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What in God's name is this?

"I am sick to death"

"making fun of every fandom"

"Take him down"

Oh for Christ's sake,

fucking is a petition website

driven by the idea that

they're a platform for the little guy,

a way to get your vision out there without the aid

of powerful supporters or celebrities,

to empower those without a real voice

to craft a world in which no one is powerless.

Sounds like the best idea ever, right?


Sure, the website might do good to a certain extent

and at least the bigger campaigns are bringing

some attention to important issues

that need dealing with.

But has gradually become a laughable

compilation of complainers and whiners who have

no real idea what they're talking about.

They throw out statistics like:

'This many million people are taking action'

when in reality,

99% of these people who are taking action

are some of the biggest fucking idiots on the internet.

I see it all the time,

something slightly controversial happens

then immediately a ridiculous petition crops up

as if it's gonna do anything.

When you turn the idea of a petition

into a social media outlet where people

care more about how many comments and shares

they get instead of what the meat of the problem is,

then it becomes a farcical assembly of

some of the most moronic ideas imaginable.

When you casually visit the website and look at

some of the newly listed petitions,

you are guaranteed

to find at least one that makes your brain hurt a little.

Just look at this one here,

it's about forced adoptions which is obviously

something pretty serious.

Then look at the title:

'Bring my son home to he's loving family!'

Uh, are you serious?

Come on, if you want me to take it seriously

at least apply the most basic

form of grammar to the title.

But that's not even the worst part,

it's the comments from the people

who sign these things.

It's like I'm on a Comment Comeback,

it really is.

"I'm going through this myself feel it's


close my heart"

*Clears throat*

"everyone should have a chance in life

to do the right thing and forced adoption

is very wrong unless under

ex stream

circumstances like pedos or ripest or murders"

None of this is fabricated.

I did not fake this.

This is a real comment on the page.

"Social took my daughter for no reason they pick the

vunrible and it not right"

Ok I don't really wanna be a grammar nazi here but

how can you even get it so wrong?

How is it even possible at this point?

Spellchecker is a thing!

"Remaster Modern Warfare 2 for next gen consoles"

Ok, this one has a lot of supporters,

a hell of a lot

but guess what.

They don't give a fuck.

Do people not understand how businesses work?

If this does end up happening,

it won't be because of a stupid petition,

it'll be because they know as a business

that they can make a fuck ton of money off it.

And this petition isn't even an example of

scraping the bottom of the barrel.

"More episodes of doofdaily on YouTube"

'Let's get Markiplier to be in

the Five Nights At Freddy's movie.'

"Don't let grown ups play Minecraft"

"Band legal highs"

(demonic voice) band

Then about every three minutes, a new petition is

filed to get Katie Hopkins banned.

Banned from existing apparently.

Look, I know she's a cunt

but you're kind of a supreme idiot if you

get offended by the shit she says.

She thrives off the negative attention

that has made her career

and every one of these stupid fucking petitions

is another win for her.

Ignore it and it might go away.

I know you might not be convinced that this website

is fully bad based on what I just showed you

but how about this for hypocrisy:

they claim that their goal is to empower people

and want a world where no one is powerless

but you can throw fat stacks of money at them

with sponsored campaigns.

To not take power away from anyone,

but crush the little guy by supporting the gap

they're tryna fight in the first place.

I don't really have much more to say than that.

I don't really think much more needs to be said.

Actually, you know what

*mouse click*

*Keyboard Clicks*

There, my very own petition that is against the idea

of idiots petitioning on this website.

"You only have to browse around this website for a few

minutes to see how broken and stupid everything is.

Clearly people are too thick to understand

what this website should be used for.

For every petition that wants to ban Katie Hopkins

or band legal highs,

proves nothing but how the majority of

the general public are not mature enough

enough to manage something like a petition.

Please, help filter the stupidity by implementing

some kind of monitoring system.

Or don't,

I don't really give a flying fuck about this website,

I'm just sick of moronic petitions

making rounds across the internet.

So those are my thoughts on

Pretty specific idea but it's been

bothering me for a while now,

ever since the 'Don't make a PC version of GTA'

petition that was floating around.

So what do you think about

Do you think it does more good than bad?

Or do you think it's a stupid collection of stupid people

being stupid about stupid things that don't matter?

Tell me in the comments below.

And as always, thanks for watching,

all comments and rating are very much appreciated.

Make sure you check out my other videos and

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I'll see you next time,


*Sad music*

*Loud keyboard clicks*

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