Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Queen Latifah interview for Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs

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Chuck, Chuck, the movie guy the movie guy,

lost his goatee but he still fly!

The biggest event in 2 million years is about to go

to a whole new dimension nobody move a muscle

(screams) (Roar) on July 4 we have been living above an

entire world and we didn't even know it I've always

wanted to do this I've been waiting for a long time it's

liked your right in front of me!

(Laughter) it's like you're sitting right in front of me

this is amazing AGGGH!

I've always wanted to do that these 3-D glasses have

come a long way I know, I was just telling somebody

what are you doing Ice Age dawn of the dinosaurs it's

in 3-D and people have this oh,

you don't understand 3-D versus what was even two

years ago it's not just about 3D it's about depth of

field it is that's the cool thing the depth of field

really feeling like everything's

three-dimensional not that there's just a bunch of

things coming out of you it used to be you used to take

the glasses off because your eyes are strange and now you

take your glasses off because you can't believe

and you want to see how this 3-D is happening then you

see the blur then you put them on its razor-sharp

depth of field I know it still looks pretty good when

you take the glasses off how they pull that off?

Except when they do extreme depth of field that's where

they get you I keep thinking this is amazing because

honestly this is the first, it even a couple months ago

we saw a 3-D movie there were times when there was a

little bit of eye strain I had no eyestrain in this

movie they must have perfected the technology


These characters are like our friends,

you seen the first two you know all the characters,

let's go on an adventure and that's exactly pretty much

what it is life just continues on and on and on

and it's pretty fun and it always seems to be an

adventure going into a new world with dinosaurs and we

could have a new catchphrase talk to the trunk talk to

the trunk!

That could be it that could be the new catchphrase you

know whatever the kids latch onto is what it's going to

be you know?

Absolutely, and your character has a little bit

of a predicament this time around yeah,

she's sort of gestating their is that the correct

word for that?

You know she's got a little bun in the oven well I

wouldn't say little several hundred pounds about a very

big big button a very big cute cuddly bun up in there

and meanwhile all this crazy stuff is happening around

her there is all this life and death situations as

usual but they pulled together usually it will see

what happens and usually I start off my interviews with

a little bit of sucking up and so forth but were going

to do it now you have a soothing voice the perfect

voice for animation give me more here is more this is

absolute truth this is not a standard suck up that I do I

talk about you all the time I do radio all over the

country standard then when you get on a new radio

station people say who is the nicest person?

I say Queen Latifah you're one of those people that you

could just hang with or talk to or will come up and say

hi to you and don't do this celebrity snub.

Queen Latifah works in person,

on-screen, or in animation or in music which reminds me

it's about time you put me in a song I would like to

sing, I'd better make a better song Chuck chuck the

movie guy the movie guy lost his goatee but he still fly

taa daa!


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