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I'll be really honest, our viewcount is not that much at all

And even our Twitch...

The amount of people I think that watch our Twitch

Is I think around 1000 maximum

Like when it comes down to the viewbotting problem

Its a really really annoying one, because its very hard for me to prove that its not me doing it


The closest to what I can come is e-mail

E-mails back and forth to Twitch

Reputation is quite important

Certainly considering all the charity stuff I'm doing

And this entire viewbotting stuff, like honestly when you look at it

Like some people might say: "Oh you are benefitting from it"

But I would rather say that it has caused more damage than anything

You know how you would measure those numbers? Because if you would...

I can actually give arguments why it has more damage than good

And the thing is I didn't really

Come and go public about it, because I tried to fix it, I messaged Twitch

I talked to then, I said like can you please

I begged them to actually

Put the views equal to the chatters

And they say: "That's not possible to do"

So like...

When you read up on it 90% of everybody is saying that I'm doing it [the viewbotting]

I don't know what I can do about it, maybe you have an idea

But ofcourse, if you see me as being guilty and this is all a strategy

Then of course, yeah like then...

Then we are in a stalemate

Because I really don't know what to do

Sure, I guess the reason why...

Me looking at it, the only thing is like in terms of just looking at it from numbers

I guess its possible that other streamers have been adversely affected

In that they won't associate themselves with you because of the viewbotting

But like, your numbers have gone up

Like if you would have looked at Twinge, I linked you this

Just recording your average viewership was anywere from 200 to 500 viewers on average

And now after the viewbotting

You have like 2 to 3 times as many chatters now as you used to viewers

So you are starting... You are pulling lot more legitimate viewers

And publicity as a result to the viewbotting

Even if you just, you know

The thing is, to which extent does this exposure

Make up for the damage

Like if you look at how everything is developing and unfolding

Its pretty bad, like...

My reputation is heavily being damaged

And that is a reality, and I know that...

That even calls like this

Where I talk about it, won't fix it

90% already believe... They have already made up their mind

Either its someone that is damaging... Doing it on purpose

Or it is uuhm...

Its either that or its someone that is trying to help the charity but I don't think that is the case, because

All the stuff that is going on is just crazy

But I don't know! I don't know who is doing it, like if I could...

If I could figure our where the proxies are coming from

If that can be tracked back to a server or whatever

I don't fucking know, it's more easy to figure out where it comes from

But like honestly, in my position, I have no clue what to do

Its that simple

The viewership on Twitch is low...

The reach on YouTube is pretty low

Concerning the amount of subscribers

And you're trying to launch a new platform that you need to get eyes on to attract other streamers to

I mean so either...

You guys, or a friend of yours or whatever

Started viewbotting the channel for publicity

Knowing that it would cause some damage to your reputation

Or you have an anti-fan that is spending hundreds of dollars a month to just...

Viewbot you for months and months and months

Like the bias is kind of hard there

Well, the thing is still what you have to know is

Like when you just look at the actual statistics and the added value that the viewbots would give me

In my situation

Compared to the added value that I could be getting from

A clean reputation and having like... the entire Ethiopian relief efforts

They just don't compare

I bet like... I bet we lost a lot of exposure because of the viewbotting

Like I'm actually sure about that

Yea this reputation is really...

Is haunting me, I mean like people like Forsen

Like you, or Amaz, or like uuhm

Or like Reckful would probably already be using G4G if it wasn't for all this botting bullshit

If you go and you just look up

Like go check out Sodapoppin's Reddit!

Everybody is saying that he basically signed a deal with the devil!

And that is because of the viewbotting, so like...

If I just look at all this stuff and I look at all this

All this backfire that I would...

That I would fully know upfront that would happen

Because I'm already a controversial persona

Like uuhm... Why would I do it like this, and not just fake it with chatters?

Like that is the thing, because its not so hard

I mean couldn't... I mean to take that same argument kind of as absurd

Couldn't you just say then if another person was doing that, that they would add chatters as well?

I mean why wouldn't another person viewbotting you add chatters knowing that people know that you are smarter?

To try to make it look more like you did it

Because if you add chatters then it doesn't backfire, because people think its legit

I mean I think there are

But there are streamers that add chatters to the viewbots and people know...

That they are still not...

No you add checked activity

No I understand how it works, but I'm telling you...

That Massan and the HearthStone industry has done this stuff

And people have gone through, like the bots...

And they find the chatters and they can see like: "Oh this guy is very clearly a chatbot"

Because they all say like random similar lines

I think more than 50% of the entire Twitch viewerbase is inflated

And a lot of people are using bots

A lot of people

Most of the top streamers are using bots right now

And I never called them out, I never bring it up

Because like...

It's not my place to do so

Moving on then from the viewbotting stuff

Going back into the specific numbers

When you say you've raised $3 million USD over the past years

That seems impossible to believe

Given the viewership that I've seen on YouTube and given the viewership that I've seen on your stream

We've had several events and all this money has been fundraised and is in this

Total of around $3 million USD

So with 4 to 5 times less viewership

You guys raised

5 times or 6 or 7 times as much money

As I would be capable of doing

So obviously I know that since you're pushing for charity maybe you can get a little bit more

How is it that with 1000 real viewers...

You are able to raise...

$100,000 in 19 days?

Like how am I able to raise $100,000 is because...

We are really good

At sellout out 4Head

And because we've been using G4G and G4G makes you tons of money

And why do they donate so much?

It's beause I have a very strong

Track record of doing filantropy

And charity, and it just attracts people

That are... You know, that have more money

If you guys were to make an alternate PayPal account and donate with that PayPal account

G2A would have no idea...

Yes indeed, indeed, I fully agree

But then what you need to do

Is instead of an alternative PayPal account

You need many onf them, because

In order to get $100K

Like if I just make 5 PayPal accounts

Like there is 5 people donating $10K

And if you look at the amount of transctions and the amount of people donating

We have a very big amount of people, we almost have to

We almost have to create an entire city

Of stolen identities

To make up for the amount of dontions we make

G2A has all the payment transactions

They have the countries, they have the friggin IP's, they have everything

They can just look into that and see is there Athene

That has been donating to himself?

Through VPN's or whatever, and I'll be honest

Like from this $100K I would say

Maybe $1000 is donated from us

Because we've been testing the platform

This is just text to speech on steroids!

Its the platform that is doing it

I would have no way raised $100K

If it wasn't for G4G

Okay well I donated yesterday $5 to Sodapoppin

To Sodapoppin or to the charity?

Well I did $2.50 to charity and $2.50 to Sodapoppin

Then you should have gotten in the mail for $2.50 a tax receipt

[Destiny searches for the receipt]

Oh you're right, okay that's good

Yeah I see it now it was in the spam

But it does include the info

Organization identification for Save The Children

Like we never were the middle man

Like even now with G2A Pay we are not the middle man at all

[Funds go directly to Save The Children]

Gotcha, okay

I guess a lot of people are pointing to the fact that Sodapoppin was getting a lot of huge donations

From people that have never donated to him before

But I guess your argument to that would be

Because the platform is so lucrative it encourages us people to donate that might not have

No, I have to say the events definitely added

I've never taken a single cent from Save The Children


A single cent

I haven't taken


Here you see they day, right?

And I can just go back as you can see like

Like it first fetches the information

And you can see there is quite

Like March 2nd

Like this is all the charity

A lot to charity, like what you see here

Is when we were

Setting up for the charity

So these are the days we set up

And this...

Well we go back here, here the 20th

Is actually 1 day after the event

And now you're going to see the amounts for the events, here $10K

$7K, $3K

$5K, $3K, $2K

You see here all the amounts until the 1st

If you actually, well we actually sarted at the 31st

People can actually take screenshots and everything, I don't mind

And actually calculate it out

So yeah there you go, and I can also put this for the month

This is basically January


Here is where we did the event

Like uuhm, and March


Hyperactive tududu

Gotta go fast

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