Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Essential Tools for New Students

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Welcome to Regent University!

Your success is our priority and we are excited to be a part of your academic journey.

Allow us to give you a quick tour through a few of the essential and mostly used resources

for all of our Regent Royals.

"" is the main university website for all viewers.

We recommend that you save this page for easy access for future uses.

By clicking onStudent Experience”, you will access our Community, Resources, and

Quick Links to help you navigate to those resources much faster.

As you scroll down the page you will be able to access program information, Regent Events,

Regent Life, read Success Stories and so much more.

Please note that you can always chat us with any questions by using the live chat function

that is located at the top of your screen and search for more information by using the

magnifying glass icon at the top right corner.

Remember, we are here to serve you!

Your My Regent Portal was designed to provide you with a personalized student-only homepage

for your ongoing work and success.

This can be accessed by clicking onLoginon the top left-hand corner of our website.

You will need to use your custom user ID and password in order to access it.

Once you have logged into your MyRegent homepage, you will see various resources.

Lets take a moment to explore some of the basic essentials.

Your home screen will provide you with an overview of information such as your class

schedule, account balance, and important contact information just in case you ever need account support.

Here at Regent, your success is our priority and we have provided you with your very own support team.

You can find this information under theMy Support Teamsection.

There you will have contact information for your Success Coach and Advising team as well

as any others as they pertain to your specific program.

We hope that you will feel free to reach out to us if you ever have questions or concerns.

As a new Regent Royal, you are supplied with your own Regent email address.

You can access this by choosing Student Gmail.

It is important that you check this email account regularly as this is where all of

our departments will send you updates and important information.

This is also the primary way your professors will communicate with you.

To stay current with your courses, we encourage daily and frequent checking especially during

the academic sessions.

Genisys is where you can access your personal account details.

Here you will be able to update your personal information, view your schedule, view your

unofficial transcripts, register for courses, view and accept your financial aid award offers,

as well as review and make payments to your account.

As you prepare for the start of classes, we encourage you to checkYour Detail Schedule

to confirm your registration.

Also, please be sure to update your personal information as changes occur to keep it up-to-date.

There are several quick and popular links to make it easy for you to access certain information.

For example, you can stay current with our semester dates by clicking on Academic Calendar

and then selecting the one that pertains to you once you are on the webpage.

Of course, your professors will provide you with detailed course dates and deadlines on

your syllabi and we encourage you to keep good track of those as well.

In order to be prepared for classes, you will need to view and order your textbooks.

You can access the bookstore by selectingBookstore Online (MBS)” under thePopular

Linkssection on the left-hand side of your My Regent Portal.

It should either take you to its homepage where you can selectLets Get Started”,

or if you are already registered for classes, it will automatically provide you with a list

of the courses you are taking and the books that are either required or recommended for each of the courses

If you have received a bookstore voucher from Regent University, youll need to utilize

this particular online bookstore to redeem it.

You can accomplish this by clicking "Voucher" at the top of your screen and following the steps.

We encourage you to get familiar with the Library Resources.

The Library will become a great and necessary research and information tool for all of your courses.

The link will take you to the Library webpage where you can begin exploring our vast collection.

Feel free to reach out to our Librarians by clicking on Ask 24/7 or by emailing or calling them.

They welcome you to utilize their expertise to make the best of your research experience.

Your most used resource will be Blackboard.

This is where you will access all of the classes you are registered for.

Your courses will typically be made available a week prior to the start of classes.

Please note that the actual date they are added to your Blackboard account may vary.

Every school has an orientation program, and online learning at Regent is no different.

Regents orientation helps new students to embrace Regents approach to learning,

understand expectations, and access the many support resources that are available.

If your degree program wants you to go through this orientation, it will appear near the

top of yourMy Coursesarea in Blackboard within a few days after enrolling.

Be sure to watch the brief video on the entry page, which explains how to complete the online

orientation through Blackboard.

Most students complete the orientation in under three hours, and you can do it in

small chunks as you have time.

We present the most important content briefly and give you the option to take a

"deeper diveif you need or desire to do so.

Either way, read, watch, and practice your way through to completion before you begin your classes.

New students participating in the online orientation have found it to be extremely helpful and

engaging, and they become more excited, knowledgeable and confident to start classes.

Thanks for taking a moment for our brief tool overview.

We are thrilled that you have joined our family of Regent Royals and cannot wait for you to

get started in your classes!

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