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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TOP 32 Beyblade Burst Marathon | Hasbro Turbo SlingShock & SwitchStrike Rise Episode

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hi guys to come back to the Blast Zone today we are a very exciting video I am

doing a huge marathon I'm picking the 32 best Hasbro slingshock and switch strike

beyblades see which one is the best beyblade what'd you see alright here is

over 70 Hasbro switch striking slingshock face I'm gonna be picking 32

right now in my Blast Zone beyblade pouch remember to buy these guys we have

sold a lot of them and that's really appreciated for me let's choose the 32

best beyblades

we got to 32 days we are gonna put them in the blast zone mystery pouch look at

this guy this pouch can hold like 40 beyblades you can put your entire

collection in this pouch we got all the beyblades in the pouch and the stadium

ready what I am gonna do right now is draw tube a way from the mystery pouch

without looking and we're just gonna battle them first two sprig and rec room

vs. Archer Hercules let students single-elimination on the first round

first battle y'all are doing something one two year old friggin right grew up

totally destroys our to hurt you ease in one shot first elimination next to

beyblades out of the mystery pouch whoo hazard beyblades a tacky Lee's a for

this is gonna be explosive three two on the right simultaneous first that's a

tie to 100 sake lees destroy cup bring out finish for Hazzard garage I can't

move turbo see these actually lost at second

your eliminations all right students 780 bits eyes are wet shoes go boom

thunder you got this I'm gonna do guys in a while alright let's see when to

this said Hades or dude sizes they're both attack types so average attacks is

stronger it's probably gonna win Oh looks pretty close one point

don't say ladies wins in Sadie's new job raccoon pelt salamanders this is gonna

be interesting

tell salamander wins it right 40s at four Valkyrie V for this is gonna be

really cool three-to-one the rich do that fish for

Valkyries b4 whoo turbo slicing as four versus bloody

launcher this rise in just one hits brutal Illinois turbo strides and moves

on next battle beyblades in versus drain fast letter it throw you're in oh

really good attack in the beginning for train faster spin seals so just could go

either way

surprisingly drink loses a lot of sound of battles I don't know why

Krakens gonna win watch Oh drinks after you Ange it Kraken is eliminated all

right vs. air night there's throw a night be better Mon this is gonna be

stamina battle is really good at stamina battles so Aaron I dislike

Garuda he was a huge huge wheel around himself so it's kind of like a shield

Jill it helped him defeat them lots gonna be really close

look at the instant replay to check it frame by frame

erinite won by a hair airtight moves on through this Regulus

vs ogre this is a weird matchup Kroger where's Regulus close they're both

really off-balance I think ogres gonna win this and ogre weres it all right

suit the call can do charcoal get attack suit Ron oh really good attacks like a

cloak in just you go either way cook off and don't make it a stamina battle ad

beyblade destroys you tried moves on perfect v-neck Scalia cool go

wouldst rallies first Phoenix really good attack by Elias this is

really close battle exclaims it DX is out all right our

materials tornado wood through one minute Oh our materials you've got this

why bran will really good attacks by our materials really pushing why brawn

around my dad wins if next battle golden blast genius vs. rock gabor r31 nice

rocker boy whoa black genius defense knock knock before out alright next

rattle orichalcum beat two one go you got this orichalcum rude red Phoenix

is in attack mode right now there was one contact so does counties

if directly gets me honey it's one point so you gotta make it

count oh I think orichalcum is gonna win with

a spin orichalcum barely wins stretching it to put up a good fight

let the Astro Bruce's Valar before that was depressing

that's Astra wins that the last two beyblade our cargo L versus Blizzard guy

not who's gonna wait to 100 girl was their guy old loser going on it's really

fast they're both really wobbly it's gonna be really close battle guys

gargoyle barely takes it ones you're going on and we are done with the first

round guys we are moving on to the second round the second round is still

one point let's do this awesome second round do this first battle of the second

round beyblades record on vs. beat Kukulkan Rica

coconuts out wrecker up with four big attacks tornado watch why Ron W 3 vs.

golden glass shoes 200 you got this last year you still at y Bronwyn you should

give me a defense and stamina battle so Co ND

this could be the end for why Ron or black genius my dad wins it Billy

next battle left Astro hazard to Bay's but a rich ogre barriers got this all

right there was contact in the beginning so we'll be counted if he like gets ring

out it is this gonna happen like the first battle so gonna be another tie it

looks like it has a curve it's one that guy's all right whoa turbo valchek

versus bustard scouts this is gonna be a really cool tack bathrobe out your yet

no grill wing attack really good attacks by Buster but it looks like he's taking

all the damage felt react is the winner touchdown manner turbos fries in s4

go totals rise in destroy Hill salamander Oh turbo surprising is

pounding hell salamander slice and moves on total domination dead Hades versus

air night a night let's see if your luck is still here - all right bro err night

okay there's two attacks in the beginning dead Hades really attacked

their night nor where and I you're losing speed I know dead eighties moves

on to the third round orichalcum vs. drain fast ready guys three two and

literate all right you got the strength back here spin steel yeah

if orichalcum actually loses cuz i handstand drink saft near orichalcum I'm

doing these right in the garbage really close just you have always been two

drains out there yeah that's it I remember when I did different one

video on blossom kid and like I said huntsmen drink back and he beat everyone

orichalcum wins it really weird rates out here took most of his spin final

battle of the second round oh girl versus gargoyle

alright go girl beat gargoyle gargoyle doesn't stand a chance against uber

think over is gonna win this fairly priced in Finnish who's gonna be the

last winner for the second round is it over

I told you guys ochre wins it now we're moving on to the third round put them in

the bag why bran w3 versus curve a is this is a defense battle

girl I beyblades u lost this war beat her base curve and rain house and now it's

your base sauce well he just ate it stinks I mean he is good but like I don't

know how he beat a kid is that I'm kind of like salty of that we both have like

a gimmick right there like wheels like really jumping stuff

why run makes it live on moved on to semifinals all right saddle Oh Gert vs.

orichalcum it's cool on the rich all right this is gonna be close Phelps you

know what I don't it they're they're they're energy layers are both circles

can we close whoever has the better stronger power orichalcum takes it for

Bailey's left tail boats rise in s4 versus beat - cool let's do this let it

rip go to fuckin beat turbos Friday wow you're really good at a practice

polka coconut really good Erasmus long as I try the first round

all right we already got the two members with for the semifinals who is gonna be

the third hey let's watch Goodwin zips stretch into the semi-final last two oh

this is a good battle 1080 vs. turbo Belcher's Grove out react you ought to

be in the semi-final no settings widget three moves on to the semifinals for the

semifinals why Ron w3o a Calculon 1080s add turbos rising the first battle

orichalcum why who's gonna win come on this is the fight for third place

oh no poor place or third place who would care to take this well I think

orichalcum is gonna win really close guys really close time to battles fly

rod wins this one 0y front winning these 100 whoa you got the story how come get

at least one point oh you could hear the stadium orichalcum is rocking against a

that's not good and wise rod takes it Ted 80s versus turbos prices all right

let's see a bird do it turbo Friday whoa reopen it 1:02 an arrest

gross rise in chat set it one more set 80 just push right then out 1 1 rising

not dead 80 out of the wind jet Haiti is third place give a round of

applause guys third place three good for the final battle for

first and second place why Ron W 3 turbo strides in let's find out who is the

champion 200 grand prize in defeat why Ron since

ripen is like a really heavy just might up might affect some light run all right

you can't let that energy there be rising like a really powerful energy

later you have to block it close

why then wind it 1-0 spin finish Larry

who is gonna win this is its prize in or why Braun find out why Braun is really

tearing and surprising with that energy layer and fries and take it I think you

can this is really close live on us

off-balance who we're gonna win this this could be either one of them live

raw I'm gonna take this first point my brawn takes his first point barely one

one who's gonna win this one more point this is the app final battle to see

who's the champion 100 really good attack in the beginning

come on strides in no X lon oh no surprises no one is the winner up this

litt strike a slingshot can you believe it why Brian w3 an energy layer is so

o-p-s guys you know I use this in the world tour for a very critical battle

and one with it sure so I'm pretty sure that's why I won second place goes just

servos frightened these are the five best beyblades out of those 70 base that

we choose from thank you guys so much for coming back to the glass dome please

subscribe please like we are gonna be doing more marathons just like this bye

guys have fun

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