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Hi friends! Do you know that a new type of lamp has been created which burns forever without use of any fuel?

Dont think that these are recent scientific inventions.

They have been used in the 5th century BC.

Do you know where they were used?

In the tombs of the dead!

These lamps were placed along with the dead to help them to attain salvation.

Although most of the lamps were buried,

some of them have been discovered now.

he most amazing thing is that they are still burning.

Although people with supernatural beliefs consider dead people as sinners,

it is a wonder when viewed in a scientific perspective.

Hebrews played an important role in it.

The electricity which we use now is what they have discovered and protected for so many years.

A French rabbi named Jechiele who has studied the Hebrew rules has found a lamp which burns without any wick or fuel

When it is impossible to create such a lamps even now,

how was it possible to create them in those days?


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The Description of Ever-Burning Lamps | அணையா விளக்குகள்