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so Finally OTC has arrived in JEJU!!

One of us won't be able to have any foods

who that'll be?

So what do we do today?

You will play some games.

The one who lose thru the game

only for the loser doesn't matter 2nd 3rd 4th

won't have any dishes

Here the 1st man

can save the loser of the game

the winner can

change the loser and 4th one


when the winner tries to change 4th and loser

2nd, 3rd can refuge it

We call this game as a "LIFE" of trust, hope and betrayal

Before we begin

tell me how you feel now

One by one of you

from rown

Tell me your determination

I will eat sashimi

I won't lose the game


then take 4th lol

+1 point to Peter for supporting others with claps


I will eat sashimi I will do my best

and I will get the prize! fridge


we OTC

This situation.......must be....

(+1 point for Peter...)

it's the chance...!!

am I right..?

(nothing happened lol)

we thank you all that we could fly to jeju from seoul

to show you better of us

we came to jeju

we play games in front of dishes


Who do you think when it comes to MUKBANG



I will show you the most delicious mukbang

yes, me

I will do acrostic poem




*It's supposed to start from Je as the order

you're driving me crazy lol

wait then PD will

Okay, here we go



Driving me crazy

*he made mistake already

cut out?


I don't have power

driving me crazy!

please these foods

give meeeeeee

now we begin!!

we begin with 3.6.9 game

from peter

no practice for it?


-1 point

next game

you must be very hungry at this moment

maybe I can give you one chance to taste the dishes

bonus game

eat washabi

you must stand fine when you eat it

when you make it, you can eat one piece of dishes

eat washabi

we pretend to be fine..?

only one can have dish

game explaining

who's gonna start?

let's begin from Rown


can I give it up?


go for it!

I came to jeju

I'm a man!!

oww are you hungry~~

nooooo you never gonna make it

Green tea Icecream

This is Green tea Ice cream......

Nope. Wasabi bro

Give up

I know myself I can't eat wasabi

i can't

I love wasabi very much

But I know

you will die with that amount of....

Give up! two of you have given enough fun

we all give up?

well Ilike it

He will prove that we were right

I eat wasabi like drinking water all the time

I've been eating it for 24years

I was bron with saying


I couldn't keep it in my mouth

we play main game from now on

we play "I came alone"

"rice came" *korean rhyme joke..

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