Practice English Speaking&Listening with: French manicure Nail Art

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Hello everyone.

After the dark colored

and gothic nail art of last week

I'm back to my favorite nail art style

That is with glitters, rhinestones

I love girly nail art style.

So today I propose you a lace nail art with shaded glitters.

First I apply this beautiful pink base

It's the golden rose.

I've applied it on my fingers

Now I'll need a glittered nail polish.

It must be a transparent with glitters in it

to obtain a gradient.

Then I apply slantwise a drop of nail polish

I wipe my brush, then drag it downwards

To make the gradient.

Then I sprinkle small pearly glitters over it.

It will automatically stick on the glitters.

I press on them and remove the excess.

Now I will use a liner brush.

You might as well use paint.

Or with a nail polish brush.

Notice that it is easier with a liner brush

Now I will use very diluted acrylic paint

in order to create the fine lacework.

So I take my finest detail brush

to draw semi-circles with thin lines.

So in order to obtain a very fine result,

the best thing that you could do is

to dilute your paint as much as possible.

If not, you will not be having fine-enough lines.

You should also hold your brush vertically.

Hold it very straightly.

And not like you would hold a pen.

So I've added some more semi-circles.

and by pressing a bit on the brush,

Ive added three small droplets

to illustrate the lacework.

Then Ill add some small dots with my dotting tool.

You can of course simplify the lace

by doing only a few semi-circles.

Ive took a small batch of Swarovski's rhinestones

I apply my top coat

and add a bit more on the area Ill apply the rhinestones

So I apply them firmly in the top coat.

You can cover them with a very thin and liquid top coat

but surely they will lose of their shinny and beauty

Personally I won't apply any top coat on them.

and normally they should hold pretty well.

I alway apply the cuticle oil at the end

I don't record this part but I always do apply the cuticle oil

because I clean up with acetone.

So here is it!

I hope you like it

and that you will try this design!

Following a video one stroke nail art.

See you next week.

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