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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Silvana Richardson - The Future of Professional Development

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I was born and spending some formative

years of my life in South America where

we have absolutely no idea what's going

to happen tomorrow let alone in five

years so I know it's not in my national

DNA I'm not even going to go there so

that's my excuse

don't worry I don't care if you don't

love me I'm going to talk about what I

would like professional development

annuity to do in the next five years I

would like continuous professional

development initiatives to equip and to

enable teachers to develop more

contextually appropriate methodology but

to long teacher development have focused

on same old same old

and then technology same old same old

has been basically a rather limited and

narrow repertoire of techniques

strategies which like flat pack

furniture from Ikea we can transport

wherever we want to go we can unpack and

we can use with very very little

reference or attention to leave

linguistic cultural social educational

backgrounds of the people that we teach

these methodologies of course have been

designed for the globally mobile native

speaker and therefore a lot of the time

has very little relevance to the needs

of the people anywhere else in the world

so what we really really need is

teachers and teacher educators who

understand they already but were able to

research their own context more deeply

so that rather than just being consumers

of knowledge they become creators of

locally appropriate and culturally

appropriate and educationally

appropriate knowledge we need teachers

and teacher educators who are able to

tap into the single most valuable

resource the students own language we

need teachers and teacher educators for

able to create bilingual and plural

lingual learners who are what the kind

of thing that this globalized world

needs and always meets a critical

mindset so we do need teachers and

teacher educators who are also able to

genuinely encourage teachers

to think creatively to challenge and to

think ridiculous

that's my non prediction thank you very




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