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Yes, this is another video where we're going to talk about my potential furry kink again.

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Today, I am filming a video that is inspired by the great news that we have received this year,

which is that Sarah J Maas is coming out with the fourth ACOTAR book in the series.

It is coming out in January 2021

I was there when I was first announced, but even if I wasn't, everybody tagged me anyways

so there was no escaping it but that's okay because as we all know

I am a huge Sarah J. Maas stan.

I support her getting her coin.

I support the hustle.

The fact that a woman can write 700 pages each book

about fairy dick and banging in the sky and giving blowjobs in the middle of the war

I find that commendable.

I have nothing but respect for my queen.

Even though I don't plan on reading "Throne of Glass" or "Crescent City"

I do plan on continuing the rest of the ACOTAR books that she is gonna put out

because the series just has a special place in my heart.

Most of you found me through my ACOTAR videos and I feel like we've formed a really special connection.

It was like the shared journey that we all had together. And so I have a tender place in my heart for ACOTAR.

I don't mind continuing the series and seeing the journey between Nesta and Cassian.

I think it actually might be interesting to switch it up a little bit

because there's only so much you can take from Rhysand saying "it's YOUR choice" all the time.

There's only so much I can read about Feyre painting

and I still don't know what exactly she's painting.

If you have somehow been living under a rock, "A Court of Thorns and Roses" is a very popular YA series

that technically should be new adult because there's a lot of smut scenes.

It's about a girl who gets entrenched into the world of faeries,

and faeries are basically humans but with magic and big dicks.

I made a video for every book in the series so far. I'll have the playlist linked down in my description.

It will be good for you to familiarize yourself with a series because today I am gonna take a couple of quizzes

to determine what character from "A Court of Thorns and Roses" am I?

there's also quiz for "Which court would you belong to?"

because there are different courts in the series that the faeries are divided in

so I'm gonna take that for funsies.

Basically, we're just you know, hype ourselves up until 2021.

There's just so many things to look forward to in the new year.

COVID19 will hopefully be over and then we'll have a new epidemic

which is the faerie dick epidemic and I'm excited.

We're gonna start off with a simple quiz that determines which character I am.

"What gender do you identify as?"

I identify as female, but I don't like that the first question is just asking you what your gender is

because I feel like that shouldn't determine what kind of character you are

I feel like this is just gonna limit me to only the female characters from the ACOTAR series.

Which is unfair because what if I'm not similar to any of the female characters?

What if I have big dick energy?

"Let's start off with an easy one. Who is your favorite character?"

I have read the four books and I've never stopped to think who my favorite character was.

I wonder why.

"Rhysand, Feyre, Mor, Amren, Nesta, Cassian, Elain, Azriel..."


I just realized that Tamlyn is nowhere to be found in this list

and he's literally one of the main characters of the first book

before his character got demolished in the next two books

and the novella where they basically ganged up on him and beat the shit out of him physically and psychologically.

oh my god, this quiz maker literally was just like "Tamlyn who?? We don't know him!"

He started dealing with PTSD after the end of the first book

and then everyone kind of just ditched him because he turned out to be an asshole even

though everyone is equally if not more of an asshole, but they don't get checked.

The disrespect right here.

I mean I wouldn't have picked Tamlyn anyway but still

But I think I will go with Cassian because I am kind of intrigued with seeing him in the new book that's gonna come out

I also am intrigued by how he can put up with Nesta because she always acts like she has to stick up her ass

so I kind of like that he has such patience for her.

"What quality do you like the most about yourself?"

"My good looks-"

oh, definitely not that

I think I'm gonna go with "my quick wit"

A lot of people have complimented me before about how fast and witty

I can be with responding to something or just making a joke about something.

It's actually really easy to be witty or funny because all you do is just read a book and then you make

a bunch of dick or boob jokes about it and then somehow people think it's funny.

That's the secret to my success

"What quality do you like the least about yourself?"

Oh my gosh, how much time do we HAVE?

Oh, no the last... the second to last option: "I tend to overcompensate with humor"

That hit too close to home for me.

Literally last week I had this revelation

that with various things that have happened in this community with various people that have treated me in a certain way

I've always joked it off as drama or people being Karens, but I came to this revelation this one night

I have actually felt really hurt and ostracized by things that have happened to me in the community

But I've always just covered it up with jokes instead because that's my coping mechanism

I never realized up until that point how much I really bury in my true feelings because every time I feel sad or upset about something

I don't actually acknowledge it. I just cover it up with jokes instead because I try to think

"Oh, well if I joke about it, then it's not that bad or it's not that serious,"

when really I'm a soft bitch and I do have feelings and my feelings do get hurt

This revelation was so new to me that I ended up tweeting about it and I said,

"If you had to battle an opponent, how would you go about it?"

I'm gonna go with "From a distance so it's less personal"

I think I've learned to be more stealthy around people and not make myself such a target

which is a very valuable thing to learn when you are a person of color.

"What is your style?"

Well, I am currently wearing a company t-shirt that I've been wearing for the past five days

and I'm not wearing any pants as well.

So, I don't know if I really have a style

What is with some of these options?

"An elegant dress. Plain but powerful"? We know this is definitely about Feyre.

"I'm so plain, but don't worry I'm still a badass bitch and I can somehow kill a bunch of people even though I didn't actually train or do anything!"

""Something practical to work in. Courageous but clean." How is being practical courageous?

I think people would guess that I would choose the last option which would be fashion doesn't appeal to me

I just throw on whatever because that's currently how I live right now

But I actually do like dressing up every now and then

I do like looking cute

It's just that my laziness outweighs everything and that's why I don't look cute

But when I did kind of dress up a little bit I would wear crop tops and pants

I used to wear crop tops a lot to the point where one of my performance reviews on my last job

was someone complaining that I wear crop tops to work

There was this white dude at my last job who really did not like me and he wrote this horrible performance review

that wasn't really anything about my work.

That's right I had my very own Tamlyn at my workplace and he HATED my guts.

He wrote a bunch of bad stuff about my personality and my sense of humor and my clothing attire out of work

and then a month after that he got fired because he was terrible at his job and then two years after that

I got hired at another company that pays me a six-figure. That's right

I'm gonna wear as many crops as I want and you sir are gonna be like Tamlyn:

Forgotten about. You hate to see it.

"A silly question because I got bored. What stereotype are you?"

I think I'm gonna go with "wine mom" simply because a lot of people in my comments have referred to me as their "wine aunt"

Oh, but cranky librarian is actually kind of good too - actually, you know what?

I'm gonna go with cranky librarian because I feel like that suits this channel more.

"Someone you love is in great danger.

They have been kidnapped and you have little information about their situation

All you have is an anonymous tip about their location and that they might come for someone else. What do you do?"

Oh jeez, there's so many options. Okay.

"You take your family and hide hoping that their sacrifice has gained you some time to get out."

Whoa, you're not gonna go after them? Damn. Okay.

Is this the Tamlyn option?

"You tell no one that you have gone after your loved one and track them by yourself."

I hate it when people do that just communicate. Tell them where you're gonna be and then work together.

"You try to find a way to negotiate with a kidnapper showing up without weapons to prove you want peace."

That's a dumb solution. Why would you show up without weapons?

I think the option that I am gonna pick is

"You go look around where they last we're seen and hunt for clues waiting to make a move."

I think that just suits my personality better because I try not to have such like a knee-jerk reaction

especially when something serious happens I try to like take some time and contemplate about like what's the best thing to do is

and a lot of times the best thing to do is to kind of just gather information first

and then use that to figure out what the next step should be.

"You end up in a dark cave after you eventually located your loved one.

They end up offering you a deal. You can choose the trade places, only one of you can walk free. What do you do?"

I will "Try to barter the creature for a better deal" because I don't think just keeping me is worth it.

I'm sure there's like tons of better things that you can keep instead

like gold or I don't know a Klondike bar?

literally anything else.

"View my results!"


I got Nesta.

"You got Nesta. She is devastatingly beautiful

but a hothead. All she does is helping her sister in any way possible whether it's financially or another means."

Wait, no, she doesn't. She was like a total bitch to her sister.

When does she ever help Feyre, like financially or any way else?

This doesn't make sense.

I don't agree with the second sentence whatsoever

but I don't mind this result because Nessa is gonna be like the main character of the book coming out

so I feel like this is perfect. This is all coming together.

We have now come full circle

It turns out that the new books are gonna star me.

Which I don't mind because I'm kind of intrigued by Cassian.

I actually feel like he's the one who has a bigger dick than Rhysand

because I feel like Rhysand is always talking about how big he is and I feel like if you always have to talk about it,

maybe it's not that big

Whereas Cassian has always been very low-key about it and that means he's probably packing

Okay now let's go with "Which court would you belong to?"

I actually don't know anything about the courts because I don't pay attention to the world building

or the character development

or the plot.

I just paid attention to one thing and one thing only when I read the book series and you know exactly what I'm talking about.

"Pick a personal motto"

"The more that you read the more things you will know," by Dr. Seuss

That is so false because if you look up Book Twitter or just the book community in general

there's so many idiots out here who don't have any reading comprehension. So that really couldn't be farther from the truth.

Ooh, I like "Be as shrewd as a serpent and as innocent as a dove"

That screams Slytherin energy and I'm all about that.

Disguise yourself as a Slytherin but pretend that you're a Ravenclaw.

"How would you most like to spend a weekend?"

I think most people would assume that I would pick the first option which is "to work your way through a pile of books"

but I feel like I do that every day, so on a weekend, I kind of want to change it up a little bit.

I'm gonna go with "visiting an art gallery and strolling around a stately home."

Whenever I go to a new country I always check out their museums

and a lot of times in Europe there are a lot of tourist places where you can check out rich people homes and

castles and palaces and all that and it's so bougie,

but I love being in that kind of environment.

I just love being a class traitor. So we're gonna go with that.

"What's your favorite fairy tale?"

I don't feel strongly about any of them. But I'm stuck between Little Red Riding Hood because

you know, I like wolves.

Yes, this is another video where we're gonna talk about my potential furry kink again.

And then the other one is Rapunzel because I really like "Tangled" I cried when I watched that movie.

I think we're gonna go with Rapunzel.

"What's your favorite kind of party?"

"Bonfire gathering..." I don't like smoke on my clothes.

I don't like the fact that I have to take a shower right afterward.

I don't like any excuse for me to take a shower.

"Picnic in a pasture..." I don't like sitting on the ground.

I don't like mosquitoes and flies and ants getting on me.

"Christmas..." I don't like that because family has ruined that for me.

"Refined mask ball..." I can't wear any masks because I have glasses

"Cocktail evening with burlesque entertainment..." I don't like to spend money on alcohol

I am gonna go with "sunset boat party." I think there's something nice about chilling on a boat so we're gonna go with that.

"Which one of these cute animals makes your heart melt?" Oh my god, of course we gotta go wi-

Oh wait, NO...

We're stuck between two answers:

The furry fox cub or the huggable husky

oh no

I love dogs. Aw, man. I wish I could choose both. Oh, they're both so cute.

Okay, we're gonna go a furry fox cub because the word that I've been thinking about a lot lately is "furry"


"You have a massive crush on someone, what do you do?"

"Be myself. I'm a total mistress of seduction and always get who I want."

I wish that answers for these quizzes didn't add these extra things because I do like the idea of just being myself

but I'm not gonna say that I'm a total mistress of seduction because first of all,

I haven't showered in a couple of days

I'm not even wearing any pants right now.

I'm feeling the opposite of mistress of seduction

I think I'll just try to "engineer a way to spend time with them."

"What does your best friend love most about you?"

I think I'm gonna go with my sharp wit because I feel like a lot of times the friends I do have

or just people who have the same kind of sense of humor as I do

which is basically just poopoo and boobie jokes.

"Which of these are your least appealing attributes?"

I think by now we all know that I am vulgar, so I don't see the point in choosing that.

I think I'm gonna go with "I have a secret sly side."

Because I feel like people think I'm a better person than I actually am

but I wouldn't hesitate to cut a bitch. I would just do it very slyly.

"What's your sweet treat of choice?"

Ooh, I like this question 'cause I love dessert

Oh, I love all of them, but I'm gonna go with the cake.

"Pick an outdoor activity."

I actually don't like being outdoors. I'm gonna go with meadow meandering

because that seems like the most leisurely like I can just walk and not have to do any extra exercise

"Skinny-dipping in a sparkling lake"? We know who that's for.

"Which of the following would you most love to receive as a gift?"

Why are all these jewelry? I don't wear any jewelry. So this is just not applicable to me whatsoever.

I guess if I HAD to choose one, I'll go with a choker

not because I'm kinky or anything

I just like the way that it looks

"What's your favorite smell?"

"Seductive jasmine"? How can Jasmine be seductive?

"Sweet rose blossom"?

Oh no.

Reading "The Wives" has ruined this for me.

I think I'll go with "the sea."

"Which botanical beauty most blows you away?"

I am gonna go with "magnificent marigolds."

I just figured that if I'm gonna get flowers

I might as well just get the brightest that I can.

My second choice would have been sunflowers because the novel that I'm working on right now

has sunflowers as a consistent symbol throughout

but I personally think marigolds are prettier.

"How would you describe your style?"

Definitely "comfy."

"Which of the following would be top of your bucket list?"

"Write a life-changing novel"?


I actually would be really really honored.

I do like the first two options, because I love to travel

but I feel like it's more meaningful to put in this work to write a novel and write a story

and then have it be really life-changing to someone or really impact someone.

Okay, not to get all sappy and shit but the novel I'm working on right now

is basically an allegory for depression and is based heavily on the way that I've dealt with my depression and my mental health.

If I have just one person who reads the book and it relates a lot to what goes on in the story

and sees themselves in the story and feels seen by that story and it helps them come to terms with depression

I feel like that would make me feel very very grateful and glad, so I'm gonna go with that.

"Calculating results."

"You belong to Winter Court."

That's actually my least favorite season so I'm curious to see or why that is.

"There's something charmingly understated about you inside and out.

You're thoughtful, composed, calm, and graceful.

But keep a sharp eye on the icy shrewdness that runs through your veins, you wily Winter Court dweller."

Hmm, I can kind of see that.

I would consider myself to be thoughtful and I can be composed as well.

But I can be shrewd so I can understand this answer, even though winter is my least favorite season.

Alright, so that concludes my results for the ACOTAR quizzes

It turns out that I am most like Nesta, and I also belong in the Winter Court.

I don't know what this really says about me and my personality but

We're just not gonna think about that too deeply.

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