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(Majix) When you come home from prison,

it's hard to adjust back to the free world.

But me, I just wanted to go back to what I knew-- the streets.

It's a lot of pressure, and there's not that many people around

that understand what you're going through,

but I knew I had to get mentally strong

and not get trapped up back in that circle.

It was a slow process, slow grind,

but now I'm here.

You and Majix?


Are getting into 420? I don't know, honey.

I just don't want you to fall back into your old ways.

Are you serious?

You guys don't know how to follow rules.


What the (bleep) is this?

The last couple months, Majix and me have been busting our asses,

developing our original first strain of marijuana.

We're growing Blanco right now.


Now it's time to launch. Everything is riding on our success.

Free the children! Free them now! Free them now!

The whole situation in Mexico right now is very volatile,

so the idea of crossing the border is a little scary,

and on my perspective, it is dangerous.

Due to the nature of the show and cast members' former affiliations

and involvements with cartel, there is an elevated risk factor on the other side of the border.

I would love to be a part of this, but my gut feeling is telling me no.

Wait, wait. That's the wall right there, right?

Oh, my God! You can see it clear as day right now!


My husband is Mexican descent. He was actually deported back to Mexico.

We came with a child. Two of my children had tried to commit suicide

because their dad was not present.

You gotta keep fighting.

It's hard.

We'll keep the fight.

(speaking Spanish)

(Stephanie) We're not here to play God. We're here to do what we can.

And it would break my heart if Betty wouldn't come through.

No, but I am sure.

We'll talk about it later.


Wait, wait, whoo

(singing in Spanish)


(man on P.A.) To prepare for departure,

close your tray table

and place your seat in the upright position.

Right now we're headed to L.A. for our official launch

of our Pure Blanco 420 line.

We got our dog Eddie coming with us

so he can see that this legal,

strategic marketing plan we have really works.

Then, tomorrow, Marie's gonna meet us in L.A. with Kat and Dayana.

That way, all the boys have got a woman on their arm when we walk into this party.


Whee! Oh!


(singing in Spanish)



It smells good.

Damn! Where you going?

I'm getting ready for you.

Oye, the way your body looks! Turn around, let me see.


(speaking Spanish)



Where these girls at?


I heard my name.





You're back!



You look beautiful!

Thank you. You look beautiful.

Y'all look great.

You look so cute!

Thank you!




I'm so glad that the girls are back from Mexico safe and sound.

This trip has been so emotionally and physically draining.

Tonight is our last night in San Diego before we head out to L.A.,

and I'm ready to just have a peaceful dinner with my girls.

Me and Marie, we're, like, beat.

Very tired.

Tired of doing what?

You didn't even go with us.


I'm here! Sorry.


I know. I'm sorry.


Oh, you look so gorgeous!

Come on, come on.

All right.

Wow, this is so beautiful, Ivette.

Ooh, this is good.


Oh, wow!

Yes, you sit at the head of the table. That's totally fine.

This looks good.


Oh, yes, please.

We're gonna pray.

After today, whew! A whole lot of prayers.



Lord bless us all.

Bless our families.

Bless the families at these shelters

and the families that are going through this.

Lord, I ask you that you soften the hearts

of those against us. Amen.




I ain't gonna lie. I'm starving.

It's been an intense couple of days, you know?

Tell us how your guys' day was.

Thank God Marie was able to pick me up

and be able to meet with this woman.

Her name was Cecelia and she just made me realize

that we're all very blessed.

We get to go home to our loved ones.

This lady wakes up every day and has to deal

with the reality of what's her life.

Seven years ago, her husband was taken by ICE

and deported back to Mexico after he grew up

his whole life in the United States.

He had no priors. He was just a hard-working man.

So he's driving one day from work, they stop him,

they find out he has no papers,

and they sent him to a country

that he really didn't know anything about.

And what they say is true.

So he never got arrested?

They just sent him back?

It's not that we--

Yeah, her kids haven't seen her husband in three years,

and she has two kids that have attempted suicide.

(Marie) Yeah, it's pretty serious, man.

And the dad's desperation was so big that he attempted to cross the border...

Mm-hmm. caught, and they banned him for another ten years

from being able to apply for his visa.


Wow, man, that's tough.

I mean, I-- I--

I tried to kill myself when my dad got deported.

And then they sent me to some (bleep) psycho house.

(Kat) Oh, I'm sorry.

And it's insane because, like, my dad came

because of my situation, you know?

And then that's when he got caught.

So, like, I feel for the kid because, like...

You've been that kid yourself.

I was that kid.

(Betty) I was super depressed,

I was going through a lot as a teenager,

and I really needed my dad.

When my dad got deported to Mexico, I really wanted my mom

to take us over there so we could be with my dad.

She didn't do that, and I felt empty inside.

Like, I needed my dad, so... (laughs)

It's not-- I mean, I'm strong. I'm (bleep) strong.

And at the end of the day, like, I have to be strong because of my family.

I have to be strong because my dad, right now, is locked up

and I don't have my dad right now, so I have to be strong.

You're very brave to open up about that to all of us,

because I know that that's not something easy to talk about.


It's not that we think that we are above the law, but it was an emergency.

What wouldn't you do for your child?


Of course.

It's just-- It's a mind(bleep) for me, because it's like,

I cannot fathom what these women are going through,

being separated from their children,

and it kills me because it's hard to leave my daughter behind

and leave her with somebody that can't take care of her better than I can.

And, you know, Michael's fighting so hard to get this bag,

but he's always gone, and, to me, what matters right now is,

I want to be with my family. I want us to spend enough time together.

I miss my family, and this is just...



This trip has made me understand why I was freaking out

when Michael was trying to start the 420 business.

I was scared of losing him, but our fight scared me even more.

I'm realizing that I need to do whatever it takes to keep my family together.

I walked into that shelter and these little kids, you know,

I just-- I can't even express to you, like,

how broken you feel walking in there,

and it's like, you know, I'm in my bubble with my music,

and all I want to do is make it, and I'm thinking,

damn, you know, have I failed?

But when I look around, there's bigger issues in the world.

Today we met a lady that happened to have a child that was ill,

and she traveled all the way from Honduras

because they told her that it was possible that if she came

to the United States that there was a possibility

that her child could walk again.

Of course. Wow.

She tried to come here legally, and they wouldn't let her.

They put them through hell and (bleep).

They called her a whore.


They told her, "Why don't you just go and (bleep) someone's (bleep)

so you can pay for it?"


Like that.

Like that.

Her mom's seeking to come to the United States to find a specialist

that would help her with her condition.

Which, I was gonna say something to you, Betty.

Um, I know your heart is in the right place,

but you are making promises... Oh, Lordy.

No, I wasn't making any promises that I'm not gonna keep.

I promised that I was gonna reach out to my little cousin.

He has one leg that's shorter than the other,

and when he came out of my cousin's womb,

his legs, his whole hips, everything was turned

to the back, so everything was twisted.

So there's a doctor that actually changed

my little cousin's life, you know?

Now he's able to actually walk.

You know an actual doctor.

I know an actual doctor.


In Texas. In Texas, doctors...

What are you gonna do?

I'm going to actually call the doctor.

And what are you gonna do?

I'm going to tell him there's a little girl in Tijuana right now

and she has similar-- she has a similar--

Not similar.

It's not-- It's not similar, but it--

Is one leg longer than the other?

No, no, no, no, no.

It's not similar.

Okay, but you guys

probably had another conversation.

I'm going to go directly, and I need to start--

And are you gonna pay for this doctor?


Is he gonna come here?

I have foundations. I'm trying to see.

You're attacking me and I haven't even--

I haven't even had a conversation with--

Let her talk.

Look, let me tell you something.

You guys didn't see this little girl.


Let me tell you something.

She's making promises that she can't...

No, no, no.

My cousin had his surgery for free.

There are doctors out there that will do it.

There are doctors that are interested in actually--

But like I said, I spoke to the lady, I said,

"Look, I'm gonna speak to the doctor

and I'm gonna see if he possibly could come over here."

He's an American.

You said, "I promise."

I am going to promise her because I'm going to talk to him!

If he can't come, he's going to connect me to another doctor,

and I'm going to make sure that some doctor can help her!

You can't promise that.

Why can't I promise that?

Because these people are waiting for--

They're waiting for anything--

Her promise was to contact a doctor.



She said, "I promise I will make this happen."

I said, "I promise I'm gonna help!"

I don't know what the problem is.

Yeah, I'm a little confused, like, where you girls are coming from.

Let me clear it up so we understand.

That's what I'm asking.

You're talking to people that are in shelters

that have lost everything and they're desperate.

For them, it's like getting their hopes up,

so I-- I'm not-- I'm not--

But what's wrong with giving somebody hope?

Betty's intentions were good. I'm not questioning that she can make something happen.

What I'm saying is that those people--

I couldn't have made today happen?

Can I-- Can I finish? I want to give you your point.

No, today happened, right? I went out of my way to make sure--

We're deviating the conversation.

No, (bleep) no!

(speaking Spanish)

That I had a little-- I have a cousin who has a problem...

You said it.

...with his legs!

You said it.

Yeah, but you didn't understand.

I didn't tell her that my cousin's hips--

his hips were torqued all the way to the back.


This little girl's body--

I get what you're saying!

She-- She said--

Oh, my God!

You know what she said?

Is this (bleep) that I'm talking?

I don't know why! I don't know why!

You don't understand!

Why can't you just talk normal?

No, because you're not gonna make me look like

I'm some fake-ass bitch when I'm a real-ass bitch!

We're not saying that you're fake!

No, but that's technically

what you're saying, low-key. I'm not stupid!

And I'm not gonna make promises that I'm not gonna keep!

I'm gonna do whatever I need to do!

I'm gonna do whatever I need to do to make sure that your daughter

seeks the attention that she needs! I'm going to help!

She would be a really piece of (bleep) if she was lying.

Nobody's saying--

Nobody-- Oh, my God!

Yo, I don't know what she can and cannot do!

The only thing that I can do is ask!

The only thing that I can do is ask!

You ask before you promise! You don't promise the world to people that have nothing!

Sometimes a promise can go a long way, Steph.

You don't (bleep) know her!

(speaking Spanish)

What, bitch?

What the (bleep) is (bleep) wrong with you, bitch?

(Eddie) When you're used to a certain lifestyle,

temptation's a mother(bleep).

Pleasure doing business, brah.

All right, for sure.

You guys know I had to go drop today, right?

Okay, you ETG is...

(Michael) Wow, everybody's out here.

So this is completely legal.

Straight legit, everything.


I'm proud of my... (speaking Spanish)

The only thing that I can do is ask!

The only thing that I can do is ask!

You ask before you promise! You don't promise the world to people that have nothing!

Sometimes a promise can go a long way, Steph.

You don't (bleep) know her!

(speaking Spanish)

What, bitch?

What the (bleep) is (bleep) wrong with you, bitch?

No, no, no, Betty, no! (bleep), no!

(shouting in Spanish)

You're not gonna (bleep) disrespect me like that!

You want to huff and puff...

(shouting in Spanish)

...and act like you're somebody? Shut the (bleep) up!

(shouting in Spanish)

(mimics Betty's shouting) Stupida.

(shouting in Spanish)

What a (bleep) weirdo, brah! I don't have time for this (bleep).

Get out of here!

What a weirdo!

(shouting in Spanish)

What the (bleep) are you gonna do?

What the (bleep) are you gonna do?

What the (bleep) are you gonna do?

What the (bleep) are you gonna do?

(shouting in Spanish)

Start to worry, the (bleep) you talk to me like that!

Never disrespect me!

You (bleep) weirdo!

You never (bleep) disrespect me!

Betty! Betty!

I'm not gonna let you touch Stephanie.

You (bleep) don't know who the (bleep) I am!

Take off your shoes. I'll (bleep) send you to the hospital!

Steph, please!

You not gonna disrespect

my mother(bleep) character!


I understand where you're coming from.

You're not gonna disrespect me, no!

I understand where you're coming from...



... and why you're so passionate.

I get it.

Relax, babe.

We spoke. I get it.

I see you and I understand where you're coming from.

No! And this is my thing that I try doing!

I know, mami.

But you're not gonna play me.

I understand.

You're not gonna play me and then try to question me? No!

My cousin's body was turned around! I know people!

You gonna tell me what I can't do? I can do anything!

And if I talk to one doctor and he doesn't do it,

I'm gonna talk to another one!

(speaking Spanish)

You don't need to prove to anybody what you're gonna do, period.

It's not about them. It's about the person that you're gonna do that for.


We can't get riled up with what other people's concerns are.

(Marie) Yeah, but they were picking on her, man.

If it would have been the other way around,

Stephanie would have acted just the same way.


You know how many people doubt what she's gonna do?

And I tell her the same thing, "Are you gonna fight the world

and put your career in jeopardy because of people that question you?"

'Cause that's gonna happen for the rest of your life.

That's true.

I'll keep my word, Kat.

I know.

You understand. I keep my word.

My father did a lot of bad things in his life in order to provide for his family,

so I basically spent my whole entire life

trying to be different, trying to do good for other people,

and for somebody to come at me and try to question my word like that,

yeah, I'm gonna snap, and Stephanie, you don't know me,

and you have no idea what I can do.

First of all, you shouldn't even involve the child.

I know.

No, it's a promise to a child that's not gonna be made.

You know what I'm saying?

But she'll try to do whatever she can.

That's the first thing that came out of my mouth.


I said, "Your heart was in the right place."

Like, we had such a great day, we had a great dinner,

and for some reason, everything always gets (bleep) up.

Let's face it, things always go left

'cause Stephanie doesn't know how to shut up.

Stephanie always has an opinion about (bleep) that has nothing to do with her.

She can never leave (bleep) alone.

Hope is only good if you come through,

and if you don't, for whatever reason,

it's a lie to the person.

People lie to me every day in my music, so I know

how disappointing and heartbreaking that is,

and that's just from my music career.

Imagine if that was your daughter

and you don't know what's wrong with her.

She is in the shelter right now, thinking

that maybe Betty's words are gonna come through.

But the way y'all relayed it is so (bleep) up.

What you talking about? If I could have gotten--

I was sitting there and I'm listening to both of you...

Kat! Kat!

...attack a girl's good intentions.


I'm your best friend! Who the (bleep) is she?

I know, mami.

I'm telling you my truth!

You believe me, right?

You believe me that she's overreacting?

No, no, I'm telling you from my perspective,

it looked like y'all were attacking, and you're my best friend

and I love you, but I'm gonna tell you how it is, okay?

I can't have this conversation. You know what it is?

I-- I-- I-- I-- I'm--

If I don't agree with you, you can't have a conversation?

No! Because I tried to speak my mind in the most nicest way to her.

Listen, this is what I told her.

The way that I would have handled the situation--

"Listen, you don't believe me, that's on y'all.

"I made a promise to somebody and now I gotta make sure

that I pull through with that promise." Period.


We're done with the conversation, but you got up

and you "he-hah" the whole time.

Yeah, I made it worse,

which is what I just told her.

What the (bleep)?

That transformation of a person

is the weirdest (bleep) I have ever seen, ever.

Steph, but you get passionate about things too.

Passionate and weird is a completely different thing.

That girl transformed into like "The Exorcist."

Like, I don't know. Like, it's like "The Exorcist." Blehh!

She's about to throw up some green (bleep).

I don't know.

(Ivette laughs)

You good, babe?

(speaking Spanish)

Why are you going to a hotel?

Because I'm not staying here.

You're gonna let these bitches win?

No, because this is not my house,

and I'm not gonna stay in somebody house that I don't (bleep) with.

That bitch, she showed me a different side to her face.

She's (bleep).

The way she delivered it was wrong.


At the end of the day...

I agree with the whole promising

a mother and a child, because it's not realistic.

How do you know it's not realistic?

You know what I'm saying?

It's not easy to get a doctor to over there.

No, but if I give my word, Dayana, I give my word.

I don't give a (bleep) if I get to 50

and I'm still fighting for that little girl.

At the end of the day, she's gonna remember me from this day forward!

That bitch is a fake-ass bitch. I'm about to get my (bleep)

out of this bitch's house. I don't give a (bleep).

I could have sworn I told her the most honest way possible.

And then, we were all there, so why I'm gonna hide it? We all heard it.

We all heard it except you and Marie.

Oh, so y'all gonna sneak up behind me like that and not even let me know?

What's wrong with you?

We're not sneaking up behind you!

We're walking away.

Listen, I just argued with this girl.

I'm not gonna walk and say,

"Attention, I'm walking

through the (bleep) room!"

What the (bleep) is wrong with you?

Ivette, Ivette, Ivette, do you hear all that selective memory?

Man, (bleep) you and the (bleep) selective hearing!

Don't (bleep) start with me!

What the (bleep) did you just say?

Don't (bleep)--

What the (bleep) did you say?


Don't ever (bleep) talk to me like that!

Stephanie, (bleep)!

I don't give a (bleep) if Kat is here.

I'll slap the (bleep) out of you!

Do it!

I love you! I don't want to (bleep) fight.

But you always got a mother(bleep) opinion!

You ain't doing (bleep)!

Shut the (bleep) up!

(bleep) you!

(shouting in Spanish)

(bleep) you!

Y'all want to walk behind me with a girl I'm fighting

and not tell me, "Hey, yo, Betty's behind you.

She might want to sucker punch you."

Obviously we knew she wasn't gonna do nothing.

I don't know that!

She walked behind you. I get it.

I get it. I get what Stephanie's saying.

I saw her and I don't know what the (bleep).

The one person that I saw coming was her.

Okay, but why do you continue dragging this (bleep) on?

She's leaving. She feels disrespected by you guys.

I appreciated you at a point but you showed your true colors today.

You appreciated me 'til you didn't need me anymore, right?

Bitch, you didn't need me anymore!

I didn't need you at all!

(overlapping shouting)

Let her go!

Yeah, I'm gonna go, because I'm not

staying in no fake-ass bitch house!

Safe travels!

Okay, buh-bye!


(speaking Spanish)

Let her just go!

Bye-bye, bye-bye!

Berner, you are a monster!



(singing in Spanish)


♪ 'Cause this is my way this is my way

Ay, mami, we're here.

I'm tired, girl.

Last night was a disaster.

Never in a million years would I think

that us taking a trip for a good cause

would end with Stephanie's hand on my neck.

That girl's lucky that my ass is on probation

and I couldn't snap back at her.

Just some boo time for all of us.


Yo, what's for dinner, man? Where are we gonna go eat?

You want some Patrón?


Honey, we're home!

Uh-oh, I hear Lucy!



(speaking Spanish)


(laughter and chatter)


What's up? How was the trip?

You're my boyfriend for the weekend.

Oh, I'm your boyfriend for the weekend?

For the weekend.


Yo, we are so happy to be here...


with men...

It's been...

that are zero dramatic.

We've had an interesting week.


What happened? Major drama?

Stephanie wouldn't stop.

Oh, my God!

I wanted to kill her yesterday.

Stephanie's crazy, man!

Why? What'd she do?

She almost choked your wife,

so you know.



It's always Stephanie instigating (bleep).

Stephanie kept instigating Ivette and-- and--

I'm not gonna say that it's always Stephanie.

But you talk to her and then she's never wrong.

(Kat) I told Stephanie the way that she delivered her message was wrong.

By the end of the day, I can't let Betty put her hands on my best friend.

But Stephanie needs to stop putting herself in situations like that.

Stephanie needs to stop putting you in situations.

Anyways, I want to leave that trip behind and I want to have some drinks.


Health, wealth, and happiness.

To my cartel crew.

Senhora, don't you have to call your advocate tomorrow?

Yes, you can't drink. Sorry.


Bro, I like your 24/7 probation officer here.

Ever since the case with my family, I'm still dealing with the advocate program,

so they can call me up and I have to show up

for a random alcohol and drug test at any time anywhere.

Of course, my attorney called me up and told me I have to go drop.

And this sucks, because after this weekend,

forgive a bitch for wanting a drink or two, okay?

Tomorrow, we're gonna have some fun, you know, how we do it.

Y'all coming to our tasting.

I'm starting to diet. I can't wait to see the event tomorrow.

Every local personality that's in the game is gonna be there tomorrow.

Celebrities, social influencers.

Tomorrow is either gonna make us or break us.

The fans, the people are gonna say, "We love this (bleep),"

or, "Yo, this (bleep) is wack."

It's winning or losing.

We have no choice to win.

We have no choice to win and get it.

So proud of you guys, man.


Finally we're here and living up to at least the OG's entrepreneur legacy.

Man, we been talking about this for more than a decade.

And my (bleep), like, being (bleep) up in the head, you know,

depression, anxiety, PTSD, I find my balance instead of prescription drugs.

I smoke and I love life. And maybe this (bleep) will help somebody somewhere.

Took us nearly 3 1/2 years to get to where we're at today,

and just... y'all, I love you guys and I want to thank you guys for being here, for real.

Well, we love you guys too.

Hey, y'all must be tired, huh?

(Marie) Exhausted.

Yo, we got that meeting in the morning.

It's like 9:00 in the morning.

(sighs) No (bleep).

So early? So you're going to sleep?

Who, me?

Yeah, we're tired. We've had a really, like, eventful...

No, they invited me out.



I'm gonna take this (bleep) and I'm gonna smoke my (bleep).

(singing in Spanish)


What's up, baby?


What up, fool?

There it is.


(Michael) Today, our business partner and collaborator Berner,

the owner of Cookies, is gonna show us our final product

before we introduce it to the public at the launch party tonight.

I got a little something special to show you.



All right, so this is our trim room.

Everything gets trimmed right here.

It gets packaged right here.

And we flowered out a couple of the Medellín 87s,

which is now the Blanco.

You gotta see what she-- what she really is, though.

The effective megasaur.


Look at them nugs! Bern, you are a monster!

Mm-hmm. Ooh, that baby's beautiful!

To complement the product, the bag...

Oh, my God!

I mean, not only is the product fire, but the texture of the bag

is so next level, when someone gets it,

they're not gonna get rid of it.

Nah, I love it. Super dope.

Everything from the packaging to the flower came out perfect.

I got two pounds that we flowered out

that we're dedicating to the taste test.

We're gonna be able to see what big critics think about it,

what our friends think about it,

and we'll put out my story on IG.

I want to get real feedback because if they love it like we love it,

they'll blow it up all the way.

Yo, Bern, this is beautiful,

just seeing that logo, oh!

I just want to...




Bern, you're a maniac, bro!

This is history.

This is the first batch grown

and I couldn't be more happier

than the way it came out.

It's been a long time coming, man.

From the bottom of my heart,

thank you, and I thank you, (bleep)!

Thank you very much. I love you too, kiddo.

Right on.

(Michael) I paid for my crimes. I did my time.

But it's heartache to stay on the straight and narrow

when you're used to a certain lifestyle.

Temptation's a mother(bleep), trust me.

When you're so used to living narco, living cartelero,

it's real easy to fall into temptation just like that.

It's been a while, brother.

Good to see you, dog.

Welcome back into the game, G.

Appreciate it.

(Michael) Believe me you, there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Here's the second half.

All right, for sure.

(Michael) You can make it out.

Always good doing business, brah. Holler at you.

For sure, my G.

(Michael) It's just that it's not easy.

The alcohol, is that, like...

It'll be any alcohol that you've had in the last 80 hours.

That's two days?

Three and a half.


I'm so tired

Don't play the fool

Of being lied to

Yes, I never thought I would... ♪

Oh, my God, Kat, I'm so tired.

I'm so tired

What were you doing last night that you're so tired?

Nothing. I hung out with Majix in his room and, um,

we were just talking and listening to his music.



Well, that's interesting, 'cause, like,

I know I joke around with you,

but to be honest,

I think you guys look cute together.


Obviously, you guys are comfortable enough

to be touching each other, so...

Touching each other?

Well, you would hug him.

He's my friend. You know, we're always like that.

We're cool.

(knocking on door)

Come in.

Come in.

Ow! (bleep)! I just hit my head.

Look at you!

Where'd you go like that?

To hell.

Well, that's a fine way to go to hell.

Yeah, seriously.

Mike let you out of the house like that?

Bro, you guys know I--

Obviously, Mike is not around.

You guys know I had to go drop today, right?

Oh, my God!


Hi, how are you?

Um, I am part of a drug program

back at home in Miami, so I was called to do

my drug test that I'm supposed to be doing.


Do you guys do drug tests here?

Yes, we do.


So what do they check for?

They check for everything. Like,

it's a drug and alcohol test, okay?

(sighs) So all of a sudden the doctor called me over there.

Ready for the drug test?



Come with me.

Um, so, okay, you're gonna leave your purse here.

"Leave your purse right here."

He literally turns off the water

to, like, the sink and the toilet so I don't flush.

You can't run any water. You cannot flush.

I need enough urine to be about here,

so go ahead.

I'll be right outside.


So he tests me, so I...

Well, you didn't have no alcohol in your system,

because I remember blocking her from drinking for the past few days.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but that-- that is the problem.


Any questions about anything?

Um, the alcohol, is that, like...

It'll be any alcohol that you've had in the last 80 hours.

It's called the ETG.

Eighty hours. That's how many days?

That's two days?

Three and a half.


It's an 80-hour ETG test. I'm like, "What do you mean, 80 hours?"

Yeah, what do you mean, 80 hours?

Meaning it goes back to 80 hours.

Bitch, what was I doing three days ago?


Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey


Luckily, it came out negative.



I know! For real, (bleep) bitch!

Now we can celebrate.

Hello, hello.



What's up?

I got a surprise for you.

You got a surprise?

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

No, you didn't!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

I want this one!

Oh, look at these!

You like it?

Deniro is gonna be so happy.

Ever since me and Eddie had our big fight,

things haven't been so great with us,

so I think this is kind of him stepping up to the plate

and doing something very sweet, and that means so much to me.

Marie, what time is the party today?

From 7:00 to 10:00.

I want everything to go perfect tonight

'cause if (bleep) don't go as planned,

Mike is gonna lose his (bleep).

I won't be able to make it.


Yeah, my PO didn't approve me for it.

(speaking Spanish)

Everything's legal there,

so what's the problem?

But she say it's not legal in Florida, so...

It is what it is. You know...

(Eddie) I really wanted to go out there

and support the guys for the launch party,

but unfortunately, I'm under federal restrictions

and I didn't get approval to make it there.

I knew in the back of my mind that chances were slim

of me making it to this launch party,

but I still wanted to take advantage

and make the best out of this trip,

spending some time with Kat.

I wouldn't risk it.

And Michael understands, so...

I'll be there with y'all soon, though.

And you need to take care

of these babies.


I can't believe I have two beautiful puppies.

I feel like I just gave birth.


She just peed here.

You know you gotta give up that ass tonight,

'cause you got two!

You had twins!


I want to thank everyone for coming out

for the taste test tonight for the Blanco.

I want to make a little announcement.


Excuse me.

I'm gonna talk to him.


This is my dream I'ma get it I'ma get it

I'ma get it today huh

This is my dream I'ma get it I'ma get it

I'ma get it today huh... ♪

(Michael) Wow, everybody's out here.

I'ma live it I'ma live it my way well let's get it

Well let's get it

(speaking Spanish)

Let's get it

All right, what's up?

Uncle B, what's up, my mijo?

Is it good?


Your damn Mr. Proof here (Proof here) ♪

Y'all know who... ♪

Clean! Ha, look at that.

Did you get to taste it yet?


That's it right there. That's Blanco in that big-ass one right there.


It's fire.

What do you think, man?

It's fire, man.

That's what's up.


Yeah. No, we've been smoking it.

That (bleep)'s fire (bleep), bro.

Everything about it,

the taste, smell, everything.

It tastes smooth.

No, that (bleep) is good.

I'ma be high as (bleep).

Making it happen.

It's a blessing to be here and get it going.

You're already coming out swinging hard.

You're coming out swinging hard.

Swinging hard, baby.

Like Iron Mike in his prime.

At the end of the day, bro, you're coming

into the game with real smoke.

Tonight's gonna be lit!

Are you nervous, going in?

For real, but this smells delicious in here.

Hello, hello, hello!

That's your wifey.

Is that your wifey?

That's my wifey.

I haven't met the wifey yet.

Trouble has arrived.




Say hi to Bern.

What's up, Bern?

How are you doing? Good to see you.

What's up? How are you? Nice to meet you.

I'm cool under pressure, but deep down, I'm a nervous wreck.

Michael has everything riding on this launch to be a big hit.

I could honestly use a nice hit of a blunt right now,

but I don't want to (bleep) up my advocate program,

so I'm just gonna stay chill.

Ladies, open that bag. Smell what the Bern-man

and his group of mad scientists have helped create.

This came out so nice.


Like it?


Oh, my God! That smells really good.

So this is completely legal?

Straight legit, everything.


I'm proud of my... (speaking Spanish)

It's pro luck.


Yeah, we've been smoking all night.


I'm not gonna even front.

I'm high as (bleep) right now.

It's a whole different world, homie.

This tastes so good.

Oh, man, that's nice.

You guys killed it with this.

Like, serious.

I'm a visionary.

I'm a (bleep) visionary.

I feel great. (coughs)

I am stoned out of my mind.


You guys met JT Campos for pointing us out?

Dayana. Nice to meet you.

So how did you get into acting?



Okay, do you have children?

She has four kids.

Yeah, I'm good. Just put me in the film.

Whoa! Oh, oh, oh, oh!

I might be pregnant right now after last night.

Oh, yeah!


Well, I had two babies today.

Oh, yeah! Eddie surprised her with two French bulldogs!

Two Frenchies?

I want a boyfriend that'll get me a dog too.



What just happened right there?

Something about you getting a dog or something.



'Cause, you know,

'cause they were telling me about you have a dog

that you were selling.

Eh, no.

That ain't what you said, though.

That ain't what you said.

I was just playing.

All right, y'all, I want to thank everyone for coming out.

I got a lot of my close friends, my business partners,

respected lungs in the industry here for the taste test tonight.

For the Blanco, I want to welcome Michael, Majix,

the Blanco family, into the game.

It was fire, bro. And I want to make a little announcement.

We gonna take this thing nationwide.

There it is.

(cheers and applause)

All right.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

Appreciate you, dude.

I can't believe my dream of being legit in the cannabis world is coming true,

'cause when I was 15, I would have never thought about this.

I'm living proof that it's possible to come from the streets,

out of the mud, and turn your life around

and be legitimate and make them ins.

This a real stoner party. I told you, we rolling out

the green carpet for you, brother.

Appreciate you, my bro.

Listen, on my behalf and Pure Blanco behalf,

at times like this, I remember, like, epic movies, right?

You hear the guy talking about, yeah, that he lived in the times of Hector,

that he lived in the times of Achilles.

Well, listen, I came from the times of Griselda,

I lived during the times of Pablo,

and I've been in the room with Berner,

and I can say that we walk with giants right now.

That's a beautiful comment, bro. Thank you, bro, for real.

Appreciate that. That's super mob motivating cartel talk,

main bottom line.

Excuse me, guys.


Excuse me, man.

I'm gonna talk to him.

What do you think?

(background chatter)

What's up, pretty mama?

What's up, what's up, what's up?

What do you think?

This is awesome, babe.

You had so many, like, powerful people in here.

You did it.

(background chatter)

You did it.


You did it, babe.

No, we did it.

I told you, kid, I tried to enlighten people

on the perspective of what I was visualizing

many years ago to build something

that we could believe in,

and I'm glad that you finally came here to see it.

It took me a while to understand.

It took me to actually be here and experience it

and see it for myself, babe, and I gotta say

that I'm proud of you, I'm very, very proud of you.

And you know what? Your mother would be proud of you.

Very proud of you.

I love you.

Love you too.

I've been working my whole life to achieve a goal,

to make my mother and my brothers proud up in heaven

and know that I did it, and right now,

I feel like more than a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Not only do I know that my mother's proud of me,

but I know that Marie is proud of me,

and it means a lot for the queen that sits right next to me

to be proud of me.

Ah! We did it, kid! (bleep) it, bro. Crazy! Just doing it.

Ah, man! I'm so high I don't know whether to eat, cry, or eat.




I'm going through real life (bleep).

Like, I got a girl coming to my DMs,

telling me about my dude.

I feel like I need to be honest with my son about my past,

so I'm really trying to find out that right way to tell my son

Daddy was locked up, you know,

Daddy did something bad.

Exactly, yeah.

I think it's time for me to grow up and have some changes in my life.

I'm about to get serious and move away from the nightlife,

so I'm throwing a retirement party.

First of all, it was a stupid argument!

Why you gotta take it there?

Stephanie, you put your hands on me!

Are you sorry or are you not sorry?

Because it doesn't seem like you're sorry at all.

Wait, wait! Stephanie!

That's it!

(overlapping shouting)

(bleep) you!


Do you see what she does?

(overlapping shouting)

Go get her, Betty!

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