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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Klonopin or Benzo Symptoms - Memory Loss

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Klonopin symptoms memory loss. Hopefully I got enough light here - anyway I'm just want

talk about just a quick bit about, you know, long-term memory loss.

You know, actually after I've uh taken Klonopin for over 25 years - I finally

got off of it. I'm finally trying to think back on some memories and I basically just

cannot remember some things so whenever you're on Klonopin for this long or even

even less there is some type of memory loss and just to expect that. At

least you know this is what I've gone through. There's things in my past that I

I just can't remember all the details are really blurry fuzzy and that's

something that you just have to expect whenever you get off of Klonopin. Even if

you're still on Klonopin so just want to let you know about that that's

just something that unfortunately we all have to look forward too.

Yeah, I've heard a lot of other people say the same thing. These type these

type of drugs basically do take your memory away to some point and it's just

one of those symptoms. I don't know if I'll ever remember things fully

hopefully I will I've been off Klonopin for about a year and ten months now and

things are still fuzzy when I think about some events in my past. Maybe it's me

getting a little bit older yeah maybe that I don't know. Anyway I just want

to let you see what you guys think just comment below

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This was this a quick video but I prefer them to be this way. Talk to you

guys later

The Description of Klonopin or Benzo Symptoms - Memory Loss