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Ok, welcome to "Let's Pwn!" and this time we are going to pwn MechCommander

It's quite an old PC game back from 1998 one of my favourites as well it's a really hard game

much harder than any game you will find these days

It has some of the best 2D graphics I've ever seen

There's a good intro for this game

But I've already uploaded the video, it's on the channel so you can have a look later

Not gonna go through the intro on this one Just gonna go straight into the game

Command Interface initiated

Incomming transmittion

Xavian guards

our first battalion is on the planet

we caught the Smoke Jaguar off guard but just barely

they were able to activate the plant orbital guns and caught the dropship

York before she landed

we have lost all contacts so assume x-ray company is out of the picture

yankee and zulu companies you will pick up the slack as well as any survivors and

equipment that could be used

while those guns have us pinned down support will be limited so salvage is a priority

Xavians make no mistake

despite the loss of x-ray company our battle plan is intact

we will take this planet back

I'm downloaded your mission briefing.

moved to destroy the designated Clan target and we will gain a beachhead

before they can react

batallion will make special equipment available as required

there we go that's the briefing all of which is in FMV which is really good

so you've got your operation briefing here

mission briefing which pretty much says what she said

gives you a little bit more information as well

so that the Mechs you got already are the three down here, beast, Hunter and Lynx.

So as you can see I've only got 3 slots that you can use for this particular mission. but there's a total of 12 as well.

and down here you've got the tons which is the maximum weight you can

use in any mission

each of the Mechs has their own weight

so this one the Beast is in is a Commando it's only 25 tons

And then the Firestarter which Lynx is in is 30 tons

different missions give you different weight limits

So as well as this, this is your main screen, you have your Mech bay

where you can go to arm your Mechs with different weapons

So here's all the weapons you got on this side may look a bit complicated at the moment but it gets a lot easier

the more you go through the game

so you've got your Mechs

which I've got none left at the moment I've only got these three MechWrriors

which is Hawk,

he's staying there, he's not coming out to the fight


different weapons

vehicles none of which I've got at the moment

as well as everything you've got you can also purchase the different types

components, vehicles

MechWarriors and Mechs

so rather than go through it all now you will see it

as I go through the game and it will start to make more sense

so I'm gonna go straight into the game and deploy! so let's begin the mission

Commencing deployment

MechWarriors prepare for combat

Here you go, so the game plays pretty much like Command And Conquer really

It's like any sort of real Time Strategy execpt there is no base building or resource management you just get to control your units and move around

This h.......oh shut up Beast. This has got some of the best 2D graphics

or 2D sprites I've seen

Very highly detailed

So there's just that man who just....

Well he's just blown up now but he legged it from the car

as soon as the car blew up

It's got lots of small detail like that going on in the game

And then there's two different zoom levels so they pretty much had to redraw each of the sprites for the zoom levels

as you can see there's a lot of detail in there

What have you found Lynx? Where is it?

So you've got your mini-map up here you've got the radar for each of your Mechs

radar will shrink as they are running

and as they stop the radar increases so it gives you better range

So you're best to stand still so you can find anything far from the horizon

if not

just run off like I do

That's the first part done

Well it's only an armoured car

There he is trying to escape

Shoot him this time

So if you haven't played this game before I recommend you really should get it

It's one of the best games and it's really hard as well especially if you like older games like this

it's quite easy to play but it's a very difficult game

it really is the bees' knees and the dog's bollocks all in one

so as you can see here on the mini-map now I've got two more objectives to go to

just finished the first one just by blowing up that fuel truck

Now usually in the game when you get to a

piece of terrain that's just grayish like this

it normally means it's on a bit of a hill

So as you stand on there

you can see much further than you would normally

some of them are only small like this one but others are really high up

where you can see most of the map

so it's got pretty decent line of sight

ahhh no you dont! get back here!

Now on the map when you see the yellow circle like that with a red ring around it that means it's a Mech

The red ring means it's got it's own radar which means I'm within it's radar range at the moment

Some Mechs will come for you if you get within the radar range, others won't.

So this is one of their Mechs we're gonna have to destroy

Here he comes

ahh it's only a Commando

So as he's fixated on trying to attack Lynx I can run Lynx round in circles

Which makes him harder to it

And then my other two Mechs will just stand there and get good accuracy while blowing him to peices

There we go

Lost an arm

And there goes the pilot

So any Mechs that fall

in the game like that

you can usually salvage if they don't blow to pieces

So I'll be able to see at the end if I can salvage that one or not

There's no real need to destroy those buildings I just felt like it

What's this hiding?

A car? Go on get lost

Missed the damn objective didn't I!

That's the damage of the PPC

Sick of this flag as well

Right onto the last one

Here there's a fuel tank

Let's just blow this up for a laugh

if a Mech gets within a blown up fuel tank they haven't got much chance of survival

There you go you see Lynx down there he's taken quite a bit of damage so best keep him back

Any Mech that get's damaged we will have to pay for repair

Because if I go into another mission without repairing him he will be exactly like he is now

So each time you go into a new mission you will carry on with

exactly the same resources you had at the last one

Another armoured car

Right there's another Mech up there somewhere


Let's see if we can find a hill

Might be able to see better what's going on

Ok might be able to see from here

Well that was shit

Let's try up here

oooooh, getting close, come on

An Armoured car with no crew!

Is that the best they can do?

These are pretty good Mechs for small ones

that's just a moment

Quite tough

Oh there we go

Blew his arm off

And any weapons that were in it

Get out of the way Lynx

There goes the pilot

Too bad the Mech blew up

Which means I can't have that one

Let's get rid of this crap

Come on Flatbed, you as well

There we go, mission finished

There we go. Extra bonus for going under the drop weight

There we go, salvaged the Commando

And salvaged the Uller as well

Their own weapons. Thats good

as you see there each of the MechWarriors levels up a little bit

each time they get some kills and finish a mission

Right so I'm gonna go onto the next one now

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