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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Day in a Japanese High School

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Aand this is my Japanese umbrella... okay...

How do you stop it?

So right now we are going to our classes. To be honest, it's quite weird...

It's quite weird to film in front of so many people so I'm gonna stop it for now.

Hezký den! ["have a good day" in Czech]

In the morning, especially it's so important to say "ohayo-gozaimasu" to everyone, every teacher

So what you've just seen is called a "short homeroom" where basically at the start of each day before the classes start

the teacher tells us some info about the day or what's gonna happen if there are some events...

and yeah, then we go to classes my first class today is I think Public speaking or something. It's basically English..

This is the most basic food that you can get in the school canteen.

It's the cheapest one and they have it every day.

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