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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE – #4: Wounded Wings (EN,HK,TW,KR,TH,FR,IT,VN sub)

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We're being nuisances?

You've got some nerve preaching at us.

We're the longest-playing Divers in GBN.

The fearsome Three Gaza Brothers.

You realize who you're dealing with?

(The Three Gaza Brothers)

Who you are matters not.

I will not overlook any act of nuisance in GBN.

As long as I, guardian of GBN, missionary of good manners...

Captain Zeon, exist!

Then I'll make you cease to exist!

No regrets for your misbehavior?

Such attitude and defiance.

Then I shall take you on in this fight...

with good manners and civility.

In the name of Captain Zeon.

Zeonic Generation!

Anaheim Fusion!

A Gundam that mixes the Federation and Zeon?

Wh-What is that Gunpla?

How should I know? Just shoot!

Here I come. I'll start with you.

You sell free giveaway parts at a high price to naive Divers.

You're a nuisance!

And you.

You ignore those lined up behind you

and illegally park in front of the catapult.

A public nuisance!

And lastly, you!

In Raid Battles with regular players,

you blow up even your allies for rewards and Destruction Points.

A dreadful nuisance.

Shut up!

I shall rectify any act of nuisance.

An Axis drop on bad manners.

- Keep the Antarctic Treaty in your heart. - No...

Let us protect everyone's "G"...


- You're going to drop it?! - You're going to drop it?!


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He rectified all three at once.

What are you doing?

I'm deeply moved by this.

An awesome episode by Captain Zeon, the G-Tuber I admire.

Watching a video during the strategy meeting?

I thought you were the most invested in this Story mission.

Oh, come on...

The next flag's been set off.

Right, Par?


"Wounded Wings"

Hey, Maiya's going to get mad at you.

The legendary Creators?

Yes, Jed.

The members of Build Divers.

They're the real thing?

Yes, without a doubt, they're the real Build Divers.

But Creators...?


They saved the village from the One-eyes.

That is a fact, Jed.

I'm Jed, captain of the Resistance's 08th Team.

Thank you for saving the villagers and my family.

I'm Vice Captain Calico.

Vice Captain Zabun.

Creators, huh...

So even a kid can defeat the One-eyes if they're a Creator.

O-Oh, no. I didn't do anything.

I just held everyone back.

Enough of the dialogue parts.

Tell us about the next mission, Captain.

It's coming up, right?

Something like a large-scale conquest battle.

Very well.

We're currently working on a counterattack operation

against the One-eyes' bases.

Among them, the giant base in the desert.

It's their front line, where new One-eyes are produced daily.

In order to stop their invasion and protect the surrounding villages,

we must destroy this base at all costs.


all attacks from the outside are blocked by an invisible wall.

An invisible wall...

A barrier, huh?

There's no such setting in Gundam.

An I-Field or beam shield, I could understand.

First, we keep getting the Death Army from G Gundam,

and now there's a barrier?

What series is this mission based on?

We must break through the barrier while dealing with the garrison.

Our weapons can't even scratch that invisible wall.

But there's a delivery entrance for supplies here.

If we can distract the guard there...

We can penetrate the base and destroy it from within.


A diversion.

I see.

We create the distraction

and support you guys in destroying the desert base.

So that's the 3rd mission.


Is it OK to tell them everything? Sure, we need more forces, but...

Huh? What are you whispering about?

We haven't confirmed that they're really allies.

Jed's decided to believe in them, so let's do the same.

Ouch! Zabun, that hurts!

Can we ask for your help?

What about the forces inside the base?

We don't know.

A diversion will be a cinch. Leave it to us!

When do we begin?

- In 3 days. - 3 days?!

Not right away?

Coordinating with the other teams is crucial for our operations.

In order to prevent the enemy from sending reinforcements,

we avoid acting individually.

That leaves each team shorthanded.

Yes, you're right.

But considering our fighting strength, this is the best plan.

Never mind the brainy phrases.

But we can't stay logged in until the mission starts.

Let's call it a wrap.

We'll tune up our machines and meet in 3 days.

We're going home?

Hey, were you listening?

Huh? Oh, yes.

- Y-You're going home? - Y-You're going home?

Don't worry.

I'll call for them in 3 days.

Is it really OK?

Yes, Brother. I am the only one who can summon the Build Divers.

Alright, Freddie.

Then I want you to participate in this operation.



Huh? What?

What are you saying, Jed? Freddie's just a kid.

If we want their cooperation,

we need Freddie's experience and knowledge.

To summon them, communicate, and show them the terrain.

I won't put him in danger.

- But... - Jed!

Why Freddie?

Am I not good enough?

Stola, you...

Oh, Maiya...

Wow, that scared me.

Like I said, the NPDs' dialogue events are too long.

Was that back-and-forth necessary?

Y-Yes, well...

Maybe it'd be boring if the story moved without ups and downs.

Sure, but they overdramatized it.

They sure have some nerve using us as decoys.

If we want to advance the story,

we need to gain the Resistance's trust.

Teaming up with the Resistance is like "The 08th MS Team."

Yeah, you're right!

It's finally starting to become Gundam-like.

Shall we do a practice run?

Another Created mission? I'm sure we can wing it.

If you insist, how about... this regular mission?

The situation is similar.

There's a clear reward, too.

Then let's do this tomorrow.

Alright. Don't be late!

Oh, welcome.

Hinata, take this to table 7, please.


Things going well with Gunpla?

Well, how about you? Getting used to this job?

Of course. I've even learned the routines with the regulars too.

"We're almost out of salt."

Hinata, could you take these?


Well, talk to you later.

Here you are.

The Stardust Plate.

No carrots, please!

No carrots?

Oh, umm...

I'm sorry! Should I have them taken out?

It's not that I really don't want them...

What are you doing?

(Kilimanjaro Base Conquest)

Alright, let's get this over with.

Wait, first we should analyze their fighting strength...

It's only a regular mission. We just need to get it over with.

That defeats the purpose of a rehearsal.

Shall we go too?

W-Wait for me!

A Baund Doc!

So that's the base's garrison.

I'll take you out!

You're not getting away!

Once again, I'll...

What are you doing?

There are things that I can understand, but cannot accept.

Help me!

Don't move.

Mr. Kazami!

What's wrong with you?

I-I'm sorry.

I need to fly too...

I need to fly.

Or I'll drag them down.

You alright?

M-Mr. Hiroto.


Don't give me trouble.

That was an advanced tactic where the leader himself becomes a decoy.

I'll do better in the real battle.

The key is to grasp the enemy's fighting strength.


The clear reward.

A large-caliber beam cannon?

It's a part for bombardment.

- We can use that. - Huh?

Like in that mission, if the enemy's armor is enhanced,

we might not defeat them with one shot.

Earthree's big beam cannon will be fine.

That takes too long to reload.

So we need to build a rapid-fire weapon with high firepower, right?

Sounds good. I'm counting on you so we can earn that title.

Next up is the 3rd mission.

Don't be late for the real one.

I'll see you later.

M-Mr. Hiroto. I'm sorry, I...

I disrupted our teamwork again.

There was no teamwork in that party to begin with.

But we're on the same team.

And you saved me too, Mr. Hiroto.

That's because you--

Yes, because I'm clumsy.

We all trip from time to time...

You're amazing.

I always think that.

Mr. Hiroto...

How can know...


O-Oh yeah, your Mars Armor.

It's an alternate part specialized for close-range combat,

equipped with large blades, right?


For parts that combine, you need skill and precision,

and you need love too.

So the Mars Armor really impressed me.

I'm a beginner in GBN and as a builder.

I really admire you for being able to make parts like that.

Do you like the sky too, Mr. Hiroto?


Because you were looking at the sky after the Story mission ended.

Isn't it great?

The sky in GBN...

ever since the update.

Especially the sky in that Story mission...

It feels like it's higher up than the real sky,

deeper and more beautiful.

Do you like the sky?

Oh, well...


I didn't think you were a novice builder.

I sense a high level of skill and originality from your Gunpla.

That's not something just anyone can build.

And that shield on the back.

I thought it was a defensive binder.

But does it open up into wings...?

No, it doesn't!

They're not wings.

I'm sorry. I'm leaving.

What is this?

Watch, and you'll see.

Oh, something came out.

It's an injection molding machine.

Using the data it reads in from Diver gears,

it molds high-purity plastic resin into the shape of any parts runner.

I call it a dream machine!

Wow, is that a beam cannon?

I guess.

That's a large-caliber beam cannon. A bombardment mission?

It can provide cover, too.

Cover? Have you teamed up with someone?

Huh? Is that so?

I see, building parts for someone...

Looks like you're back in GBN for real.


That's great, Hiroto.

You made some friends there again.


That's great, Hiroto.

You made some friends there again.


A guy like me...

Hiroto, dinner's ready.

Dad's not here again?

No. I'll see how he's doing and bring it to him.

He's in another slump.

It looked like he was out of it.

You know how hard it is.

To create something.

Nobody will help you.

They can't.

The only thing the people by your side can do is cheer you on.


Let's eat.


Your wings...

Mr. Hiroto noticed it.

Even though you couldn't fly.

I'm sure you want to fly.

I'm sorry I can't let you fly.

Forgive me, Morgiana.

Hey, what's going on?

What is Par doing?

I told him never to be late.

We can't start the Story mission unless all 4 of us are here.

What's going to happen to my title reward?!

Since I've taken on the mission,

I need to do it. I need to fly.

Please, Valkylander. Lend me your power.

Next episode, "Now Spread Your Wings."

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