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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The 2020 Bachelor Bowl in Cleveland - The Bachelor

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at FirstEnergy Stadium.

I'm ABC Cleveland's Jon Doss

alongside radio host Morgan Wright.

And here we are. It is the Bachelor Bowl 2019.

And of course the Bachelor Bowl

comes with high stakes, Morgan.

- That's right. The losers are

gonna be going home, while the winners are

gonna hang out at the after party

and spend more time with Peter,

which is what they're all here for, Jon.

- All right, Kelley! - Let's play some football.

[whistle blows] Bring it!

- Here we go, opening kickoff of the Bachelor Bowl.

- Shiann with the recovery!

- Oh! Shiann, oh, no!

Football! - The football's loose.

Natasha sliding in to pick up the loose ball.

- Hey, good job. Good job.

Good job, okay? - All right.

These girls came to play.

- So the Eliminators start with the football,

Killer Bees on defense.

Sydney at quarterback, first play...

- You say hike. - Hike!

[dramatic music]

- There you go. There you go!

Try to get her! - Hand-off goes to Shiann,

and there she goes... - Wow, touchdown!

- Into the end zone for the score.

- Whoo!

- Touchdown by the Eliminators.

- What a start.

- Shiann with the wheels!

- So it's seven-nothing, the Eliminators.

- We can't let 'em run and make a touchdown,

'cause they make a touchdown, then they score

and then we're at a disadvantage.

Everybody understand? - Let's go, Killer Bees.

How bad do you want this? Let's go.

- Protect Kelley. You guys gotta

protect the quarterback.

- First play for the Killer Bees.

Kelley with the snap.

She'll put it in the air to Hannah Ann.

- Hannah Ann, let's go!

- She is wrapped up immediately

and dropped by the entire Eliminators team.

- I'm genuinely scared for my life right now

'cause every girl out there is

wanting time with Peter so bad.

Girls are gonna be out for the kill.

[rock music]

- Oh, Madison. Oh!

- Ooh.

- Let's go, Hannah Ann! You've got the ball!

Let's go! Whoo!

- Sometimes I was just throwing it to Hannah Ann

'cause it was the only person I could throw it to.

- Good job, Hannah. - Poor girl.

I just--I feel like she got rocked a couple of times.

- Hike. - Sydney takes the snap.

She hands off to Shiann!

- "Shiannimal's" got it again! - And there goes Shiann!

- She's got it again! - Another touchdown!

- Oh, we got number two! What's up, MVP?

Pink team's really dishing the ball off to Shiann,

and she's taking a huge workload right now,

and it's working.

But Killer Bees, they got that arm with Kelley.

She can throw it, and Deandra's out there,

and she's on fire.

- Yeah! - And here's Deandra,

and she's into the end zone.

- She is making catches,

taking hits and not going down,

scoring touchdowns.

That girl's bringing it right now.

- Here we are, fourth down for the Eliminators.

- Hike.

- Sydney turns and hands to Shiann.

Shiann down the far side, and she's into the end zone.

And the Eliminators have retaken the lead.

- That's four touchdowns right here.

- If we win this, we get more time with Peter.

We get to go to the cocktail party.

That means everything to me.

This is why I'm here. I'm here to win his heart.

I'm here to get more time. I'm not going home.

- I don't know who's gonna win this.

You okay? - Yeah.

- Come here. I'll warm you up.

- The Eliminators on top 28-21.

The Killer Bees are running out of time

with less than one minute to play.

Kelley with the snap.

Kelley will throw again, and again, it is incomplete.

Hanford Dixon's team with just one last chance.

- Our team as a whole, we need to win this

'cause we all need that time with Peter.

So we're not playing around.

We have no choice but to win.

I'm a little nervous, though. Not gonna lie.

- This is it, game on the line.

- The Killer Bees with just one last chance

to tie the ball game.

- This is it, Jon.

- Kelley, the snap.

She wants to run.

She breaks the tackle, now throws it up in the air.

It's a completion to Deandra!

- You're still up! You're still up!

Go! Deandra!

- And there goes Deandra into the end zone

on fourth down!

- No way! - Touchdown!

- No way!

- What a play by the Killer Bees!

[buzzer blares]

- D! Yes!

Let's go! - And that's it.

The Bachelor Bowl ends in a tie.

- That was some good football. That was really good.

They were hitting hard. They had some good runs.

They were throwing dimes, catching hard passes.

I was impressed. I didn't want it to end.

- This is to us.

I think we all had an absolute blast.

We trusted each other, and we killed 'em.

- No one saw us coming.

- Cheers for tackling Peter's heart tonight.

[all cheer] - All right!

- [sighs deeply] 00:04:31.062,00:00:00.000 - I'm pissed.

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