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rain rain go away come back another day

don't worry my neighbour's house isn't on fire before anyone asks oh hello there

so welcome to a very wet murky miserable weekend yes it is it's oh my goodness

day 26 of 31 days of learning English in October 2019

hmm Oh sometimes only a cup of coffee will do especially on a cold damp day

like this hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are

you okay I hope so

are you happy I really really hope so here we are then what can I say about

the weather that hasn't already been said I think it's raining everywhere I

think the whole planet is actually suffering from rainfall it is raining

heavily here would you like to have a look outside okay so that is the view

there it is outside the window you can see and now don't worry

don't worry my neighbour's house is not on fire they are actually burning some

wood on their log burner in their house to keep them warm because it is a little

bit cold today I must be honest it's not warm outside and the rain is falling

would you like to have a look at the birds so these are the birds right now

in the back garden as you can see they are busily feeding because there are no

insects around for them to eat because the rain is falling so heavily so that

is a live view looking outside the window right now into the garden and you

can see some of the birds frantically feeding frantic if you do something

frantically you do it urgently you do it in a panic you do something that you

must do you can't hesitate you can't wait you must do it now so the birds

look very frantic today they are really desperate for food

because it's raining as you may have noticed I think it's raining everywhere

I really do I I'm pretty sure that it's raining everywhere still it doesn't

matter because well you know what day it is today

yes you do it's Saturday it's actually soggy Saturday

yes I know everyone is watching the rugby everyone is watching rugby on the

television it is the semi-final today isn't it so this morning the semi-final

was taking place between England and I want to say New Zealand am i right and

England 1 England actually won the match so it looks as if England are through to

the final of the world rugby tournament World Cup thing as you can see I don't

really follow sport very much but I do know that England won their match this

morning thank you very much to the internet for telling me that very nice

so let's have a look at the livestream shall we let's have a look who is on the

live chat hello - Nasia and also Julie guess what you are both

first on today's live chat well done

bravo Bravo well done I will give you a bow and also a curtsy like a pretty lady

isn't that nice hello Patrick hello also two Connell

nice to see you here today also off gun also we have blue thunder hello blue

thunder and nice to see you back Luis Mendez what is the weather like in

Paris what is the weather like in France is it raining there because it's raining

very heavily here in the UK in fact I think we need mr. Steve's poncho

that mr. steve is so funny he really is he's a little strange as well sometimes

but I think today is definitely the day for wearing your poncho now we are

considering walking into town so normally on Saturday we go into town for

our lovely meal so we are thinking of walking into town although I think that

might be a bad idea because the rain is falling heavily and not only that it has

been it has been raining it's been raining for over 24 hours so actually it

hasn't stopped raining here in the UK for 24 hours so right here right now

it's raining and some of the fields near to the house have been flooded so yes

it's quite horrendous out there so I'm not sure if it's a good idea to walk

into town at all we might end up driving into town hello Sally nice to see you

again bit trees is here apparently it is also raining heavily in Malaysia so yes

I think it might be true I think it might be raining everywhere on the

planet at the moment so everywhere is having rain Oh Orion

hello Orion also g50 hello g50 good morning everyone here I am with you to

get a little bit of learning with a lesson hi mr. Duncan congratulations the

England rugby team has won against the All Blacks can we say that nowadays so

New Zealand have been beaten by England in the Rugby World Cup game I don't

understand rugby I will be honest with you the only thing I know about rugby is

that if you play rugby for many years you end up with

cauliflower ears that's the only thing I know about rugby so all I know is if you

play rugby often your ears will end up looking like cauliflowers that's the

only thing I know so my knowledge of the game of football I know also there are

two different types of rugby so there's rugby league and also rugby

union is that right that's all I know I don't know anything else the only thing

I really know is that if you play rugby a lot you will end up with cauliflower

ears that's all I know really hello also to zyyd hello also to Louie

Belarusian pachu I think a lot of people are watching the

rugby because there is a lot of sport taking place on Saturday

there really is I am finding it difficult to get your attention at the

weekend at the moment because no one wants to watch me they want to watch the

sport instead by the way I am with you for 31 days of October and of course

it's English every day there you can see the times on the screen right now and of

course on Thursday next Thursday it is the end of October and also it is the

end of 31 days of English will you be sad to see me go on Thursday no more

daily live streams talking of crying there is a trend that I've noticed that

is taking place at the moment especially on television a lot of people showing

their emotion on television crying getting upset has this become a new

thing because I remember many years ago it was seen as invasive or impolite to

show a person being upset by something but it would appear that we've forgotten

all about that now so when you put the TV news on quite often you will see

people crying about all sorts of things and sometimes and this is just my

opinion by the way this is what I think I think sometimes the interviewer so the

person who is asking the questions is actually manipulating the guest they are

trying to get them to actually cry so what do you think about public emotion

do you think it is good to show your feelings especially when it comes to

crying quite often on television now all television programs especially during

the evening they really try to get people to cry if it's the X Factor or

Britain's Got Talent or maybe a talk show with a special

guest they always try to get them to cry

like that do you think it's a good idea or is it a

bad idea to get people to show their public emotion to show their emotions in

public now I think it's become a little invasive even funerals you might see on

the news a report from a funeral and you will see there are lots of shots there

are lots of video clips of people crying openly now in many years ago we didn't

do this because we thought it was an invasion of privacy but nowadays public

emotion showing your feelings and especially your your intense emotions

such as crying or getting angry they seem to be commonplace nowadays so

public emotion what do you think some people believe that you should not show

your emotions in public now here in England we are often seen as

reserved so that means that we are people who keep our feelings to

ourselves we often talk about the British stiff upper lip we are seen as

brave stoic oh I like that word stoic so even when things are bad we still keep a

stiff upper lip it's a great expression so what do you think do you think

showing your emotions in public is a good thing or a bad thing maybe it is a

way of releasing that tension maybe it is a good way of getting these things

out into the open however sometimes I think it is a little more Koosh oh

there's a nice word if something is more Koosh it means we are exploiting

someone's emotions for entertainment purposes so something that is more Koosh

you are creating an emotional situation almost artificially and quite often

nowadays people like to see other people getting upset or angry it is a form of

entertainment unfortunately what about me do I ever

get angry well sometimes I do but not very often not as often as I used to

let's just say Kunal is here in Azerbaijan we have unusually sunny

weather well you are very lucky because at the moment here it is horrible

outside there is the view right now the rain is coming down it's falling it is a

very soggy day here in England Belarus who is here nice to see you as well and

now we are up to date Emin says men aren't supposed to cry

but nowadays you will often see men crying as well so maybe in some cultures

or some countries if a man is crying if he shows his emotions maybe that is a

sign of weakness who knows Louie Louie says TV shows are how can I

say that without being unpleasant well I think many TV programs especially the

news see I think the news is one of the worst offenders they often like to show

people in a state of high emotion maybe they are angry or maybe they are upset

by something so I think so Emin says the exploitation yes there is

a form of exploitation so maybe using people's emotions as a

form of entertainment and we see this all the time especially with reality

television so reality TV often uses confrontation anger emotions for

entertainment I don't I don't think that's a good thing really I think that

is a bad step for Humanity I think so because we are using each other each

other's weaknesses for the purpose of entertainment so I'm not sure if that's

a good thing even here on YouTube you will often see people using other's

emotions or reactions as entertainment so I think it's I don't think it's a

good step I think it is a step in the wrong direction ts is here I am fine you

are lucky because we have rainy days here all day but I also feel lucky well

I think having rain is not necessarily a bad thing because in some countries I

think in Brazil they've had a lot of dry weather and there are lots of wildfires

taking place at the moment lots of wildfires occurring in the

United States so in some parts of the world they are literally praying for

rain they want the rain to come here we are all wishing that the rain would go

away and come back another day man has to struggle with his emotions I think so

I think it's true hello also to

zeusie zoo Zika who says sorry mr. Duncan I will see you later

I am going for a ride on my bicycle I like to ride my bicycle I like to ride

it where I can a little bit of Queen there for you I hope you enjoyed that

Thomas says hello mr. Duncan we have lovely weather here in the Czech

Republic the sun is shining and it is around 20 degrees it is damp and cold

here even the birds don't look very happy

today so you can see the birds in the garden well there aren't that many at

the moment I think you can see oh that looks like a goldfinch so there is a

goldfinch on the bird feeder but even the birds don't look very happy today

and normally the birds are always happy they are flying around and tweeting so

normally they are very jolly animals

would you please explain the meaning of perception

well perception is the way a person see something the way you sense the world

around you so your own perception is the way you see it so an an individual

person will see the world in their way the things they see and hear

and their own understanding of the world around them is their perception their

view of the world and one of the wonderful things about humanity is we

all have different perceptions we all have a slightly different way of looking

at the world and that is one of the things that makes everything so

interesting sometimes don't you think so don't you think so because we're all

slightly different so I think it makes the world more interesting hello - Marwa

we have sunny weather unfortunately the rain comes rarely I'm sorry to hear that

we are having too much rain here at the moment I mean or Eman says I think you

live in Paradise do you me me me well some people have described it as

paradise I'm not sure about that it isn't all good Theo says I find public

emotion and violence disgusting and also a symptom of our sick society Theo

really really expressing your opinion there thank you very much

mr. Duncan you are getting a new friend every day I see you with good vibes

Thank You Federico that's very kind of you to say isn't that nice

so a person's perception is the way they view so maybe a certain subject so your

views your way of seeing something is your perception the way you take the

things that you see around you and you visualize them your perception of the

world around you some people have a narrow perception they have a very

narrow view of the world and some people have a very open but

section where they try to experience all sorts of things I think from my own

point of view I think I have an open perception so I try to find out about

everything I don't just look at one thing and assume that's the only thing

that exists so I always try to to open my mind and look at the whole picture or

the big picture so I don't just think of one thing in one way I like to see see

things openly armed' says I like the rain it reminds me of the poem winter of

William Shakespeare is that the winter of discontent maybe maybe maybe it is

lots of things happening in the UK you may have heard that it would appear that

this is not happening anymore it looks as if this has been cancelled

so this thing that I'm not going to mention I will not say its name I refuse

to say it it looks as if this will not be happening on Thursday next Thursday

is the 31st of October so this is not happening now it looks as if this has

been cancelled however however all is not over all has not ended because now

we have one of these oh not one of these it might be one of those eventually no

one of these it might be that afterwards so that might come afterwards but that

will come before so we have a general election that means the whole country

will go vote for a new government here in the UK

can you believe it so after one thing we have a new thing

to talk about so at the moment it looks as if we will be having a general

election here in the UK and at the moment they are saying the 12th of

December are you kidding me the 12th of December just a few days

before Christmas I have a feeling now excuse me I have a feeling that we might

all be going a little bit crazy I don't know I'm not sure about it but I think

having a general election just over a week before Christmas is a terrible idea

it really is what a crazy time we are living in I wish I could be around in 50

years time so 50 years from now they will be talking about this period of

time and I would love to find out what they would be saying about this this

whole period of time because all of this is history

so we are now living history this is real time history so in 50 years time

they'll be talking about the early 2000s they'll be saying oh the early 2000s we

call that the age of indecision that's what I think they'll call it so I think

they'll call this period of time the age of indecision when people could not make

their minds up we were unable to make firm decisions I think so so it's it's

incredible I can't believe that they are thinking of making the general public

here in the UK go out and vote in winter about 12 days before

Christmas it's crazy so when we have a general election

it means we go out to vote for a new government and let's just say this has

already caused a lot of outrage some people want to have it and some people

don't so now this this seems like an old story this is like something from from

the past because people are more interested in this than this I don't

know I don't know how to explain this normally normally I don't have a problem

expressing myself but if you went if you were to ask me what I think about now

about everything that's happening I would just say it's crazy what's

happening it's crazy not only here but also around the world as well so much

chaos and confusion the age of indecision indecision if you have

indecision it means you are unable to make a proper choice so anyway sorry

about that I'm going into town soon I will be going into town to have a lovely

meal will we be walking in that is the big question

oh hello Belarusian in Argentina we will have a general election tomorrow so

proving my point there is actually a general election taking place in

Argentina lots of political upheaval lots of things going on in the world

Louis Lewis says in 50 years you might not be out of Europe

do you know what you might be right there we might still be talking about

this 50 years from now fortunately I will be dead so it won't matter to me

what horrible thing to say did you see something on the internet

the other day there was something very interesting that I saw on the Internet

now apparently a scientist who studies the way in which people work has come up

with an image of what human beings will look like in the future

do you want to see it it's not very nice so I warn you now it doesn't look very

nice but apparently this is what we are all going to look like in the future

because of our working conditions the way we sit in the office the way we

always sit in front of computers and here is the image I warn you now it's

not nice so there it is apparently we are all going to look like this in the

future do you mean we're all going to be wearing dresses and dressed as ladies is

that what he means does it mean that we're all going to be women in the

future so there is an image of apparently what we will all look like in

the future based on the way we sit in front of our computers and the way we

work in office spaces so that isn't that's how we will look in the future

I'm not sure if that's all of us so will we all be wearing dresses will we all be

looking like women in the future I don't know I'm not sure about that Patrick

says the world is going wrong and crazy Patrick wants the 1970s to come back now

last week if you remember I was talking about than I

in 80s because the 1980s as far as I'm concerned was a super-duper era a great

time to be alive yes apparently that's what we're going to look like we're

going to look like that lady so are our shoulders will be all hunched

our legs will be swollen because we'll be sitting down all the time I know I

don't like it either yes I did live in China Thank You business business I

think you're watching in Vietnam so yes I did live in China for many years

working as an English teacher and also appearing on television in China that's

what I did have you ever thought a president has assigned his ex rival at

the election as one of his ministers it has happened here oh I see so maybe a

president a person will become the president and then they will give their

rival a job on their cabinet that's quite interesting yes I think that's an

interesting situation I don't think that's ever happened here to be honest

although sometimes a person will defect if you defect

it means you leave one thing and go to another so if you defect

it means you leave one thing so your loyalty to that group has ended and then

you go and join that group so sometimes in politics people will defect they will

go from one side to the other and it does happen you will find it happening

here in the UK in UK politics many people have been changing their sides

they have been going from one side to the other so maybe from from the right

to the left so they were

conservative and then suddenly they've decided to go a little bit more to the

left so that's been happening quite a lot recently yeah man

says hello mr. Duncan sorry I'm late well I won't be here for much longer I

will be going soon because it's Saturday of course it's not just Saturday its

soggy Saturday

hmm it's soggy Saturday look there is the view outside right now you can see

the birds do not look very happy they look like Angry Birds they are real

Angry Birds because the weather is awful it is it's horrible look so there is the

view outside right now it is not a nice day let's just say I can't believe that

we are going to walk into town I don't think it's a good idea to be honest I

really don't Louie Louie I'm not sure if the future is for us

human beings it will be a long long time to evolve that way hello - yeah man who

says sorry I'm late I think I've read that already hello to em in I read that

by 2025 20% of people will have obesity yes I think already I think in the

United States I think it's 1 in 3 so every third person in the United States

is now overweight I think here it's about 1 in 5 or 1 in 6 but even here in

the UK more and more people are becoming overweight and unhealthy quite often

because of their eating habits and also their working habits as well they have

to sit around for a lot of hours at TEF says everything you say mr. Duncan is

very useful to my second language thank you very much that's why I'm here I've

been on YouTube for 13 years so next Thursday it will be my 13th

anniversary 13 years I've been here doing YouTube lessons on video and of

course for the past three years I've been here live

doing this I was actually the first English teacher to start doing regular

live English lessons live so I'm the first person honestly thank you also to

what does soggy mean mawa or Marwa asks what does soggy mean if you are soggy it

means you are wet you are completely wet you are soggy

maybe you've been walking in the rain and the rain has fallen on your clothing

your clothing will be wet it will be soggy so something that is soggy is wet

the water has soaked into it so maybe your clothing is soggy maybe the water

has gone into your shoes so you have soggy feet my feet are soggy

it's a great word soggy we can also use the word drenched if something is

drenched it is also completely wet so I hope that helps thank you very much

Patrick thank you also to a TF I am going in four minutes I will be going

because it's almost time for me to go into town to have my Saturday lunch what

are we having today hmm we're having some lovely meat today

can you guess what meat I am eating today tea ass I remember in the past

that you prepared some soggy bread yes if I put bread out for the birds I

always make sure the bread is wet and the reason for that is the very small

birds can sometimes choke on the bread if it's too dry so I always put the

bread in water before I put it outside and then the

birds can pick at the soft bread and it won't harm them so very nice everyone is

saying beef are you having beef today Louie Louie says sheep I'm not sure if

I'm having sheep today although maybe maybe not who knows so we have a general

election that may or may not happen so it hasn't been decided so at the moment

it is hanging in the balance if something is hanging in the balance it

means it hasn't been decided so something is hanging in the balance it

hasn't been decided so the general election here in the UK

is still hanging in the balance it hasn't been decided I must say we've

we've used some very interesting phrasal verbs today some very interesting

phrasal verbs I hope you've enjoyed today's lesson I hope it's been useful

to you if it has tell a friend if it hasn't tell me if you want to get in

touch you can there is my facebook and also my email and of course it goes

without saying please like and subscribe like and hit the subscribe button as

well so then you will never miss another one of my lessons so please like please

subscribe it would be lovely to have your company during every live stream I

would love to see you here and of course I will be back tomorrow I'm going to be

here tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time now can I briefly explain there is a

slight problem tomorrow the clocks here in the UK will

go back one hour so for some people my live stream will appear one hour later I

know it's terrible isn't it this causes confusion every time so the

clocks will be going back so tomorrow's live stream will still be at 2 p.m. UK

time so what happened now what was that I don't know

I think the clocks were going back then I think we were going back to

yesterday's live stream how strange so the clocks will be going back by one

hour tonight so tomorrow it will still be 2 p.m. UK time that's better

2 p.m. UK time on Sunday so there you can see it though it is although it is

right there Sunday 2 p.m. UK time however for some people because of the

time change because the clocks are going back here in the UK it might be

different for some of you so I will be here tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time that's all

I can say really I'm going now it is now 12:45 I have to

put my boots on I have to get ready to go outside into the pouring rain let's

have a look at the birds before we go there is two birds there are two birds

and now there aren't they've gone I will see you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time thanks

for your company I hope you've had a good day I know lots of you are watching

the rugby and I think tomorrow as well a lot of people will be watching the rugby

and all of the sport but maybe here's a good idea maybe you could have me on as

well so you can watch the rugby but also you

can watch me at the same time or of course if you are watching the football

you can watch me at the same time so you can have the football on your television

and you can have me on your mobile phone talking to you I hope so

catch you later have a great rest of your Saturday and stay dry stay happy

and I will see you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time

this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thank you so much for

being with me on your Saturday and you know what's coming next

yes you do it's time to have a little dance around your living room or your

garden or maybe you are still in bed in which case you can do whatever you want

ta ta for now 8-)

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