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good afternoon I am Andrea Chisom with the midday news

a special welcome if you're watching on one spot mediacom the parliamentary

opposition is reiterating calls for Prime Minister Andrew Holness to tell

the nation what he knows about the scandal brewing at the Education

Ministry rural Reed was fired from the cabinet last week following allegations

of corruption nepotism and cronyism involving the cabin maritime university

hard trust NTA and the National Education Trust opposition spokesman on

education made another appeal at a press conference yesterday did no justice to

himself or to the former minister when he spoke of spoke vaguely of the reasons

why he had asked for his his resignation he is obliged to tell the this is a

public office and he is a very important one he's obliged to explain the reasons

why he took this this this action and made resume not in a national address

but in a place where he himself can be asked questions we would want to within

the course of this week and next week I don't think it needs any longer than

that provide to the public preferably within Parliament or one of its

committees the answers to all of the questions that we have asked and any

others might arise meanwhile Parliament's public administration and

Appropriations Committee PA AC says it will invite the Education Ministry to

speak at a sitting at this morning's meeting PA AC chairman dr. Wickham

McNeil said the committee has a responsibility to probe the matter he

says it will determine whether there are systemic inefficiencies at the ministry

and the PA AC is requesting a full list of consultants and advisors in various

ministries this follows reports that the number of consultants engaged at the

Education Ministry could be higher than previously stated by former minister

rural Reid there's a view this afternoon that opposition People's Party PNP is in

crisis following the latest results from the

rgr cleaner group Don Anderson polls only 12% of the 1000 people interviewed

had a positive performance rating for PNP leader dr. Peter Phillips 37% rated

his performance as average and 51% negative assistant lecturer in the

Department of Government at the University of the West Indies Moana

diamond Gordon gave his opinion on the matter that have been conducted since

the last general election up sure that his favorability is

significantly lower none of the prime minister so clearly as

a popularity or favorability issue and that are serious indications are easily

as Prime Minister and also electability of the party arm in the next general

election will be in Jamaican voters they don't separate party leadership from

party persons who most political party may consider the leadership I can often

determine inaudible consequently business problematic for the People's

National Party and a political party exist to win elections you have no value

in a political arena unable to win election political commentator Nadine

Spence says the party has to rehab strategy you don't people associate them

with too much negativity right now I think that they ought to present some

more viable alternatives for governance by the alternative for economic in

growth for social order and for security so we don't here strong enough the

message that they are pushing if it is that they are pushing a message the race

for the Portland eastern seat has intensified as candidates make their

final attempts to garner support for the by-elections on Thursday April 4 of

paramount importance addressing concerns about roads and water

TV jeiza Shane masters reports GOP meeting in Jerez Portland on Sunday

finance minister dr. Nigel Clarke says in the upcoming fiscal year a number of

issues facing the residents of Portland Eastern will be addressed chief among

them the deplorable road conditions we have announced the start

of a hundred and ten kilometer highway from Harbor View right Road to Port

Antonio nine billion dollars in this budget for that when the work start on

that road hundreds of people will get jobs on that road and if you don't get

no job at least you will know somebody who will get that job on that road no

punches were saved as a GOP blast at the People's National Party his management

of the constituency I was walking Ron with action on today and I hear that

when you turn on the pipe in East Portland all salt water come through the

pipe after 30 years after 30 years you imagine that I know that the owner is

beside the sea but that is no reason for saltwater to be coming to the pipe when

you turn it on we have the most rainfall in the parish in in Jamaica but none is

in our pipes because some homes don't even have pipes and this is 2019 dr.

Clark says that issue will be addressed through the 800 million dollars which

was allocated to the rural water supply in the meantime Member of Parliament for

since Mary Western Roberta Montague is questioning the recent actions which

were taken by the political ombudsman Donna parchment Brown

completing that action on must move our sign and that the people who are

volunteering to fix Road and to improve water supply they must stop it they live

apart they had no problem in complying and dealing with the political ombudsman

and the office of the political ombudsman and a question I want to throw

tonight home the other side going up on Donovan healthier PA lawyer and doctor

and having healthier and legal fear are we know here

coming from the Ombudsman office dr. must stop it

Bacardi's vort nine machine masters TVJ news meanwhile the People's National

Party's candidate for Portland Eastern Damon Crawford continues to tout his

independents planned for the constituency he says apart from

education he's looking to empower the youth but you will never because he

speaking at a meeting in Windsor mr. Crawford says while he will fight

for water and better roads changing the mindset of people is equally important

but at the same time I said but I teach people to shit if you don't teach me

things obviously land religion we will make sure that with all the things that

we impure our children have a better chance of leaking PNP president dr.

Peter Phillips used the conference to lash out at the jail piece candidate Ann

Marie Vaz he said based on his observations she will not be able to

speak on behalf of constituents

they're not love give interviews if somebody actively interview the next one

then they are filthy and breathe

at least one member of the international community is reacting to the 2019 2020

budget as if Ahmad the British High Commissioner to Jamaica gave his

thoughts at the Jamaica employers Federation ceremony more from TV J's

Dwayne Anderson the budget tabled by Finance Minister dr. Nigel Clarke has

not gone unnoticed by the international community

Asif Ahmed who is the British High Commissioner to Jamaica labelled the

budget brave and a gamble especially given the sluggishness of the Jamaican

economy that said he feels the country will reap real benefits to give money

back when you're still tackling with reducing but still high debt to GDP and

all the other factors and the fact that economic growth is still uncomfortably

below that magic 2% barrier that really is a take-off point but the gamble I

think is the right one and I don't think it's really an open-ended gamble I think

the trickle-down effect will ensure that actually the the tax take will increase

rather than decrease because there'll be more enterprising activity people will

be encouraged to do more and some of the anomalies are going to be removed the

diplomat reasoned the tax giveback came about because of the sacrifices made on

agreements with the International Monetary Fund IMF since 2013 programs he

praised both administrations who are sticking with for him the partnership

with the IMF is proof Jamaica needs the world's help to succeed and those

reaffirmed Britain's commitment to maintaining the rules of free trade so

that Jamaica's economic journey isn't stopped by artificially raised barriers

no one area in the budget which word the High Commissioner was this sums the

government dedicated to national security in the upcoming fiscal year

more than twenty billion dollars has been allocated to the national security

ministry to help crime-fighting in the high commissioners view this spend is

tantamount to the Jamaican people robbing themselves we spend more on

security than the pay bill jamaican staff now we can always spend

some money on security but let's say for argument's sake that the environment

changes so dramatically that we can maybe spend a third of that on security

that means I would have a huge amount of resource at my disposal to do more to

employ more people and improve productivity and make a bigger impact

than I'm able to that is the real cost of of of crime that we are paying which

is we are robbing ourselves the opportunity to create more wealth do we

in understand TVJ news motorists experienced delays along a section of

the constant spring road in st. Andrew this morning due to a broken water main

head of operations at the police safety and traffic enforcement branch piece tab

superintendent Courtney Cooper says swift action reduced traffic

good find alternate routes and in sports the ISA boys and girls championship set

is set to get going at one o'clock this afternoon with the preliminaries of the

class one boys long jump and the class for girls 70 meter hurdles we continue

or build up with the final installment in our series of analysts predictions so

less than 24 hours no to go before the five-day it's a grace Kennedy boys and

girls championships everyone would like to know the events and athletes to look

out for and who will walk away champions so of course we've been seeking the

opinions of the experts RJR greener group track and field analysts

Hubert Laurence gives his athletes and events to watch on top of everybody's

list of course is Taylor Eden Bennett boy at 800 meters that whole event is

stepping up every week we see that the track meets the season for him to go 148

five with someone right beside em Tyra streets but valley 140 a 3-0 and there's

another boy kimura Farkas and caliber up until Saturday even the favorite for the

gold medal at 149 77 that's a big event as for the girls side Giovanna Davis has

to be her she's back in great form again after a gradual working into this season

but at twenty two point eight two she's nearing as good as she's ever been no

hanja yet so that's a question and the central 100 champion Jacques Steel is

approaching great farm again she's a former classroom class for champion I

wants to do a collection with class to Goldman as in it in the hundred meters

but at 22 eight to kevanna looks like she's back in the top gear again as for

the big question on everybody's lips who will win the championships edenal has

managed to get through this season ahead of the field generally speaking they

didn't do too many doubles at central championships and I think go in with a

little bit of a margin three really good teams chasing them Heidi we've seen them

one that is their Grand Prix fantastic job by Cory Bennett I didn't think he

would be able to do that with the departure of salmon and green from last

year and the departure of Matthews to Queens this year but he has brought

about another good squad Holmwood have some injuries haven't seen Allison

there hurdler for a while nor me she Harriet and 400 and Saturday

trying to come back I think from an injury and Cindy who has a very good

squad boys side though he says it's tougher to call close closer than close

to really good teams Casey feeling good won the money cup

after 32 years understand that if they win next week is 1/32 boys title so

there's some numerology that the case he finds out to me about but caliber is

good TV jtv jsn and one spot Mediacom will have live and exclusive coverage of

the five-day championships from March 26 to 30 while hits 92 FM we'll have live

and extensive radio coverage and that's the midday news Amanda Chisolm join us

at 7:00 for the prime time news package on behalf of the news of sports and

production teams good afternoon you

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