistake

so go to hell..

ok.. then turn a slide

I am doing make up here.. you can do it later

I've to do Makeup as I've a shoot right now


what happened why're you fighting

Omg thats too much

I'll call Shruti

Ok Go and call here

they all are seeing all these

The Description of The RAP Song - ANAYSA BEHIND The SCENES | #Beauty #Fashion #Makeup #DIML #Fun #ShrutiArjunAnand