Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Different Parts, One Body

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Please, please, please

do not ask my wife

about our mailbox.

My neighbors actually ran over our mailbox a few months ago

and I put it in a bucket with some rocks.

And for four months, that's where the mailbox stood.

It took me about

a couple weeks to find the rocks.

It took me another month to go to the

hardware store and buy a new mailbox.

I tried to put it up once but it was leaning

like a crooked tower in Italy.

And so I gave up,

put the mailbox back into the bucket,

and that's where it sat.

Can you take a guess what my talents and gifts are not?

I'm terrible at fixing things.

You can pray for my wife and pray for our marriage.

It can cause some tension.

But can I tell you what one of my gifts is?

Memorizing the Bible.

I don't know why but ever since I was little,

I could remember things like few people could.

In fact, this past summer, in just one month,

I think I memorized over 100 Bible passages,

the most I ever did.

And now let me hit pause

and ask you,

"What are you feeling in your heart right now?"

When I talk about something I'm pretty pathetic at,

and something I'm pretty powerful at,

how do you feel?

Was there a twinge of pride when you heard

about things that seem pathetic to you,

that you could do easily?

Was there a bit of jealousy or defensiveness

when you learned of something that I can do that perhaps you can't?

The apostle Paul wants to give us contentment.

He doesn't want us to ping pong back and forth

between feeling proud and then feeling envious

and then feeling proud and then feeling envious.

There are too many differences in this world to live like that.

One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is peace and contentment

and it comes from knowing what the apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 12.

That's where he talks about the body of Christ,

the various members of the church being like the parts of a body.

They're different.

And he concludes with this.

Different parts

and yet we all care about each other, despite the differences.

You know, at my church I told the story of my broken mailbox

and within 24 hours a man with an incredible gift had it fixed.

My wife was very thankful.

And I prayed the next time I get to preach to that man,

I can use those passages God has put in my mind to bless him,

just like he blessed me.

So don't be afraid of the differences.

Celebrate them

from the Holy Spirit who gave each one.

We have been so humbled by hearing stories

of people caught up in guilt,

now finding joy and peace in God's amazing grace.

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