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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: When "Society" Should Be Replaced by "People". Grammar and Usage

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I want to talk now about when it's

proper to use the word society and when

it's proper to use a word more like

people and this is a common mistake in

writing and speaking so for example

here's a sentence that's fine society

condemns murder that's perfectly fine

now here's a sentence though that

shouldn't sound okay to you but that

might here it is let's see society

doesn't read as much as it used to now

that's the kind of sentence that you

might very well write or see in print

but it's not really right and why isn't

it right well the problem is not a

grammatical problem it's a problem of

usage so for example society does not

read as much as it used to there's

nothing romantic alee wrong with that a

society agrees with does read does read

as the verb society the subject that's

no problem it's the way the word is you

the word society is used so to give an

example of a sentence that probably will

sound funny to you even if society

doesn't read as much as it used to

sounds okay to you this sentence that

I'm about to say will sound funny I bet

society likes a hamburger for lunch now

that probably going to sound funny and

you're probably instinctively going to

want to say no it shouldn't be society

it should be people people like a

hamburger for lunch you in society isn't

part of it however the same thing should

apply to society doesn't read as much as

it used to that should also sound funny

to you and so where's the dividing line

when is it okay to say society and when

should you say something more like

people well if it has to do with the

commonly held values that define a

culture then you can talk about society

society condemns murder society

highly educated people society condemns

adultery or whatever as long as it's

talking about values that are held in

common that's when you can use society

but if you're talking about actual human

beans doing things doing things other

than just having values if you're

talking about right riding a bicycle or

driving a car or reading a book or

eating a hamburger then you're talking

about things that people do so you

should say society drives the automobile

too much it's people who might drive the

automobile too much or people in society

drive the automobile too much so when

it's when it's commonly held values

that's when you can say society does the

sand so but if its people doing things

then indeed its people society values

things or society condemns things but

people do things like eating hamburgers

riding bicycles driving automobiles

traveling to Europe and so on

The Description of When "Society" Should Be Replaced by "People". Grammar and Usage