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Hi and welcome back to OLA English with Greg. If you like watching my English

lessons on YouTube you're gonna love this one, because in this video I'm going

to give you my top 5 YouTube channels to learn British English with native

speakers. So let's go...

I was in IKEA at the weekend at one of my YouTube fans saw me in IKEA and

stopped me to say hello! It was such an amazing moment and I just thought WOW, I

love teaching English on YouTube. I teach people I don't even know what from all

over the world and that is such a special thing. YouTube is such a great

place to learn English, which is why I decided to do this video for you, so you

can also see different English teachers and learn not just from me but from many

other English teachers too. If you are new here please click subscribe and

click the bell notification to get videos from me when I publish them. Right,

let's have a look at my favourite 5! Alright, the first one is English with

Lucy. Lucy is from the Cambridge area of London, she's got a beautiful accent and

her lessons on YouTube are great to watch. She's got a great personality

which you can really feel from her videos and you can just tell that she

loves her job so much. She has gone from zero subscribers to more than half a

million in less than two years. She is a YouTube sensation and I love English

with Lucy because she just does everything right. Yes, the marketing, the

production of the videos are great, but most importantly the content is

fantastic. She teaches you really good expressions in English, she also does

some vlogging where you can see a bit of her real life and she has done some

fantastic videos. If she isn't the most famous YouTube English teacher yet she

will be soon. So English with Lucy! The next one is To

Fluency. Now, I've been following Jack from To Fluency for a few years now.

There are two parts to Jack's business, he has To Fluency where he teaches

English as a foreign language and he also has a teaching ESL online business

where he helps teachers make the transition to start teaching online. His

YouTube channel is growing and it's easy to see why. He does a lot of live lessons

which are great to interact with him he does grammar and he talks about his life

and helps you learn English in a real setting. Jack's from the north of England

like me, he lives in America but his focus is British English and I think

Jack is really good at motivating students to learn English. He's really

good at guiding you through your English language journey and also helping you

learn the sounds and techniques that you need if you want to speak English

fluently. To Fluency! Alright, the next one is a relatively new channel but they've

gained popularity very quickly. It is Love English, Learn English with Leila

and Sabra. First of all I love their names, Laila and Sabra, great names, and

these two girls are University teachers in English so their knowledge of the

language is fantastic. And it's also great, I love their channel because it's

great to see them working together. They're clearly great friends, they love

what they do, they bring an energy to the classes

which is really nice to see and I think it's really nice to see them interact

with each other while they're teaching you English. They're from the south coast

of England, I think their speciality is English grammar but they also do a lot

of videos on great, British English expressions that you need and they've

also done some cool collaboration videos with other teachers which are really

great to watch too. So, Love English, Learn English with Laila and Sabra. The next

one is Amigos Ingleses and I can't believe I've only just discovered them.

They are really popular and I discovered them like a month ago, I can't believe it.

But again, there's two people on this channel, it's an English guy and a

Spanish girl, and it's specifically for Spanish students or Spanish-speaking

students who are learning English. Most of the videos are in English but they

do explain certain things in Spanish and I think if you are a Spanish speaker

learning English then that is a great channel to subscribe to. I'm also English

and my wife is Spanish and for me it's really nice to see them working together

and teaching English together on YouTube. And finally, Papa Teach Me.

Oh my word, I love this channel. If you want to laugh then this is the channel

for you! Aly from Papa Teach Me has a fantastic personality and I think his

videos are not just funny but the content is really, really amazing too.

Like, I watch his videos and I think, how can you be so funny but also so

knowledgeable about English? Aly from Papa Teach Me combines the two

perfectly and for me, the best video Aly from Papa Teach Me has ever done was on

English with Lucy's channel where he dressed as Lucy and gave the entire

class as if he was Lucy. He's a brilliant guy,

it's brilliant channel to watch, he teaches a wide variety of topics, grammar

expressions, pronunciation, so again, another fantastic channel if you want to

improve your British English on YouTube! OK, there's going to be a link in the

description to the second part of this video when I tell you my top 5

American English teachers on YouTube, and as I said, these are MY favourite 5. I

can't possibly put all the YouTube channels I know in one video, so if you

watch any other YouTube channels to improve your English write the name of

their channel in the comments and let's help students like you find good quality

content to improve their English on YouTube. I'm Greg from Online Language Click up there if you want to speak English with confidence and

fluency with native English teachers and share this video with your friends if

you think they will enjoy it! Alright, thanks for being here and I'll

see you in the next video! Bye for now!

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