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Hi! I'm Mladen Baranek and you are

watching Miadria group channel

dedicated to UseWise and public cloud

related teams. What is UseWise? UseWise is

the web platform we are developing to

create one place where companies will be

able to buy deploy and automate services

from various public cloud vendors. One of

the ways in which companies start using

the public cloud is through the public

cloud infrastructure. In that regard

today I will try to give you a short

overview of how the most popular public

cloud infrastructure stack up against

each other. I would first like to say

that we at Miadria group have clients

on Azure, Google cloud platform GCP for

short and AWS Amazon Web Services and I

think that all of these platforms have

many great features and serve lots of

happy customers. However, today I would

like to give you my view on them and

what might be important when considering

using them. We are still not actively

selling the Alibaba and still not as

versed in the cloud so today I will not

be talking about Alibaba. It is 2019 and

many companies are considering moving

their workloads to the public cloud, one

of the important points to mention in

the beginning is that you do not have to

expect to do this transition over the

night it is a process and a very complex

process that should be done with due

diligence, usually this process will

start with some sort of cloud assessment

and this is part where we warmly

recommend using cloud consultants with

experience spanning multiple clouds. Your

consultant for your journey to the cloud

should have a deep understanding of how

all cloud platforms work not just one

because you will risk vendor lock-in

and deciding that just one cloud is

great for you

and for all your needs might not be the

best idea. When we talk about the Azure,

GCP and AWS they are all great, they have

amazing services and features that will

blow your mind.

However, depending just on one of them

for all your needs is definitely not a

good idea. How do they stack up? All three

public cloud infrastructures have

covered the entire world quite well with

zones regions data centers,

however they call them your PING to the

nearest point of presence should be no

more than 10 to 50 milliseconds.

Also, there are options to connect

directly to the infrastructure with

Microsoft Express route Amazon direct

connect Google, a cloud interconnect for

large companies and those with extensive

needs. Networking is an entire topic that

you could go into but all three open

lots of possibilities.

Google most probably has the advantage

having the third largest IP

network in the world. Azure strong suit is

the fact that lots of companies have

extensive Microsoft workloads

however at the same time AWS will

support lift and shift of old Microsoft

workloads better than Azure. GCP has a

fantastic platform for development of

new applications. If you are starting

development from scratch GCP would be

your first choice without a doubt. AWS is

the oldest cloud infrastructure and

hence they support lift and shift

scenario in many regards better than

both Azure and GCP. The important thing to

know is that these are just general

remarks that are not set in stone,

each infrastructure has great features

and if you are talking to partners that

works only with one of the cloud

providers you will be amazed at features

and possiblites

with this but therein lies the threat

each of them has amazing abilities but

they also have some problems and issues

and if you put all your eggs in one

basket you will end up regretting it.

This is why working well with a partner

that works with all three of

them is a must. A company like

Miadria has no interest in telling you

that one of these infrastructures will

solve all of your needs because we

work with all of them. We will give you

recommendations based on your needs and

approximations of your features

scenarios. Thank you for watching, hit

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