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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Behind the Scenes - Where I See In-Person Colour Analysis Clients - Studio Fontana in Toronto Canada

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in this video I'm doing a remake of an earlier video I did where I shared with

you this space that I see in person color analysis clients in in Toronto

Canada only this version I'm gonna share with you my current space which is the

hair salon studio Fontana stay tuned I'm gonna walk you through

these the space before I see a color analysis client and after showing you

all the fabrics everywhere stay tuned

I'm Carol Brailey of I've gotten here before my color

analysis clients arrived for the day that is my in-person color analysis

clients to share with you an inside behind-the-scenes look of my current

in-person color analysis appointment space which is in studio Fontana which

is a hair salon in Toronto Canada I've been long affiliated with Studio

Fontana for years now it started with their Yorkville location and now they're

in the fashion district of downtown Toronto and so I've moved with them

through the years there was a period of time where I saw in-person clients in my

own personal studio space but I'm gonna say for the last year or so I've brought

everybody back to the studio Fontana space and I'm thrilled to be back here

the hair salon right now is closed for hair services on Sundays I'm here on a

Sunday they're open Tuesday to Saturday I see in person color analysis clients

here sometimes on Sunday so if it seems quiet in this to do I know in the

earlier take there was a fan running my apologies but if it seems quiet here

that's because I'm the only one here right now I'm just waiting for my

clients to arrive the owner of this studio space is Francesco Fontana who is

and the fan just turned hi : I don't mess with the fan here because I

don't want to ruin the temperature settings the owner of this space the

hair salon is Francesco Fontana if that name sounds familiar

he was the hair expert on the makeover show style by jury so if it sounds

familiar that's probably why he is a fantastic

hair stylist and I love being back here because he's worked with top image

professionals including myself late their color analysis results to

their best hair colors and to add to their sparkle and so if you know your

color analysis results and want to adjust your hair color to align with

these results this is a great space to do that because Francesco Fontana and

his team gets it oh my oh my now there are several fans running I

apologize about the noise in the background but here's a fun tidbit about

what Francesco and I call each other we actually call each other cuz and it

stems back to a typo on a text message from years ago and so that's the fun bit

we call each other up so now let's move on to the tour and here we are entering

the salon here is the entryway where you people hang their coats and you'll

notice this fantastic elevator studio Fontana is accessible

and here is the reception normally greeted by the lovely Courtney I've made

a mess of the lobby area with my prep stuff for my appointment so bear with

that and so I normally when I'm here by myself

we'll use francesco fontana station so here is the lights and so here is all my

fabrics set up so you'll see I have the wall it's all ready to go here is my

cool versus warm setup in primary summary flags here is the detailed

primaries flags that I test with some spring versus autumn winter versus

summer here's the jewelry tone flags here is the flow flags and here is the

flow of fabrics I test with and in this bag our hair swatches I haven't yet

unpacked them and then here because I'm very much a squatter here I don't stay

here like and keep my stuff here because I need them for outside engagements when

I'm not into see me in person clients I actually just keep the fabrics that

I'm not sure I'm in need of for the appointment in in my bag because I'm not

a fan so I don't want to pull out anything unnecessarily and so here's the

hair color product section so mostly hair stylists go in this section of

studio Fontana and here are the dryers I don't have all the lights on today

because I'm the only one here but sometimes people do color at this

station here is a great photo studio that a lot of fashion shoots happen at

and just to give you extent of how large this is the lawn

and stay tuned to the end in this video I'm going to share with you a video of

this studio active it normally when people are here and then there's the

above area so that's what things look like before my clients come when I'm

here on my own actually let me just flip back to probably getting dizzy watching

this Kristin station so Kristin is also award-winning hairstylist and so I

sometimes when I'm here we'll use Kristin station as well but

here is Francesco station I prefer using this station when I'm here on my own

okay so two clients just left and so I'm just gonna quickly film before my next

client comes I'll show you quickly the aftermath of fabrics after two clients

have left so let's head over actually now that I look at this after map I have

kept the fabrics quite neat so there is the suitcase but the hair swatches are

everywhere and here's the heap of fabrics that I have to fold before my

next client arrived the clients that just left they ended up

being oh goodness I warm autumn and light summer so that is how things look

after two clients have left and I likely won't film another segment so it's

because it's getting late in the day but I have another client coming I wonder

what palette they will be I hope you've enjoyed seeing this behind-the-scenes


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