Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FORTNITE - VIAJERO EN EL TIEMPO | #FortniteBlockbuster

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I come from the Future and I do not have too much time

this video is a warning for all those who witness live the rocket takeoff

On June 30

we tell them they are not safe and that many dangers lurks the map ecosystem

The Rocket Launch was created to be a Government Smoke Curtain.

An essay to cover the Interdimensional trips

That were secretly planned in the Laboratories under Snobby Shores.

These practices made the Crystals Overexploited

And the metal that was extracted from the meteor to create Mercury fuel

Is gone forever.

The plan of this Corrupt Government was to Travel in Time to extract resources from the past

and bring them to the present.

This is not only wrong but will create a destabilization in space time

endangering our existence.

The chaos began a few days after the first experiment that involved a defective Rocket

which was a failed attempt that created a large interdimensional crack in the Sky.

Something that will have irreparable consequences for the World

We are in a process of Resistance to revoke the Mandate of these Crazy scientists from the Present Government.

We warn this Goverment that if they continue Playing with Time

We will act without mercy until this madness stops...

We are Not Scared

We Are Fortnite

Keep your eyes on the sky

This is the second day

we have managed to intercept the communications of the Government

in which they assure that all their plan are going to perfection.

I Installed Cameras everywhere

to spy on all the movements of this Corrupt Government

And be able to document for the Present.

As we warn you...

at this moment they are transporting the materials stealthily to send them through time.

They are are hiding the Resources in Piatas

so that they go unnoticed while they gather everything they need.

A jump in time allowed me to see these Piatas and have them well identified.

In addition to the resources, the Corrupt Government is looking for three artifacts

that will allow them to travel through time.

In the present they got it...

and the future became a junkyard.

I can not let that happen again.

The first artifact is in Tilted Towers

I managed to infiltrate the base, neutralize the Guard and obtain the first one...

It wasn't difficult since the Corrupt Government concealed this plan so well

that they do not expect anyone to know what they are doing.

The Second Artifact was hidden in a Piata Above a Tree in Dusty Devot.

There were no Guards at all.

Then the things got a bit wrong...

Once I took the Second Artifact, They spot on me

so I had to Run and return to the base quickly.

I hope they do not followed me...

And that's all, for now.

At this moment I have no Idea where the Third Artifact is.

I hope I can get it first...

since I only have one jump in time...

And this...

Could be My last Chance...

The crack in the sky does not stop so I must hurry up.

I must destroy all the evidence and find the Third Artifact.

We will not kneel to them experiments. We wont follow his flock

Im out.

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