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Whats the definition of possibility?

What is it?

Lets see

Maybe I can spin off this definition here


Possibility means hope.

The chance to do many different things.

Possibility means opportunity.

The opportunity to do something unique.

Possibility means reaching out.

It means hope.

Have a happier life.

Having that base, that support,

that allows you to go out and achieve

whatever dreams you want to achieve.

Possibility means community to me, for sure.

Possibility means, like, you know,

understanding your

opportunities and capitalizing on those.

Thats kind of what it is, right?


What I like about the possibilities idea

is the idea that change is in your grasp,

its in your reach.

I think the idea of creating possibility

and the importance of that for me is basically,

if somebody is without hope and without possibility,

theres nothing worse than that.

I think if you stop believing in possibility,

theres no reason for you to do anything.

We always do something so that theres an outcome

at the end of the day or theres change.

I think the thing about opening new possibilities is you have to get past this uncomfort zone.

And once you can reach past that you can realize that this might be something that you want to

do and its going to take you to that next step in life.


I think whats unique about Toronto is that were actually a young city compared to

most major cities in the world. The narrative, the mythology of the city is still being written.

So I think theres a lot of possibility to shape the narrative of the city.

It makes me feel like, yes, this is a city that has a lot of challenges but the people

have so much heart and so much spirit.

Areas that have been riddled with issues,

you can finally see them coming up

and becoming something.

People can be really resilient

and Im always inspired by some of the people

whore reaching out for whatever their

goals are and exploring their possibilities.

I just recently got a long email from a client.

I knew he was 13 months out of a job

and finally he got a job with one of the biggest banks

And said, “Fei, I wanted to donate my

first paycheque to CultureLink.”

I was so touched.


For every Torontonian to join in on this movement

it has to have relevance to them.

They have to see themselves in it.

The idea of creating more possibilities in this city means you're not walking past people

feeling like you should be doing more.

When you work on one person at a time,

and you work on one family at a time,

you're constantly strengthening the community.

So being able to build strong communities

is exactly what possibility means.

Possibility is everywhere

and its a matter of seeing the good in people

and helping them see it in themselves.

If you can help somebody else to achieve their goal

then you have just created possibility for somebody else.

And it could be big change, it could be small change.

In fact, its often the small changes in an individuals life

that propel them forward.





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