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- Good day everyone, Nick here again,

from CPAP Reviews.

And today I'm gonna be taking you through

the latest Mask from ResMed,

which is called the AirFit F20.

And this mask carries on

from their F10 full face mask,

which was quite a good mask,

but they've made a few improvements to that mask,

and now they bring you the F20 mask.

So in the video, I'm gonna be talking

a little bit about some of the features of the mask

and why it might be a good buy for you

if you wear a full face mask.

And I'll also provide a few links in the description

to things like the size guide

and where you can actually purchase the mask from.

So without further ado, I'll just show you the mask,

so you can have a bit of a look at it.

I'll give you a bit of a pan 360,

and that way you can sort of see how the mask looks.

So, I'm just gonna bring this up to the screen here.

Right, so you can have a bit of a sticky beak.

And lets go around the back.

So the head gear I've got on this mannequin,

I just haven't tightened it up enough there,

but normally it would sort of sit like that

at the back of the head there.

All right, so one of the big features about this mask,

is that it has an open visibility mask design

and what that means is you don't have anything

up here on the forehead.

This is good for a few reason,

one you're not gonna get marks on your forehead.

Some people when you've got a forehead support,

you wake in the morning

and it sort of looks like you've been headbutted

or something like that.

And sometimes those marks can take a bit of time

to go away in the morning and stuff like that for work.

The other thing is some people get a bit claustrophobic

when they've got something up

in front of their face as well.

So having it below the eyes

can be beneficial for those people.

Another thing is sometimes people like to hop into bed

and put on their mask and they'll read,

or they might want to watch a bit of TV

just while they're sort of getting settled into bed.

And this can be beneficial

because it does sit low, below the eyes,

and then it comes up low underneath the eyes

and up high up over the ears.

All right, so that open visibility design is quite popular.

And I think that it's quite good.

Some of the manufacturers have struggled a little bit

without having that forehead support

and tying the mask up here

because it weakens the part on the bridge of the nose there,

which can sometimes lead to air leaks,

you know, coming out from the mask,

especially if you're on a high pressure.

And that sort of leaks into your eyes

and sort of becomes quite annoying

in the middle of the night when you're lying there

and air is shooting into your eyes

and it can irritate the eyes as well,

make them quite dry.

But they've made a new,

what they call the infinity seal

with this mask

to strengthen areas up here,

to help with that

so that you don't get those air leaks into the eyes.

So they've changed the inside of the seal there

and I'll show you that in a minute.

Another great feature about this mask is the head gear.

It's very, very soft.

Okay, the Velcro is really good.

So it's quite durable,

and that means it's going to last a long time.

So as long as you're not frequently doing this,

this, this all the time, you know, the Velcro is gonna last.

But it definitely is,

they've got a very nice soft material here.

Okay, so it feels really nice there.

Probably my favorite feature is the magnetic clips, okay.

And this is really good for those people

who struggle with dexterity.

Those people who might have arthritis in their hands,

things like that, you know.

Sometimes trying to get those clips in

or hook those clips over can be quite a challenge,

especially in the middle of the night.

You know, if you're taking your mask off

to go to the bathroom or something like that,

or just in general,

a lot of people struggle just trying to find

where those clips go

and it can be quite frustrating.

So this mask actually has,

I'll show you what they look like,

magnetic clips.

All right, now this just means that you just,

it just basically grabs hold of itself.

Okay, so that's easy.

So all you gotta do is when you go to put your mask on,

you just go click and click

and the magnets basically grab themselves.

So you're not fiddling

and struggling with the mask clips.

So that's a really good feature.

I really liked the magnetic clips,

I think that's genius.

So the quick release elbow diffuser is another feature.

That's this part on the front here.


So if you just pinch at these points,

the actual diffuser just pops off.

Now, this is good

because what you can do

is you can actually leave that part in your tubing.

And so when you go into the bathroom of a nighttime,

or if you want to quickly, you know, take your mask off,

you can just pinch that leave that in the tubing,

leave your mask on.

You can breathe because it's got a nice big hole here

at the front.

So you can breathe quite easily

and then when you come back,

all you gotta do is just push that in.

And it's quite easy to find

and it's back in ready to go.

The diffuser also sort of, goes right round

and it's got a bit of play in it as well.

So it's kind of good when you're moving around in bed

because you're, you know, when you're moving,

the tube's gonna shift with you and move with you,

which is quite good.

What else have we got?

So the mask itself for the male comes in small,

medium and large.

And they also do for her,

which instead of being this blue color

is like a lavender color.

And that comes in small and medium

and they reduced the mask cushion sizes.

The head gear is, you can also get in,

in multiple sizes as well,

just in case you've got a big noggin like mine

or you're shopping for hats at OshKosh,

like a couple of mates of mine.

So yeah, from more reports the mask is doing quite well.

You know, it's quite a good seal mask.

I'll show you that cushion now, just while I remember.

It's light.

The mask is super light,

like it really is light

and the diffuser,

they've kept that diffuser at the front here.

You can see these little holes that run there

and it also carries up underneath here as well.

So the diffuser is quite good in the fact

that it's not, it diffuses the air quite evenly

and disperses the air quite quietly,

but also it's not aimed at anyone.

So it does diffuse, yeah

around the mask instead of out at the mask then.

So let me show you this cushion.

So the cushion part,

you can just sort of pop it off from the frame.

I just sort of pull it off.

So this is your cushion.

They're kind of all going for this cushion now

that sort of, you know, hard plastic on this side

and then sort of connects this softer Silicon part here.

If you look in here, you can see,

see that just in here where they've reinforced it.

Just in there.

So they've reinforced this sort of hard section.

It's a bit harder in here and quite, quite soft down here,

like, like the Fisher and Paykel simplus cushion,

Very soft here, so you want to be very gentle

when you're washing it at this part.

Whereas up here, you know,

you've got the reinforcement at this port here

and then up here, again, very soft,

where the bridge of the nose is.

So it's pretty cool.

You know, it's certainly,

the engineers have gone to town

and who knows how they make them,

but they've done something good.

- So easy to takeoff.

It just sort of pulls off like that.

So all I do is sort of grab the frame with one hand,

the cushion with the other hand

and just pull and it just pulls off.

So that's nice and easy for washing.

You can just take it off, easy to wash, bring it back,

rinse it off, click it in

and it just sort of clicks in my that.

It makes it a little bit of a clicking noise.

It didn't really do it that time,

but normally it would.

There you go, click.

So the parts that you've got there,

is your head strap,

your frame, which is this part here.

And then your quick release.

So it looks like four parts there.

- Click in,

click in.

So nice and easy to put together.

Nice and easy to take apart, very light.

The magnetic clips,

which make it very simple

to clip on and clip off of a nighttime.

Quick-release with the diffuser

and a good infinity seal,

which is good for keeping

the air inside the mask

and not blowing out into your eyes

and making the mask noisy and uncomfortable.

Alright, like I said,

I'll put the size guide in the description below,

so you can check that out.

It's pretty easy, you just print it off

and you know, you can measure up your face

with the size guide just to work out which size you need.

The majority of men, probably 70, 80%

are gonna be medium masks.

You're gonna have the rest,

sort of in the large category.

And only a few generally are in the smaller category.

And majority of females are in the small to medium category

and you can get your pretty little lavender mask as well.

Not that the CPAP is that stylish,

but I guess anything helps when you're dealing

with CPAP masks and the like.

Also I'll put a link to another video

that you'll see pop up,

probably in this corner here,

which is for the new N20 ResMed nasal mask.

So you can check out that video on there as well.

And you can subscribe by clicking the link

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whenever we do videos on all the latest

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Hope you've enjoyed the video,

please give the thumbs up

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and yeah, all the best in your CPAP journey.

I hope you're getting a good night's sleep.

Thanks, bye.

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