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Hey everybody, what's gay? It's me. I still am.

Welcome back to my channel. Today we're going to be playing a little game called Bitlife

which is basically a little click life simulator game.

You know, I always wonder "What would my life be like if I had made better choices" and

today, we're gonna find out.

Which is not what this game was built for.

If you can't solve an existential crisis with a video game, what are video games really

for, am I right?

Before we start, a few people have been asking if I'm gonna actually continue playing the

games that I've already played- The Sims...

the other games I've been playing that I can't remember.

I'm going to be playing them but I'm going to be kind of cycling them because I have

a short attention span.

I will be continuing the other games, they're just gonna pop up when they do.

So, here we go. Let's go make my life different.

Wow. I am this black area right here, can I click that?

I'm gonna be female for this game but just so you know, Bitlife, I'm watching you.

Let's start Kaitlyn's life. Honestly start mine too 'cause here I am.

I was born in Toronto, Canada. I was an accidental pregnancy.

Yep, we're starting off great.

I just would like to start by pointing out that as a child I am 96% hot. 90% hotter than

I am in real life.

My back has been particularly sore today. I am nine years old.

You are feeling heterosexual tendencies. Okay?

Something I never thought I'd click but...

Oh, things are looking up I may be straight but yo I got a kitten.

I'm thinking about participating in an extracurricular activity?

I'm not interested in that!

It said I was athletic, but like, we all can lie right?

You know what, I went the university route in real life...

Dancer? I am qualified.

(boos and cricket noises)

Your mother wants to take you rollerblading. That sounds like a sport.

I'm gonna get a Brazilian butt lift. Because, why not?

I am now 100% attractive.

Your co-worker Juliette started a rumour that you have pica and are addicted to eating glue.

What will you do?

Ask her how she knows about that.

There's a reasonable way to do this, but I am not reasonable.

I severed her thumb, snapped her back and loosened her eyeball.

Film Institute is sponsoring a team building activity...taking the team crocheting!?

Now that is a physical activity that I support.

My boyfriend, Alexandre, and I decided to make "ceasefire" our safe word.


I'll plan the wedding, I guess. Let's do a winery in Lake Titicaca.

You just received yet another call about free Kanye West concert tickets, after your co-worker,Tristan,

posted a fake online ad with your phone number. What will you do?

Charge him.

You've been assigned to collaborate with your co-worker, Shawn, on a project, but every

time you attempt to contribute he criticizes your ideas.

I have been ousted from my position as Dancer for disciplinary issues.

Was I depressed this whole time?

While out jogging, you encounter a juggler disrespecting you.

Like literally juggling? Assault him.

I died because I assaulted a juggler. Honestly? Better than I thought. Great alternative life.

And now for our chachki break of the day.

How you doing?


Start successful's life.

An aries.


Your classmate, Peter, tells you that two wrongs don't make a right, as proven by your



Which of these colours do you like the best?

I'm colourblind.

What could I do here?

I mean...

My penis enlargement surgery was botched.

Now I have 100% looks so somehow that worked out for me,I guess what was happening down

there was really frightening.

So I can't get a job as an Engineer any more. I think the next best option is an Exorcist,


Successful man died of natural causes and was mediocre.

So, I think I'm just gonna start a random life and I'm just gonna say yes to everything

on this one and see how long we live.

Here we go.

Who am I this time?

Isaac Spinks.

My parents want to buy me a little brother!? Wow I read that wrong.

Your classmate, Antonio, has asked you out?

Yes I'm going out with Antonio and we're in love.

Antonio and I have been together for 5 years. I am heterosexual.

My boyfriend, Antonio asked me to marry him. We've been together for 9 years and I'm a

heterosexual. I'm gonna accept his proposal.

You and your little brother, Liam are quarrelling over Taylor Swift's legs?

My husband wants a divorce because I eat like a pig, not because I'm a heterosexual man.

While walking through the park, a mom pushing a stroller offers you some MDMA.

Thanks mom!

I'm suffering from Flatulence? Honestly, I can relate.

Oh, and I died. Did I die from flatulence? Did flatulence kill me?

So that's it for today's video, I think that's a good place to stop. I really enjoyed myself.

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Anyways, that's it for now, I really hope that you have an awesome week and I can't

wait to do some more things on this channel. So I love you all, and I will see you all


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