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Okay, so first things first, I feel like we should address the

heart shaped elephant in the room.

My forehead

Do you know what, although it's shaped like a heart, it's not a love bite.

I wish. Plus I don't think you can get love bites on your forehead. I've never tried...

Yeah so, a couple of days ago,

I walked into a lamp post, which

I've not done before, well, not for a long time anyway, and it really hurt

and now I have this giant scab on my head which yeah is a bit of a hindrance

but anyway. Now throughout my time on youtube and other

social medias, you lot at home love to compare

me and my friends to other people. I am exactly the

same, if I see someone who looks like one of my friends

I get massive joy in letting them know about it. Be that a good thing

or a bad thing and I love it and I know you guys at home love it

so last week I tweeted out saying if you ever found a picture of someone who looks

like me, send them into me so I can react to

I didn't actually think I'd get that many because I personally don't feel

like I look like anyone else, you know? Everyone's individual in their own right.

But not everyone's disgusting as me.

But low and behold, a lot of you did tweet in

Uh well, a lot a lot of you did tweet in

pictures of people that apparently look like me.

Doppelgangers, if you will.

What's the definition of doppelgangers?

Someone who looks like you... but really like you, like proper, like could even be you... kinda thing.

That's definitely not a Wikipedia definition but we'll just go with it.

I have no idea what I'm about to see.

And I guess I'm gonna try and judge it on how much I think I do look like that person, if that makes sense.

I need, like, a way of rating it. I can't just do one out of ten that's boring.

My neck. I'll give it a rating out of necks.

So the more ThatcherJoe necks I give it, the better the score.

That's what we're going with.

I'm gonna find this video pretty creepy I think.

But anyway, regardless, let's get on with it.

First image please.

Kayla's tryna uni okay, she tweeted in saying

"Sis, what have I been saying all these years?"

And she's put a pic-

Do you know what? This is the exact kind of start I thought we'd have on this video.

Retweet if you know a white boy who looks like the dude from flushed away.

And then there's a picture of me-

Do you know what? That is me.

See, a lot of these, I'm not even gonna know if it's actually me or not.

That is definitely me because I know the guy next to me.

Do you know what? That's a very good comparison. It is just a good comparison.

But I'm not giving it many Joe necks. I'm gonna give that, like, four. Four out of ten Joe necks.

It's not quite there yet but it's getting there.

Okay next up we've got a picture of...

I've bought- I've bought an album. Mum I've made it!

5.99, oh it was more than that. It's been reduced, whoever it is.

Oh it's John Mayer!

Um, l feel like if I had a slightly wider face. Not saying that's a bad thing John.

I'm just saying I feel like my face is slightly more structured, you know?

And not as narrow. It would be, uh, quite similar.

I've never really seen a picture of John Mayer in real life.

I've heard his music, obviously. I've heard a lot about him.

I've never seen him in real life but that is quite scary.

But do you know what? I wouldn't mind being in relation with him.

That's kind of a compliment. I'm gonna give that one...

Six. Six out of ten Joe necks.

Well done, whoever sent that one in. That was very good.

@suggftcth: But in all seriousness found this a while ago.

Do you know what? The scary thing is, this picture, I genuinely for about-

It took about five seconds to realise that this is not me.

There's two reasons why I know that this is not me.

One, I just know I don't own any clothing with a collar like that.

I've got one similar to that but it doesn't look as fluffy.

Mine's a lot less washed.

But the second reason, I've actually tried to do this before with two pints

And- Let's just say that nice, white, fluffy collar would not be looking like that after I tried this.

But that is scary.

If this is you, then, good looking chap. Same eyebrows as well.

Definite same eyebrows, definite same hair, definite same Adam's apple.

And head shape.

Wait, is it me?

This is really starting to hurt my head, this video, already,

Nah, that's not me. Either way, I'm giving that...

I'm gonna have to give that nine Joe necks.

Nine Joe Sugg necks on the Joe Sugg neck-o-meter scale.

Well done Steph.

What an absolute find. Steph, is that someone that you know or is this- I'm so scared.

Okay next up we've got Anna and she said: Not you but Byron

Oh it's not even me.

Well she's found him on Tinder, ha!

Oh my god, that does look like Byron, doesn't it?

A Byron clone. He's even tryna- He's even doing the whole guitar thing.

Like Byron would do, as well. I need to show Byron this.

Why are you so short today?

[Byron] - I just cut my legs off.

[Joe] - What did I tell you about cutting your legs off? Don't do it.

[Byron] - Sorry [Joe] - Look, blood on the carpet

Now this girl called Anna has sent in one saying it's not you but Byron.

She found this guy on Tinder.

[Byron] - Yeah? [Joe] - Check it out

[Byron] - Oh damn, yeah that is- I mean. I was ready to be like, "That's not me"

But that does look like me.

[Joe] - How creepy is that? Byron, on a Byron-o-meter,

[Byron] - Yeah? [Joe] - You have to give it a rating out of zero Byrons or ten Byrons

But with your neck. How long would your neck be?

Sorry that sounds really complicated doesn't it? (Laughs)

[Byron] - About there?

Ice Shimmer, shout out to Ice Shimmer.

She said, it's probably just me who sees this but I swear Greizmann and you lookalike.

Everytime I do a video with the Sidemen, as well, I get this a lot.

Apparently I look like Antoine Griezmann, the French football player.

Which, do you know what? I'm gonna take, I find that a compliment.

I wish I had his football skills.

[Byron] - I mean, some of your shots at the football game the other day were gr- [Joe] - Let's just- Let's just not talk about that


[Byron] - Sorry [Joe] - Let's just put that to bed

I would- I mean I would love to give that a ten

Just because I wish that I was Antoine Griezmann

But I'm gonna give that a s-seven

Like, a middle of the park, seven Joe Sugg, ThatcherJoe necks.

[Byron] - What does that look like on the neck extension? Oh, there we go.

[Joe] - Cool, cheers man [Byron] - Thanks, bro.

[Joe] - That's all I need you for [Byron] - Thanks, a handshake like all the footballers do after games

[Joe] - Yeah exactly. Stop bringing up football stuff Byron

And next up Alicia Ann Bailey

Oh my god. This is old school, this is old school me.

It's not me, once again, terrifying. This is not me.

Believe what you want, this is not me.

"I saw this guy on Tinder and my first thought was that he looked a lot like-" A lot of them are on Tinder as well.

"Saw this guy on Tinder and my first thought was that he looked like you."

"So obviously, I swiped right." Awe thanks Alicia.

He does. That is scarily like me.

That's like my old school, when I had my hair down, beanie on. Like, old school Joe Sugg

If me and Connor Ball from The Vamps had a love child together

Which, you know, I'm not ruling off the cards. Who knows, it's 2018.

I just want to let you know in advance, Connor, that this is what the guy would look like.

If we have a son. Or daughter, who knows?

She may decide to have short hair.

And slight stubble. It's 2018. You do what you want.

Do you know what? I'm gonna give that one a solid...

8.5 Joe Sugg, ThatcherJoe necks out of ten.

Well done Alicia, good spot

Okay next up, I mean, Alice you're taking the (bleep) right?

"Everytime I see this guy, I think it's you. Oh my god so weird."

Are you okay?

I mean, there's literally- there's honestly zero things, that I have in common with this person, probably.

I mean, I feel like I recognise him from somewhere. Is he from TV?

He's got a goatee, which I definitely don't have.

Trust me, I've been trying to grow it for twenty-six years and I still don't have one.

You're clearly trying to have me on, so I'm giving that a one.

That's just my standard neck. I don't even need a chart for it.

It's just this. Actually that's still quite long.

Half a Joe Sugg neck.

Alicia or Alysha 98, "Everyone says my brother looks like you, what do you think?"

Oh my god, yeah he does

It does look like- Similar kind of hair

Although I think he's got a way better hairline than me, little bit jealous.

And he looks a lot smarter than I do.

To be fair, once again. If I had a love child, but not with Connor from The Vamps,

but this time with my mate, Jack, from back home,

It would be this guy.

100%, that is scary.

I'm gonna give that an eight.

An eight Joe necks out of ten Joe necks

Natalia said, "How's Moscow metro, Joe?"

I can tell you now, I've never been to Moscow.

Never been to Russia, I would love to go.

Just didn't get the call up to the World Cup, did I?

Cause of, uh, my recent attempts of football in the, um, the old game.


That does, do you know what? I'll take that

He's got the little, like, the jinger janger on his wrists.

Um, it's hard to see from this picture too much, can't see much of his face.

But I feel like he looks a lot taller than me.

He's got way better hair. I'm gonna give that a seven.

Cause you can't see his face too much, I'm gonna give that a seven thatcher neck out of ten thatcher necks.

Once again, here we go.

Isabella is a sick goose. Sick in the head, more like.

What the hell is this?

"Literally any time I see this dog on my feed I'm like, oh my god, it's Joe's doppelganger."

Are you serious? Are you kidding me?

Do you know what? There is that one picture, though, where I'm making a face like this.

I think. I might have to delve through the archives and try and find it

but there's definitely a picture where I'm making that kind of face.

I can definitely make that face.

Isabella, yeah you are a sick goose.

I'm giving you, uh, I was about to say two. (Laughs)

I love how I gave another human being like a zero necks out of ten, I almost gave this a two.

A two out of ten. Two out of ten Joe Sugg necks.

Oh my god I forgot about this.

So I actually know this guy. Well, I don't know him.

Cause this got sent to me so often, it used to freak me out so much.

that I thought this was like some sort of photoshopped thing that was going on

to just try and like, freak me out.

This guy's name is River, he's a model. So you know, I'll take this comparison definitely.

His name is River, he's a model from New York

We actually ended up following each other on Twitter because of this image.

This is so scary. I've actually had so many people

privately message me being like, "Is this you in this picture?"

and I've had to reply being like, "No I wish.

It's not me."

That is scary. That is seriously, like, I think this is the scariest one.

As much as I'm happy to give it this, I'm giving that a 9.5 Sugg necks

That's almost going off the screen, look.

That's high up. Damn.

Oh my god. (Laughs)

Someone tweeted this picture in but I've cropped out, I didn't get your username or whatever.

But thank you for sending it in. I think it's from like Norway

Like Norwegian TV or somewhere in Europe.

It does look very European. From the fashion, you can tell it's very European.

I can let you know now, I don't think I'll be wearing anything like that anytime soon.

But that does look a little bit like me, doesn't it?

Scary, big strong eyebrows.

I mean, they look happy together. Unless, he's just poke her in the eye.


That does look like me, doesn't it?

Bizarrely, I'm gonna give that quite a high score.

I'm gonna give that 9.2 Joe necks out of ten.

That is good.

Damn that's good.

Right, so there we go. Joe Sugg reacts to his doppelgangers/identical twins.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today's video. If you did, give it a thumbs up.

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