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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How To Get Your FIRST CLIENTS

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So how do you get your first client for your outsourcing service business?

So in this video, I'm going to share with you some tips

so that you could get started on making money.

So hey guys, it's Linh Podetti here and welcome to my channel.

On this channel, I'm going to share with you tips and tricks

on how you can actually achieve time and financial freedom.

So a few many, many years ago, I started an outsourcing business

and now I'm able to sort of do whatever I want because I have a team

and the business, sort of runs by itself.

So I have the time and the financial freedom that I would love to share with you.

And so in this video, I want to talk about how you can actually get your first client.

So this is based on a question that one of my audience has asked.

So I welcome you if you have any comments

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And I'm actually answering the question that you asked for.

Okay, so one of the viewer asked me, I really like the outsourcing model,

and I want to start an outsourcing business, how do I actually get my first client?

And I'm thinking about doing something like a logo design sort of company.

So my first answer for you is that try to think of a service that is actually recurring,

because if you do logo design, only, you're going to find that it's a fixed price project.

So what is the fixed price project, then you're going to keep on having to get more clients,

because they're not going to need a logo every single month,

they're going to need a logo once and then not again.

But the second thing you need to think about is

how can you make your service different to the marketplace?

Let's say you get into design, maybe you're not just doing logos,

but you're doing some sort of like social media design work.

So you know that it's every single month, right? People want this design

every single month, but how are you going to be different,

you know, what are you going to stand out for, right?

Are you going to be as social enterprise? Are you going to be

giving back to charity? Are you helping disabled people who are graphic designers?

Are you helping people that are in a specific country in a developing country?

Are you creating a service that combines other services or techniques or process

that makes you stand out? You really need to think of something that is different.

Because unless you're different, you know, it's going to be really difficult for you to succeed, right?

You're going to get one or two clients and it's just going to be a lot more resistance,

but if you can figure out what it is that is different and unique, then you will be able to succeed more.

So how do you do that? You experiment, right? You research, you look around

at what other market people are doing you also do different research,

for other industry for ideas. creativity comes from when you're looking at,

maybe you're not you're looking at a construction company,

you're looking at a legal industry, and you see how they do things

and then you apply it to the design industry and you mix and match

the best bits of other things in life. And then you make it really unique, right?

And so have a think Don't rush it in, have a think. And then I'll share with you the next step.

The next step is then you need a prototype.

So whatever idea you have, you need to test it out

test it out by buying it for yourself by doing it, go through the whole process

and really liking your products, because you won't succeed unless you have a really great product.

If there's no point in trying to do marketing and trying to get clients

if you don't have something that's great. So try to test it for yourself,

try to finetune the process and then try to price it.

So one of the questions that the audience asked is also how do I price it.

So it really depends on what the market is willing to pay

what our competitors are paying.

So let's say you like for example with my service,

we are an outsourcing business,

we offer recruitment of virtual assistants,

and now we are able to charge at a more premium price

but still in the range of what's in the marketplace.

The more the higher end of the range is

because we have all these added value they don't just get recruitment,

they get retention, we help to retain their staff and do company trips,

we do performance review, we do payroll management,

we do all these extra benefits

and give back to charity so that we can actually charge more.

So it's not really about just charging whatever you want. It's what value you bring to the marketplace,

but still also know the range right? Like what are the lowest thing that people pay?

What are some of the highest thing? Why are they charging so much right?

Where do you want to position it's always good to try to position yourself

in more of the higher and not rather cheap because sometimes cheap means nothing.

And but if you don't have the confidence in delivering something great yet,

then it's really about outsourcing to establish agencies. I have another video where it teaches you

different ways you can outsource. But if you're completely new, then don't try to do

the work yourself or hire a contractor because then the quality might not be there.

But if you're new, you should actually work with an established agency

that can deliver really great work, then you can mark up more higher.

And then once you get the hang of it, then you can actually build your team

or find cheaper resources, but you already know how to do the actual process

or knowing you know how to actually deliver it. So how do you actually get your first client?

Well, I have another video that shows you how to find your clients

when you're brand new into the business. But I like to brainstorm again with you.

So some of the ideas is that when you're outsourcing The best part about outsourcing is that

when whoever you're working with, they also have their portfolio.

So then you can actually use your portfolio to show potential clients

that when you're showing a new potential clients, you might want to do

Hey, I'm doing a launch of my servers and normally it's this price but it's only going to be this price.

I'm happy to do at this price because it's you know, you know,

I'm just launching and having a soft launch. And this is an exclusive price

in exchange for a testimonial. If you really like my product. So even when you're starting out,

you might even try to not make any profit yet. But what you're trying to do is build up your portfolio

build up to testimonials so that other clients will see that you've worked with these people,

but it's also giving you a chance to practice, to practice actually delivering a service for someone


rather than just trying to make money straight away. It's really about learning right now,

to get into the mindset of how can I learn as fast as much as possible,

rather than just try to profit straight away. So then with the experience

that you have working with one or two clients, then when you get out there,

it's so much easier you go out and networking and you're more confident

because you've done it and you're seeing the results. And then you let people know

that this is what I do. I'm sorry, but business is really difficult. You gotta hustle,

you can't sit there and go, how can I find clients? What do I do here?

Just get out, go out and meet people at the end of day. It's really about selling to other people.

So find networking events that have business clients

will have people that you have, go there network network,

the easiest ones are there, and once you start making money from

from the cheap way of all the free way of getting clients then you can invest in online marketing,

right. So when I first started out, I was just going out there networking

and selling to people that I see. Then when I started making money from it,

then I can actually invest in a website, then invest in,

search engine optimization to get it ranked on Google or

try to do other marketing techniques, social media, etc.

But don't sit in your bedroom or at your house expecting clients to come.

But I guess the tip I have for you is that don't just put so much money into your business,

really take it slow and learn how to do it and try to,

try to be efficient with your money to imagine you have no money.

So how you going to get the client? Well, assuming a lot of us when we started,

we actually don't have money. So I was I had to be really resourceful.

I had to save money. So I just went out there going to free networking events,

meet people sell to them, then get the money from those clients and

then start investing in other marketing activities right,

rather than just going out there trying to buy business card, buy a website,

buy all these things before you even have a service or have any client

so I'll just share with you that all the things that I did that helped me grow my business

with zero capital. So, there you go I hope you've enjoyed my video I hope I've answered it.

I've got multiple different videos on my channel already that talks about how to get clients

how to start an outsourcing business so do go through there, to those videos.

And if you're new to this channel, don't forget to subscribe because

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so thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed it

and look forward to seeing your comments below. Bye.

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