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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mystery Ingredient Cooking Challenge / AllAroundAudrey

Difficulty: 0

(water splash)

- Oh, gosh!

- Can't open it.

- Strawberries with my eggs and potato. (laughs)

(bell dings)

Eight and a half out of 10.


- I rate mine a nine out of 10.

(bell dings)

- Oh!

(slide whistle)

- Hi guys, it's Audrey and...

(slide whistle)

- And I'm JustJordan33!

- And welcome back to Audrey & Jo Baking Show!

- With slime.

- Featuring slime tank! Slime tank! Slime tank!

- Whoa!

- Slime tank... (laughs)

So how this challenge is going to work is that

we have little capsules at the bottom of the slime tank.

We both get five random ingredients

that we are going to pull out of these capsules

with all the slime!

And then we have to assemble those five items

that we pick out and try to bake some random thing

using those items, and we'll see who has the better one

at the end of the challenge.

So are you ready?

- I'm so sweaty... Ready to get going!

- Let's go!

- [Together] Ready, sweaty, going! Ready, sweaty, going!

- No!

Okay, you get to pick out your first capsule.

(water splash)

- Oop! I did a little splash zone there.

- [Audrey] What are you gonna get? Do you want that one?

(Jordan squeals)

- [Audrey] What's it gonna be? What's it gonna be?

- [Jordan] This.

- Whoa, ohhh!

- It's a purple one.

- Okay, open it up.

What's inside the purple capsule?

- Can't open it.

- [Offscreen] You're gonna have to open it after.

- Okay, guess we won't know 'til the end! Stay tuned!

It's my turn!

- [Jordan] Wow! (laughs)

- I'm in elbow deep. I picked this one.

- Aw, no! Oh, it's so slimy!

- Slimy boy, right here. Going into the bowl.

- I'm gonna pick from your side.

- Oh, my gosh.

[Jordan screams]

- This one, it's a pink one, yay!

Okay, we're going with this one.

- [Offscreen] Ew.

- My turn.

I feel like a granny. I am a granny.

Ooh, I also got a pink one!

- That's it, I'm standing up. I'm taller than Audrey.

- She's said that, like, ten times today.

I don't know why it's so funny.

- Because this hairstyle make me look even taller!

(crickets chirping)

- I don't know why it's hilarious to me.

- Don't - awww. On my shirt! Wait, is your hand dry?

Wipe it off, wipe it off!

- No!

I'm going with this one.

(water splash)

- I feel like we're fishing in a very nasty pond.

It's slime season, kids.

- This one does not have that much slime.

- Okay, I'm going in!

- [Jordan] Your face!

- Me going to the school bathrooms.

- True, though.

I'm looking for a purple one. Oh, my hair!

- Slimy hair! It's a good moisturizer.

I think we should use this for conditioner,

'cause our conditioner's gone.

- It is?

- Probably. I would not be surprised.

- I don't think it is.

My conditioner is purple sometimes.

- Yeah, I hate it.

- It's supposed to be, like, color-canceling,

so that way the yellow in my hair will be, like,

less yellow.

- Where is the capsule?

- No, you can't choose that one. That's mine, it's mine!

- Jordan!

I got your pink one.

(capsule bangs, Audrey screams)

- Try not to fall. I got another purple one.

- Okay, I see it.

This is like the claw game, how you always miss something.

It's rigged.

(both vocalizing)

I got it, it's right here.

Okay, now we have our five mystery capsules.

We are going to wash off our phalanges and elbow-langes,

and then open our mystery eggs.

(Jordan vocalizing)

- All right!

- Ow, my leg! I trapped my leg. Okay.

- Okay. I'm gonna open up my purple one.

- I'm opening up my purple one.

- They're still slimy. They're slimy boys. Oh, no.

- I'm just gonna open them all.

- Oh, good idea.



- Yeah, this is the new "asmer".

- "Asmer".

- Okay, it's time to read our notes!

I'll go first. My first one is-

- Ice cream!

- Eggs! I have to use eggs.

- I win the first.

- Okay.

- We're in such a weird mood. Ice cream.

Eggs? That's concerning.

- Mine's gonna be a savory treat, okay?

- Nice, okay. Flour.

- Ice cream and flour.

- Well, that's gonna work out.

- Potatoes. (laughs) Potato and eggs.

- Chocolate!

- Crackers.

- Milk!

I'm getting all the good sweet things.

- You can only use those things, too, nothing else.

- Water.

- Cake mix, slash pancake.

Yes. I know what I'm gonna do.

- Strawberries. With my eggs and potato.

- All right. Both got our ingredient list,

we're gonna get our ingredients and figure out something.

- Start the baking show.

- All right, we've got our ingredients right here,

and I'm gonna tell you the plan.

- And I'm gonna start baking,

pretend I don't hear Audrey's plan.

- (stage whispering) My plan is we're gonna go for

a breakfast food.

(normal voice) Okay, my plan is we're gonna go for

a breakfast food, and I think this is great 'cause

I got mostly all savory things. We got a little bit of

strawberries as dessert.

So I am going to dice up my potatoes and fry them,

and I'm also going to take my eggs and fry them,

and then I'm going to put the eggs and the potatoes together

in a pan and sprinkle a little bit of crackers on them,

and then I'm gonna stick it in the oven to get it a little

crispy. And for the little cherry on top, to the side,

I'm gonna put some strawberries.

And I think it's gonna be delish.

I don't have a butter or salt and pepper

to put on my potatoes, but you know what, we gotta work

with what we have, so that's the plan.

- My plan.

For my plan-

- I also have water. You don't have water, so.

- For my plan, I'm planning on making a lovely dessert,

where it's, like, cake thing on the bottom, and then

an ice cream ball on the top. If that makes any sense.

- You got the perfect ingredients for stuff,

and it wasn't jinxed or rigged or cheating.

- Exactly. And so, you saw I got my cake mix,

but the problem is, you're probably thinking,

"Jordan, why aren't you just making a cake with ice cream?"

But the problem is I'm not allowed to use any of

the ingredients, like eggs or butter,

so I've gotta improvise. We gonna try something new today.

- What are you doing? You're not even using the whole

cake mix.

- No, I'm gonna decide how much I want.

And then I'm taking some of the flour.

I remember one time, I went into our pantry-

(Audrey laughs)

- I remember this!

- We had a sack of potatoes and the potatoes had a bunch

of eyes on them, it was like stems growing out of the

potato bags.

- They were really bad.

- They were, like, reaching towards me like (strange noise).

It was-

- (as Gollum) My precious!

- Yeah, it was kind of creepy, not gonna lie.

I think I added in too much milk.

- Fun fact: I don't like milk.

But I like it in things, I just don't like drinking it.

It's nasty.

- Good. I was gonna say, otherwise

you're not going to like my dessert.

- This is your college prep. 'Cause as a college student,

you get desperate, so you have to use only items you have

in your house, when you don't want to go the store

for the fiftieth time. So you've gotta improvise

and make things out of things that won't go together,

but then it goes together.

- So you play this game...

- So you play this game. We're just prepping you for your

future college lives, okay?

- Exactly.

Make sure you have a slime fish tank at all times.

- I am taking my cutting board, and I'm going to dice up

my "potaters".

- Okay, so this is the update. I finished the mixture.

I put it in this cute little bowl.

- I'm dicing my "potaters".

- And now, it's time to bake. So I'm gonna put it on here,

and we're gonna hope that these things are oven-safe.

- Oh, gosh.

- Mom said they were, so they should be.

Then I'll bake it, and see what happens.

- Wait. You can't use this.

- No, it's chocolate.

- That's chocolate. This is chocolate syrup.

- This is chocolate.

- Syrup.

- Chocolate.

- Melt this, make your own chocolate syrup.

- Ugh, so much work!

Okay, I'm going to go ahead and put these in the oven.

- There's a potato in our oven!

- I just, I opened this up, and there's literally

a potato sitting there.

- She opened it, she was like, "Oh!"

- Wait, you didn't do this?

- No!

- I thought you were cooking a potato.

- I am, I'm chopping it!

- Why is there a potato just sitting there?

I don't want to grab it because it's probably hot,

but like, should I grab it?

- Hot potato, hot potato.

You can, yeah.

- It's sitting in the way.

- (laughs) There's just a potato in the oven.

Is it hot?

- Don't touch it!

- I wanna know!

- Yes, it's been in a 350 degree oven!

- Not all night, though!

- So, I don't know why-

- I'm gonna stick my potatoes in the pan, not the oven.

- I think it's a good luck potato, so I think we should

bake it with our thing.

- Wait, you can't have a potato, though!

- It's not going in the thing, but it's being baked with it

for good luck.

- Why?

Do I get Pam?

They're gonna stick! You can't have Pam either.

You already used Pam, so I can use Pam.

- I didn't realize.

Okay, I did not use that much Pam, just saying.

- Give me this.

All right, egg time.

Boom shakalah, right there, that's how you do it.

- Also, my thing's almost done, so.

Hurry, Audrey, hurry! Mine's almost done.

You're gonna pop it?

- Yeah, I'm gonna scramble it.

All right, my hearty meal is coming along.

I've moved it to a tiny little one. Look how cute!

And now I'm taking my crackers and I'm gonna crunch them

and sprinkle them on top for just a little bit of a crunch.

So "cronchy".

[Jordan screams]

My goodness!

- Sorry, my timer just went off.

- Okay, and then I'm just gonna let these brown

for a little bit on top,

then I'm gonna stick mine in the oven.

And then I will pretty much be done.

I'm going to chop up... actually, I'm just going to

wash some of my strawberries and put them on the side.

My dish is all done.


- And I'm making my chocolate syrup, because Audrey said

I wasn't allowed to use chocolate syrup.

- Well, I think mine looks pretty good.

It's a healthy meal, you've got the eggs, the potatoes, and

strawberries. And I realize I didn't use water,

which was one of my ingredients, but I think I kind of did

because I rinsed off my potato and my strawberries with

my water, which you couldn't have done, but I don't think

you needed to rinse anything off, so.

- Nope.

- I think I'm ready. I'm ready for this.

It's kind of funny that I have a savory breakfast and

you've got, like, the dessert.

So what we're going to do, when Jordan's done, is

we're both going to try our own meals and, like, see how

much we like it, what our rating is,

and then we're gonna have our mom be the final judge

and tell us which one she likes better,

who won the overall challenge.

- Okay.

We're ready to try it.

I'm gonna save this one for the judges.

- (laughs) The better-looking one.


Honestly? Mine's good.

I think it'd be better with salt and pepper,

but, like, it's a good breakfast.

Or any meal, I guess.

- I like mine.

- How's the cake mix?

- I feel like I should have made less cake mix.

But it's not bad.

- A little strawberry.

- I like the ice cream touch.

Ice cream's the best part, honestly.

- Okay, I rate mine a solid, probably-

(bell dings)

Eight and a half out of 10.


- I rate mine a nine out of 10.

(bell dings)

- Ohhh!

- Mine's good!

- Okay, Mom. It's your turn.

- Mine is really good.

- Ooh, I'm excited to try breakfast and dessert, yum.

Okay, first, some of your breakfast.

Potatoes are a tiny bit crunchy, could have been

cooked a little more and crisped up.

- [Audrey] Crunchy? Oh, because it's too raw?

- The insides are crunchy, mm-hmm.

Yes, some salt and pepper, and if there was some cheese,

that would be really good.

- [Audrey] But I didn't have it!

- The strawberry is a strawberry so it should be good.

Mm-hmm, it's good.

This would go good with your dessert.

Let's try this together.

- [Audrey] No, you can't!

- Okay, pretty good. I give yours probably...

I'm going to say, because you don't have salt and pepper

and a little bit of cheese...

(bell dings)

Eight out of 10.

- That's good.

- It is good. Like, I would eat it for breakfast.

- Audrey's like, "Oh, no."

- Ooh, your stuff hardened up! It's like a hard-

- The shell!

- You got a crispy shell on your drizzle!

- What can I say, I'm a genius.

- I'm so done.

- Should have let me use the other one

because the other one wouldn't have done that.

- With melty ice cream.

- So good.

- How's the cake batter, is it really all that she hyped up?

- Tastes like cake.

- Okay, I need to try it.

- It's good!

- I'm trying the other side.

- With a fork?

- It's basically ice cream and cake.

- It's so good!

(bell dings)

- 10 out of 10.

- Isn't it so good?

- It's really good, it is good. I like it like that.

That's yummy.

- I'm done.

It's not even all the ingredients to put in a cake!

There's, like, flour in there.

- It's only flour and cake batter.

- Try mine.

- We made such good ingredients with, like, random stuff

in our house.

Why didn't you just try the potato?

- I've got to get each individual flavor.

- Okay, well, we just proved to the world that you can

make things out of your house with random ingredients.

- I would eat this, too. For breakfast, I would use this.

- Bro! Good job everyone.

- Oh, thanks.

- Jordy's the winner!

- I actually like yours a lot though.

Like, yours is actually still really good.

I would eat it for breakfast if I put some salt on it.

- Guys, comment down below. Would you eat this for breakfast

and dessert because, like, totes galore, I would.

- This is actually really good.

- I'm glad we did this challenge.

- I'm so surprised! Every time we do Audrey and Jo Cooking

Show, it always fails, except for this time.

- This is good.

- This was a good challenge.

- All right, if you guys liked this challenge,

and you want more Audrey and Jo Baking Show videos,

then give it a big thumbs up and subscribe,

so you can, subscribe and hit the bell, so you can be

notified whenever I post a new video.

And I'll see you guys later. Bye!

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