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So this first DIY is an inspiration and gratitude book. An awesome new years resolution to make

is to be more positive, and making a gratitude book can actually increase your wellbeing

by up to 10%! You can make yourself an inspirational scrapbook with pictures and quotes that you

love, things that you're grateful for, and goals for the year! This is a super fun diy

to build throughout the year and add to whenever you think of something new!

so a lot of New Years resolutions are fitness or organization related, and sometimes it's

good to just take some time for yourself to relax and destress! At least once a week,

do something you love, have a super special treat, go shopping in unusual places, or have

a spa day! Trust me, if you're stressed, this resolution will help make your life much more

balanced and make 2016 a much more positive year!

speaking of spa days, I recently discovered this awesome face mask made with lemon juice,

honey, butter milk, coco powder, banana, and greek yoghurt. Just mix all the ingredients

together until their smooth, and yes, this isn't the prettiest face mask, but trust me,

leave it on your face for 5 minutes, and it will really help reguvinate your skin and

tighten your pores!

If you're looking to improve your fitness routine this year, try out something new to

keep yourself inspired! Sometimes if you only have a small ammount of time to squeeze a

workout in, it's good to use a fitness app like Nike pro or the Pump-up app. The pump-up

app is super cool because it's kind of like an instagram community, except just for fitness,

so it's a perfect way to keep yourself inspired, and also try out new workouts! It also gives

you step by step workout routines, that are perfect if you want to use the new year as

inspiration to tone up a specific area of your body. If you have trouble fitting workouts

into your schedule or you don't have a gym membership, you can do all the workout routines

in the Pump up app without a gym, so it definetly makes things easier!

Progress pictures are also an awesome way to keep yourself inspired, and also inspire

other people, so I definetly recommend taking progress pictures to keep yourself going!

I'm going to be posting some fitness inspiration under my username @clarissamay on Pumpup,

and you should totally try it out so you can stay motivated throughout the year!

Drinking soda and sugary drinks is never good for you, so if you like soda, but you want

to try something new and healthier, these fruit infusing ice cubes are perfect for you!

All you need is water, frozen berries, lemon slices, and an ice cube tray. Just fill the

ice cube tray almost all the way with water, then add the strawberries and lemon slices,

put the tray in the freezer overnight, and you'll have a super quick and easy way to

add flavor to your water! I love using these ice cubes to flavor carbonated water, and

drinking lemon with your water can actually help clear up acne!

Listening to good music always helps improve your mood, so if you guys want to find some

new music, I made a special spotify playlist for you guys with my favorite artists! My

favorite way to destress is listening to some awesome music and reading an amazing book,

so I'll have some of my favorite books listed in the description as well.

Now a lot of people have insecurities about the way they look, so if you want to help

make someone's day a little bit better and build up your positive karma bank, just write

some positive sticky notes, and leave them on dressing room mirrors, so the next time

someone looks in the mirror, they smile instead of judging themselves.

Life can get a little crazy, and sometimes it's really stressful to try to juggle your

schedule and to-do lists, so what I've started doing is using a planner to organize my schedule,

and apps on my phone to track my to-do lists! You can also use a calendar to track your

mood and workout schedule, to make sure you're forming good habits!

Staying motivated throughout the year is always a challenge, so instead of trying to make

huge changes in your life all at once at the new year, try taking smaller steps and changing

one thing every month, so you're less likely to backtrack on your goals throughout the

year! Also, don't be hard on yourself if you slip a little on your resolutions... we're

all human, and if you keep moving forward and working hard, eventually you'll achieve

your goals!

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